Morning Star: Astrology for the week of July 10 to July 14, 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017

Today looks fairly light particularly compared to the intensity we had this weekend. That Moon has blossomed and now wanes. With Air entering the equation by way of the Moon and her interaction with Venus in Gemini today and Jupiter in Libra in the morning, things could feel considerably lighter.
The Moon trines Venus in Gemini at 2:03 PM. We may feel like socializing and touching base with friends. Benevolent and cheerful messages can be exchanged here. Light sweet nothings and flirtations are possible.
The Sun also wanes in his opposition to Pluto. So, pressure and intensity begins to be released from that, as well.

At 6:38 PM, the Moon opposes Mercury in Leo who will be a factor in our week to come. This windy Monday leads us into two different Mercury Yods prior to his entrance into his shadow on the 25th. Our first Yod occurs between a Mercury and Jupiter in Libra forming sextile while both are inconjunct Neptune. Overlaying that Yod, we have Mercury in Leo at the apex of a Yod between the ongoing sextile with Neptune and Pluto. The latter perfects over the weekend. The first waxes in at the end of this week under our Pisces Moon. This makes Mercury's position in your chart quite a pivotal spot while also pulling in the houses that Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto are transiting. The “trick” to that is looking at the information presented through the week and figure out how it is personally applicable to you. The downfall is going to be taking a singular point of view and not assessing the truth or factual evidence of the information as it comes in. So, you'll ask yourself first, “Is this true?” Then, “Is this relevant?” From there, you can do what you will with the information (discard or apply). There is fog potential, of course. There is potential for information to be over-blown or veiled with Jupiter inconjunct Neptune. So ensure you are keeping things in proper perspective and know that double checking for accuracy and truth before incorporating the information is paramount. Plus, remember, Mercury IS the trickster.  

The opposition between the Moon and Mercury calls us to increase our expertise in the realm of personal expression. It calls us from our singular minded point of view and offers us a chance to see how or if what we know or have to say is applicable on a larger social scale. We may feel socially connected and be emotionally connected (even if in an airy/detached manner) to whatever issues come up in the collective conversations today. We are to rise above the potential at being personally catalyzed by that, however, and instead balance the relevance of the information against both personal impact and social agenda. Is it true? Is it relevant? How does this affect me? How can I use it to benefit social welfare, increase my expertise or in my personal life?
There could be arguments here or differing points of view. While your voice is important, why argue or dispute information that, in the end, really doesn't impact you in the first place? You can agree to disagree and get on with your life. Or, perhaps you can lend your personal creative nature to the collective conversation in a way that helps the situation rather than just stands off against it.
The night goes out on this note...under this assessment that has us balancing personal issues with those of the collective. The Moon makes no major aspect the rest of the day.

In truth, today is palpably lighter than the weekend. We are able to operate under less intensity and offered the chance to talk through our personal concerns with friends and associates in an effort to gain outside input, advice, support or clarity. The Aquarius moon calls us to rise above any residual from the Full Moon and become future minded. Asking ourselves, “Now what?” What is my next step toward the future?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

This morning the Aquarius Moon persists in her attempts to help us lighten up by way of a trine to Jupiter in Libra just at daybreak. This, again, calls forth a chatty nature and sharing of opinions/point of view but on a more wide scale, perhaps, than what we experienced yesterday. And, from a well balanced, fair minded point of view. It feels good, at least. As we are further lifted away from the heaviness of Pluto and begin to feel both Mars and the Sun waxing into square with Uranus (this Moon's ruler).

By 9:47 PM, the Moon is stabilized and able to ground the chattiness and information exchange from the past two days into future plans. We discern the truth and are able to assess how to best apply that on a personal level.
The moon remains active through the night without other major aspect. We do somewhat balance the collective agenda against how it impacts matters of home, family and our defense/motivations toward those agendas as the Moon inconspicuously passes by the Sun and Mars in Cancer both by inconjunct as the sextile with Saturn is in force. It's a day of thinking and discussions. Information exchanged within the collective that may (after our assessments of relevance and truth) add to our awareness of what our next steps need to be.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We are spry this morning under a sextile from the Moon to her current modern ruler, Uranus at 8:41 AM. We are sharp and ready to engage.
Doesn't sound horrible. However, following this sextile, the Moon is rendered Void until entering Pisces at 11:52 AM. At that time, we shift from the airy loftiness of Aquarius and dive into the ethereal watery realm of the fish. We become more sensitive, more empathic...feelings and emotions rise in importance once again.

The rest of the night plays out without major Astrological incident giving us time to adjust. We grow quiet within the collective. We are less socially inclined and more likely to take a time out or rest from social activity. Early morning offers us a chance to kick start efforts toward wrapping up projects, finishing conversations and taking initiative toward our goals. But, by early afternoon, we may lay our toil down early in favor of less mentally taxing affairs.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

We are swimming with the fishes this morning as the Moon in Pisces squares Venus in Gemini. Now. Let me tell you, these two can get along. However, sometimes Gemini can exhaust Pisces and Pisces can be like a wet blanket to Gemini. Yet the bubbly nature of Venus in Gemini can assist the Pisces Moon in lifting up from more dire or depressing emotions...if she will allow it. She may not be in the mood to be lifted or to talk about what she feels. And, that will be the determining factor here. There is opportunity to feel lighter and be supported by friends. But, if you are comfortable in wallowing and don't feel like you are “done” there yet, then Venus' calls to conversation and social fun may be more of annoyance. However, if you wallowed in the swamp long enough, call up a good friend or follow your Venus interests in an effort to lift your mood. We are more empathic. Meaning, good feelings can “rub off” just as well as more swirly ones. This square occurs at 5:28 AM. I don't know of many folks who are ready to be social at that hour. But, there could be a little bird chirping outside our window that breaks our slumber early today or something to that effect.

Later this evening, both Yods I mentioned in Monday's write up become relevant. The Moon passes by Jupiter and Mercury both by inconjunct and then perfects in conjunction to Neptune and sextile to Pluto by night's end.
The conjunction to Neptune, which essentially connects both Yods, occurs at 2:27 PM. That is followed by the sextile to Pluto at 9:50 PM. There may be information delivered here that stirs within the collective. Or, there could be intuitive calls or a sense of “knowing” without factual evidence or logic that occurs. There is a chance that empathy may be played upon or fear used against us. Information may be delivered with an agenda and it will be up to the individual in regard to shuffling through it to suss it out for fact, perspective, relevance, truth and personal impact.

Be careful here. Fear is often used as a manipulative tool and willful ignorance and naivete are fear's favorite playthings. There are messages being delivered into the public realm with the agenda to skew perspective, throw off our attention, confuse and evoke an emotional response. Why? To obtain power in some way.
Don't fall for it sweet pea. Ask questions. Seek evidence. Face off with whatever fear is stirred within you and deal with whatever it may dredge up. But, take nothing...and I do mean face value. There are likely hidden agendas, swirling mistruths and information delivered from skewed perspective. Don't forget who you are or allow yourself to be whipped into a frenzy and distracted from the personal dealings of your life or what is truly relevant to you by someone who is obscuring information with that goal in mind. Ground it out. Remain empathic but combat naivete. Invoke solid boundary and common sense.

Also, know this essentially “creeps up on us” this dawning paranoia, uncertainty and potential feeling of something just being “off.” Don't run from it. Square off with it and suss out the root of your reaction prior to acting on anything.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Mercury officially completed his inconjunct to Neptune overnight while also making a sesquisquare with Chiron. There is something in that Chiron activity that's relevant. Something that is making us sick, fostering denial or subterfuge. Disallow hubris as your guide. Seek wisdom and clarity instead.
The morning begins under a watery sky as the Moon trines the Sun in Cancer at 5:27 AM. That drifty floating feeling is brought to ground quite swiftly, though, as the Moon squares off with the truth we were seeking by way of Saturn in Sagittarius at 6:09 AM. This can hurt. Feel deflating. How we deal with it bears effect upon what we do next...literally.

The Moon trines Mars in Cancer at 1:01 PM. Disinformation and fear could lead to unconscious acts. Or a solid sense of the truth could ensure your motivations toward your purpose. It's all about what you glean from the deliverance of information over the course of the last few days. It all depends on whether you can employ proper coping mechanisms (Saturn) in light of possible denied, ignored or highly emotionally affective issues (Chiron) these two, though waning, remain in square. Step lightly, gently and fluidly while knowing the best path to take is likely not direct but an approach that requires us to stabilize emotional energy and direct it toward a certain goal or cause. We are emotionally motivated here. So how you manage your emotions is going to matter. Plus, it all deals with this Yod and potential attempts to poison or distract the collective mindset. Remain focused and don't allow fear to dictate your next step.
By evening, the voices and opinions found within the collective may reach a veritable roar. Mercury sextiles Jupiter and the Yod with Neptune is in full force at 4:46 PM. The Sun meets Saturn by inconjunct and we continue to reach out for truth, grounding, perspective and wisdom...or are encouraged to lean toward that end. As the Moon reaches Chiron (5:40 PM), there is opportunity to realize how we may have been manipulated or persuaded or opportunity to swallow that fish tale whole due to continued denial, willful ignorance or naivete. Wanna get “hooked” into this drama scenario and swept up in the current that drags you from your goals and from paying attention to what is really relevant in your life? Go for it. I'd rather be a skeptic in regard to what is delivered into the collective than behave like a fool, myself. But, if you are bored and feel like you need a little drama...then go for it. There will likely be plenty out there to be had.
The better use of the sextile with Mercury and Jupiter is to seek higher truths, adjust personal perspective and assess information for personal relevance while ditching that which isn't applicable, true or obscured.
The Moon remains Void until shifting gears into fire territory with her entrance to Aries at 7:53 PM. We start to dry out and are ready to engage at that time. Ensure you have got your facts straight and perspective aligned before that fire is lit under your behind. Otherwise, we are at risk of running off in the wrong direction.