Morning Star: Astrology for the week of July 3 to July 7, 2017

Monday, July 3, 2017

This morning we wake up under a Scorpio Moon most definitely under the influence of water. The Sun in Cancer and Moon in Scorpio meet by trine around midday (12:47 PM). This is followed by a trine from the Moon to Neptune in Pisces at 5:17 PM. What did you say you wanted to do today? Float? Good idea.

The thing about the Scorpio Moon is that it does like to have control. However, ever tried to make a stream run the opposite direction? Have you ever tried to play Moses and command that the seas part? Not so much easy tasks, right? Today, we essentially have two choices. We can spend the day trying to swim up stream or we can surrender to the flow.
GASP...surrender? That's certain death to our “survive it all” Moon. However, good warriors know when to switch up the game according to environment. We have hunter energy under this sky. By way of this Moon and the energy coming from Cancer. At times, while we are hunting, it pays to go in after the game with both barrels and making a lot of noise. Most of the time, though, it involves a lot of preparation, quiet and sitting still and patiently while waiting for everything to click into perfect place. This is time for the latter.

Waiting. Going with the flow. Introspection. Going deep when the surface is choppy. Efforts taken to feed your insatiable hunger with the blood of the dead. I'M KIDDING! Yet, know there is a depth to this day. If you are afraid of your own shadow or fear losing control, you may feel like you are drowning. Yet, once you let go, accept and surrender to the tides you will find that you make more progress and retain more energy simply by not fighting the waves. Struggling swimmers drown. Yet, a person can float for a very long time thus reserving their energy stores for the long haul.
Not too long ago, I actually had a discussion about this very topic (being stranded out in the ocean without a boat). A Scorpio Rising told me in this discussion, “I can float for a very long time. I'd be hard to kill at sea.” Well, he'd be hard to kill anywhere. But, in this instance he is right! There are times for physicality and there times to just relax into the current with long term survival efforts in mind rather than the immediacy we may feel.

Sounds easy enough...right? It should be. However, in the background Mercury is waxing into square with Uranus which can, in fact, stir anxiety and a feeling of over-stimulation in both the emotional and mental body. Finding that point of flow can be hard to do in stormy seas. I liken it to trying to float on a lake as lightning flashes across the sky. Or someone plopping a plugged in toaster into your warm, bubbly bath. Yet, this square occurs in Cardinal signs. You can and should take charge of the energy instead of allowing it to make you nuts. We can do that here. By telling the demons in your head to shut the hell up and silencing, grounding or redirecting more negative thoughts.
Today's aim should be toward relaxing. Even though the mental body can and likely will startle us from that feeling from time to time. We are allowed to dismiss those anxiety calls as we can revert back to just floating.

Still yet, that is a job in and of itself. A time in which...if you favor are well advised to take control of your brain and your emotional system. If we manage that, we could actually meet with bliss and reward at the end of the day.
At 7:15 PM, Venus in Taurus waxes into sextile with Chiron in Pisces. We either benefit from dealing consciously with our own steerage upon the seas or we are reminded we need more practice. Know that benefit (Venus) comes from assessing our more negative Neptunian problems from a grounded and realistic perspective while also remaining open to accepting our weak spots while moving forward in such a way that accommodates them. “Negative Neptunian” problems come from delusion, addiction, denial, lack of boundaries, self-martyring and the inability to live within a conscious state (trapped in 'dream state' due illness, drugs or delusion). Do the water vibe to the highest today and you will likely feel better and more supported by the time the Venus/Chiron sextile waxes in. If you find yourself “weighed, measured and wanting” by tonight, know that is your cue that you may, in fact, be pushing or trying too hard. Lesson learned, then. Remember to practice both exertion and surrender while learning to recognize where each have their place.

Overnight the Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn offering a sense of grounding and regeneration/re-empowerment of the emotional body. Make room for solid rest tonight and reap the benefit of that what could turn out to be a rather hectic tomorrow as the screws tighten on the Mercury/Uranus square. Being well rested and practiced at when/how to turn the mental function on and off while steering that mental monster deliberately will pay off. In light of the mental storm, just being able to relax throughout the day will be an accomplishment. Water is sensitive. And Mercury is in Cancer pointing to the acute sensitivity of the Moon in Scorpio. Give yourself credit if you manage to chill instead of work yourself into a panic attack today. What you feed your mind and your body will make a difference in how this feels. Cut down on over-stimulating energies and it will help offset the more erratic potential.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

This morning the Moon still resides in Scorpio and has passed by Mars in Cancer by trine before dawn (3:59 AM). This is likely to cause us to wake up hungry. Aim for energy supporting foods instead of things that may shoot you high quickly but leave you feeling flat later. Sustainable and smooth energy is the goal here.

Through the meat of the day, there really isn't much happening. However, the Moon remains active and Mercury square Uranus is kicking up dust. That energy culminates just in time for it to start getting dark on the East Coast. Which, is ironic to me given it is the Fourth of July holiday in the US. It's not uncommon for explosions under this aspect or upon this holiday. So, that much of it fits with where we are. BUT, there is other stuff that comes along with it. PTSD flares due the sudden loud noises. Social anxieties as we attempt to navigate the big crowds. Again, Scorpio is a water moon. Meaning, she is sensitive to her environment and empathic. Simply because the Moon is in Scorpio, some may have exacerbation of symptoms related to emotional problems in general including mania and impulsivity. Mercury in square to Uranus can exacerbate and aggravate this factor. We may be a little jumpy and reactive in other words. Was that a BOOM from fireworks...or? It's a thing. For real.

Add to that the fact that Jupiter in Libra makes his final inconjunct to Neptune at midnight and what we end up with is a lot of sensitivity in the midst of orchestrated chaos. YAY! Who brought cake?
Just after the Mercury/Uranus square perfects, the Moon meets Uranus by inconjunct (9:29 PM) and Mercury by trine (9:35 PM). From there, the Moon will trine Chiron and our ability to manage our triggers will be imperative in regard to how the rest of the night plays out. This also sends our Moon into Void status until entering Sagittarius at 1:09 AM EDT.
Plus, Venus shifts gears and enters Gemini at 8:12 PM...we could very well feel more social and inclined toward friendly gatherings at the last minute. Even if we had our heels dug in one way or another at the beginning of the day, there is a chance to change our minds...a couple of times..actually. Go with what you have in the moment.

Here's the thing. We have a right to celebrate and gather in doing so. However, I know and you know that celebrations and gatherings are being targeted and have been targeted for awhile now. So, even though we embark bravely upon these ventures, there is a feeling of anxiety that keeps churning in the background which threatens to affect our planned happy time. In truth, there may be entities out there that try to turn our joy into shock and fear. Or, it could be fear itself that causes us to be easily startled or shocked. Listen to me, though. Ok? Trust your radar. Go less upon the information that your brain delivers to you and lean more into what you feel. Call it gut. Call it intuition. Call it empathy...I really don't care. It's all the same to me..that unspoken language that can give warning toward danger or give you cue that something is just kinda “off” even if you can't pinpoint a logical reason as to why. Pay attention to THAT. If it doesn't feel right, you are nervous and uncomfortable then don't pressure yourself to go. If you are a little nervous about going somewhere but you get there and it feels alright, go with that. Just pay attention to what you feel and heed that. Maybe it's nothing. Maybe it's something. Just know that holidays have no attendance requirement. If you feel like getting out and celebrating without a sense of doom and gloom in your periphery, do that. If you don't, then don't. No excuses necessary.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

This morning the Moon is a little less heavy and intense than what we have dealt with the last few days. We move from water to fire and there is an assured shift in that. However, our identity system (Sun) waxes into watery trine with Neptune tonight. So while the emotional body may be all fired up know that Neptune wants us to be gentle, empathic and flowy. Also know this gives folks the ability to disguise themselves and can provide the venue for some to slippery slide their way under the radar too.

Shortly after the Moon entered Sagittarius last night, she opposed our Venus newly in Gemini. Wisdom versus learning. We may feel as if we've outgrown some former interests and in turn decide to flit off to new ones. Balance it out and remain curious. Stabilize fickleness by reminding yourself of where you are in your journey and where you'd like to go while remaining flexible and open to sight seeing as you travel. Life is a constant exchange of learning and teaching. We wear different caps at different times. Yet, all good teachers know that learning is a never ending process. Even for the teacher themselves. So, use the wisdom you have for direction but allow Venus' curiosity to tickle and tempt you toward continual learning.
Just as the Sun breaks the horizon, Mercury trines Chiron upon his exit from Cancer. He enters Leo tonight at 8:20 PM...another shift from water to fire. And, a transit that will take in information from a personal perspective. We may ask, “How does this effect me?” or be prone to deliver our personal signature of opinion in regard to the topics at hand. None of that is horrible. Just remember that while your opinion does matter, so do the opinions of others. Just because something may not be relevant to you it may be relevant to others. Vice versa in that regard too. It may be a big deal to you but nothing to someone else. There is room for all until we start taking an overly egoistic stance and demand that others come around to our point of view.

The better way to put this transit to use is to aim toward allowing creativity to speak. Gently shining your unique light into conversations in way that isn't just demanding of the spotlight, drama and attention. If you feel like you have to roar to be heard, then you may need to redirect yourself into conversations where you can feel heard or learn more about effectiveness. Know there will be roaring lions out there, though. The energy is always modeled for us by teachers unaware for better or worse. Learn to recognize the more malefic examples and deliberately choose the higher expression in spite of that as you are likely modeling for someone else...even if you don't know it.
Positive expressions include warm inclusive speech. An ability to project your true identity through both the spoken and written word. Romantic. Playful. Maybe a little daring in the appropriate circumstance...daring to speak up for yourself and in letting your opinion be heard gently and clearly. The negative side making it AAALL ABOUT YOU and your royalness. Yeah, I'd forgo the lesser expression if possible as the Universe will likely be handing out “King Nothing” crowns in our near future.

Allow the trine from Mercury to Chiron to humble you and fill you with gentleness, empathy and compassion. Then, it'll be easier to start off on the right foot as Mercury enters Leo.
Just after Neptune and the Sun meet by trine (which can be humbling in and of well as cause some to be infuriatingly misunderstood or underestimated) the ego gets a rush by way of a square to Jupiter at 10:45 PM. It is true relationship that can peer behind the veils and know what is really going on beneath the surface of your facade. Yet, this is also a wonderful set up for the dangers of projection. Meaning, you deny your stuff and instead end up putting it on the face of someone else. Again, the answer is humility, generosity and decorum as well as a comprehensive knowledge of self (Mercury in Leo). Giving less credence to the folks who may wrongly underestimate or misunderstand you (remember...they could be projecting too) and leaning more into trusted relationships where you don't have to explain yourself so much works. If you don't have any those trusted relationships where you can be yourself...well, we might know where we need to start then, right? But, as for today, know some folks won't be as they seem. Realize things are likely going to get a bit noisier as Mercury moves into Leo. Yet the goal is to remain tender and gentle while speaking your truth humbly and clearly while leaving space in the room for others to do the same.

Though we've shifted from water to fire in a couple of realms, know that the element of Water remains a factor. However, we are moving forward now moreso than floating. We've got wind in our sails or a motor on our boat. Maintaining and reminding ourselves of perspective and a sense of direction is going to help rather than allowing ourselves to succumb and become lesser versions of ourselves in the “heat of the moment.”

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Speaking of water still remaining a factor, our Sagittarius Moon meets Neptune in Pisces early this morning (5:47 AM). This can indicate wet, hazy, stormy, foggy or rainy weather both inside and out. We may be sleepy or be suffering from illnesses or hangovers that in turn effect our ability to wake up and engage this morning. It could be as simple as hitting the snooze button a few extra times before we finally make our way out of bed.

As the morning moves forward, emotional matters grow. At 6:00 AM the Moon sextiles Jupiter. Which can mean that extra few minutes of snooze might really pay off and help us feel better as we embark on this day. But, if you are stuck in self-martyring, depression or pessimism..that has opportunity to grow as well. Do what you need to do to take care of your softer bodies. That's the trick. We are empathic under Moon/Neptune so, if you surround yourself with gently upbeat folks, that feeling can help you feel better. Surrounding yourself with “woe is me” folks rubs off too. So picky and put boundaries in play as needed. Maybe you could be the warm person that brings cheer to negative Nelly. Or maybe you can put on your Teflon duck feathers and let their negativity run right off your back. Either way, address your emotional system first and get on good footing there. Then, boundary that up and hold to your chosen spot and Jupiter will support you. Also...remember not to take yourself so seriously. It's alright to laugh at yourself if you are so groggy this morning you forget something, for example.
At midday, the Moon meets Saturn by conjunction. One thing about Saturn in Sagittarius, it often brings a harsh spin on the reality that is. We could experience bad or unsettling news here. However, remember the need for boundary and a sense of direction. If it applies to you, deal with it. If it doesn't, let it go. Be mature in your emotional dealings and steer your own boat upon your own path. Accept harsh truths if they come. Steer around obstacles if they present. But, know the path to wisdom isn't necessarily always happy go-lucky. Sometimes, it is kinda tough.

If you can foster a sense of accomplishment, this Moon/Saturn conjunction becomes a little more manageable. However, if you woke up sick or were dealing with heavy emotional stuff this morning, cut yourself slack for lack of outward production. In that instance, your “job” is self-care. And, if that means all you did was take care of yourself and rest today in light of not feeling up to par...then...SUCCESS! That is an accomplishment in and of itself even if it doesn't look like productive effort to the outside world. It. Matters. It. Counts.
The rest of the day follows this note. There are no major aspects from the Moon. So, pick your “job” early and stay on task however that may look to you.

Friday, July 7, 2017

This morning the Moon is still active in the sign of the Archer. Meanwhile, air and fire energy merge by way of sextile between Mercury in Leo and Venus in Gemini. Sparkly fun! We are charming. We are chatty. The Moon's movements are going to feed into that “hot air balloon” lofty feeling. At 10:12 AM the Moon creates a fire trine with Uranus in Aries. That's more Fire and Air whipping about.
It favors authentic self-expression and the ability to be exactly who you are “no veils, no pretense” and sans apologies.

It really can be a fun and active day! However, it is likened to one of those “Dog days” of summer. Hot. Dry but with a nice gentle breeze. We don't want to overdo. But, there is room for the doing of your choosing. This fits nicely with good friends and trying new things. It's wonderful dropping the cloak of doom and destruction for a bit in favor of having fun for fun's sake.
After the Moon's trine with Uranus, she moves into a toe stubbing square with Chiron. Whoops, we were moving so fast we ended up tripping over a trigger. Use this as opportunity to acknowledge what has happened and learn how to deal more effectively should it occur again. After this square, the Moon is Void until shifting into Capricorn at 1:45 PM.
The shift into Capricorn will shuttle us straight into the energy of the Full Moon that crests at midnight tomorrow. Yep. Emotions are high and things feel kinda punctuated. It's a Full Moon. What else should we expect? Ride the wave.

Know that this Moon does bear personal effect. In our evening hours, she creates a Yod with the Mercury/Venus sextile (between 8 PM and 9:30 PM). Venus and Mercury are personal planets which we need to work to their highest in an effort to achieve the higher function of a Capricorn Moon. That means taking these “younger” types of energies coming from Venus and Mercury and maturing them. Venus and Mercury are light. But, the Moon could be geared toward being stoic, dusty or overly serious. Take the cue and lighten up a bit (seems I've said that a lot in this week). Know you can incorporate what interests you and is relevant to you into your overall plan and waste no time giving yourself authority to do so.
This aspect is rather subtle though. The main thing to remember is be a strong mature version of yourself with good boundaries and a sense of accountability. In that, make sure you are imbuing your path and your plans with true essences of self. Put your personal signature on it. Leave room for play. Lighten up or grow up as needed.