Morning Star: Full Moon in Sagittarius 2017-Ride the Wave

“This looks like a job for SOMEONE ELSE!”
“It's not my fault!”
“You started it!”
“That's not fair!”
“Fake it til you make it!”
“I'm a lover not a fighter!”

These are all Libran battle cries. And, I type them under the veil of smartassery because this is where Jupiter, the ruler of this morning's Full Moon in Sagittarius, resides. If you think Jupiter doesn't blow certain traits of a sign out of proportion and snicker about it behind his spotlight, well, you just aren't paying attention in the right places. Because, he does. Jupiter amplifies, expands, broadcasts...and pokes fun. He's a jolly elf that way...or...actually more like a prankster poltergeist as he stations direct in Libra today inconjunct to Neptune.
The thing of it is, though, that even energies coming from any given sign that are often viewed as “shadow traits” or “lower expressions of an energy” all have their place. A time for proper use. For example, one of Libra's shadow traits is procrastination. Now, putting things off, being late and allowing tasks to add up is not usually a great way to go. Neither is deliberately leaving tasks behind waiting for someone else to pick them up and do them for you. However, there are times when waiting for a situation to resolve itself, a decision to make itself or for the all the information to be delivered before acting on it...isn't always a bad idea. I mean, you wouldn't want a judge to rush to her conclusion in the middle of opening statements. Nor would you want a jury to rush to a decision following a highly complicated trial. As we wait for a decision from either of these entities, we entrust that they would take into account all the facts presented and weigh them in an unbiased and fair way in an effort to deliver a just and well thought out decision. Sometimes the act of making a just and well thought decision appears to the outside world as procrastination. At times, it can even feel like it!

Today, as Jupiter stations direct following the Full Moon, he does so at tight inconjunct to Neptune. So, what we are looking at in that regard is confused and conflated published information on one end...which prompts me to beg the question, “What else is new, right?” Yet, this type of energy is greatly punctuated as Jupiter's energy builds in station during his turn around. So, no, it's NOT new but the potential is very heightened right now. Plus, as Jupiter stations in Libra, our perspective on the information delivered can flip-flop. At an inconjunct to Neptune, we may be confused about how to look at things or even, emotionally affected by what we hear. Making decisions and choices at a time when emotions are high and information is confused is ill advised. Wouldn't you say? Don't you think it would be better to hold off on important decision making until the smoke clears, things settle down and we can make more logical sense of the situation? Thus....appearing to procrastinate? Yes. And, with good cause.
It's par for the course for emotions to be heightened during a Full Moon. That's just a thing. The emotional tides ebb and flow in accordance with lunar movements. Add to that, the fact that this Full Moon occurs under the rulership of a stationing planet in aspect to the God of increased empathy and emotionality and what you have is likened to a rather stormy affect. However, as the Full Moon crests and Jupiter changes direction (though his energy will remain heightened and confused for a bit), there is a bit of pressure that is palpably released. In relation to that set up, I keep hearing a steam whistle which to me equates to the exhaustion and release of built up pressures. Then, following this release, the Moon finds Saturn by conjunction, Uranus by trine and Chiron by square prior to reaching a rest in Void status. Then, she re-awakens in more sober and settled Capricorn. This all occurs within the confines of about 24 hours following this Full Moon.

The timetable reads as follows:
Full Moon culminates at 9:11 AM EDT
Jupiter stations direct at 10:03 AM
Venus in Taurus and Mars in Cancer perfect in sextile at 11:41 AM
Moon in Sagittarius meets with Saturn at 9:20 PM
Moon trines Uranus (and Eris/Pallas in Aries and the North Node in Leo) at 2:21 AM
Then, she squares Chiron at 4:57 AM in the morning before entering Capricorn at 7:37 AM

As you can see, the energy of this morning and into our early afternoon denotes a time of rather wild emotionality followed by Jupiter's station which is known to be a “game changer.” While he holds at an inconjunct to Neptune, we may know that things have changed but are unable to assess the long term impact of that since the road ahead is so foggy. Yet, as the morning moves forward and Venus and Mars dance together with Mercury in Gemini trapped between them at their midpoint, we are supported in putting the pieces together in such a way that we may not understand how the globe may be affected by this reversal in fortune; but, we can better understand how it personally affects us. Then, as we sober up with the Moon/Saturn conjunction, facts and truths begin to solidify a bit. We might not like what comes home to roost but at least we are more clear in regard to what it is. The trine with Uranus can deliver a streak of independence begging us to take initiative within the confines of our personal lives in a revolutionary way that sees the chaos in the outside world and acts of its own accord in light of it. While the square to Chiron, reminds us of the need to recognize bias, prejudice, fear and our own limitations. When the Moon clicks into Capricorn, we are more well grounded and better able to create a plan for ourselves in light of this kaleidoscope of shifting information.

In a way, it's likened to encountering a huge wave while standing just off shore at the beach. Before you realize it, the wave has built and is towering right toward you. You don't have time to run to shore. All you can do is hold yourself as steady as you can until the wave passes. Then, scramble for air and to regain your balance when it does. This Jupiter station brings that feel and any emotion we may have in light of that incoming wave is exacerbated merely by the fact that we are under the power of a Full Moon. I do encourage you to hold steady or ride it out until the wave passes and things settle down before picking up anything and just running with it. The wave builds and passes fairly quickly. Timing does matter. Plus, there is that whistle...that release of pressures following the wave...which helps to relieve some of what we may feel so strongly allowing us to better assess what we need to do next.

As a guide for this lunation, I pulled the Two of Wands. So, there likely is a choice. A choice of passions. A choice of action. A choice of battles. A choice of motivations and direction. A decision best made from a grounded and well informed position. You aren't going to be able to do anything in the middle of a tidal wave anyway. I promise, you cannot fist fight Neptune. I've tried. Let the wave come. Readjust. Check yourself...then, decide what to do next in light of what has been washed ashore.

The Sabian Symbols illuminated in relation to this Full Moon read as follows:

For the Sun at 19 Gemini: Large archaic volume on display in a museum's archives. The wisdom of the ancients is on display for all to read. It's up to the curious to search though history's lessons and glean what may remain relevant today. The former teachings are there either by way of book or past experience. But, you have to be willing to look at them in order to learn anything.

For the Moon at 19 Sagittarius: Pelicans, disturbed by men, move to places unknown. Pelican symbolism points to a need to withdraw inward for insight. Here, their contemplative efforts are disrupted. So, they simply move on to some place perhaps more quiet and conducive to their venture. As this Symbol falls in Sagittarius, it can denote a literal move or merely travel. Either way, it is concerned with new landscapes and a desire to take it all in (likened to a pelican scooping with its mouth)without distraction.

For the Moon's Ruler, Jupiter, at Rx at 13 Libra: Children are blowing soap-bubbles at a youngster's party. At this lunation, we find Jupiter (the Moon's ruler) at a station point. The degree bears significance in our future as well. Our Full Moon in Aries has the Sun sitting on this degree. This is joy for the sake of joy. Nothing productive comes from blowing soap bubbles. We do this as adults to re-capture some of the more simplistic endearments of childhood. We do this as children merely because it is fun. Plus, it inspires a sense of whimsy for folks of any age. The main call of this symbol is to relax and enjoy a little idle dreaming and fancy in healthy and celebratory way. Fun and fellowship for the mere sake of the same.

Don't fear the wave. Anticipate it. When it comes, jump on it and ride that sucker all the way into shore. Then, get up and dust yourself off and decide if you want to do it again or move on to other things. You can attempt to hold your ground and get caught in the undertow or you can adamantly stand and try to square off with the whole of the ocean...good luck with that. I suggest you just go with it eagerly enjoying the ride with curiosity as to where you might end up. Cause, really, what other feasible choice do we have?