Morning Star: Astrology for the week of June 26 to June 30, 2017

Monday, June 26, 2017

Late last night, Mars in Cancer met Neptune in Pisces by trine. Hopefully this helped everyone sleep well and wake up solidly rested in preparation for today. The Moon resides in Leo. Her first aspect of the day comes by way of sextile to Jupiter in Libra at 4:44 PM. She then moves toward creating a loose Yod with Neptune and Pluto which overlays our evening hours. This, of course, includes a semi-sextile to Mars in Cancer who wanes in his Neptune trine.

What this calls us to do is gently assess our desires. What seems elusive to you? What is important to just you and, perhaps, no one else. What are your individual goals and initiatives? Do you have it within yourself to take up battle for a cause even without support or cheerleaders? Is there something you are called to do and find little support in doing so? If this is the case, you can find empowerment from our outer planets through this Yod. Allowing you to access power and creativity (Pluto/Neptune) in an effort to support those initiatives that are unique to you. Then, as the Moon pulls Mars forward in semi-sextile, we are able to steer our efforts and nurture our own desires (be our own best support group) toward that “end” we yearn for.

It's not a particularly crazy active day. It has a bit of an introspective feel to it. With a Leo Moon in accompaniment with a stellium in Cancer, there may not be a crowd to cheer you on or support you. Folks are typically withdrawn and focused on their own personal matters...just like you. However, there is energy here that supports us in private battles. It encourages us to look within and assess the importance of your personal goals. Some of the most challenging battles are the ones we undertake alone. If something feels important enough to you that you are willing to take up arms and go at it solo, don't let the lack of support (at this time) dissuade you. Don't be afraid to fight your own battles and take initiative toward something that only bears relevance in your own life. These are important things!
Perhaps the Moon finds support with the Jupiter sextile. Perhaps she does not. None of this devalues what you feel is at priority.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

This morning the Leo Moon is at odds with her cohort Venus. It's not particularly comfortable. Plus, it has us assessing that set of personal values I spoke of yesterday quite harshly. On the whole, the set up feels pretty dissatisfied. Want and need clash in fixed signs and for a bit it may feel like a veritable deadlock. We may not have access to exactly what we want. Yet, we can put to use a strong sense of self-worth led by solid personal values in an effort to obtain what it is we may need.
By 9:40 AM the Moon makes a supportive trine to Saturn in Sagittarius which basically says, “Alright kiddo, time to pull up the big kid panties and take care of business. This is your future and therefore your responsibility to deal with it.” It is stabilizing and supportive energy with just enough fire to help us get started (even though we aren't shooting out of the gate but more like taking small and deliberate steps toward where we want to go).

In the background, Mercury in Cancer waxes in square to Jupiter in Libra. Perhaps this is the encouragement we have been looking for. Or, it could be the doubting Nelly serving up their opinion on it...which you don't have to care about, by they way. This aspect could even bring in intuitive hits that play into the bigger picture or just a supportive chat with a mother figure in an effort to glean wisdom and guidance. Or, you know, you could be the mother figure to someone as well.
Mercury square Jupiter, on the low end, is overly chatty. Likened to nervous chatter put in place to detract from more pressing issues. From Cancer to Libra it could also be dripping with emotion (especially since Mercury also waxes in trine to Neptune) and not likely direct. Communication interactions could be “leading” or subtly “persuasive” delivering hints and nuance moreso than a direct and on point conversation. You know, when someone is upset about something and it's everyone's fault...yeah, it can be like that. Rest assured there is likely something wrong there and the person may need to vent in an effort to suss out what the true root of that really is. There could also be the person who wants you to do something but doesn't really ask outright. Instead they hint and nudge you toward the decision they want you to make. Sometimes folks are afraid to ask directly for advice. Sometimes folks use this in a manipulative way...tricking you into thinking it was all your idea.
The higher end, speaks in a nurturing and supportive manner in relation to the goals of others. It applies intuitive knowledge appropriately in dealings with the “other” as well as provides well boundaried support. Sometimes it helps to talk things out just in an effort to air our grievances so that we can look at a situation more clearly. This is good energy for that as long as you can trust the source you are venting to. Otherwise it's a time of big ideas and possibly over-blown reactions. Keeping things in perspective may be tough. But, that's the first item on the agenda here as well as making sure you are being honest in your communications and not just trying to use emotional manipulation to push your agenda. Be honest, true and open in trusted relationships. Talk things out and provide mutual support in doing so. But, don't resort to conflation and manipulation in an effort to be heard over all the other voices. The most important voice is the one inside of you and what you allow it to dictate. If that is skewed, interactions with the outside world repeat that theme. Be honest with yourself and the dealings with the outside world untangle as well. 

At 5:13 PM, the Moon shifts into trine with Uranus in Aries which supports individual and independent efforts toward those personal goals. This could bring us in contact with a “tribe” of folks who have a similar agenda. Or, it can support us in taking alone. Either way, it encourages us to embrace those “unique to you” initiatives and imbues the energy with just enough oomph to allow us to break free from the pack and declare our own path. This aspect can be quite personally inspirational, as well. It favors freedom, independence and an ability to embrace our own style in an effort to chase after our goals in our own way, at our own pace and in our own time.
Mercury perfects in his watery trine with Neptune at 8:23 PM. Sensitivity is high. Music, art and poetry become alluring and can provide creative sanctuary helping us to find wordless ways to express what we may not be able to speak. The brain may be fatigued. But, intuitive, emotional and creative energy is assuredly flowing. The Moon is Void now following her trine with Uranus. But, she lights back up in Virgo just as this aspect perfects. Take what the Mercury/Neptune trine delivers (creative inspiration, intuition, dreams, synchronicities and metaphor) to you and make it apply it to everyday life. Bring dreams into the physical world. Make it real. Make it relevant and useful. This is what Virgo does best!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This morning the Moon in Virgo makes a nice sextile with the Sun in Cancer (9:05 AM). This mixes self care into the daily ritual and allows us to be practical in emotional matters. Plus, it still provides the “grounding” energy necessary to help bring intuition and “knowing” into everyday application. Yes. You can continue to build your dreams here and are supported energetically in doing so.
At 3:51 PM, Mercury catches up with Mars in Cancer by conjunction. Now, this can kick start some brain spin. Thoughts and words come quick and the mind may struggle to keep up. Make sure you set a manageable pace as this aspect can cause us to be a little accident prone if we attempt to move too far too quickly. However, it does bring impetus for us to act upon things of emotional importance, matters of home and family and even upon the insight we may receive. Remember, though, it is not wise to act IMPULSIVELY upon insight. The practical Virgo Moon can help us triage the situation from a grounded position in an effort to make calm the sense of over-stimulation or too much coming at us at once thus giving us the power to monopolize upon the situation if need be.

This conjunction occurs at 16 Cancer under the following Sabian Symbol: A man holds a scroll before him, a square is outlined. Rudhyar gives the following in addition, “Underlying tendency to revert to root patterns of being: 'squaring' oneself with everyday reality. Control over life.” And, the last statement is basically at question here. Are you in “control” of your life? Or are you living out old family conditioning and karma? Are consciously making choices or are you just unwittingly doing the same thing over and over and setting yourself up for the same types of unsavory consequences as a result. Figure it out. Then, declare it's high time you started dealing with what is right in front of purpose and with intent and stuff. You are a ship at sea. You can be over-taken by the waves OR become a skilled sailor who knows how to monopolize upon current weather conditions. It's your choice. This also speaks about how we may unwittingly block or trap ourselves in patterns of behavior that are no longer of service to us. Don't be afraid to break old molds in favor of creating new forms of action and expression. It is true. If you keep doing the same thing, the same way over and are going to keep getting the same results. If you don't like the outcomes you keep encountering, it could be that your approach or perspective on the situation (and those that crop up in similarity) needs to be adjusted.
Headaches are possible here. That means being all Virgo about our dietary intake (avoiding headache triggers if prone to such) while also being mindful of the need to take care of the body in an effort to support ourselves energetically while also helping to bring the mind to sensible ground. Cutting back on stimulation by way of diet or monitoring how much electronic/media exposure we have helps the situation tremendously. Otherwise, this can play out as just the melding of energies we need to break out a few solid and inspired steps toward our goals or plans for the day.
Venus creates an inconjunct with Saturn at 9:08 PM reminding us to be matured in our dealings of love and money while encouraging us to build appropriate boundary at the same time. Meanwhile, the Moon waxes into sleepy and emotional opposition with Neptune at 9:58 PM. We may have wanted to do everything at once today as the mind and physical systems churned together in the Cancerian seas. This leads us to a point of fatigue which could be accompanied by tears. Note what progress you made no matter how small and declare that “the war isn't over yet.” Get some rest and be ready to go at it again, fresh, tomorrow.

The Moon does pass by the Mercury/Mars conjunction overnight. There could be some worries that try to keep us up tonight. But a frazzled brain and physical system are not much use to us. Practice deliberately settling both bodies in an effort to allow your energies to regenerate. Such efforts will be rewarded in the morning as the emotional body restores and fortifies under a lunar trine with Pluto at 5:33 AM.
In truth, though we've been under the umbrella of a practically supportive Moon, Cancer season is emotional. We do respond to the Moon's movements. But, there are memories (some good, some not so good) that wax in and out and sometimes just a general feeling of wanting to reach out for support and nurturing. To simply fall back into arms of loving support. At times, this “need” for support and a feeling of a safe nest isn't given to us from the outside world. We are called to be our own best mother figures. The strong and gentle feminine presence that we may have missed out on in our upbringing. It sounds lonely to suggest you be your own best mother and your own best source of nurturing support. However, if you can foster that within yourself, it will not abandon you. Or if you had this type of support while growing, you can re-create a version of it from you to you. From this self-supportive stance you can create your own personal sanctuary of care and support to retreat to in times that may feel threatening or when you may feel forlorn or forgotten...abandoned. It's worth giving it a try. Begin by accepting yourself as you are and delivering unto yourself the best care possible. You matter. Home is where you feel it is.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

This morning the Moon greets Pluto by deep and empowering trine. This can help us get to the root of personal emotional issues and even provides supportive energy in the way of grounding and matters of integrity. We are ready to deal with whatever we need to deal with. So, we start out putting a solid step forward in that direction.
By 2:53 PM the Moon squares Saturn. We may not be pleased with the amount of progress we've made in the day, but we needn't discount it AS progress. Every little step counts, no matter how small. Even if the only thing you managed to accomplish is to survive the morning, that matters. That counts. I don't expect this to be dire. However, the Virgo Moon can be overly self-critical in this regard. But, you don't have to berate or cut yourself open over anything. Be the supportive person in your life that recognizes your own worth and progress even if it doesn't measure up to “ideal.”

The self-supporting and self-gentleness called for in dealing with the Moon/Saturn square is emphasized as the Moon waxes into trine with Venus in Taurus at 4:36 PM. This draws upon matters of self-worth and value and encourages us to feed those metaphorical “plants” liberally. Treat yourself. Know you are good enough. Know what is important to you matters even if no one else may see it as a priority. You really don't need validation for wanting something from the outside world. Sure, encouragement helps. However, even with it out, if it's important JUST TO YOU it's important ENOUGH. In the meantime, relax a little. Pay homage to the simple blessings you may be taking for granted...and, even if you don't meet your own form of “ideal” in terms of accomplishment/progress today, know YOU are enough, too. Whatever your simple secret pleasure is, give yourself permission to indulge in that a little under this sky. You've almost made it through the week. That, in and of itself, it worth a little reward.
At 8:34 PM and waxing in as undercurrent throughout this day, Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto. This can stir deeply seated fears, resentments, paranoia. It can even prompt some to attempt to control the opinion and thinking of others. Fear and paranoia a well as unsavory emotional threats could be used against us. Or, we may attempt these feat out of desperation. The better bet here is to stare down and address those demons riddling with why's and searching out their root cause. You can even banish these more negative thoughts and tendencies or bind your demons so that their loud and tempting voices diminish into the shadows. Just don't let your brain continually conjure up worst case scenarios that drag you into the depths of fear and desperation. Bravely stare them down and chase them out. Focus on solution and clarity. Focus is definitely an astute talent with Mercury/Pluto. However there is the danger of obsession and continual subservient thoughts that could lead to self-defeating behavior. Put the energy to work for you instead of allowing it to freeze you in fear.

The Moon, according to traditional standards, is Void following her trine with Venus. However, I'm becoming more and more inclined to wait until those last major aspects to Chiron prior to calling it Void, myself. The opposition with Chiron occurs at midnight. We are encouraged to triage and address our more elusive pains like a good nurse/caregiver would.
The Moon remains Void until entering Libra at 3:04 AM. Tomorrow morning, we wake up to the challenges and pressures brought forth from the First Quarter Moon.

Friday, June 30, 2017

As I mentioned at the end of yesterday's write up, this morning we wake up to the Moon in Libra in harsh square to our Cancer Sun. First Quarter Moons often bring challenges to the intentions we set at the New Moon. It's as if the Universe asks us, “are you sure this is what you want to do..even in light of these pressures/challenges?” We illustrate our response to that by way of our actions. Are we giving up or going on? Walk your answer. These lunations can also bring up blocks we did not anticipate. The pressure of that encourages us to look for solution. Between the signs of Cancer and Libra we are digging for personal emotional support and want to deal with issues fairly while taking the time to weigh and measure all the related information in an effort to make the best judgment call.
This can also bring forth conflict between matters of family and relationships. Perhaps Mom doesn't like your girlfriend whom you love and wish to marry. Perhaps there are issues with friends/relationships that cause conflict at home. These can be handled but they can also become sticky. Negotiation and conflict resolution are art forms in which we may become well practiced with in this day.

The First Quarter and the friction/conflict it may create kind of fill in the entirety of the day. We may feel as with we need to smile through more swamping and emotional situations just an effort to save face or remain palatable to others. Often under a Libra Moon, when someone smiles and says, “I'm Ok,” or “I'm fine” they are masking deeper issues that they may think you can't understand or merely sparing you from the truth of their feelings. If you encounter this, just let the person know you are willing to listen and support them when/if they get to a place where they feel like they are ready for that. If it is you who is professing “I'm fine” or “I'm ok” when it isn't, know that denial just allows things to fester. You don't have to reach out. But, it's ok if you do. Doesn't make you weak. It just makes you fortunate to have someone to reach out to for support.
Overnight, Chiron will station retrograde. His elusive yet painful energy has likely been punctuated for a few days during his station. Now, we are reviewing past hurts and pains while also being inspired to share what we've learned or just lean into the proper coping mechanisms we've developed thus far. It's a very personal introspective affair that trickles into the energy of our weekend and our first day of July. Be easy with yourself and don't try to deny, escape or “wash” your problems so that they are palatable or acceptable to the outside world. Embrace, cope and care for yourself in the manner in which you need while knowing you are not obligated to pretend that everything is fine for someone else's benefit. But, if you aren't ready to share this stuff with the world, you don't have to.