Morning Star: Astrology for the week of June 12 to June 16, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

When I first started looking at this week, I thought, “If we can just get through Monday.” However, upon further inspection, I've discovered...aaaah, the week is not exactly how it appears to be. This is due Mercury. One word of advice with that...don't forget Mercury is a trickster as well as an informer. We are in the season of Gemini. The last legs, so to speak. Mercury, in his home territory, makes some interesting aspects as the Sun in Gemini waxes toward an opposition with Saturn at the end of the week. Our abilities to reason, communicate, listen and learn are tested most assuredly. If you prefer silence, might I suggest some noise canceling headphones because that kind of thing is going to quite inaccessible through the most of this week. While Mars is in Cancer, our ability to produce answers to the condition of the Moon as do our desires. The suggestion with that is to mix the energy coming from our current Moon effectively with the energies of your own Moon while taking time to also delve into self-care and down time. We do have breaks that allow for such. However, it isn't so much “what to do or how to do it” that is at issue this week even with Mars said to be “ill placed” in Cancer. It's the brain that is mostly at issue.

This morning the Moon remains in Capricorn. Her last major aspect waxes in at 2:46 PM by way of a square to Uranus. This is followed by a sextile to Chiron at 5:12 PM. The square to Uranus can be anxious making or force a change in routine upon us brought forth by the unexpected. That, to me, is rather par for the course for a Monday. For some reason, Monday's always throw a monkey wrench in my well made plans. However, the Moon itself has the energy it needs to deal with Uranus effectively by way of falling under the rule of Saturn. She's able to look at the unexpected shift in the game plan and accommodate that by adopting the plan effectively. The main thing is not to get excited. Instead, deal proactively and effectively with what presents taking time to ground and respond rather than just react.
Reacting could lead to shooting one's self in the foot as indicated by the sextile to Chiron. So, this, we want to avoid. We want to maintain an awareness of our triggers and control over our response to them. Following the sextile with Chiron, the Moon enters Void status until shifting into Aquarius at 7:46 PM. This transition shifts the Mood and also bears some affect upon our motivation as Mars responds to the same. That being said, the sign of Cancer and the sign of Aquarius don't necessarily understand one another easily. Aquarius is cerebral whereas Cancer has a tendency to be more visceral and instinctual. Yet the “drying out” brought forth by the Aquarius Moon who will make windy trines with the Sun and Mercury in Gemini along with Jupiter in Libra, could lighten the work load to a degree thus creating more mental work than physical. And that, my friends, is the general tone of the entire week. Less physical to deal with but much to contemplate within the mental realm. Feel free to invoke Jedi mind control at any time here..

Today, as the Moon shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius, we become less prone to physical production and more concerned with socialization, conversing and activities that don't produce sweat. I don't know if you've noticed, but Aquarius is not a sign that necessarily likes to get sweaty. So, under the Aqua Moon we are the beach children in white linens. More refined than dirty. More hands off than hands on. Today is good for getting off to a gritty start on projects near completion while saving the more dainty finishing touches for the Aquarius or Pisces Moon. However, definitely leave room and energy to effectively deal with the unexpected as, along with Monday, is likely to come.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

This morning the Moon in Aquarius passes by Mars (7:18 AM) by inconjunct then squares off with Venus in Taurus (10:08 AM). So, early in the morning there is a gut-check in regard to motivations. But, later in the morning, there is a square off between want and need between our fixed signs of Taurus and Aquarius. The latter reminds me of a group of workmates or pals who want to go out to lunch together but can't decide where to go...which drives me absolutely nuts, to be honest with you. “Where do you want to go? What do you like?”...”It doesn't matter to me. Wherever you guys want to go for whatever you guys like is fine.” Sweet mother of mercy..don't over-complicate it. The goal is food and socialization ffs, don't make it hard. And, that is the typical impasse that Taurus and Aquarius meet with. Aquarius can over-think while Taurus is wonderfully simplistic. When in doubt, go for something you've not tried before and keep it simple. Who knows, you might like the new thing.
The rest of the day falls under this “keep it light, simple and clean” air. Meanwhile, chatter and socialization in general increases as Mercury waxes into trine with Jupiter in Libra. This does not perfect until tomorrow. However, the increase in verbal tempo and the call to air gossip and grievance will surely begin to be noticeable today.

The winds start picking up steam as tongues wag. That's going to be the punctuated feel of our evening and tomorrow. Breezy. Social. Chatty...not that you should necessarily believe everything you hear. Just that there will be plenty to hear. The main thing to remember throughout the course of this uptick in verbal and cerebral energy is to remain observant while noting what you hear and see but not necessarily reacting to it yet. Under this Aquarius Moon, it's a good idea to treat this uptick as a social how folks respond and to what in an effort to get a handle on how this works from a detached perspective. From that pose, you could actually learn a great deal. This is mainly due the fact that some of it will be outright misconstrued and conflated as Jupiter, though now direct, remains inconjunct Neptune. Mercury will leave his trine with Jupiter and move immediately into a square with the Sea God causing the mental/cerebral to fog considerably and packing misunderstandings, lies and miscommunication in with it. Then, following that mess, the Sun opposes Saturn and our ability to discern what is true and solid will be tested. Take nothing at face value and be mindful of what news or gossip you spread. Jupiter will leave his inconjunct with Neptune and move back into square with Pluto from here. So, some information may be spread with subservient intent. Don't fall for it sweet pea. You are smarter than that.

The cerebral tides do shift before the night goes completely out. Mercury meets Neptune by square at 11:30 just barely following the Moon's entrance into this Air trine between Mercury and Jupiter. This could literally translate to stormy weather patterns but certainly works to obscure information, as well. The key in that being the higher expression of our transiting South Node which is a bit of observant detachment and a concern for overall social issue well-being. Then, standing on those talents to reach toward the North does it (or does it) apply to you? What is your role in this sea of the collective and what kind of personal character are you trying to create? We use the info we gather here toward that end instead of mindlessly following the other lemmings off a cliff or just being reactionary.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This morning we wake up to the aftermath of last night's veritable electrical storm and potential information overload. The rest of the day has the Moon waxing into trine with the Sun in Gemini and sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. This is our chance to talk it out and get the facts straight. To put the truth of what we've learned into proper perspective and employment. It's still rather windy but windy with a point and an agenda. We want to be able to use what we've learned. And, if it is NOT of use to us, it should be disregarded as such.

It's likely that any manipulations of the facts that occurred under Mercury/Neptune begins to come to light. We learn which speakers we can trust and which one's are just out to misconstrue the truth in favor of their own agenda. You are going to want to remember anything you've learned in that regard. If they were lying or misrepresenting themselves under Mercury/Neptune then they will try to use that same type of persuasive and subservient power under Jupiter/Pluto. Note it and expect more of it in the future from that source. Chances are they won't change their stripes and become completely beholden to the truth then either though they will certainly try to keep their grasp on their righteousness at that time. You, however, can become wise to it under this sky.
The Moon remains active through the day until meeting her current ruler, Uranus, by sextile at 1:40 AM. That moment of the Moon dancing in tandem with her traditional (Saturn sextile at 7:49 PM) and modern ruler (Uranus) could very well be where we are logically able to put the pieces of our recent “chatty affair” puzzle together in an exhilarating “AHA!” or “Eureka” break through like moment. Yet, the emotional sphere is due to change again melting the cool detachment of the Aquarius Moon and thrusting us into the watery sphere of a Pisces Moon. The Moon is Void following the sextile with Uranus and remains so until entering Pisces in the morning at 6:18 AM.

Today is good for getting the facts straight and adding subtle enhancements (due what we've learned) to personal plans. It's good for writing work especially in the realm of fiction or for taking in light entertainment venues with trusted friends you can bounce your ideas off of and receive input from. Again, it's not sweaty...but it could very well contain a few left over storms. That being said, there could be a rainbow or two as well.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ah, this morning the Moon plunges the ethereal depths of wallowing, remorse and perhaps a hangover. The Moon enters Pisces at 6:18 AM with the Sun meeting an opposition with Saturn just a minute later. So, what is real is really real and we are called to accountability rather quickly.

The Moon, however, plays nice with the remainder of the sky before she moves in to form our Last Quarter on Saturday with Saturn in that mix. Talk about a HUGE call to flush out what has accumulated but is of no applicable use in our future. That's what that last quarter will call for.
In the meantime, at 8:33 PM, the Moon swims with Mars in Cancer by trine. Then, she dips into pleasure by sextile with Venus in Taurus at 1:09 AM. Daytime is marked for being a grown up while the evening is set up for grown up type escapes and pleasures. The Sun in opposition to Saturn is going to help make things a little more stable, believe it or not...though we likely won't enjoy the call to responsibility and accountability. Yet, Saturn is the antidote to too much Neptune..which we certainly have on tap as the gas giant is stationed to turn retrograde at 3:09 AM...just in time for a lunar conjunction which occurs at 9:11 AM tomorrow. Yeah, I know that anchor is heavy. But, you are likely going to want to lash yourself to it as Neptune's energy becomes increasingly punctuated. That anchorage is what is going to help you steer through what we have coming in. Work hard during the meat of the day reserving the night to dip into more personal pleasures.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Thank goodness it's Friday. For those that drill the Monday through Friday 9-5 or worse racket, it's been a long week which at times may have felt like two or more weeks wrapped in one. But, now we are on the last leg of that and just in time as we drag ourselves toward the weekend. And, it does feel a lot like dragging in which some may actually give up ship. The Moon sits on Neptune who just stationed retrograde overnight...meaning...we are tired, emotional and so not in the mood for more people and more talk. Maybe we call in sick. Maybe I wouldn't blame you.

This is so not much of a productive morning for a variety of reasons. However, the Moon does wax toward an astutely grounding sextile with Pluto which perfects juuuust at quitting time (5:21 PM). If we are going to be swimming, we might as well go deep...though I don't necessarily recommend going public. Chances are many have heard their fill of the social airs this week and would prefer a little quiet. Besides, our Pisces Moon squares off with Mercury (8:30 PM) making the incessant chatter that much more grating while many are simply just not in the mood. Not anymore.
Tonight holds potential for greatly restorative alone time or exploration of deeper desires. Less talk. More quiet....when that phone call comes in later tonight...feel free to ignore it. If it's important they will call back when you are more in a mood to talk. Or not. Who cares...what's on Netflix? Are we chilling? Cause, yeah...that sounds good. Shut the door. Turn off the phone. Rest. Recuperate. Ruminate, if you choose. Tomorrow, the Last Quarter perfects and it's time to clean up the bullshit that was dumped in this week...and beyond clearing out space for something new because at this point it all feels rather dusty, old and tired.