Morning Star: Astrology for June 5 to June 8, 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017

Early this morning, the Moon slithered into Scorpio and met with a trine to Mars in Cancer. The combination of bodies in Scorpio in trine to bodies in Cancer is quite sexy. What I've observed from these two signs in trine is that they are quite attracted to one another. Often, the crab and the scorpion are easy friends or bedfellows. There is a depth to both of them. A knowing and understanding. And, once commitment and trust is birthed between them, lifelong relationships are formed by way of a bond that stands in defense and protection of one another. It's an interesting thing to me. Cancer nurtures and provides “food” while Scorpio feeds. In turn, high-functioning Scorpio reciprocates and both will defend their trusted to the end. Plus, the attraction level between the two is quite strong and seductive. From one perspective, it is likened to a group of sharks in a feeding frenzy. From another, it is the vampire and his maiden who feed off one another complete with sexual inclination. It is really an interesting dynamic. One that, of course, can become deeply intimate or (at lowest extreme) dangerous but usually packing an erotic tone with it. When a Scorpio and Cancer successfully come together in partnership, woe to the person that tries to break them apart.
Needless to say, this trine could give a rather sensual feel to the day. Plus, intuitive hits are highlighted as the the water signs dip into this non-logical sense of knowing. At the same time, our common sense Mercury in Taurus is softened with a water aspect of his own..a sextile to Chiron in Pisces. This births an opportunity at new empathy and understanding though it may rattle what we once thought was solid and true. An emotional nuance that humbles and, again, brings a certain type of knowing. A knowing that we may not be able to put into words but can most certainly feel stirring in our guts.
It's a deep and flowy day in which tempo is set by mood moreso than outside demands. Venus resides on the final degrees of Aries all day giving her a punctuated and eager edge. What we want, we may want immediately and with the Moon trine Mars, cravings are likely strong and irresistible. Overnight, Venus does pass into Taurus and stabilize a bit as she shifts from wanting it quickly to wanting quality and sustainability. But, for today, she burns fast and bright bringing a certain type of urgency behind our desires.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

This morning the Moon is still active in Scorpio, but Venus has shifted into her home territory of Taurus. Most of the morning, the Moon waxes into another water trine. This time, more dreamy and leisurely than the craving brought forth by yesterday's Moon/Mars trine. This is highly creative but can also be deeply emotional stirring parts of the emotional body that typically lay latent and tempting us to delve more deeply inward into the ethereal waters of the personal realm. It's still seductive. But, in a private way that entices us imbue that seduction with fantasy and perhaps as use for escape.
By late evening, Mercury also moves into his home territory of Gemini. Shortly following, the Moon sextiles Pluto and we are ready for answers to the hard questions. The ones no one dares to ask out loud. Yet, today we can go there whether the information we seek is in the public realm or on the personal sphere...riddling both with “why's” and “how's” while countering the answers we receive with further questions of “to what end” and “what does all that mean?” as we attempt to put the pieces of what we find together into something that makes sense. It would only be natural to obsess over this if the questions have no finite answers. We will be prone to keep digging...keep interrogating...until we are satisfied with the result. There is no guarantee that will come. But, there is also no guarantee we will give up the search and nothing to border the tactics we may use to find it.

Following the sextile with Pluto (8:36 PM), the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at 7:01 PM TOMORROW...which is where much will be revealed under our incoming Full Moon. It is definitely not untypical for a Full Moon to shed light onto something. That's pretty much par for the course. This Full Moon happens to fall in the sign that regulates politics, large publishing factions, professional sports, foreign relations, in-laws and the truth . I don't know...had any kind of ponderings about any of those topics lately? At any rate, what is sussed out for better or worse under our Scorpio Moon is likely to become public information fairly quickly.
The lull between the Void Scorpio Moon and until the Moon reactivates in Sagittarius nearly 24 hours later, offers us a chance to settle the emotional body and put these pieces of information we have found together. Scorpio will likely continue digging while undercover. Mercury in Gemini's curiosity will not be quelled and this is backed by the fact that we also have the Sun in Gemini seeking out the same type of thing. Answers. Reasons. With the end intention of informing others of what we've found. The quiet found in the lull, though, is deafening. As if the logic head has been fixed in a soundless vacuum.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

As mentioned yesterday, the Moon is Void in Scorpio most of the day. It's hard to “get into” whatever task we have in front of us today. There is a deep but dispassionate feel to the day where folks are more involved in their personal swirl of business regardless of what tasks they may be called to do. There may be light socially minded chatter that comes to no end or no point really. Just chatter that nervously tries to fill the otherwise deafening vacuum.

This is a good day for toiling in tasks that don't require a whole lot of focus. Keeping the hands busy in menial things helps the emotional body to untangle. It's not typically suggested to start new projects under a Void Moon just because the emotional/creative and intuitive body is not so much engaged at those times. Tying up loose ends on projects may be a good way to go. Either way, though there may be social chatter, it is the internal conversations and introspection that get emphasis today.
The Moon re-awakens in Sagittarius at 7:01 PM and we may begin to theorize and speculate...perhaps even begin to feel inclined to more openly about what we've found. The mood can boost a little as the Moon drags herself from the depths and darkness of Pluto and crawls into the light of Jupiter. I expect that we will hear of hints that relate to the news that will be delivered under the fullness of the Sagittarius Moon especially since she does oppose Mercury in Gemini at 11:37 PM. Are these premature leaks of information? Perhaps. Either way, in the course of chatter, be the wise owl who observes what is being said while maintaining your right to draw your own conclusions based on that personal wisdom in the end. One little “blip” of information could spread like wildfire, here. That doesn't make it true, relevant or even factual. It just makes it public.

It could also be a night of active dreaming as the psyche continues to attempt to put the pieces of information together as the body rests.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Moon is active in Sagittarius today; but, she makes no major aspect until 9:43 PM by way of a sextile to her current ruler, Jupiter in Libra who is stationed to turn direct tomorrow. So, it's Jupiter and then some. This is where the conversations begin...unrelentingly so. And, the impact is likely to bear emotional influence while birthing confusion and conflation at the same time. Why? Because of several things, actually. First, the Moon is fat and full making the emotional tides high. Plus, Jupiter is stationed meaning his energy is vibrating very strongly. Jupiter expands, exaggerates and is a smart ass in his own right. Sure, he is the monicker of benevolence and generosity on the high end. But, not everyone takes the high road, do they? So, what we are likely to be faced with is a battle of truths and debates over what is right and just all within the realm of things that Jupiter and the signs of Libra and Sagittarius are concerned with.

What the hell does that mean? Well. It can equate to a lot of things. But, mostly the airing of opinions and revelations meant to stir the public forum. It's windy. It's hot. And, it holds great viral potential. It could revolve around things on a global and worldy level. But, it could easily equate to things that stir within the personal realm as well. Libra is relationships and the “other” therefore there could be a lot of speculation and finger pointing that accompanies that too. Or, it could even be the revelation of information that was strategically planted in an effort to shade attention away from the truth. Note what you hear. However, don't just accept it as fact without supporting evidence because not only is Jupiter stationed but he is also drunk due the sideways interaction he holds with Neptune. It's a hall of mirrors out there and some of what is being spread has an agenda but is anything but true. I'm not saying it won't tug at your empathic heartstrings. As a matter of fact, that's one of the reasons some of this will be spread. I'm just saying...don't believe it all and take it to heart until you've sussed it out for 1) true purpose of the information 2) factual evidence and 3) bias. Jupiter doesn't know much about boundaries anyway. He spreads and expands...inflates, conflates and pokes fun. In aspect to Neptune, the limits of expansion do not exist. You have to learn to draw and enforce your own boundaries in the public realm which is part of what Saturn is trying to teach us, no?
At any rate, today is considerably more noisy than yesterday. A lot of what we hear will just be conflated noise. Pay heed to what you feed your brain and what you decide to incorporate as truth. All this meets with an assured crescendo under tomorrow morning's Full Moon (9:11 AM EDT) at which time the “truth” is likely delivered with a hammer-like effect as that Full Moon crests right next to Saturn and then gets whisked up in the ongoing fire trine between Saturn, Uranus and our North Node in Leo. Make sure your aim is steady....and (pun intended) true.