Morning Star: Astrology for June 24 to June 25, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The New Moon has occurred. Now, we take our first few fledgling steps under this new cycle which has quite a few hairpin turns and rocky territories. We are in the final Moon phase prior to the ecliptic. There will likely be shake-ups on our way there. Today, though, things remain fairly low key.
We still have the richness of Venus trine Pluto which perfected overnight. Put to use, deliberately, the high powers of attraction and manifestation under this trine. My advice for Venus/Pluto natives is usually the same. Amongst that advice there are two points that are important to remember. 1) Be careful where you point that stuff and 2) you have tremendous power of wary of those who only have interest in suckling from that teat. Venus/Pluto, as I said, has very strong powers of attraction. To deliberately use it you want to make sure you are focusing on drawing in things you want instead of drawing in what you are worrying about. Either will be attracted to you in equal measure. The only difference is one is attracted by you on purpose. The other manifests out of fear and paranoia.

Plus, Venus/Pluto's attractive powers are palpable to many. I liken it to a certain how a human's sweat will attract mosquitoes or other blood suckers. Or how animals can instinctively tell when another animal of the same species is the most fertile (in heat). This placement attracts folks looking for things like sugar mommas or daddies or empty vessels looking to be filled or pleasured while offering nothing in exchange. However, folks with this placement also have the ability to assess when this is happening by measuring the rate of exchange and return on investment. If you are giving, giving, giving and supporting, supporting, supporting while receiving nothing in exchange (as folks with this mark are prone to do) then you know you've got yourself a leach. Now. It's up to you if you want companionship and don't care to be the only source of Venus. Yet, if that doesn't sound like something desirable, then it's best to scrape off the leaches and look for reciprocal exchanges in the money and relationship department. Venus/Pluto natives are also advised against pointing their charm and attractive qualities at someone they don't want to be “stuck” with for awhile. That's how you pick up stalkers, you know? So, again, be careful where you point that.

Other than those two downfalls of this energy, with proper focus you can indeed attract what it is you really want instead of drawing in fears and mosquitoes. Yet, this is just one factor wrapped in this day under our New Cancer Moon. We also have Mars activity waxing in this weekend that deserves our attention. It begins today as the Moon links up Mars' waxing trine to Jupiter and square to Neptune by passing through the configurations before they officially perfect.
At 3:10 PM, the Moon in Cancer meets Mars in Cancer by conjunction. Now, this can kick start motivation, anger or hunger, even. The emotional body and motivation align allowing us to put oomph and emotional energy into our work. Convert more edgy/angry feels into productive energy. What you don't want to do is over-respond or over-estimate what you are actually capable of achieving in the situation. The Moon squares Jupiter at 3:37 PM. This can bring forth widely optimistic feelings. But, on the low end, we end up placing too much emphasis on the expectations we perceive from others, over-promise ourselves or blow emotional situations way out of proportion. To handle this effectively, make sure you are being realistic, honest, humble while grounding in an effort to check perspective.
On the high end, this is productive energy that allows much to be accomplished. However, it is dependent on how well you are able to direct your own energy. It would be just as easy to over-blow emotional reactions and allow them to take us over. Yet, as the Charioteer is able to put to use this energy and steer her Chariot effectively toward victory, so should we. Will power comes into play as well as focus and a clear vision of where we intend to go. Sheer away distractions. Put anger to work for you. Check perspective. Then, take the reigns and go! Be mindful of keeping a sustainable pace.
Granted, it might be a short trip. We may meet with wet weather or fatigue on our journey. The Moon meets Neptune by trine at 4:43 PM. This encourages day dream and empathy moreso than production. However, it can also allow us to imbue our actions/emotional system with astute intuitive knowledge and grace. The terrain becomes slippery though. So, it is suggested to slow the chariot just a bit and be wary of the potential to hydroplane.

Good boundaries are needed. A direct approach may not be the best approach. Perhaps a detour is in order or a little strategy. There is nothing direct about the signs of Cancer, Pisces OR Libra where we find our stellium, Neptune and Jupiter. Be soft and keep your radar up. Take the back road. Slow down.
Just after nightfall, the Moon opposes Pluto and the night grows extremely dark. There may be struggle for control using fear, codependency or temptation/persuasion. Be brave. Stare down or steer around demons as they emerge. Resist the temptations to take subservient measures to get where you need to go. Know “deals with the Devil” are now and will continue to be tempting as Mars and Mercury also wax into opposition with Pluto. Be wary where you place your alliances and what “great deals” you make at this time. Read the fine print and make sure you are willing and able to meet the terms of repayment. Put the power of your shadow to work for you instead of allowing it to drive your chariot while you remain unconscious to its influence.
On the highest end, this is VERY intuitive, viscerally aware of ones environment and fiercely brave..likened to a Momma Lioness protecting her young cubs. There is fortitude and grounding here along with traction that can move us right along as long IF we can avoid falling into the shadows or allowing them to take over. It can also open the door to paranoia.
Again, these lunar aspects are the SAME aspects that Mars will complete over the coming days. This day gives us a “trial run” of the energy and allows us to become intuitively aware of what those energies feel like. Mars will square Jupiter overnight (2:08 AM). He will trine Neptune on the 26th (night of the 25th) at 2:19 AM. Then, the opposition with Pluto perfects in early July. Meanwhile, Mercury is coming this way too. He will meet and pass Mars on June 28th. Mercury's square with Jupiter and trine with Neptune occurs on Tuesday (June 27). He beats Mars in opposition to Pluto on June 29th just as our Virgo Moon goes Void.

So, yeah...there's a lot of powerful energy coming in the realm of Mars and Mercury. Use today's lunar movements to asses how those themes may play out for you and get well practiced in the art of self-control and proper steerage. As these other energies build, the practice will pay off.
Of course, you know it doesn't stop there. The Sun will eventually pass through this configuration during Cancer season, as well. Plus, Yods fire away throughout this time and as these planets leave Cancer, they will also square Uranus and trine Chiron. There will be periods where time seems to slip through your fingers like water. Other times (during the Neptune trines most likely) when it feels like we've been zipping along in our sloop and end up falling in a dead lull. High tides. Low tides. Know how to monopolize upon each.

And, here's the thing about that. Expect this season to be likened to an emotional roller coaster. Why? Because, it IS the season of the Crab which answers to the Moon...which rules our emotions. This means we have the Sun, our mental body, our physical body ALL responding to mood which is quite prone to fluctuate. Those well versed in how to deal with their own emotional tides effectively will fare the best. Unfortunately in our production/consumer driven Yang culture, not many are able (or have been taught) to deal effectively with their emotions. But, (insert sinister snicker here) as the world starts behaving like it has a serious case of PMS...there will be plenty of opportunities to practice.
Ok, in winding this day out, the Moon makes a nice stable sextile with Venus in Taurus at midnight. Mars officially finds Jupiter by square at 2:08 AM. The rest of the night floats by without major aspect.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

This morning the Moon resides rather leisurely in Cancer. As the afternoon draws nigh, however, adrenaline and the unexpected creep in. The Moon squares Uranus at 2:45 PM perhaps delivering a bit of a hitch to our plans. The best bet is to triage the issues and remain flexible so you can accommodate the unexpected. It's also suggested that we rise above and chill ourselves in light of emotionally catalyzing or swamping situations. What we don't want to do is merely react. We want to take time to make a effective response. That means breathing through the potential adrenaline and upset while keeping a firm hand on the steering wheel while consciously remaining in control of ourselves.
The Moon trines Chiron at 4:15 PM. We will find out whether we can effectively cope with our triggers or if we remain in denial or at continual risk of shooting ourselves in the foot. Following this trine, the Moon reaches void status before shifting gears into Leo at 6:08 PM.

Thankfully the shift into Leo will dry things up a bit. However, we do need to be mindful of our steerage through the potential upset brought in by Uranus in an effort to land in that fiery realm successfully. Even with dried out emotions, we are at risk of Neptune's influence. Mars does spend the entirety of the day waxing toward Neptune. This perfects at 2:19 AM. The major downfall of this is acting unconsciously or without boundary. One malefic after-effect could be nightmares or metaphorically hydroplaning by attempting to go too far too quickly. Slow down. Assess your energy stores. Rest if you need to. Remain engaged in and aware of what you are actually doing. When it doubt, flow and follow the tide instead of trying to make the waves do what you want to do. You can't fist fight Neptune. That doesn't mean you may not want to. But your best bet here is to surrender to the tide and flow where it takes you instead of trying to force your agenda. This is good for creative, artisitic and graceful adventures. It's a trine. So the effects are present but not necessarily harsh. Still yet, Mars does respond to the emotional/intuitive system at this time. A lot of what you are able to effectively do will of course be dependent upon your mood. Keep that in mind.
The rest of the night plays out without major aspect. Rest and regenerate. We are less flowy and much more active under tomorrow's fire moon. Being well rested will pay off well for Monday.