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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Shock Therapy in the Classroom

Beginning in July, I will be offering monthly classes at a price of $25.00 per month. The first class is all about the Moon. Your Moon. The transiting Moon. Aspects. Plus, I will be covering/helping with learning how to word your intentions and when/how to set them. 

Future classes will include:
August: Juno and Vesta: We will discuss the mythology of the Goddesses and inspect what they may mean in your individual chart. Plus, how to work to with them, of course.

September: Ceres and Pallas: Same as above

In each class, we will have case studies of charts that will be discussed by the class. You may volunteer your chart to be used as a case study and receive more insight. Either way, each person who would like to know a little more about their Moon will receive this insight from me during the class either in private or in the classroom (however you want to go about it). There is homework but no tests. Plus, homework is not mandatory just meant to accentuate your learning experience while being conducted at your leisure. 

Sign ups for the July Class begin today! Classes begin on the Facebook Group connected with Shock Therapy's page and last until July 31! Class size is limited so we can cover/address everyone's needs. To sign up, simply order from the menu below. I will add you to the classroom as the classes begin. I look forward to working with you! 

Shock Therapy in the Classroom

Monday, June 26, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of June 26 to June 30, 2017

Monday, June 26, 2017

Late last night, Mars in Cancer met Neptune in Pisces by trine. Hopefully this helped everyone sleep well and wake up solidly rested in preparation for today. The Moon resides in Leo. Her first aspect of the day comes by way of sextile to Jupiter in Libra at 4:44 PM. She then moves toward creating a loose Yod with Neptune and Pluto which overlays our evening hours. This, of course, includes a semi-sextile to Mars in Cancer who wanes in his Neptune trine.

What this calls us to do is gently assess our desires. What seems elusive to you? What is important to just you and, perhaps, no one else. What are your individual goals and initiatives? Do you have it within yourself to take up battle for a cause even without support or cheerleaders? Is there something you are called to do and find little support in doing so? If this is the case, you can find empowerment from our outer planets through this Yod. Allowing you to access power and creativity (Pluto/Neptune) in an effort to support those initiatives that are unique to you. Then, as the Moon pulls Mars forward in semi-sextile, we are able to steer our efforts and nurture our own desires (be our own best support group) toward that “end” we yearn for.

It's not a particularly crazy active day. It has a bit of an introspective feel to it. With a Leo Moon in accompaniment with a stellium in Cancer, there may not be a crowd to cheer you on or support you. Folks are typically withdrawn and focused on their own personal matters...just like you. However, there is energy here that supports us in private battles. It encourages us to look within and assess the importance of your personal goals. Some of the most challenging battles are the ones we undertake alone. If something feels important enough to you that you are willing to take up arms and go at it solo, don't let the lack of support (at this time) dissuade you. Don't be afraid to fight your own battles and take initiative toward something that only bears relevance in your own life. These are important things!
Perhaps the Moon finds support with the Jupiter sextile. Perhaps she does not. None of this devalues what you feel is at priority.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

This morning the Leo Moon is at odds with her cohort Venus. It's not particularly comfortable. Plus, it has us assessing that set of personal values I spoke of yesterday quite harshly. On the whole, the set up feels pretty dissatisfied. Want and need clash in fixed signs and for a bit it may feel like a veritable deadlock. We may not have access to exactly what we want. Yet, we can put to use a strong sense of self-worth led by solid personal values in an effort to obtain what it is we may need.
By 9:40 AM the Moon makes a supportive trine to Saturn in Sagittarius which basically says, “Alright kiddo, time to pull up the big kid panties and take care of business. This is your future and therefore your responsibility to deal with it.” It is stabilizing and supportive energy with just enough fire to help us get started (even though we aren't shooting out of the gate but more like taking small and deliberate steps toward where we want to go).

In the background, Mercury in Cancer waxes in square to Jupiter in Libra. Perhaps this is the encouragement we have been looking for. Or, it could be the doubting Nelly serving up their opinion on it...which you don't have to care about, by they way. This aspect could even bring in intuitive hits that play into the bigger picture or just a supportive chat with a mother figure in an effort to glean wisdom and guidance. Or, you know, you could be the mother figure to someone as well.
Mercury square Jupiter, on the low end, is overly chatty. Likened to nervous chatter put in place to detract from more pressing issues. From Cancer to Libra it could also be dripping with emotion (especially since Mercury also waxes in trine to Neptune) and not likely direct. Communication interactions could be “leading” or subtly “persuasive” delivering hints and nuance moreso than a direct and on point conversation. You know, when someone is upset about something and it's everyone's fault...yeah, it can be like that. Rest assured there is likely something wrong there and the person may need to vent in an effort to suss out what the true root of that really is. There could also be the person who wants you to do something but doesn't really ask outright. Instead they hint and nudge you toward the decision they want you to make. Sometimes folks are afraid to ask directly for advice. Sometimes folks use this in a manipulative way...tricking you into thinking it was all your idea.
The higher end, speaks in a nurturing and supportive manner in relation to the goals of others. It applies intuitive knowledge appropriately in dealings with the “other” as well as provides well boundaried support. Sometimes it helps to talk things out just in an effort to air our grievances so that we can look at a situation more clearly. This is good energy for that as long as you can trust the source you are venting to. Otherwise it's a time of big ideas and possibly over-blown reactions. Keeping things in perspective may be tough. But, that's the first item on the agenda here as well as making sure you are being honest in your communications and not just trying to use emotional manipulation to push your agenda. Be honest, true and open in trusted relationships. Talk things out and provide mutual support in doing so. But, don't resort to conflation and manipulation in an effort to be heard over all the other voices. The most important voice is the one inside of you and what you allow it to dictate. If that is skewed, interactions with the outside world repeat that theme. Be honest with yourself and the dealings with the outside world untangle as well. 

At 5:13 PM, the Moon shifts into trine with Uranus in Aries which supports individual and independent efforts toward those personal goals. This could bring us in contact with a “tribe” of folks who have a similar agenda. Or, it can support us in taking alone. Either way, it encourages us to embrace those “unique to you” initiatives and imbues the energy with just enough oomph to allow us to break free from the pack and declare our own path. This aspect can be quite personally inspirational, as well. It favors freedom, independence and an ability to embrace our own style in an effort to chase after our goals in our own way, at our own pace and in our own time.
Mercury perfects in his watery trine with Neptune at 8:23 PM. Sensitivity is high. Music, art and poetry become alluring and can provide creative sanctuary helping us to find wordless ways to express what we may not be able to speak. The brain may be fatigued. But, intuitive, emotional and creative energy is assuredly flowing. The Moon is Void now following her trine with Uranus. But, she lights back up in Virgo just as this aspect perfects. Take what the Mercury/Neptune trine delivers (creative inspiration, intuition, dreams, synchronicities and metaphor) to you and make it apply it to everyday life. Bring dreams into the physical world. Make it real. Make it relevant and useful. This is what Virgo does best!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This morning the Moon in Virgo makes a nice sextile with the Sun in Cancer (9:05 AM). This mixes self care into the daily ritual and allows us to be practical in emotional matters. Plus, it still provides the “grounding” energy necessary to help bring intuition and “knowing” into everyday application. Yes. You can continue to build your dreams here and are supported energetically in doing so.
At 3:51 PM, Mercury catches up with Mars in Cancer by conjunction. Now, this can kick start some brain spin. Thoughts and words come quick and the mind may struggle to keep up. Make sure you set a manageable pace as this aspect can cause us to be a little accident prone if we attempt to move too far too quickly. However, it does bring impetus for us to act upon things of emotional importance, matters of home and family and even upon the insight we may receive. Remember, though, it is not wise to act IMPULSIVELY upon insight. The practical Virgo Moon can help us triage the situation from a grounded position in an effort to make calm the sense of over-stimulation or too much coming at us at once thus giving us the power to monopolize upon the situation if need be.

This conjunction occurs at 16 Cancer under the following Sabian Symbol: A man holds a scroll before him, a square is outlined. Rudhyar gives the following in addition, “Underlying tendency to revert to root patterns of being: 'squaring' oneself with everyday reality. Control over life.” And, the last statement is basically at question here. Are you in “control” of your life? Or are you living out old family conditioning and karma? Are consciously making choices or are you just unwittingly doing the same thing over and over and setting yourself up for the same types of unsavory consequences as a result. Figure it out. Then, declare it's high time you started dealing with what is right in front of purpose and with intent and stuff. You are a ship at sea. You can be over-taken by the waves OR become a skilled sailor who knows how to monopolize upon current weather conditions. It's your choice. This also speaks about how we may unwittingly block or trap ourselves in patterns of behavior that are no longer of service to us. Don't be afraid to break old molds in favor of creating new forms of action and expression. It is true. If you keep doing the same thing, the same way over and are going to keep getting the same results. If you don't like the outcomes you keep encountering, it could be that your approach or perspective on the situation (and those that crop up in similarity) needs to be adjusted.
Headaches are possible here. That means being all Virgo about our dietary intake (avoiding headache triggers if prone to such) while also being mindful of the need to take care of the body in an effort to support ourselves energetically while also helping to bring the mind to sensible ground. Cutting back on stimulation by way of diet or monitoring how much electronic/media exposure we have helps the situation tremendously. Otherwise, this can play out as just the melding of energies we need to break out a few solid and inspired steps toward our goals or plans for the day.
Venus creates an inconjunct with Saturn at 9:08 PM reminding us to be matured in our dealings of love and money while encouraging us to build appropriate boundary at the same time. Meanwhile, the Moon waxes into sleepy and emotional opposition with Neptune at 9:58 PM. We may have wanted to do everything at once today as the mind and physical systems churned together in the Cancerian seas. This leads us to a point of fatigue which could be accompanied by tears. Note what progress you made no matter how small and declare that “the war isn't over yet.” Get some rest and be ready to go at it again, fresh, tomorrow.

The Moon does pass by the Mercury/Mars conjunction overnight. There could be some worries that try to keep us up tonight. But a frazzled brain and physical system are not much use to us. Practice deliberately settling both bodies in an effort to allow your energies to regenerate. Such efforts will be rewarded in the morning as the emotional body restores and fortifies under a lunar trine with Pluto at 5:33 AM.
In truth, though we've been under the umbrella of a practically supportive Moon, Cancer season is emotional. We do respond to the Moon's movements. But, there are memories (some good, some not so good) that wax in and out and sometimes just a general feeling of wanting to reach out for support and nurturing. To simply fall back into arms of loving support. At times, this “need” for support and a feeling of a safe nest isn't given to us from the outside world. We are called to be our own best mother figures. The strong and gentle feminine presence that we may have missed out on in our upbringing. It sounds lonely to suggest you be your own best mother and your own best source of nurturing support. However, if you can foster that within yourself, it will not abandon you. Or if you had this type of support while growing, you can re-create a version of it from you to you. From this self-supportive stance you can create your own personal sanctuary of care and support to retreat to in times that may feel threatening or when you may feel forlorn or forgotten...abandoned. It's worth giving it a try. Begin by accepting yourself as you are and delivering unto yourself the best care possible. You matter. Home is where you feel it is.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

This morning the Moon greets Pluto by deep and empowering trine. This can help us get to the root of personal emotional issues and even provides supportive energy in the way of grounding and matters of integrity. We are ready to deal with whatever we need to deal with. So, we start out putting a solid step forward in that direction.
By 2:53 PM the Moon squares Saturn. We may not be pleased with the amount of progress we've made in the day, but we needn't discount it AS progress. Every little step counts, no matter how small. Even if the only thing you managed to accomplish is to survive the morning, that matters. That counts. I don't expect this to be dire. However, the Virgo Moon can be overly self-critical in this regard. But, you don't have to berate or cut yourself open over anything. Be the supportive person in your life that recognizes your own worth and progress even if it doesn't measure up to “ideal.”

The self-supporting and self-gentleness called for in dealing with the Moon/Saturn square is emphasized as the Moon waxes into trine with Venus in Taurus at 4:36 PM. This draws upon matters of self-worth and value and encourages us to feed those metaphorical “plants” liberally. Treat yourself. Know you are good enough. Know what is important to you matters even if no one else may see it as a priority. You really don't need validation for wanting something from the outside world. Sure, encouragement helps. However, even with it out, if it's important JUST TO YOU it's important ENOUGH. In the meantime, relax a little. Pay homage to the simple blessings you may be taking for granted...and, even if you don't meet your own form of “ideal” in terms of accomplishment/progress today, know YOU are enough, too. Whatever your simple secret pleasure is, give yourself permission to indulge in that a little under this sky. You've almost made it through the week. That, in and of itself, it worth a little reward.
At 8:34 PM and waxing in as undercurrent throughout this day, Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto. This can stir deeply seated fears, resentments, paranoia. It can even prompt some to attempt to control the opinion and thinking of others. Fear and paranoia a well as unsavory emotional threats could be used against us. Or, we may attempt these feat out of desperation. The better bet here is to stare down and address those demons riddling with why's and searching out their root cause. You can even banish these more negative thoughts and tendencies or bind your demons so that their loud and tempting voices diminish into the shadows. Just don't let your brain continually conjure up worst case scenarios that drag you into the depths of fear and desperation. Bravely stare them down and chase them out. Focus on solution and clarity. Focus is definitely an astute talent with Mercury/Pluto. However there is the danger of obsession and continual subservient thoughts that could lead to self-defeating behavior. Put the energy to work for you instead of allowing it to freeze you in fear.

The Moon, according to traditional standards, is Void following her trine with Venus. However, I'm becoming more and more inclined to wait until those last major aspects to Chiron prior to calling it Void, myself. The opposition with Chiron occurs at midnight. We are encouraged to triage and address our more elusive pains like a good nurse/caregiver would.
The Moon remains Void until entering Libra at 3:04 AM. Tomorrow morning, we wake up to the challenges and pressures brought forth from the First Quarter Moon.

Friday, June 30, 2017

As I mentioned at the end of yesterday's write up, this morning we wake up to the Moon in Libra in harsh square to our Cancer Sun. First Quarter Moons often bring challenges to the intentions we set at the New Moon. It's as if the Universe asks us, “are you sure this is what you want to do..even in light of these pressures/challenges?” We illustrate our response to that by way of our actions. Are we giving up or going on? Walk your answer. These lunations can also bring up blocks we did not anticipate. The pressure of that encourages us to look for solution. Between the signs of Cancer and Libra we are digging for personal emotional support and want to deal with issues fairly while taking the time to weigh and measure all the related information in an effort to make the best judgment call.
This can also bring forth conflict between matters of family and relationships. Perhaps Mom doesn't like your girlfriend whom you love and wish to marry. Perhaps there are issues with friends/relationships that cause conflict at home. These can be handled but they can also become sticky. Negotiation and conflict resolution are art forms in which we may become well practiced with in this day.

The First Quarter and the friction/conflict it may create kind of fill in the entirety of the day. We may feel as with we need to smile through more swamping and emotional situations just an effort to save face or remain palatable to others. Often under a Libra Moon, when someone smiles and says, “I'm Ok,” or “I'm fine” they are masking deeper issues that they may think you can't understand or merely sparing you from the truth of their feelings. If you encounter this, just let the person know you are willing to listen and support them when/if they get to a place where they feel like they are ready for that. If it is you who is professing “I'm fine” or “I'm ok” when it isn't, know that denial just allows things to fester. You don't have to reach out. But, it's ok if you do. Doesn't make you weak. It just makes you fortunate to have someone to reach out to for support.
Overnight, Chiron will station retrograde. His elusive yet painful energy has likely been punctuated for a few days during his station. Now, we are reviewing past hurts and pains while also being inspired to share what we've learned or just lean into the proper coping mechanisms we've developed thus far. It's a very personal introspective affair that trickles into the energy of our weekend and our first day of July. Be easy with yourself and don't try to deny, escape or “wash” your problems so that they are palatable or acceptable to the outside world. Embrace, cope and care for yourself in the manner in which you need while knowing you are not obligated to pretend that everything is fine for someone else's benefit. But, if you aren't ready to share this stuff with the world, you don't have to.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for June 24 to June 25, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The New Moon has occurred. Now, we take our first few fledgling steps under this new cycle which has quite a few hairpin turns and rocky territories. We are in the final Moon phase prior to the ecliptic. There will likely be shake-ups on our way there. Today, though, things remain fairly low key.
We still have the richness of Venus trine Pluto which perfected overnight. Put to use, deliberately, the high powers of attraction and manifestation under this trine. My advice for Venus/Pluto natives is usually the same. Amongst that advice there are two points that are important to remember. 1) Be careful where you point that stuff and 2) you have tremendous power of wary of those who only have interest in suckling from that teat. Venus/Pluto, as I said, has very strong powers of attraction. To deliberately use it you want to make sure you are focusing on drawing in things you want instead of drawing in what you are worrying about. Either will be attracted to you in equal measure. The only difference is one is attracted by you on purpose. The other manifests out of fear and paranoia.

Plus, Venus/Pluto's attractive powers are palpable to many. I liken it to a certain how a human's sweat will attract mosquitoes or other blood suckers. Or how animals can instinctively tell when another animal of the same species is the most fertile (in heat). This placement attracts folks looking for things like sugar mommas or daddies or empty vessels looking to be filled or pleasured while offering nothing in exchange. However, folks with this placement also have the ability to assess when this is happening by measuring the rate of exchange and return on investment. If you are giving, giving, giving and supporting, supporting, supporting while receiving nothing in exchange (as folks with this mark are prone to do) then you know you've got yourself a leach. Now. It's up to you if you want companionship and don't care to be the only source of Venus. Yet, if that doesn't sound like something desirable, then it's best to scrape off the leaches and look for reciprocal exchanges in the money and relationship department. Venus/Pluto natives are also advised against pointing their charm and attractive qualities at someone they don't want to be “stuck” with for awhile. That's how you pick up stalkers, you know? So, again, be careful where you point that.

Other than those two downfalls of this energy, with proper focus you can indeed attract what it is you really want instead of drawing in fears and mosquitoes. Yet, this is just one factor wrapped in this day under our New Cancer Moon. We also have Mars activity waxing in this weekend that deserves our attention. It begins today as the Moon links up Mars' waxing trine to Jupiter and square to Neptune by passing through the configurations before they officially perfect.
At 3:10 PM, the Moon in Cancer meets Mars in Cancer by conjunction. Now, this can kick start motivation, anger or hunger, even. The emotional body and motivation align allowing us to put oomph and emotional energy into our work. Convert more edgy/angry feels into productive energy. What you don't want to do is over-respond or over-estimate what you are actually capable of achieving in the situation. The Moon squares Jupiter at 3:37 PM. This can bring forth widely optimistic feelings. But, on the low end, we end up placing too much emphasis on the expectations we perceive from others, over-promise ourselves or blow emotional situations way out of proportion. To handle this effectively, make sure you are being realistic, honest, humble while grounding in an effort to check perspective.
On the high end, this is productive energy that allows much to be accomplished. However, it is dependent on how well you are able to direct your own energy. It would be just as easy to over-blow emotional reactions and allow them to take us over. Yet, as the Charioteer is able to put to use this energy and steer her Chariot effectively toward victory, so should we. Will power comes into play as well as focus and a clear vision of where we intend to go. Sheer away distractions. Put anger to work for you. Check perspective. Then, take the reigns and go! Be mindful of keeping a sustainable pace.
Granted, it might be a short trip. We may meet with wet weather or fatigue on our journey. The Moon meets Neptune by trine at 4:43 PM. This encourages day dream and empathy moreso than production. However, it can also allow us to imbue our actions/emotional system with astute intuitive knowledge and grace. The terrain becomes slippery though. So, it is suggested to slow the chariot just a bit and be wary of the potential to hydroplane.

Good boundaries are needed. A direct approach may not be the best approach. Perhaps a detour is in order or a little strategy. There is nothing direct about the signs of Cancer, Pisces OR Libra where we find our stellium, Neptune and Jupiter. Be soft and keep your radar up. Take the back road. Slow down.
Just after nightfall, the Moon opposes Pluto and the night grows extremely dark. There may be struggle for control using fear, codependency or temptation/persuasion. Be brave. Stare down or steer around demons as they emerge. Resist the temptations to take subservient measures to get where you need to go. Know “deals with the Devil” are now and will continue to be tempting as Mars and Mercury also wax into opposition with Pluto. Be wary where you place your alliances and what “great deals” you make at this time. Read the fine print and make sure you are willing and able to meet the terms of repayment. Put the power of your shadow to work for you instead of allowing it to drive your chariot while you remain unconscious to its influence.
On the highest end, this is VERY intuitive, viscerally aware of ones environment and fiercely brave..likened to a Momma Lioness protecting her young cubs. There is fortitude and grounding here along with traction that can move us right along as long IF we can avoid falling into the shadows or allowing them to take over. It can also open the door to paranoia.
Again, these lunar aspects are the SAME aspects that Mars will complete over the coming days. This day gives us a “trial run” of the energy and allows us to become intuitively aware of what those energies feel like. Mars will square Jupiter overnight (2:08 AM). He will trine Neptune on the 26th (night of the 25th) at 2:19 AM. Then, the opposition with Pluto perfects in early July. Meanwhile, Mercury is coming this way too. He will meet and pass Mars on June 28th. Mercury's square with Jupiter and trine with Neptune occurs on Tuesday (June 27). He beats Mars in opposition to Pluto on June 29th just as our Virgo Moon goes Void.

So, yeah...there's a lot of powerful energy coming in the realm of Mars and Mercury. Use today's lunar movements to asses how those themes may play out for you and get well practiced in the art of self-control and proper steerage. As these other energies build, the practice will pay off.
Of course, you know it doesn't stop there. The Sun will eventually pass through this configuration during Cancer season, as well. Plus, Yods fire away throughout this time and as these planets leave Cancer, they will also square Uranus and trine Chiron. There will be periods where time seems to slip through your fingers like water. Other times (during the Neptune trines most likely) when it feels like we've been zipping along in our sloop and end up falling in a dead lull. High tides. Low tides. Know how to monopolize upon each.

And, here's the thing about that. Expect this season to be likened to an emotional roller coaster. Why? Because, it IS the season of the Crab which answers to the Moon...which rules our emotions. This means we have the Sun, our mental body, our physical body ALL responding to mood which is quite prone to fluctuate. Those well versed in how to deal with their own emotional tides effectively will fare the best. Unfortunately in our production/consumer driven Yang culture, not many are able (or have been taught) to deal effectively with their emotions. But, (insert sinister snicker here) as the world starts behaving like it has a serious case of PMS...there will be plenty of opportunities to practice.
Ok, in winding this day out, the Moon makes a nice stable sextile with Venus in Taurus at midnight. Mars officially finds Jupiter by square at 2:08 AM. The rest of the night floats by without major aspect.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

This morning the Moon resides rather leisurely in Cancer. As the afternoon draws nigh, however, adrenaline and the unexpected creep in. The Moon squares Uranus at 2:45 PM perhaps delivering a bit of a hitch to our plans. The best bet is to triage the issues and remain flexible so you can accommodate the unexpected. It's also suggested that we rise above and chill ourselves in light of emotionally catalyzing or swamping situations. What we don't want to do is merely react. We want to take time to make a effective response. That means breathing through the potential adrenaline and upset while keeping a firm hand on the steering wheel while consciously remaining in control of ourselves.
The Moon trines Chiron at 4:15 PM. We will find out whether we can effectively cope with our triggers or if we remain in denial or at continual risk of shooting ourselves in the foot. Following this trine, the Moon reaches void status before shifting gears into Leo at 6:08 PM.

Thankfully the shift into Leo will dry things up a bit. However, we do need to be mindful of our steerage through the potential upset brought in by Uranus in an effort to land in that fiery realm successfully. Even with dried out emotions, we are at risk of Neptune's influence. Mars does spend the entirety of the day waxing toward Neptune. This perfects at 2:19 AM. The major downfall of this is acting unconsciously or without boundary. One malefic after-effect could be nightmares or metaphorically hydroplaning by attempting to go too far too quickly. Slow down. Assess your energy stores. Rest if you need to. Remain engaged in and aware of what you are actually doing. When it doubt, flow and follow the tide instead of trying to make the waves do what you want to do. You can't fist fight Neptune. That doesn't mean you may not want to. But your best bet here is to surrender to the tide and flow where it takes you instead of trying to force your agenda. This is good for creative, artisitic and graceful adventures. It's a trine. So the effects are present but not necessarily harsh. Still yet, Mars does respond to the emotional/intuitive system at this time. A lot of what you are able to effectively do will of course be dependent upon your mood. Keep that in mind.
The rest of the night plays out without major aspect. Rest and regenerate. We are less flowy and much more active under tomorrow's fire moon. Being well rested will pay off well for Monday.


Monday, June 19, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of June 19 to June 23, 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017

This morning, the Moon in Aries creates a nice grounded trine with Saturn in Sagittarius (8:08 AM). This helps us get the week started “on point” and ready to get down to business. At 11:20 AM, the lunar body and the mental body come to point on the same page as the Moon sextiles Mercury in Gemini. New information may be quite applicable in our current affairs. Look for usefulness and application.

By 2:06 PM, the Moon is in a startling and schedule toppling conjunction with Uranus. We started out with good intention and on solid track. However, this conjunction can topple that apple cart so be sure, in your plans for the day, that you leave room for the unexpected. This can also kick start adrenaline and/or anxiety. For that reason, I do suggest trimming your diet of excessive stimulation. Cutting down on things like sugar, caffeine, etc. Also, by way of brain over-stimulation. These factors exacerbate an already “anxious” making set up. Using Moon/Saturn to get you off to a solid and grounded dietary start is a good idea. The next thing, as someone who watches the stars, I know that seeing something like this come in can also kick start and anxious feel of “waiting for the next shoe to drop.” Don't spend all your energy on what may happen. The more harsh aspects (conjunction, square(s), opposition) to Uranus from the Moon happens four times a month under our Cardinal Moons. Ok? Just know this is coming in and deal with what you have in front of you versus wringing your hands over what might happen.
A good way to express this energy is to rise above the immediacy of the emotion and the anxiety in an effort to coolly assess the needed action, if any. Do something new or unusual on purpose or engage with folks who seem to have this natal “coolness” and “chill” about them.
The Moon is waning now. So, emotionality is low...which is good. However, with Mars (our action, drive and initiative) answering so astutely to the condition of the Moon, there could be some anxious and reactive energy on a personal level to deal with. Again, keeping the intake in terms of diet and brain in check helps. Stones such as Lapis, tourmaline, obsidian, pyrite and other grounding and clarifying options can help offset some of the potential harshness with the conjunction as well. Another thing is sticking to any kind of exercise routine you have. This helps to dispel excess physical energy and directs it toward positive end instead of allowing ourselves to be run over by the energy.

The Moon moves forward to sextile the Sun at the tail end of Gemini at 3:43 PM. This allows us to talk things out if needed plus can provide support from understanding and trusted friends. It is quite mobile and forward moving. Collaborative ventures that include active physical activities and friends could be a good way to go with it. The entire day is set up for movement. So, I do suggest making time/room for that as it will help offset the residual angst that can build by trying to sit still in the mix of this.
Following the sextile with the Sun, the Moon is Void until entering Taurus at 5:53 PM. This is a welcomed and much more leisurely shift that grounds our appreciation for the common and everyday. We can rest and enjoy some of the fruits of our labors at this point. The emotional body begins to settle significantly. However, in the course of the day's physicality, it's likely we've worked up quite an appetite. Plan a hearty and healthy meal to end your day with maybe a few little sweet treats as reward for holding it all together today...or not...we deserve a treat either way.

Below the surface of today's Aries Moon (and beyond), Venus holds an inconjunct to Jupiter in Libra and waxes toward a sextile with Neptune in Pisces (perfects 4:26 AM tonight). So, there is a potential for bliss percolating under this day. This creates a Yod between the Venus/Neptune sextile with Jupiter sitting at apex. The secret “trick” of the day may be forgoing the Marsy energy all together and reverting to this more gentle energy brewing below the surface. Greeting anger with compassion or grief with understanding. Yet, while the Moon is in Aries, it may be a hard thing to tap into. Once the Moon passes into Taurus, though, her rulership shifts from Mars ruled to Venus ruled. I think the shift will be quite pleasantly palpable. Jupiter, now direct, moves toward the 14th degree of Libra whose Sabian Symbol reads as follows: Rich landowner takes a siesta in his tropical gardens. Per Dane Rudhyar's translation of this degree: Proper adjustment to the rhythm of nature. Faith in the ordered scheme of things; injudicious dependence upon others.

In chaotic times such as we are living in right now, finding a way to keep your own candle of “faith” lit can be a challenge. Yet, the ability to do this does come subtly from Vesta who now resides in Leo. Faith in the Universe plus faith in yourself to be able to handle things as they occur needs to be an active and daily exercise worthy of our commitment. Plus, as Rudhyar mentions “the rhythm of nature,” it sincerely helps to note how you personally respond/perceive these energies as they come in so that you are more aware of your personal tempo as it corresponds to transiting energies. I often recommend “Moon diaries” that allow a person to make a few simple notes about things that stand out to them in accordance with the Moon's transits, position in sign and aspects. I know that sounds like much ado about something so simple. However, I've found the notes (even the simplest of ones) help me to better get in tune with the daily movements of the Moon while providing a nice simple reference for me to revert to for information under any given Moon. All that being said, I'm not expecting a big bunch of crazy today. I think once the Moon transitions into Taurus things are going to feel quite a bit better. Then again, I'm a Libra with a Pisces Moon that (after deliberate observation) has realized Aries Moons are not my favorite kind of energy by transit. It could be right up your alley though! So, noting how this stuff bears personal effect does have validity. Either way, it is MONDAY and lots of folks are averse to that to begin with especially when we start the day with what looks like a solid and workable format that gets blown to dust. Saturn in a mutable sign, though, calls for flexibility in our keep that in mind and roll with it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

This morning we wake up to the Moon's ruler jiving harmoniously with her higher vibration (Venus sextile Neptune). The Sun's ruler, Mercury, is doing the same with HIS higher vibration. At 5:31 AM Mercury in Gemini sextiles Uranus in Aries. Remember the fog? Remember the conflation and distortion of the truth? This clears up significantly within this day. So, what we have is the mind clearing, the heart opening, a grounded emotional affect and plenty of room to move forward on this last day of Gemini season.

By 11:22 AM, the Moon moves in to sextile Mars in Cancer which is ANOTHER ridiculously sweet set up. We are able to “get into” whatever tasks lie ahead of us and we do so under this envelopment of fluid grace and grounded gentleness.
I'll take that ALL YEAR LONG! For real, this is a sweet set up to have in your Solar or Lunar return, should that be the case. I'm quite envious of our Taurus Moons who get to linger in this for a month. And, it just keeps getting better! The Moon next moves forward to enter this lingering Venus/Jupiter/Neptune Yod. She passes by Jupiter by inconjunct at 4:01 PM, sextiles Neptune at 5:25 PM. The conjunction with Venus occurs at 6:25 PM. It's all very solidly honey sweet and gratifying.

The Moon remains active through the night. But, when we wake up tomorrow, the Sun (00:25 AM) and Mercury (5:58 AM 6/21) will have both passed into the sign of Cancer. The Moon meets Pluto by trine (00:26 AM) one minute past the Sun's transition to Cancer. From here, she is Void until entering the sign of Gemini at 6:45 PM on 6/21.
The Lunar Cycle goes out on this blissful and gratifying note. Then, as the Sun, Moon and Mercury shift under tomorrows long VOC Moon...we might actually feel as if we've woken up in some form of altered reality or at the very least become more aware of the shift. Solstice or Litha rituals are best performed while the Moon is active.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

This morning, the Moon in Taurus is Void until late this evening (6:45 PM) when she passes into Gemini. However, the rest of the sky keeps moving forward and fills the Void with curdling or enlightening intuitive hits as the Sun and Mercury meet in Cancer at 10:15 AM. It looks as if whatever comes in will stew a bit until the Moon reactivates allowing us to put the pieces of what wafts in as a result into more clear form.

There is a sextile to Chiron from the Taurus Moon at 4:52 PM. My personal jury is still out regarding calling out a Moon as Void when there is a lingering aspect coming in from Chiron. Today would be a good day to kind of observe how that plays in, is the Moon truly Void following the the sextile with the Sun or does it remain active until passing by Chiron. Pretty sure the way the collective pulse feels during this Sun/Mercury conjunction may help to assess that. We'll see.
The Sun/Mercury conjunction occurs at 1 Cancer. The Sabian Symbol reads as follows: Sailor ready to hoist a new flag to replace old one. Per Rudyhar, “The nascent desire to align oneself with a larger and more significant life trend. Compelling decision. Repolarization.” This “knowing” that may come as a result of this Sun/Mercury conjunction could work to alter our personal perspective in such a way that it changes the whole ballgame. We may be ready to leave something behind only to get a totally different feel of the situation all together. Or, we may find the final push we need to leave a less than comfortable or supportive situation in favor of etching it out elsewhere. Either way, we are prompted to respond to higher call and walk forward with that. Yet, we are certainly encouraged to not take this “knowing” lightheartedly or to apply it haphazardly. Be sure in your decision making and take the time you need. There is no race. There is, however, time (and reason) to think things over fully prior to calling out your decision. It has been a long road for me in terms of understanding the quote, “It is not wise to act impulsively upon insight.” I know that not everyone has this problem. But, for my fellow ratchet brains out may also struggle with such, spare yourself. Make conscious well informed decisions that pay your future self favors instead of just burning down an entire city block just to roast a marshmallow. K?

The Moon in Gemini makes no major aspects until tomorrow at 4:05 PM by way of a trine with Jupiter in LIBRA. Again, take your time if there is call for decision even if it may look as if you are procrastinating to the outside world. Also, if you have trusted and wise friends or colleagues and are in need of additional input in regard to the situation, that lunar movement is stellar for talking it out in an effort to gain true perspective.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Gemini Moon is free to flit about as she will today. We can lighten up if needed. Remember to laugh. The potential buoyancy builds as the Moon meets her airy and jovial friend, Jupiter in Libra. They've plenty to talk about and catch up on. This is good for light conversations with friends. Checking in may help you bring resolution to heavier problems and listening to what has been happening in their lives may give you a break from what has been happening in yours. Either way, it is breezy and supportive.

Shortly following, though, the emotional tides rise and the dam holding back the tears can break. Talking it out could cause an emotional purge. We may have suddenly feel as if we've heard and socialized enough and are ready to retreat. The Moon squares Neptune in Pisces at 5:19 PM. This is also good energy for a nap, a cleansing cry, putting your emotions into words and grievances into the open air gently and empathically but likely drenched in watery feels.
The Moon remains active through the night. And, it is likely a quiet night as the Moon lingers in square to Neptune and moves toward a harsh opposition with Saturn in the morning. Keep flushing out/cleansing your system and your physical environment in an effort to make room for the fresh and new energy coming in with our New Moon in Cancer. I's grown dusty, tired and musty. We are almost through...keep sweeping.

Friday, June 23, 2017

This morning, the Gemini Moon is sober and perhaps a little dour. She opposes Saturn in Sagittarius at 8:32 AM. This is the mark of the mature student whose subject matter can relay seriousness and focus. It's good energy to take a moment and attempt to organize your day or take care of outstanding business. It's just not the “jump up and down” kind of joyful feeling. It's very real. Very solid. Calling us toward maturity in our social interactions, current lessons and our ability to express our emotions.

Things do lighten a bit as the Moon leaves Saturn and enters into a sextile with Uranus at 2:46 PM. We are ready to cast of the shackles of Saturn in an effort to move about more freely. Taking care of business in the earlier part of the day and focusing on the tasks you must complete boosts this Uranus aspect. Take care of that and the Moon revels in your ability to stay on task and follow through independently. Then, we can lighten up and become more freely mobile.
From here the Moon is Void until entering Cancer at 6:08 PM. There is also an ouchy square with Chiron that comes in to remind of our stubbed toes at 4:18 PM. And, yet, we are on our way to finishing this cycle and turning over a new page in our Moon cycle. The New Moon in Cancer perfects at 10:32 PM under the following symbols:

For the Sun and Moon at 3 Cancer: An Arctic explorer leads a reindeer through icy canyons. In this mixture, who is more astute in wandering icy canyons? The explorer? Or the reindeer? In truth, the two probably work together. One relying on intuition and instinct (reindeer). The other relying on logic and experience (explorer). It is the blending of the two that are imperative here. Neither should be discounted as each has their unique values, talents and skills. It is learning to heed both that is the trick. This may be new territory. But you have tools, experience and assistance to turn to if needed. Trust yourself in all ways. Work together by monopolizing upon the strengths of each individual involved.
Light a candle. Say a prayer. Set your intentions. Draw down the darkness of the Moon and prepare to start scripting this new chapter.
In the background of this day, Venus waxes into an alluring, seductive and rich trine with Pluto in Capricorn. There is tremendous power of attraction and manifestation in that. This aspect perfects at 4:56 AM. Let your heart lead the way in your intentions and know that whatever it is you yearn for can be attracted into your life by way of your power of intent and focus. Plant your seed in this rich and fertile ground.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of June 17 to June 18, 2017

Saturday, June 17, 2017

By most accounts, it's been a long week. Now, we slide into Saturday under the remnants of the Pisces Moon creating the Last Quarter square to the Sun in Gemini at 7:33 AM. This occurs at 26 degrees mutable shortly following the Moon's square with Mercury (8:30 PM last night) and Saturn (3:45 AM this morning). So, what we have tied together here is a mutable mixture of Moon in Pisces, Sun and Mercury in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces (at 28 degrees).
Last Quarter Moons are time for release. The outlet for this mutable crunch falls in Virgo with the Moon reaching Void status as the aspect perfects. A good way to use the release energy is, of course, through cleaning your physical space, organizing something, spiritual cleanses or just taking time to triage/organize tasks/schedules or revert to self-care. Part of clearing out and release deals with decluttering the mental body, as well. Purging irrelevant information, bringing focus to potential distraction, letting go of haunting memories or employing information that matters while working to separate fact from fiction.

Normally this is not a heightened emotional time allowing us to look at the happenings of our world and put things in a more logical perspective. There is an incoming conjunct to Chiron, though, so there could be a few water works that occur as we release. Employed with gentle and supportive coping mechanisms, it can be felt as a cleansing cry.
The Moon remains Void until shifting gears into Aries at 1:55 PM. Here the mood does change quite a bit pulling us out of any remaining fog. Her first aspect is a square to Mars in Cancer at 6:03 AM tomorrow which may have us on the prowl or on the hunt. We may feel more motivated and become a little more prone to activity. Yet, the square to Mars is not a comfortable thing and could even catalyze some early morning disputes. Remember, you are not you if you are hungry. And, you are particularly NOT you if you are hungry under Mars in Cancer. I'd plan a hearty and fulfilling breakfast in the morning to both support your energy and get you off to a good solid start for the day. It is likely to be a busy tomorrow as the Sun waxes into sextile with Uranus. Social and outgoing...just don't be too loose lipped or irresponsible, though. Mercury does wax into opposition with Saturn as well. Sibling rivalry on Father's Day? Possibly. So, are speeding tickets under Mercury/Saturn...mind the traffic laws.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

This morning feels a bit different than our previous days under a Pisces Moon as Neptune turned retrograde. Today, the Moon is fully in Aries having just left a morning square to Mars in Cancer at 6:03 AM. Now, she moves on to oppose Jupiter calling us to balance out the axis between self and other.
The bigger news, though, doesn't come by way of the Moon; but, rather, the Sun. At 2:47 PM he is perfecting in sextile to Uranus in Aries which, along with the Moon/Jupiter opposition, calls us to be more social and outgoing as well as encouraging us to be authentic and independent. Meanwhile, Mercury drags into opposition with Saturn at 3:08 PM. While the body may feel more free and mobile, the mind may feel heavy. Some may be called out for being fickle, lying or not paying attention. Or, as I mentioned yesterday, speeding. Gemini Sun sextile Uranus would love to roll the windows down and turn the radio up while letting the wind whip through his hair. Which is fine. Just don't be all Aries Moon low vibration selfish and think the road unfolds just for you. Don't get too carried away, in other words.

As far as Father's day goes, “Dad” values your independence and ability to self-direct. However, due Mercury/Saturn there could be disagreements between siblings or friends on this day. So, be accountable for what comes out of your mouth as well as for what you do on the road. On the lower end, this could bring hard realities or truths or just a head full of worries and responsibilities. Give yourself a break if that is the case. Sun/Uranus can help you wriggle free and Moon in Aries doesn't typically haul around concrete. There are ways to offset this.
As the night moves forward, the mood darkens and becomes more intense. At 10:37 PM, the Moon squares off with Pluto. This could call forth nightmares as we sleep (especially with Mercury/Saturn) or paranoia. Or, it could give the evening a rather sexy and alluring turn. Either way, it's not exactly frolicky like Moon/Jupiter and Uranus/Sun feel we had earlier. This has more meat..more depth and calls us to face off with fears and shut the door on worrying about things that haven't even happened yet.

The Moon remains active through the night. Monday morning, we find her in solid “get down to business” trine with Saturn in Sagittarius at 8:08 AM. Back to the grind we go! But, under the surface there is Venus inconjunct Jupiter. This will create a Yod with Neptune which is still in force under our Taurus Moon which falls under Venus rule. So, if Mercury/Saturn and the past week left you yearning or feeling defeated, know there are definitely sweeter days ahead just around the corner.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of June 12 to June 16, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

When I first started looking at this week, I thought, “If we can just get through Monday.” However, upon further inspection, I've discovered...aaaah, the week is not exactly how it appears to be. This is due Mercury. One word of advice with that...don't forget Mercury is a trickster as well as an informer. We are in the season of Gemini. The last legs, so to speak. Mercury, in his home territory, makes some interesting aspects as the Sun in Gemini waxes toward an opposition with Saturn at the end of the week. Our abilities to reason, communicate, listen and learn are tested most assuredly. If you prefer silence, might I suggest some noise canceling headphones because that kind of thing is going to quite inaccessible through the most of this week. While Mars is in Cancer, our ability to produce answers to the condition of the Moon as do our desires. The suggestion with that is to mix the energy coming from our current Moon effectively with the energies of your own Moon while taking time to also delve into self-care and down time. We do have breaks that allow for such. However, it isn't so much “what to do or how to do it” that is at issue this week even with Mars said to be “ill placed” in Cancer. It's the brain that is mostly at issue.

This morning the Moon remains in Capricorn. Her last major aspect waxes in at 2:46 PM by way of a square to Uranus. This is followed by a sextile to Chiron at 5:12 PM. The square to Uranus can be anxious making or force a change in routine upon us brought forth by the unexpected. That, to me, is rather par for the course for a Monday. For some reason, Monday's always throw a monkey wrench in my well made plans. However, the Moon itself has the energy it needs to deal with Uranus effectively by way of falling under the rule of Saturn. She's able to look at the unexpected shift in the game plan and accommodate that by adopting the plan effectively. The main thing is not to get excited. Instead, deal proactively and effectively with what presents taking time to ground and respond rather than just react.
Reacting could lead to shooting one's self in the foot as indicated by the sextile to Chiron. So, this, we want to avoid. We want to maintain an awareness of our triggers and control over our response to them. Following the sextile with Chiron, the Moon enters Void status until shifting into Aquarius at 7:46 PM. This transition shifts the Mood and also bears some affect upon our motivation as Mars responds to the same. That being said, the sign of Cancer and the sign of Aquarius don't necessarily understand one another easily. Aquarius is cerebral whereas Cancer has a tendency to be more visceral and instinctual. Yet the “drying out” brought forth by the Aquarius Moon who will make windy trines with the Sun and Mercury in Gemini along with Jupiter in Libra, could lighten the work load to a degree thus creating more mental work than physical. And that, my friends, is the general tone of the entire week. Less physical to deal with but much to contemplate within the mental realm. Feel free to invoke Jedi mind control at any time here..

Today, as the Moon shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius, we become less prone to physical production and more concerned with socialization, conversing and activities that don't produce sweat. I don't know if you've noticed, but Aquarius is not a sign that necessarily likes to get sweaty. So, under the Aqua Moon we are the beach children in white linens. More refined than dirty. More hands off than hands on. Today is good for getting off to a gritty start on projects near completion while saving the more dainty finishing touches for the Aquarius or Pisces Moon. However, definitely leave room and energy to effectively deal with the unexpected as, along with Monday, is likely to come.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

This morning the Moon in Aquarius passes by Mars (7:18 AM) by inconjunct then squares off with Venus in Taurus (10:08 AM). So, early in the morning there is a gut-check in regard to motivations. But, later in the morning, there is a square off between want and need between our fixed signs of Taurus and Aquarius. The latter reminds me of a group of workmates or pals who want to go out to lunch together but can't decide where to go...which drives me absolutely nuts, to be honest with you. “Where do you want to go? What do you like?”...”It doesn't matter to me. Wherever you guys want to go for whatever you guys like is fine.” Sweet mother of mercy..don't over-complicate it. The goal is food and socialization ffs, don't make it hard. And, that is the typical impasse that Taurus and Aquarius meet with. Aquarius can over-think while Taurus is wonderfully simplistic. When in doubt, go for something you've not tried before and keep it simple. Who knows, you might like the new thing.
The rest of the day falls under this “keep it light, simple and clean” air. Meanwhile, chatter and socialization in general increases as Mercury waxes into trine with Jupiter in Libra. This does not perfect until tomorrow. However, the increase in verbal tempo and the call to air gossip and grievance will surely begin to be noticeable today.

The winds start picking up steam as tongues wag. That's going to be the punctuated feel of our evening and tomorrow. Breezy. Social. Chatty...not that you should necessarily believe everything you hear. Just that there will be plenty to hear. The main thing to remember throughout the course of this uptick in verbal and cerebral energy is to remain observant while noting what you hear and see but not necessarily reacting to it yet. Under this Aquarius Moon, it's a good idea to treat this uptick as a social how folks respond and to what in an effort to get a handle on how this works from a detached perspective. From that pose, you could actually learn a great deal. This is mainly due the fact that some of it will be outright misconstrued and conflated as Jupiter, though now direct, remains inconjunct Neptune. Mercury will leave his trine with Jupiter and move immediately into a square with the Sea God causing the mental/cerebral to fog considerably and packing misunderstandings, lies and miscommunication in with it. Then, following that mess, the Sun opposes Saturn and our ability to discern what is true and solid will be tested. Take nothing at face value and be mindful of what news or gossip you spread. Jupiter will leave his inconjunct with Neptune and move back into square with Pluto from here. So, some information may be spread with subservient intent. Don't fall for it sweet pea. You are smarter than that.

The cerebral tides do shift before the night goes completely out. Mercury meets Neptune by square at 11:30 just barely following the Moon's entrance into this Air trine between Mercury and Jupiter. This could literally translate to stormy weather patterns but certainly works to obscure information, as well. The key in that being the higher expression of our transiting South Node which is a bit of observant detachment and a concern for overall social issue well-being. Then, standing on those talents to reach toward the North does it (or does it) apply to you? What is your role in this sea of the collective and what kind of personal character are you trying to create? We use the info we gather here toward that end instead of mindlessly following the other lemmings off a cliff or just being reactionary.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This morning we wake up to the aftermath of last night's veritable electrical storm and potential information overload. The rest of the day has the Moon waxing into trine with the Sun in Gemini and sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. This is our chance to talk it out and get the facts straight. To put the truth of what we've learned into proper perspective and employment. It's still rather windy but windy with a point and an agenda. We want to be able to use what we've learned. And, if it is NOT of use to us, it should be disregarded as such.

It's likely that any manipulations of the facts that occurred under Mercury/Neptune begins to come to light. We learn which speakers we can trust and which one's are just out to misconstrue the truth in favor of their own agenda. You are going to want to remember anything you've learned in that regard. If they were lying or misrepresenting themselves under Mercury/Neptune then they will try to use that same type of persuasive and subservient power under Jupiter/Pluto. Note it and expect more of it in the future from that source. Chances are they won't change their stripes and become completely beholden to the truth then either though they will certainly try to keep their grasp on their righteousness at that time. You, however, can become wise to it under this sky.
The Moon remains active through the day until meeting her current ruler, Uranus, by sextile at 1:40 AM. That moment of the Moon dancing in tandem with her traditional (Saturn sextile at 7:49 PM) and modern ruler (Uranus) could very well be where we are logically able to put the pieces of our recent “chatty affair” puzzle together in an exhilarating “AHA!” or “Eureka” break through like moment. Yet, the emotional sphere is due to change again melting the cool detachment of the Aquarius Moon and thrusting us into the watery sphere of a Pisces Moon. The Moon is Void following the sextile with Uranus and remains so until entering Pisces in the morning at 6:18 AM.

Today is good for getting the facts straight and adding subtle enhancements (due what we've learned) to personal plans. It's good for writing work especially in the realm of fiction or for taking in light entertainment venues with trusted friends you can bounce your ideas off of and receive input from. Again, it's not sweaty...but it could very well contain a few left over storms. That being said, there could be a rainbow or two as well.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ah, this morning the Moon plunges the ethereal depths of wallowing, remorse and perhaps a hangover. The Moon enters Pisces at 6:18 AM with the Sun meeting an opposition with Saturn just a minute later. So, what is real is really real and we are called to accountability rather quickly.

The Moon, however, plays nice with the remainder of the sky before she moves in to form our Last Quarter on Saturday with Saturn in that mix. Talk about a HUGE call to flush out what has accumulated but is of no applicable use in our future. That's what that last quarter will call for.
In the meantime, at 8:33 PM, the Moon swims with Mars in Cancer by trine. Then, she dips into pleasure by sextile with Venus in Taurus at 1:09 AM. Daytime is marked for being a grown up while the evening is set up for grown up type escapes and pleasures. The Sun in opposition to Saturn is going to help make things a little more stable, believe it or not...though we likely won't enjoy the call to responsibility and accountability. Yet, Saturn is the antidote to too much Neptune..which we certainly have on tap as the gas giant is stationed to turn retrograde at 3:09 AM...just in time for a lunar conjunction which occurs at 9:11 AM tomorrow. Yeah, I know that anchor is heavy. But, you are likely going to want to lash yourself to it as Neptune's energy becomes increasingly punctuated. That anchorage is what is going to help you steer through what we have coming in. Work hard during the meat of the day reserving the night to dip into more personal pleasures.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Thank goodness it's Friday. For those that drill the Monday through Friday 9-5 or worse racket, it's been a long week which at times may have felt like two or more weeks wrapped in one. But, now we are on the last leg of that and just in time as we drag ourselves toward the weekend. And, it does feel a lot like dragging in which some may actually give up ship. The Moon sits on Neptune who just stationed retrograde overnight...meaning...we are tired, emotional and so not in the mood for more people and more talk. Maybe we call in sick. Maybe I wouldn't blame you.

This is so not much of a productive morning for a variety of reasons. However, the Moon does wax toward an astutely grounding sextile with Pluto which perfects juuuust at quitting time (5:21 PM). If we are going to be swimming, we might as well go deep...though I don't necessarily recommend going public. Chances are many have heard their fill of the social airs this week and would prefer a little quiet. Besides, our Pisces Moon squares off with Mercury (8:30 PM) making the incessant chatter that much more grating while many are simply just not in the mood. Not anymore.
Tonight holds potential for greatly restorative alone time or exploration of deeper desires. Less talk. More quiet....when that phone call comes in later tonight...feel free to ignore it. If it's important they will call back when you are more in a mood to talk. Or not. Who cares...what's on Netflix? Are we chilling? Cause, yeah...that sounds good. Shut the door. Turn off the phone. Rest. Recuperate. Ruminate, if you choose. Tomorrow, the Last Quarter perfects and it's time to clean up the bullshit that was dumped in this week...and beyond clearing out space for something new because at this point it all feels rather dusty, old and tired.