Morning Star: Full Moon in Scorpio

The following is an excerpt from my ebook, By the Light of the Moon still available for purchase covering all the Moons of 2017 in the merchandise tab.

For the Sun at 21 Taurus: Moving finger points to significant passages in a book. This symbol often reminds me of book divination. This is where you grab a random book; flip through the pages and allow your finger to land on a random passage. Here, though, the finger seems to be deliberately seeking out previous written information for it's significance. It's showing you the important parts...the point. What was relevant about a past event or passage in your personal history. It can also be indicative of an ability at astute recall of past events. You can scan your memories for significant and relevant information that may pertain to what you are encountering today.

For the Moon at 21 Scorpio: Soldier ready to face charges of desertion for love's sake. He left the war to follow his heart. Love won. And, he is willing to face the consequences of that. This Symbol depicts just that. Opening your heart to love and following it where it may lead you while being accountable for the consequences that you may create along the way. It is also a new perspective offered by a change in motivation.

For the Moon's Ruler, Pluto Rx, at 19 Capricorn: Five year-old girl proudly does her mother's marketing. When I was three or four, I watched my mother as she furiously cleaned house. As a person with Venus in Virgo, I wanted to help. To the bathroom I went with a full can of S.O.S. Cleaning Powders. My mother walked in to the bathroom about midway through my efforts to find me enclosed in a cloud of bleach dust. After that, she taught me how to help in a way that I didn't risk gassing myself to death. In this Symbol, we have a daughter proudly emulating what her mother has taught her. She's still quite young. Someone who can do marketing at the tender age of 5 is way ahead of her time. Apparently, she has good role models who have instilled in her the confidence and knowledge she needs. With the Moon's ruler falling on this degree, chances are you have been prepared for what lies ahead as well.
Folks that live on the Taurus/Scorpio axis through their natal chart are the heavy lifters of our Universe. The veritable Atlas who holds the weight of the world on his shoulders. I've worked with many folks who have this kind of set up. They could undertake the labors of Hercules and make it look as if they were merely slicing butter. However, sometimes, they need to be reminded that they really don't have to do that. Some burdens can be lessened, shared or shrugged off entirely. It really isn't their job to support the entire Earth and her problems.
In this chart, we find exactly that type of set up between the Sun and the Moon. Both are being imbued with power by Pluto who is very closely connected to his commitments to status and leadership by way of a conjunction with Juno. However, we've got Mars over in Gemini who wants to jaunt about freely with his buddies (trine Jupiter in Libra). Mars in Gemini doesn't do cumbersome. He multitasks and doesn't attempt to juggle bowling balls. He is also precisely square Neptune. So, yeah, good luck getting any heavy lifting out of that guy.
As our Symbol for Pluto would indicate, though, we have been well prepped and are ready show off our abilities. You do realize that is an ego thing, right?
Plus, Mercury in Aries is conjunct Uranus. Each are in trine to Saturn. Our brains are busy and filled with new inventive ideas and inspirations. Are you really going to stand there just holding up the world to prove that you can and miss out on all that opportunity?
How about we look at this burden we are carrying around and see if we can't let some of it go instead. This will free up more time and space so we can become a little more limber and mobile. As much as the axis between Taurus and Scorpio is about endurance and heavy lifting, it is also about the fairness and equality found within an exchange. For example, you don't want to pay $100 for something that is only worth a few pennies. That is not a fair and equitable exchange. The amount you invest should be equal to the quality of product you obtain.
You also don't want to keep investing in things that offer you no return on investment but only serve as mere drains on your finances and/or energies. For example, being overly jealous, envious or attempting to control others is a big fat waste of time and energy. It's much better to shore up the energy you would have used on those worthless affairs and direct them to something that offers you something back. This is actually a wonderful Moon to release your attachment to things that drain you such as all that I've just mentioned and more. It can be used to release negative attachment to a person. It can be used to pay off debt. It can be used to shore up finances and streamline investments. You can purge all kinds of ugly stuff but you've got to be willing to “go there” and “look at it” first. Meaning, there could be some soul searching attached to this whole set up. We are re-prioritizing (which should have been at least partially settled during Mercury's recent retrograde in Taurus..thus preparing you for this) and shoring up energetic and financial drains. Creating voids that we can refill with better, more rich, more fulfilling stuff.
Pallas in Aries comes to our Gemini Mars via sextile. This can help him figure out what steps he needs to take and in what order. The square from Mars to Neptune, though, is nothing but contemptuous. Again, we are not in straight line production here. We move gracefully and in adherence to the currents. Monopolizing upon building waves of momentum and resting/flowing when the seas are more calm. Force is just not going to cut it. Flow is what we need.
Jupiter in sextile to Mars tells me he has help available if he needs it. The only problem (the low end of that energy) is that he can also be swayed off course by others. Mars in Gemini is prone to distraction and losing focus. Or, he could become way too full of himself and over-estimate or over-promise in regard to what he is realistically able to deliver. Watch out for those tendencies. But, yes, realize this is not straight line production. We are at high risk of talking more about what we plan to do than actually doing it. We are easily distracted and may be trying to juggle too much or push too hard. Letting go of distraction, our need to push our agenda, or an overwhelming desire to do it all and be it all to everyone are all tendencies ripe for purging at this Full Moon. What we are looking for is clarity of purpose, focused and purposeful expenditure of energy and release of burden, accordingly...all done while our ego energies are firmly in check.

Stones and such recommended to assist with this Lunar Movement:
Red Jasper
Apache tear
Moss Agate
Green Aventurine
Shard/Black Tourmaline
Jade or Honey Jade

Dietary recommendations for this Lunar Movement:
Meat. I turn into a voracious carnivore under a Full Scorpio Moon. Most often, it is a craving for red meat, too. White meat such as chicken or pork also fit the bill just as well. Though, I do realize this is not for everyone. However, at this Moon, we do need protein in some form or another. There are meat alternatives that also offer protein such as beans, nuts, rice, quinoa and polenta. No matter how you look at it, with our “heavy lifter” axis in play, protein is a necessity here.
With Mercury and Uranus conjunct in Aries, there is some “itchy/twitchy” to deal with so staying well hydrated and veering away from overloading on chemical stimulants helps us to mete that energy out more smoothly. Our Taurus energy may crave sugars and sweets. Indulge in these minimally to keep from becoming too hyped up.
Basically what we are looking for is healthy but “stick to your ribs” in an effort to provide sustainable energy. It is going to be tempting to smother foods with rich gravies or heavier sauces. Use these in moderation as they can slow you down or cause a feeling of heaviness that makes it difficult to remain mobile. Dip your food instead of smothering it in these sauces for best results here.  
The Page of Cups

The Page is a symbol of youthfulness and naivete. He is a curious and creative student that has a tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve. He would certainly be one to act upon the Symbol we have for the Moon...willing to risk it all in the name of love. At this lunar movement, we find that the North Node has officially entered the youthful and creative sign of Leo. This leads us to seeking out the very essence of our true self. Much of the Nodes journey through Leo will show us how it is we are empowered as individuals through our unique talents. It also will encourage us to dip into fun, joy, creativity, blushes of romance and perhaps a little risk taking. In order to do this, we must reflect back upon our younger years and attempt to remember what it was that brought us joy. Chances are, it was something much more simple that what we would conjure up as adults. But, whether you grab your coloring book, your legos or just escape into the world of fantasy by way of book or other entertainment venue, this card suggests you remember what that felt like. To do something just for the mere joy of doing it. No agenda. No deadline. Just for fun.
Aside from the powerhouse Moon in this chart and the intensity brought from Scorpio, we also have a lot of lighter energies in the sky. We have the impish and sparkling fairy energy of Aries that holds Venus, Mercury, Uranus, Eris and Pallas. Plus, we have the elven and butterfly like youthfulness of Gemini that comes by way of Mars, Ceres and Hekate. Under the more cumbersome part of the sky, the Page wants you to lighten up and spend some time in idle fancy and dream. Cast off the lead balloons, burdens and responsibilities for a bit. Enjoy lighter, gentler more entertaining venues all in the name of love.
There is always a caution to be wary of becoming overly naïve when this Page is in play. So, while you are allowing yourself to enjoy more child-like wonders and activities, bring your grown up wisdom with you.