Morning Star: Astrology for May 24 to May 28, 2017


There is a lot going on during the end of our week. First, we have the New Moon in Gemini dawning tomorrow. But, under the surface of that, we have the ongoing inconjunct from Jupiter and Neptune which (in my opinion) is being largely overlooked. However, that inconjunct becomes a bit more important over the next few days as a Yod will be created first by the Moon in Taurus and then again by Mercury in Taurus.

Jupiter, of course, is stationing to turn direct. Therefore, his movements are very slow right now and his energy is greatly accentuated. In the sign of Libra, this calls forth the need to be fair and judicial when weighing out information ensure that you are assessing facts and not just rumor, emotional nuance or hearsay. It also leaves room in the courtroom for everyone to be heard before a final decision is ever made. With the inconjunct to Neptune, there are many possibilities. One that information drips with sentiment in an effort to be persuasive or manipulative. Another that what is published is deliberately misconstrued. And, further, that folks are kind of lost in regard to their overall philosophy on any given subject. There are questions. Possible bluffing. Possible plays upon empathy it's worst...a highway to heaven aspect that increases the potential for things such as suicide, over-doses and and hidden dangers when traveling abroad. None of this is out of the scope of our current reality. It is not uncommon for folks to disappear or withdraw at these times either.
With the Yods, the sextile at the base of the one that involves the Moon includes managing the more positive expression of Moon sextile Neptune. Moon in Taurus can stabilize a Neptune that may lack boundaries or be confused. It brings solid ground and in turn can help suss out the truth of the message being delivered by Jupiter in Libra. She can bear in mind the emotional impact but brings over-expressions or confusion to ground rather easily.
As for the Mercury Yod, in Taurus he looks for the common sense answer. His desire is to keep it simple. He will yawn at false emotional or self-martyring pleas. However, the influence of Neptune brings empathy to Mercury in Taurus. Meaning, he can feel where the other person is coming from for better or worse. He is able to assess not only what is being said through the mouth and through written information, but he is able to suss out the deeper meaning by coming into tune with what is not said. This is also a beautiful mixture for singing and music by the way. Mercury in Taurus has a beautiful voice made ethereal and given the ability to touch folks on an emotional level by way of Neptune. The inconjunct to Jupiter helps him put that talent out to the public. This is the type of set up that uncovers ridiculous talent from someone who may be just bagging groceries and singing along joyfully in their work thinking no one is really listening...but they are.
Bono has Mercury in Taurus opposite Neptune in Scorpio

With Mars out of bounds in Gemini, the search for information is on. The Yod however, says some of that information may be deliberately conflated or confused. Plus, the New Moon in Gemini is likely to open a new dialogue across many areas of life both in the public and personal realm. Mercury is out of shadow. Venus is out of shadow. We have been grating over the same issues for most of the year. But what is due to come from the New Moon is likely to be brand new subject matter. Perhaps even a game changer...which also is not unusual with Jupiter at a station point. Plus, after Jupiter turns direct, it is not uncommon for folks to change their opinion/philosophy on any given topic. Gemini on the low end is fickle. So I don't mean that. I mean changing your opinion of what the truth is based upon new and verified information. And...there will be plenty of it coming forth following that lunation for sure.
It's also important to note that just prior to the New Moon on Thursday, Venus does perfect in square to Pluto. There could be grappling for resources, feelings of paranoia that there this not enough to go around, greed, manipulation and attempts to control in relationships...and of course...the potential to run into old lovers, friends and acquaintances. Remember what Mercury's and Venus' retrogrades taught you and keep priorities and value systems in line. If you run into old acquaintances/lovers, look for the lesson before you allow yourself to be drug back into a bad situation. There is room for healing and closure here, though. As the Moon wanes today, it's an excellent time to work to sever negative attachment. It's also a really good time to go into debt. If you are purchasing, make sure the expenditure fits in your budget. If it doesn't, create a savings plan, look for ways to increase income and be resourceful. Ensure, also, even if it fits in your current budget that you are getting an equal amount of worth out of the thing you are investing in. On the high end, Venus/Pluto can deepen existing relationships and help you really go deep in regard to what is personally important to you. On the low end, there is jealousy, greed and the potential for someone to suckle off your resources be those monetary or from the energy of your heart.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Taurus creating that Yod with Neptune and Jupiter that I spoke about in the introduction. Again, this is grounded empathy in an effort to suss out the true problem. The sextile with Neptune occurs at 7:14 AM. And, since both Taurus and Pisces love a good snuggle in the bed...and Libra can be a bit could equate to a desire to sleep in. FIVE MORE MINUTES!!

By 3:09 PM EDT, the Moon is fortified with a trine to Pluto which encourages us to take what was delivered in the morning and go deeper with it. Dig to find the root. Assess underlying motivations and face off with fears. It could also mean we are literally hungry. With Venus waxing toward Pluto those cravings could be for sweets or indulgences. Since Taurus can be material, it could even equate to a desire for big purchases. Just be mindful that you are getting quality in return for what you pay for. Venus rules this Moon, so the potential for running into folks with which we've had previous relationships is high. With the Moon trine Pluto, these interactions can stir deep emotions connected with that potential. Invoke strong boundaries and look for the lesson instead of allowing something to drag you backward. Remember, there is also potential for current relationships to deepen here.
As the Moon still wanes, this is a good time to upcycle or recycle used items, be resourceful and continue clearing out space for the new Moon. We could get down to some nitty gritty work here and be well grounded in an effort to bring things to completion.
Our Taurus Moon is Void following a sextile with Chiron at 5:34 AM. She reactivates in Gemini tomorrow at 8:16 AM.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

This morning the Moon passes into Gemini changing the Mood from grounded to Airy and perhaps a bit fickle. Venus officially perfects in square to Pluto at 12:17 PM. That is big news. But, we've got more big news in store. The New Moon in Gemini germinates at 3:45 PM. This features 3 bodies in the sign and therefore a stellium. Mars waxes toward an opposition with Saturn which is due to perfect on the morning of the 29th.

The New Moon itself is great for creating a new dialogue, taking a new class/new path of study or even making new friends. However, know that a new dialogue and new information is likely to be opened within the collective too. In that case, with Mars in Gemini, we may be prone to respond to it. As he is out of bounds, that could include an over-reaction. Be mindful in your actions and make sure you have the information straight before you do anything. The Saturn opposition will call you out on taking action any other way. Remember the inconjunct from Jupiter to Neptune and remember some information (especially publicly published information) may be conflated, misconstrued, an outright lie...or even equate to someone bluffing. Get the facts straight then respond maturely and with accountability.

The Sabian symbols in relation to this New Moon read as follows:

For the Sun and Moon at 5 Gemini: A radical magazine displays a sensational front page. Social propaganda and the tendency for it to distract us from personal priority is a thing under this Symbol. Be careful what you feed your brain. Also be careful in regard to allowing outside entities to control what you think or what you believe to be at priority. At the same time, if it's true, speak it. If it's published and untrue, point it out. The idea here is spread the news but make sure it's true, relevant and not just something put in place to generate ire or stimulate pay-for-clicks.

For the Moon's ruler, Mercury, at 10 Taurus: A pretty red cross nurse hurries on an errand of mercy. This Symbol fits nicely with our Venus/Jupiter opposition. Here, the red cross nurse is out and about helping those in need. Venus definitely supports these efforts as well as Jupiter. Each are best directed at supporting others in such a way that brings them comfort and eases their situation to degree. In order to do this effectively, you must know what the person needs and also know what it is you are capable of. Then, whatever that leads to, do the activity with love expecting nothing in return save maybe a “Thank you.” The joy is in doing for others because you can and are able. Not doing in hopes of banking something back from them.

See? Expect radicalism, sensationalism, information used to stir folks up or perhaps dripping with emotionality and sentiment. Remain grounded and keep searching for the truth. However, also know with the Red Cross nurse in action, there could be literal emergent situations to deal with too.
There will be an assured battle between truth and fiction in the morning. Read on to discover why.

Friday, May 26, 2017

This morning we find our Gemini Moon in trine to Jupiter in Libra. Tongues are wagging most likely from whatever dialogue was opened yesterday. Almost immediately after, the Moon squares Neptune which overlays an emotional tone to whatever we are dealing with. Folks may be confused, fatigued, overly sensitive, moody, withdrawn...or you know...just sleepy. Gather information like a good Gemini but only keep the parts that hold truth while discarding the rest. We are still looking at a chance of conflation and deliberate misinformation. Be aware of that.

At 2:11 PM the Moon passes by Pluto by inconjunct and something in the emotional body stirs in response. Something is And, we are quite prone to keep digging to get to the bottom of it.
At 3:50 PM, the Moon nicely sextiles Venus in Aries. We may be asking ourselves, “Why I this important to me? Or does it even apply to me? How do I feel about it?” Yet, it is a light and social aspect which may just have us chatting things over with friends and lightly focusing on what IS important to us on a personal level instead of trying to figure out what the crap is going on out there in the public arena. Be sure you have discussions with folks you trust and who are open to an exchange of ideas that may be different than their own. The ability to openly discuss (between all potential speakers sharing their views is important). If not, there could be arguments and hurt feelings as the Gemini Moon meets Mars by conjunction at 10:21 PM. Speak gently about the issues that are important to you but remember everyone has the right to be heard.
By midnight, the Moon is sobered by an opposition to Saturn. Some of what we've learned today will not likely be pretty. Now is the time to ground that out and boundary it up and do the responsible thing. Sometimes the truth is hard. But, at least, now you know.

Overnight, the Gemini Moon sextiles Uranus and squares Chiron before going Void. It's not the most restful night for sleep, I would imagine. The brain is a busy place. To offset that, limit your exposure to things that may be over-stimulating and stick to a step down routine before bed. Also know there is potential for some truths to come out by way of talking in your sleep. Hopefully, that doesn't scare you in the least.
The Moon remains Void until entering the watery world of Cancer at 7:25 AM tomorrow.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

This morning the Moon resides in Cancer after 7:25 AM. We encounter her in all her purity as there are no major lunar aspects throughout the day. However, Mercury remains busy, busy, busy. He meets Jupiter by inconjunct (3:18 PM) which is followed by a sextile to Neptune (3:04 AM), thus opening the Yod I spoke about in the introduction. This calls us to remain empathic but well grounded and holding tight to common sense. Things may not be as they seem. Information may be confused or conflated. But, grounded Mercury in Taurus knows the answer is usually pretty practical and simple. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and all that.
Still, though, the Moon isn't necessarily in the mood for any of that. She may retreat to the privacy of her shell and let all this slip under the radar for now. There isn't anything wrong with that. However, her intuitive powers remain astute. She can drink in the happenings of the world without ever clicking on the TV or opening the newspaper. She can “feel” what it's like out there and will gauge that temperature before daring to venture out.

aka: when Cancer and Virgo mate = Hermit Crab ;-)

It is a good day to withdraw and pay heed to more personal matters. Self-care and nurturing others are highlighted. It's a great day for a good home-cooked meal and leisurely activities around the home.
Enjoy the potentially lax feel of the day and go with the flow. Tomorrow, Cancer Moon is not so settled.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Today is the day in which the Moon passes by in trine/sextile to the interaction between Mercury and Neptune. Intuitive information is kicking. In Cancer is where the most intuitive placements reside. Mercury/Neptune brings information outside the form of written or verbal communication. Pay very close attention to how you feel and heed warnings from the gut.

Very early, the Moon squares Jupiter in Libra (4:58 AM). This can kick off dreaming or awaken us to an exuberant morning...or a sense of knowing that something is stirring out there. By 6:08 AM the Moon is trine Neptune and by 6:28 AM she is sextile Mercury. This weekend, in the US, is Memorial Day. The memories. The watery feel, the sense of mourning that is brought forth from this sky all fits with that. It is a day marked for grief on the calendar and marked for the same by way of the stars. Cancer much and Neptune grieves and grieves.
On the high end, apart from the holiday, memories and mourning, this is also very creative and somewhat dreamy. Creative visions can be brought to tangible reality with Mercury in Taurus. Art can be an excellent format to work through grief as well as music, art...the cleansing and rejuvenating power of water. It would be a good day for the water front, yes?
Seurat-Bathers at Asnieres

However, by 2:06 PM, the mood grows darker as the Moon opposes Pluto. Some may want to cling, control, revert to emotional manipulation to assuage one's fear of loneliness. There is the enabling/codependency dynamic that can rear its head, as well. There could be dark inklings and intuitive hits that birth fears and paranoia. However, Pluto also gives us the power to face these head on. He also brings temptations while also delivering the power to say, “No” to them through our power of will and self-control. For me, the temptation part of Pluto has always been the hardest thing to deal with...when that inner darkness wells up and the devil on your right shoulder grows so much louder than the angel on your left. This can be depressive but it can also be empowering when you properly balance out the polarity allowing you plenty of room to more deeply inspect fears, paranoia and the desire to control others.
At 7:03 PM, the Moon is in uncomfortable square with Venus. Venus wants to move on but finds herself within the same trappings as the Moon...falling under the dark shadow of Pluto. The outlet to this loose Cardinal t-square is in Libra. Air. Balance. And, proper relating. With Venus involved those control efforts could be directed at relationships with lovers and a desire to cling and control in that realm as well. Aside from all that, we grow increasingly frustrated. As if we are blocked. Our efforts usurped. Mars waxes strongly into opposition with Saturn which is due to perfect overnight.
It's a tedious day. Folks are grumpy. On edge. Sad. Gathered in public places for mourning on both an individual and collective level...and then...Mars/Saturn. Difficulty moving on. Sun/Pluto/Venus can be insidious and Mars/Saturn...cruel. Plus, as Mars waxes toward Saturn, he also waxes toward a potentially reactive, spiteful and impulsive sextile with Uranus and a quite painful square with Chiron. It's tedious. Potentially dangerous and awareness of one's own actions and the environment is highly suggested.

Shortly after the Mars/Saturn opposition, the Moon squares Uranus and trines Chiron before going Void. To be honest...I don't like the entirety of the set up at all. It looks painful to me and even potentially dangerous. I would advise to keep holiday gatherings small and private. I would also suggest if you have a bad feeling about doing something or going heed to it. May be nothing. all means, take the safe route. There will be plenty of public ceremonies in the US on this day and likely tomorrow. Be careful and aware out there folks.