Morning Star: Astrology for May 20 to May 23, 2017

Saturday, May 20, 2017

This morning we wake up with the Moon in Pisces leaving her overnight conjunction with Neptune and moving in to sextile Pluto. This could equate to a night of deep and restorative rest last night. On the low end, though, it could have been tearful or even caused nightmares. Yet, the sextile with Pluto is not harsh and could essentially bring emotional grounding and a bit more focus.
By Noon, the Moon is square Mars in Gemini and motivations could be confused or scattered. This could also cause disagreements over what to do or just in general. Remember that the Moon is waning if you are having trouble setting priorities. This is a time to wind down tasks and clear out space over and above starting anything brand new. As you clear out space and wipe out your task list, begin to imagine all the things you can fill that Void with in the future as you contemplate your intentions for our incoming New Moon in Gemini on the 25th. Also, with Moon squares, I'm inclined to advise folks to follow the guidance of the Moon...yours or the one in transit. In this instance, there may be much to do standing off with the fact we are tired or feel like withdrawing. The Moon points to what you need. If you are tired, you need rest. Follow that, as an example.

Speaking of Gemini, the Sun moves into the sign at 4:31 PM EDT today. This brings Taurus season to a close and we may begin to feel lighter and more flexible. Gemini is always the sign that I equate to butterflies, elves (especially Gemini rising...they have this elven quality to them) and the ability to laugh...even if it's by the hands of it's own trickster qualities.
At 11:40 PM the Moon squares Saturn and then meets Chiron by conjunction at 2:57 AM. Being able to accomplish something, even if it is small, will help to ease the tension of that square. Boundaries are a beautiful thing and they are invoked here. With the conjunction to Chiron, we may be given awareness of hidden biases or addictions that we need to work to shore up and rectify. These are important issues to address because our ability to cope and accept these Chironic issues will be tested when Saturn turns direct and squares Chiron once more. That's way out in the future...but still a task we have on tap that needs to be an ongoing affair.
Overall, today is good for spiritual cleanings, Hoodoo baths, saunas, detoxes and finishing up projects already in progress. It's good for more leisurely affairs too in so far as searching for new information/ideas that may birth inspiration...especially in the creative realm. Saturn and Uranus are still in trine, so learning and incorporating some of the new and innovative ideas that Uranus in Aries has brought forth is also good exercise. Plus, we can focus in on building boundary and security around these new innovations (particularly in the realm of technology) while setting personal standards for their use. It's time to start incorporating all this rapid advancement in a responsible way. Saturn/Uranus also values efforts taking toward a social agenda, establishing authenticity and even upcycling/recycling. So, in your clearance efforts, before you just throw something away to fill the dump, check to see if it can be recycled or inspect items to see if they can be renovated for an entirely new purpose.

Scattered motivations and the potential for irritability will be the big players. However, after the Sun enters Gemini, some of that could dissipate and, as I said, we could feel a little more flexible and light. The Moon is Void after she crosses Chiron by conjunction until entering Aries at 6:12 AM tomorrow morning.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Moon enters Aries early this morning shifting the emotional realm from dreamy, empathic and perhaps overly emotional to being more prone to be out and active. Her first aspect is a nice and light sextile with our Sun newly in Gemini at 7:13 AM. This feels pretty good! Save the potential for crazy weather (which does have potential in a few areas), it's a good day to venture out and be active. It's also fairly social and favors making new friends.

That social atmosphere is backed by a lunar opposition to Jupiter at 5:39 AM tonight. This is another “get together” aspect (as it waxes in our evening hours) that wants you to remember not to leave yourself out. That means, don't over-accommodate, don't compromise yourself or your priorities and don't pretend to be something you are not just to go along and get along. Balance out the polarity between self and other. Besides that, reach out to trusted friends and enjoy the light and mobile potential here. Since the opposition officially perfects overnight in the time zones I address, dreams may also bring visits from friends/loved ones who have passed over or just be active/vivid in general.

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Moon remains active in Aries this morning. Her first aspect is a warm embrace by conjunction with Venus at 10:10 AM. This is nice. Gentle. Likely active. It's also great for self-care and doing what you need to do in order to appease and honor your physical body. It can be competitive...but, it doesn't have to be. It can also be mutually supportive. Meaning, you aren't in a race here. Support others as they chase their ambitions and by doing so you will attract folks that support you in the same way.
I mention the competition factor because at 2:45 PM, the Moon passes by Pluto by square. Plus, Venus is headed that way for the same thing soon. The Venus/Pluto square waxes now but is due to perfect just before the New Moon in Gemini on the 25th.

For the Moon/Pluto square we may see grappling for resources, attempts at emotional manipulation particularly through shaming and use of guilt and other subservient emotional tactics. However, used at the highest and it allows us to face off with our fears, learn to build better and stronger emotional boundaries and to pierce below the surface of the psyche in order to better understand what it is under the hood driving this machine. Expect that not everyone will take the high road and will instead be jealous, forceful, controlling...not that you have to put up with that. Just be wary of the potential and steer yourself away from that if needed.

For Venus square Pluto, on the low end is jealousy or abuses in the realm of finances (even birthing substantial debt) or an over attachment to the material realm are possible. Whenever I see Venus/Pluto in harsh aspect, I often think of vampires and past relationships coming back in to haunt or tempt us. Plus, when Pluto is around temptation is always a factor. Low end Venus/Pluto can suck your materials and life force right out of you. While high end expressions can cause the well to overflow. If you run into old lovers and it's less than a savory affair, look for what you might be missing in the way of lessons and unfinished business. Also look for ways you might unwittingly leave that channel open. As this aspect waxes in and the Moon wanes, it's a good time to deliberately take effort to release yourself from more negative attachments that involve matters of the heart and finances. Shore up leaks and cut the cord on non-supportive or draining/controlling relationships. Also, remain aware of waste and the need to be accountable for such. This includes efforts at upcycling and recycling as well as being a conscientious consumer. Use your spending power wisely and mindfully.

At 6:37 PM, the Moon dances with Mars in Gemini. These two energies between Aries and Gemini have a tendency to get on marvelously. Again, it's light and active. Great for dancing and socialization or fits well with the ongoing wind down of things we have left on our task list that need completion prior to the New Moon.
Overnight, the Moon will conjunct Uranus (3:00 AM) and trine Saturn in Sagittarius (2:16 AM). There's a type of satisfaction that comes with the ability to live authentically and remain personally aware of and accountable for ourselves. If you are not on par with this, you might feel quite unsettled...that's your cue to deliberately make changes or adjustments. Otherwise, it's a fairly stable thing that could have us dreaming of all the wonderfulness we can create from our strong, well boundaried and authentic space.
Following the conjunction with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Taurus at 8:33 AM in the morning.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Moon shifts gears and enters Taurus at 8:33 AM. This is more stable and grounded than what we experienced with the Aries Moon. But, also more stubborn and less flexible. It's good for plodding and setting a slower pace than Gemini Mars may be comfortable with. Plus with Venus waxing toward Pluto and just leaving her opposition with Jupiter, some may be inclined toward big purchases. As long as it fits in your budget, go for it. Plus, mindful and purposeful purchases is a nice expression of Venus/Pluto. Just make sure you are getting what you paid for and remember to check for quality and potential return on investment.

The Moon does meet Mercury by conjunction at 10:14 PM. Other than that we have the Taurus Moon in all her splendor save a minor aspect from Mars. The night favors routine and practicality. To enhance sleep, a nice warm bath, a massage or a little sweet snack before bedtime may help. Yet, Taurus loves the good sheets especially after they've come freshly from the wash along. Add that with a little sachet or spritz of lavender and you've got Taurean kryptonite my friend. You'll sleep like a child.