Morning Star: Astrology for May 15 to May 19, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

Today looks rather stable for the most part. We wake up with the Moon in Capricorn in sextile to Neptune at 5:52 AM. It is industrious but willing to accommodate. The sensitive leader Moon that maintains a sense of compassion for those under his wing is a figurative representation of this Moon. This can be quite creative and empathic but remains grounded and purposefully driven.

From here the Moon moves on to square Jupiter in Libra at 6:12 AM. Again, not a horrible aspect. It could amplify emotions or steer the mood toward being less dour. We may feel as if we have a lot on our plates. Yet, overall, it's fairly buoyant.

The Moon continues through Capricorn passing over Mars in Gemini by inconjunct at 11:01 AM then sinks into a conjunction with Pluto at 4:25 PM. And, here's the thing about all that. Mars ventures into out of bounds status today. He goes rogue. Out of reach of the regulating body of the Sun. This is not rare. However, it does mark a period of time that can be rather daring and physically active. With that, forward progress can, indeed, by made (which is a blessing to hear, right?). What we want to do, though, is remain conscientious of our motivations, where it is we are initiating and how, plus remind mindful of our actions themselves. Mindfulness is key since we don't want to end up severely progressed on a path that is not really of our choosing. Do much. But, know what you are doing. You know? In that way, we can progress where we need/want to without wasting this on efforts that don't support our overall goals.

Gemini can be easily distracted. Mars in Gemini has a tendency to talk a good game but needs to remember that talking about doing something and actually doing it are two totally different things. This is actually true of all our Air Mars placements. Thinking about doing something is not doing it either. There is a need to ground action into the physical sphere. Talk less. Do more. While focusing on the true task at hand which is something we should be well practiced at given the beginning of this Spring's plodding pace. So, while we will be filled with wonderful aspirations, inspirations and physical energy may return to accommodate that, remember there was a reason we were so practiced and schooled in focus and diligence prior to Mars reaching this unleashed and rogue status. So that we can use it to maximum benefit.

The GOOD side of Mars in Gemini is that he can multi-task. He is also driven to make friends and social contacts that can further him on his chosen path. Networking is an astute talent and being a social creature (like a high functioning Gemini) can pay off now and in the future. Plus, this guy is generally a lot of fun. His actions are light handed and often joyful. Plus he remains nimble and able to juggle more than one task at a time.

Now, as our boss Moon passes sideways by Mars, she gets an inkling of all his wonderful plans. Then, as she meets the higher octave of Mars, Pluto, by conjunction, she becomes eager. Perhaps inflamed with passion and desire. Hungry to achieve these ambitions being birthed by Mars.

We are quite familiar with the negative expression of Moon/Pluto by way of emotional manipulation, abuse and a desire to control just about everything. The high expression coming from Capricorn though is to control the base and primal desires and direct them toward a goal. Self-control and mastery of more subservient fears. To use this aspect set up to the highest, assess the goals of Mars but speak not of them. Keep them to yourself and channel any energy that you may have used to openly speak of what you are planning to do instead toward implementation. Remember, the hallmark of Capricorn is goal setting, leadership, follow through, integrity and fortitude. Imbue Mars in Gemini with this focus and use the Moon/Pluto conjunction to plot your path with determination to follow through with those efforts. But, yes, keep your plans to yourself for now. Talk less. Do more and remain intent on focus.

Mercury resides most of the day at the 29th degree of Aries. So, there is a push...almost an impetus to get started right now. An anxiousness as Mars and Mercury remain in mutual reception for the last of this evening. At midnight, though, Mercury moves from Aries to Taurus. This means he is due to settle down substantially and take a more practical and common sense approach to his task list ahead. Also remember the Moon is waning now. The best place to start with getting things accomplished is to begin with what you already have in place and wind down existing projects so that you can give full and undivided attention to these new ventures you may just now be feeling called toward. The best time to initiate new action comes with the New Moon in Gemini. From now until then, we are laying ground work for that by clearing off our current agenda. Mars remains out of bounds all the way through June. So, this heightened energy is going to last awhile. Pace yourself. Plot it out and plan to follow through.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Any efforts you took in grounding out the energy of late yesterday evening comes in handy today. We begin with the Moon still in Capricorn early. She trines our Earthy Taurus Sun just before daybreak (5:19 AM) and then moves from that stable position to square Uranus at 6:24 AM. We are grounded and settled but there is potential for anxiety to creep back in. Morning routines could be upset or feel scattered and erratic. Don't be afraid to wing it in light of the unexpected. Maintain your steerage.

The Moon then goes on to sextile Chiron which is a test of our coping mechanisms and our ability to set a positive example. This occurs at 9:50 AM and ushers the Moon into Void status.

What I suspect is that Moon/Uranus has potential to either wake us up spry or upset our apple cart. Don't be too upset if normal routine plans go awry. Life happens like that sometimes. Deal with things according to their priority. Know that “dealing with things” is probably what we will spend the rest of the morning doing.


The Moon re-activates in cool headed Aquarius at 1:51 PM. The gut check with that will be that she squares off with Mercury newly in Taurus shortly after (2:56 PM). This pits over-complicating things or over-thinking things against a call for common sense. It can also have an emotional push to try something new but it's hard to wrap our brains around that since it will push us from our comfortable routine. To balance it out, do employ some common and grounded sense in emotional situations. But, coax your mind toward new ways of operation by offering it the incentive to do so. These are both fixed signs, so the struggle could be real. Balance it out with practicality and incentive toward change if that is what you deem necessary for yourself. Aquarius Moon may accuse Mercury in Taurus of oversimplification. Yet, Mercury in Taurus will accuse Aquarius Moon of over-complicating things or being too cold and detached from reality. Touch ground but remain open to change.

Overnight, we have some criss-crossing inconjuncts. The first comes by way of the Sun to Saturn at 1:30 AM. The second from Jupiter in Libra to Neptune in Pisces. This colors in the dreamscape. Sagittarius rules dreams. Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Neptune is sleep and also the ethereal plane while the Sun in Taurus makes all this seem real. Pay attention to what happens in the dreamscape. If you don't remember, trust there was important and relevant work that probably went down there tonight.

Jupiter inconjunct Neptune could cast a haze or fog over both today and tomorrow. Where things seem just out of the confines of real. Again, use the Earth energy we have on hand to ground and stabilize but enjoy the watercolor feel. Also know this makes “reality” a very bendable thing. Use that to your advantage if you can.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

This morning we are a bit hung over from the Jupiter/Neptune inconjunct. However, the Moon does make minor aspect with Saturn at about Noon which can help us to ground things out as that aspect wanes. The Moon remains active in Aquarius.

At 2:10 PM, the Moon passes by Venus in a nice sextile. This is relaxing, upbeat, prone to be out in the wild and active. Lean into what makes you feel good and grab a few friends to tag along if you'd like. It's not very productive but it can bring a sense of ease and freedom to the day.

The Moon continues on the upswing and has her social inclination tickled with a windy trine to Jupiter at 5:17 PM. This favors social interaction and hanging in light conversation with one's tribe. This windy but warm breeze persists as the Moon now moves on to make yet another Air trine...this time with Mars in Gemini at 1:39 AM.

It's an active day, surely. But, it's not one that is necessarily pressurized. It's easy breezy. Favoring light activity over sweaty. Social fun over seriousness. Laughter is great medicine as is just getting out and being mobile. It feels rather light and upbeat communication is favored. It actually looks like a good day to play hooky...rebel against what you are expected to do and have a little unscripted fun instead. Why not?

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Moon is still breezy and light and in Aquarius. However, our Taurus Sun is humbled a bit and perhaps discovers a thorn in his paw by way of a sextile to Chiron. This helps us to become more empathic to the plight of others while also recognizing our own limitations. We can support one another in this way. It's solid but empathic. Stable but not completely dry or devoid of caring. Hugs likely fit well as well as non-judgmental support of self and others.

Sun/Chiron perfects at 4:06 PM. Then, the Moon moves into a sextile with Uranus in Aries at 5:02 PM. Yep. We all have our limitations. We all have limps we need to work with. Once we accept that, we can move forward more freely. This is the kind embrace of knowing that you nor I are perfect and that's ok. It's the friendship given to self and others in spite of imperfection. The warm embrace and acceptance of whatever limitations we find and the impetus to deal with that and do whatever we had in mind anyway. In our own way. In our own time without worrying about judgment from the outside and dismissing more sour self-judgments as well.

We are all a little weird by someone's standards. So? Go with it while accepting the differences in others as well.

The Moon quickly moves in to sextile Saturn at 5:07 PM bringing stabilization and accountability to the table. Of course, this also denotes the waxing trine coming in from Saturn and Uranus which is due to perfect at 2:17 AM overnight. Rebel with a cause. Change your mode of operations with a goal in mind. Write your own rules. Remain self-accountable but don't be afraid to do your own thing.

In the meantime our Last Quarter Moon perfects at 8:34 PM echoing the same type of tension we felt when the Moon squared Mercury. Over-thinking versus common sense. Making it too complicated versus over-simplification. Release where necessary. Enjoy the fact that emotionality is shrinking from our super intense Full Moon in Scorpio...let go...let go...let go. A little practicality and common sense goes a very, very long way. Following the last quarter, the Moon is Void until entering Pisces at 11:53 PM tonight.

Friday, May 19, 2017
This morning, the Moon is in dreamy Pisces. Overnight, Saturn met Uranus, officially by trine for the second time. The first was at the end of December last year. This is self-accountability mixed with personal authenticity and ingenuity. It is the mark of the rebel with a cause and can equate to progress made toward social issues or simply solidifying one's independence by way of being personally accountable and responsible. This occurs at 26 degrees of our fire signs.

The Sabian Symbol for Uranus at 27 Aries: (From Dane Rudhyar's Wheel of Significance) Through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained. Beginning of mental maturity and slow growth of the creative faculty. Revision of attitude. Mental house-cleaning.

The Sabian Symbol for Saturn at 26 Sagittarius: Flag bearer distinguishes himself in hand to hand battle. Exaltation of physical valor as necessary support to lofty race ideals. Spectacular effort. Endowment beyond realization.

This aspect, under a Pisces Moon and accompanied with the fact that Venus waxes into opposition with Jupiter (10:12 AM) is a very promising set up. It could be the dream realized. A lucky break. A sign that you have the ability to manifest your dreams and create whatever it is that you put your whole self consciously into. The imagination tickles itself with that potential as the Pisces Moon passes by Mercury in Taurus prior to the Venus/Jupiter opposition at 5:39 AM. Set your intentions solidly. Say a little wish, even, if you'd like. Then, stay open to opportunities and possibilities as they present. Walk into this day with a positive attitude and a vow to be deliberately joyful and watch as that kind of energy returns to you...sometimes in rather unexpected ways.

It's a perfect day for sharing your joy as under a Pisces Moon the mood can be contagious. Spread yours or catch someone else's but boundaries are nicely in play so that you can build your own joy and exude it through authentic personal expression and sending that out into the world to spread like wildfire. It's great for gentle generosities. Taking time to stop and smell the roses and notice everyday blessings. It's great for the imagination and creative efforts. All in all, it's a nice Friday that holds plenty of room for feeling pretty darn good one way or another.

The Saturn/Uranus trine also involves a kite with the transiting nodal axes. It is time to break away from the pack. This set up is surely impetus to do so. Use it wisely and deliberately. Make your mark! Be true to yourself and shine on. Break through.