Morning Star: New Moon in Taurus

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This morning at 8:17 AM, our New Moon in Taurus blossoms. Ah, the many things I could recount in regard to what I love about this season and the sign of Earth Venus. For one thing, it is time to turn that empty patch of dirt outside into a living, blossoming bounty. Yes. It is certainly time to plant gardens and dip into the many Earthly blessings. I feel the prime time for this is while Venus still resides in Pisces. We only have a short window for that as Venus enters Aries or Friday morning. Other great opportunities lie under the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Cancer which begins on the night of the 29th. I just prefer Venus in a water sign, personally, yet we have to work with what we have, right?
The sign of Taurus relates the Tarot card The Heirophant. Reliable. Stands on a solid set of well formed values. Steadfast. Certain and unwavering. With that, that makes the New Moon good for setting new standards or norms or putting declaration and intention toward the same. One way to think of this is if you have recently changed an old detrimental habit pattern this is chance to declare life without that habit as your new norm...your new standard. To make it concrete and part of a new reality for yourself. Another way to look at it is to stand strong upon your convictions.

There is so much more to Taurus than that, however. This is, again, Earth Venus. So, in that, we are encouraged to think of value and worth while also paying homage to the ways in which Mother Nature supports us everyday. To admire as she paints the hillsides with multiple tones of greens while dotting the fields with a variety of wildflowers. The way she encourages the birds to sing in harmony to greet the sunrise. The way the Sun rises (in and of itself) everyday without fail regardless of whether we thing life will persist after a particularly horrific day. The Sun always breaks the night and the night always envelopes the day. It's the most reliable thing giving some sense of security that there are things which persist despite human circumstance. The ways in which Mother Nature colors in our daily backdrop with simple but unduplicated miracles consistently and reliably is nothing short of miraculous if you think about it. Mother Nature always shows up. Always. That is true everyday without fail. I'm lax to find anything else so predictably unpredictable. In that, she always shows up but she has a tendency to something just a little different about every year as the seasons pass. In her own time. In her own preference. By her own tastes.

Taurus people are generally pretty steady and reliable too. Whether folks have one planet or many in the sign, there is a mark of dependability about them most times. A way about them that helps others feel grounded, rooted and more stable just by being in their presence. Most Taureans do enjoy a steady and predictable place. It is when they are called to change routine or settings or something else in their life that may cause them to become off center. Uranus in Taurus next year is likely to send many laden with Taurean energy on a tilt forcing them to create/accept new standards of normal on the heels of all that changed, was invented, blown apart and evolved during Uranus in Aries. I think this will be overall beneficial in the end. But, the cows are not going to like it as it goes down for the most part.
Taurus also connects to the outside world via the physical senses. The sensations of touch, sound, smell, taste and sight drink in the world around them. If something stinks, they are going to try to get rid of it. If something is uncomfortable, they aren't likely to wear it very long. If it isn't visually appealing, it doesn't grab their interest. And, they veer more toward things of quality than mere flashiness. They leave the flashiness to the Geminis, Leos, Librans and Aquarians. They prefer longevity and quality to glitter. Simple over fancy. Comfortable over irritating and lightly scented over obnoxiously noxious. When they admire something, they can hardly resist touching it, smelling it as if they are trying to bring more of the glorious thing into their systems. They generally love massages, hugs and the tangible palatable pleasures found in Earthly life. They are certainly not great with self-denial, either. Its as if they know their trek in Earthly form is only temporary and merely want to seek Venus in all her manifested glory upon the Earth while they are blessed enough to be here to enjoy it. Why would they deny themselves that?

In our current Astrology, we have experienced some rather unsettling times. The feel of this is lessened now as the Moon has waned. However, the settle is not likely to last as we move forward under this lunar cycle which is not something that appeases Taurus very much. So as the Moon is New and emotional reactiveness is still low, I highly encourage you to pay homage to what Venus brought to your awareness as a matter of true importance during her retrograde period. Was there something you missed? Was there something you panicked a little about at the thought of losing? Was your stability rocked? And, what it is that creates that feeling of stability to you. Call up your loved ones. Let them know of your admiration. Pass out hugs freely. We do not know precisely what the future holds and even though the Sun reliably rises in the East and sets in the West there is no guarantee that we will be here everyday to see it. We aren't promised a chance at loving who we love tomorrow. Today offers a great chance to share our feelings and admiration for those who bless us with love and friendship. To those who show up in our lives. To those that bring quality by way of their presence and companionship. If we each live another 100 years, taking time for this is still not regrettable. But, if by some chance, loved ones are stripped from us through the circumstances of life, we will certainly be glad we took a few moments to let them know they were appreciated and loved.
It's also a great time to pull out the “good” stuff and put it to use instead of socking it away for a special occasion. Make today a special occasion just because you were blessed to wake up and enjoy another day in the Sun. Use the good candles. Eat on the good china. Use the fine crystal wine glasses. Pull out the high thread count sheets. Admire the rose that just bloomed outside your door. Delight with the butterflies that flit briefly across your path. Put your feet in the soft grass. Enjoy the warming breezes. All that. Don't miss a thing. And, don't miss a chance on being gracious for these simple blessings found in your everyday.
At 7:39 PM, the Moon passes over Neptune by softening sextile. Overnight, as she slumbers, she is restored and empowered by a trine with Pluto in Capricorn at 4:51 AM. The cows sleep heavy and sturdily waking well rested and ready to greet the Sun in the morning.