Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of April 29 to April 30, 2017

Saturday, April 29, 2017

We are getting zero breaks from the Mercury/Uranus interplay in Aries this weekend. Yesterday, Mercury met the God of Lightning by conjunction for a second time. As the two hold in tight orb (as Mercury is moving RIDICULOUSLY slow) the Moon in Gemini will pass by them by sextile just after midday (1:29-2:14 PM EDT). This is good because it is by sextile. However, it can be quite emotionally affective because we are under a Gemini ruled Moon. Many may feel there is too much information coming in too quickly and its hard to keep up. Some may feel frazzled. Others manic or over-stimulated. However, others still could be flourishing in this. I feel this is the most unsettling to folks who have heavy water in their chart. Your mileage may vary on that. But, electric energy such as this has a tendency to scatter in Water whereas Fire can put it to use and Earth can ground it out. With heavy Air, the mental activity uptick is probably a welcomed thing. But, for our more sensitive watery folks, this ordeal of Mercury/Uranus in Aries can be quite unsettling and anxious making. Remember, grounding is your friend. You do have permission to scale back on becoming over stimulated. I can tell you that if you feel today's Moon sextile these two in a harsh manner, then buckle up because it gets a little harrier when the Moon in Cancer squares them on Monday.

How we choose to cope here is actually fairly important. Mercury and Uranus are pretty wild. So, sometimes, even while employing effective coping mechanisms it can be fairly teeth gritting. It's a very impatient and on edge kind of energy on the low end. Impulsive. Sharp tongued. Yet, it gets increasingly worse the more we keep allowing ourselves to become over-stimulated. The number one best way to help offset some of this is to step away from your electronics and get outside to ground. Saturn is accessible here by trine. Go for a walk. Sit on the porch. Satisfy curiosities with a quick day trip. Just be careful and know folks are kind of edgy right now. And, this “edgy” feel has hang time. As in, Mercury does not make his 3rd pass to Uranus until May 10th but he never moves more than a degree away from Uranus as he stations direct. That is constant mental stimulation that can quickly lead to overwhelm so knowing when and how to detach from that and ground it out is going to help. Be very careful while traveling or driving just because this is an unsettled and unpredictable type of energy. Many will feel as if they need to do things quickly and in a rush. But, unless it is an emergency, definitely take your time as rushing could cause a tendency toward being accident prone. Eyes on the road. Hands on the wheel. Definitely watch for others in the way of pedestrians, animals, motorcyclists, bicyclists, other drivers, etc as the roads will likely be a fairly busy place. Use less densely populated routes when possible. Also, don't forget our actions are answering to this energy as Mars is in the Mercury ruled sign of Gemini.

After the Moon passes by Mercury and Uranus by sextile, she moves on to square Chiron and oppose Saturn prior to reaching Void status. The outlet for that mutable t-square falls in Virgo..another Mercury ruled sign. The Gemini Moon is curious and with wide eyes is prone to try to catch all the lightning bolts from Mercury/Uranus flitting from one topic to the next, while employing Virgo helps us ground some of that out. Saturn to Chiron calls for well structured coping mechanisms and says there is absolutely no room for denial of Chironic issues. They must be dealt with and Virgo is the energy that can help with that. But, it will call for Virgo's prowess in the realm of triage and separating the wheat from the chaff. Figure out what it is that is coming in by way of information that bears true importance to you. Gemini will try to drink it all in. While Virgo says, “Nope. Don't need this, or that, or this.” She will focus according to matter of importance instead of trying to spread herself too thin. As we weed through the information putting it into proper priority and perspective then it is much easier to deal with what we need to deal with in a more grounded and forthright manner. The need to ground remains essential at this time. This is not easy energy to sit still with.

The Moon remains Void until entering Cancer at 9:49 PM. Her first aspect is an uncomfortable square to her cohort Venus in Aries at 11:00 PM. There could be a bit of ambiguity between want and need or there could be a small burr under our saddles that makes it hard to settle down to rest tonight. The effects do not last long, though. Besides, under a Mercury/Uranus sky such as this, if you are resting at all consider that a cherished miracle. It is VERY easy to become scattered and unfocused under this sky. Take your time and don't let this energy make you feel as if everything needs to be done all it once...however...know it WILL try. We all have potential for very itchy trigger fingers and sharp tongues right now.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

As the Moon moves forward into Cancer, things do have a chance to settle down a bit as she meets our Taurus Sun by grounding sextile (3:20 PM). Most are more inclined to shut the door on the outside world and attempt to foster a bit of a reprieve from the chaos found there...which is certainly not a bad idea. This does look good for good food and cherished family. Unless, you've got tensions happening there and in that case it might be better to just dine alone until that pot simmers down a bit. But, good food and non-abrasive company are the way to go with this. If you are feeling particularly abrasive then it might be a good time to call a personal time out with no company at all.

Saturn finds Chiron by square for the second time at 4:41 PM calling us in toward employing effective coping mechanisms and ditching denial for complete acceptance and awareness works well here. These coping mechanism are self-employed. As Saturn is Rx the disciplining of such is on our own shoulders and it involves solid boundary and grounding. We deal in the way that works for us best while realizing what works for us may not work for everyone.
The Moon does move on to trine Neptune which can bring some relief to the angst. However, as aspects between the Moon and Neptune can increase empathy, it could also make it easier for us to pick up on the angst from the rest of the world. Detach. Withdraw. Take a break and ground for best results. Drink plenty of water and let the rest of the world deal with their stuff while you deal with your own. By 11:23 PM, the Moon begins to move through the Cardinal Crunch with a square to Jupiter. This is where emotionality can become overblown. We could be skewing perspective and need to step back a bit. However, it can compound GOOD feelings too. So, how this plays out will have a lot to do with how well you handled yourself in the meat of today.

Monday is a May Day that holds true to its name. Except, I don't see it as much as a joyful circling around the May Pole May Day as much as I see it as an emergency call kind of May Day. So, that makes attempts at resting and detaching from outside stimulation today an imperative. This will be edgy and going into that tired on top of that is really bad deal. Keep that in mind and take things slow and easy while veering away from over-stimulation and distraction. Ground and boundary. Ground and boundary. The pique of the “fireworks” with this comes as the Moon squares Mercury and Uranus tomorrow between about 2:35 PM EDT and 4:23 PM prior to the Moon reaching Void status only to usher us into the pressure of the First Quarter Moon which perfects on Tuesday. The banjo strings will be pulled tight and many may feel as if they are walking on eggshells. It is quite edgy and definitely bearing emotional impact. So, again, rest up and steady yourself ahead of that.