Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of April 8-9, 2017

Saturday, April 8, 2017

This morning the Moon resides in Virgo slowly recovering from her sleepy opposition to Neptune at midnight last night. We feel restoration as the Moon then trines Pluto in Capricorn which is due to perfect at 12:24 PM. This is followed by a trine to Mars in Taurus at 3:54 PM. Slow, well-calculated steps forward are the way to go here. Placing the foot on the path in such a way that it leaves solid and deliberate footprint behind us. This Earth trine is very practical and quite prone to put it's head down to focus upon the task ahead. Again, progress is slow but it is also very sturdy and could include taking a few steps backward to better ensure the foundation of what we've built thus far.

Overlaying this Earth trine, we have Venus waxing in square to Saturn (both retrograde). It is due to perfect at 4:28 PM. On the low end this is loneliness and lack. A feeling of being left out or of having pleasures/comforts restricted. On the high end, this can show us how we need to be more accountable for both love and money. Shoring up places where we may over-give in ways that cause us to suffer as a result or streamlining finances by cutting down on leaks are good ways to go. It brings reality to Venus in a harsh manner. But, it blesses accountability and responsibility in the realms of love and money as well.

As we feel cast out or as if pleasures/resource are restricted, the Sun waxes into square with Pluto at 8:45 PM. This can create ferocious egos resulting in acts of intimidation, abuse or over-aggression. The Devil tempts us with veiled reward for subservient action. The seething brought forth by the ego systems coupled with the lack of resource and feelings of being cast out of Eden could cause some to resort to nastiness.
The high end of this is ridiculously enduring. The trick to working it to the highest is remembering that violence is the easy way to resolve problems. Endurance is much more difficult but much more self-sustaining. You can be a murderous and abusive villain and risk usurping yourself with prison time or acts of revenge. Or, you can endure and persevere as you realize this is only temporary. We may see jealousy, seething, resentment, revenge. That just sounds like a fun barrel of monkeys. Remember it is TEMPORARY! Deal with these feelings/ego pushes effectively while keeping basic survival in mind instead of calling for all out war because you feel as if you've been short changed, over-looked or forsaken. There will be wounded animals acting viciously in this day. Be wary of your environment. Endurance. Perseverance. Self-protection and maturing our perspective on matters of money/love are the way to go here.

Overnight, the Moon opposes both Chiron (1:19 AM) and Venus (4:08 AM), threatening to reinforce feelings of lack and hollowness. Be easy with yourself. By 4:22 AM, she is square Saturn Rx prior to going Void. The outlet for the t-square created with Moon/Venus/Saturn falls in Gemini. Be open to changing your mind about what you see. Be willing to learn more about the issues that are presenting instead of casting judgment at them just yet. Tomorrow, Mercury will turn retrograde in Taurus giving us a chance to rethink what it is we feel is of value. We may have priority adjustments throughout that venture. These changes in perspective could be of help. Don't close off your options just yet. There's more to see here and plenty to think about.
The Moon remains Void until entering Libra at 8:35 AM.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Libra fat and nearly full. She makes her way cautiously through the day with only minor aspect until her conjunction with Jupiter on Monday. The big news of this day, aside from clean up from yesterday's potential fall-out, is that Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus at 7:07 PM.
Mercury remains retrograde until May 4 where he stations direct at 24 Aries 16. His station direct occurs right next to Uranus in Aries who resides at a little over 25 degrees. Venus continues her retrograde until April 15. Then, Pluto turns retrograde just a few clicks from where he sits now on April 21 at 19 Capricorn 24. This means we have a lot of review happening. Saturn and Jupiter also remain retrograde. We are collectively called to rethink and reconsider a great deal of what has occurred within this year. In that reconsideration, values change, minds change and priorities are realigned. When Mercury stations on Uranus in Aries, those changes in perspective may occur swiftly and be accompanied with sudden revelations. We are looking at quite a sticky sky.

Even though there is little happening with the Moon today, that does not mean the emotional body is not at issue. It is. Emotions are pulled taught without lunar aspect merely do the fact we are under the crescendo of a Full Moon. Plus, tensions build as the Sun passes through the Cardinal crunch. It's a layering of weight upon all systems right now which, of course, equates to pressure. Patience is needed yet it is certainly in short supply. Our Aries Sun is pumped and has left any kind of Pixie-like status behind and is geared more toward the warring and head-butting potential.
This aggressive mentality does not fit well with the Moon and Jupiter in Libra, at all. Know many will walk on eggshells while others deliberately break them in an over-exertion of ego. Use today to assess what you feel is of importance and definitely take time to pay gratitude to anything of simplicity. Focus in on what is right in front of you and realize many will be on edge and reactive.