Morning Star: Astrology for April 5 to April 7, 2017

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Today, we are hunters. Stalkers. Seeking satiation of very deep desires.
The Moon remains in Leo this morning and begins waxing into trine with our Aries Sun at 11:47 PM. Meanwhile, Mars in Taurus perfects in trine to Pluto in Capricorn a few minutes later (11:44 PM). Desires are strong. We are hungry. To a degree that some may feel like ferocious beasts. The thing is...the ferocious energy we have on tap today is just a taste of what is to come. These are trines. But, soon (and waxing right now) the Sun hits our big Cardinal players (Jupiter 4/7, Pluto 4/8 and Uranus 4/11) by harsh aspect. THAT is the true test of character and integrity that will make what we have today feel like nothing. In other words, this hunting and stalking hunger has hang time and continues to increase with potential ferocity especially since it occurs under the crescendo of a Full Moon. Know the outlet for that Cardinal Crunch resides in Cancer. We may need to take an indirect approach instead of initiating head on. Paying heed to the state of the emotional body and hits from both the visceral and intuitive systems is an imperative. “Alternative” routes and detours are highly suggested.
Saturn also remains in station and officially turns retrograde just after midnight. Other than that, it is the spirit of the hunt that remains strongly in force. The station point of Saturn is a bit of call to accountability in that regard and, at times, could feel like a hindrance to progress. Do not skip any steps. Be mindful as you take each one. We want progress but we don't want to half-ass it.
With Mars in Taurus trine Pluto, there is likely an uptick in acuity of all physical senses. On top of that, there is also an astute sexual feel/drive. Physical energy is smooth, replenishing and enduring. While the Solar and Lunar bodies are set aflame, the body is positioned to feed off that.

Yet. When we think about hunting, we also have to think about patience and awareness of timing. Hunting lions do pounce. But, it's hard to say how long they have laid silently in the underbrush waiting for the perfect moment to ripen before they come charging out. Incorporate the information brought by way of heightened physical senses (touch, sight, smell, hearing, taste) in an effort to help you more fully assess timing and other factors within your environment that may present as counter-threats. Remember, you are not the only hunter in the woods. There are many on the prowl today and all are hungry which could cause a competition for resource. It would not be unusual to see puffing of chests and shows of bravado. This is likened to two bucks sparring over a doe during rut. Shows of physical stamina and machismo in an effort to feed the ego, scare/intimidate other predators or just to draw attention to one's prowess will certainly be a thing.
Yet, smart lions don't give away their position. Less showy and more focused acts are the way to go with this. As physical energy is boosted/restored, it is an opportunity to draw focus upon our goals and put our heads down in an effort to plow our way toward them. All that chest puffing is merely a distraction. You don't have to be impressed. Do know that hunger unsatisfied can lead to acts of desperation. This is neither kind nor cuddly energy. It has an assured edge and some will become overly focused upon what they want and lose sight of things like legality and decorum. This also has quite an instinctual and somewhat “beastly” feel to it. We are wild animals to a degree.
Again, focus, tenacity and an astute vision of our “target” will help us monopolize upon this. But, we are really going to have to fight the distraction and threats of danger from the outside world. There is room for some really selfish acts here. So, use your heightened senses as your warning system toward potentially dangerous situations. Revenge seeking, seething and battling personal demons are about to become real and pressing issues in our near future.

We can progress today. There is potential to make serious headway when this is directed appropriately even if that “headway” is just a focus upon healing/restoring the physical body. Taking time to restore in that area, if needed, is just as valuable as tangible production. Just be wary. Some hunters will be out for blood and self-glorification moreso than aiming toward a particular goal. With focus on task and awareness of our environment, though, much can be accomplished.
Thursday, April 6, 2017

This morning, Saturn has officially turned Rx putting the burden of accountability upon our own shoulders. His condition also makes the journey ahead feel forever long. We now have Saturn, Jupiter, Venus all in retrograde while Mercury slows in his retrograde shadow. The road ahead is long and part of this journey reviews past steps calling us to shore things up where needed. Yesterday's hunger push brought drive to the goal but progress is still systematic and slow. But, we yearn and burn for more.
At 3:15 AM the Moon met Jupiter in Libra by sextile while also meeting Pluto by inconjunct. This morning, he is square Mars in Taurus while inconjunct Pluto reminding us of yesterday's hunger and causing ambivalence in regard to pace. We want to go faster. It is still not the time for speed but for thorough and diligent. Yet, taking it slow feels excruciating as patience remains in short supply.

We do have a fiery trine overlaying our evening hours. This begins with the Moon in trine to Saturn Rx at 1:24 PM allowing us to match the tempo set forth by the Universe. It's followed by a lunar trine to Uranus in Aries at 8:17 PM. The “ways in which it has always been done” is at threat of being modernized, adapted, changed according to your own personal authority. I'm not suggesting that anyone break the law. But, if you can change the law or work within its confines to using a self-fostered sense of authority and ingenuity, it works. Saturn trine Uranus is a rebel with a cause energy. It doesn't rebel just to be different. It rebels and goes against the grain of the status quo in an effort to improve existing structures and foster a sense of personal freedom. It calls for PERSONAL accountability and an air of authenticity that doesn't worry about the opinions of sheep. It doesn't take “no” easily. Instead, it sees the blocks and works on inventive ways to circumvent them. Unusual and unconventional ways. And, that's exactly what this energy calls us to do. Break free from the status quo. Be accountable and grown up...all that...but feel free to put your personal signature on it. Make it yours.
The Moon is Void following her trine with Uranus potentially making for a night of unsettled rest. She remains Void until entering Virgo just after midnight.

Friday, April 7, 2017

The emotional system is a little more practical today as we move from the Fire of Leo and into the Earthy energy brought forth by the Virgo Moon. At 8:40 AM, the Moon trines Mercury in Taurus. This allows us to look at the methodical steps ahead of us, readjust priority if needed and keep planning forward...chunk by chunk. We are not setting these steps in stone just yet, though. Mercury will retrograde in Taurus and what we find important or at value is likely to be re-ordered. This goes along with both the retrogrades of Venus and Jupiter that brought echoes and heart reformations (which is ongoing). So, write your plans in pencil and be willing to restructure when appropriate.
The ferocity brought forth between Mars/Pluto is waning now. However, there is ferocity due to come forth from other parts of our sky way of the Sun's passage through the Cardinal crunch which begins today. The Sun opposes Jupiter in Libra at 5:40 PM. On the low end, this is very egocentric, selfish, self-aggrandized OR it could show us where we cut ourselves short due to being overly accommodating or overly concerned with the opinions of others. We may place either too much emphasis on our ego needs or too much emphasis on relationships. Balance that out. Retain your ability to laugh at yourself. A dose of humility and humor goes a long way.

By midnight the Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces and we are exhausted, sick, weary and set adrift upon more ethereal seas. Rest. Recuperate. There is room for progress again within our tomorrow as we remain mindful of a slow, steady and thorough pace while ensuring our desires do not drive us to desperate measures. Though...some will fail there. Know that. Doesn't mean you have to.
Tomorrow's sky features Venus square Saturn as the Sun also squares Pluto. Resources are in short supply and demons are exorcised from the ego system. But, this is what will catalyze acts of shady desperation and a grappling for resources. The highest use is to dig deep, know thyself and shore up any leaks by way of proper boundary in an effort to retain more resource. Using what you have and ability to resourceful in the first place will really help. The lack will be acutely felt and many will respond to that in potentially ugly, greedy or forceful ways.

Resting well tonight will help you prepare for that energy. So will a quick priority check this morning before we really get swamped up here. Some will show teeth and growl AND MEAN IT. So keep check on the information brought forth from the physical body and pay heed to it. Not really the week to be stirring the pot or trying to instigate. Folks have no patience for such right now. Plus, emotions are being pulled taught as we move toward our Full Moon. That adds a reactive and critical type nature to these aspects that we shouldn't forget about.