Morning Star: Astrology for April 22 to April 23, 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017

This morning is fairly relaxed and leisurely as the Moon in Pisces leaves her sextile with her buddy, the Sun in Taurus. The only major aspect, really, that we are looking at in the “meat” of the day is a conjunction from the Moon to Neptune at 3:59 PM.

It doesn't look like an overly productive day. It's more leisurely and relaxed with opportunity to kind of let things settle down a bit and catch up on some rest. It's dreamy and creative. On the low end, it could be swamping emotionally depending on what is going on specifically in your life.
But, the good news is the Moon continues to wane so emotionality continues to get less severe in that regard.
This is a great day for taking in a movie, napping or heading to a music venue. Some may even prefer to just hole up in blessed quiet alone time and escape the louder callings of the productive world.
Taking it easy pays off as the night moves forward the Moon sextiles Pluto at 2:21 AM offering strong restoration and empowerment in the emotional realm. Dreams are likely deep and sleep is likely solid. That makes THIS Pisces Moon happy! Use today for leisure and creative escape. Take it easy if you decide to tip a few back because it will likely affect you much more quickly than usual. Other than that, kick back and relax in the way of your preference.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The leisurely theme of yesterday trickles over into today too. We are likely well rested and restored. Again, not overly productive but if you've got any weekend chores you want to shore away before the work week reboots today offers us the opportunity to deal in that realm. It's just not pushy. Just piddle a little here and there to make progress.

Making progress or being able to feel as if you accomplished even a little bit is going to make the Moon square Saturn aspect coming in at 4:23 PM easier to wrangle. Otherwise that square looks a whole like the “Monday dreads.” You know. That point on Sunday night where you start dreading Monday morning and re-entering rat race? Yeah. It's like that. Hopefully you took some time to indulge yourself gently and rest up under this Moon so it's not a chance to relax wasted.
After the harsh square from Saturn, the Moon relaxes again with a conjunction to Venus at 5:36 PM. Yeah. Tomorrow's Monday. But, enjoy now. Relax when given the opportunity and pay Venus homage. She's had the crap kicked out of her lately and now is finally breaking free from it. Enjoy that.
Following the conjunction with Venus the Moon is Void until entering Aries at 8:34 PM. The Moon moves forward with a sextile to Mars in Taurus at 11:45 PM. Meanwhile, Mercury waxes back into trine with Saturn in the morning at 4:16 AM. Grab on to that grounded mental feel and work to get all your stuff in order/priority on Monday because Mercury has storms on his horizon as he keeps backing up closer and closer to Uranus where he will station direct.

This is a BREAK folks. Take it as one because it's not going to last forever. There is chance to rest and restore here. Time to get the mental body a little settled. Time to get good and comfortable in the moment without putting to much pressure on oneself to perform. It's not going to But, it's here now and we are encouraged to monopolize upon it.