Morning Star: Astrology for the April 17 to April 18, 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

From what I can see looking at the next few days, it appears like an exercise in which we can assess both how we use our power and how we conduct ourselves in general by harsh and more gentle ways. It's as if the Capricorn Moon comes in with an evaluative agenda. The Moon touches on every other planet in the sky by major aspect and, with her current ruler retrograde, we are called to kind of oversee production and then deliver an assessment to ourselves just like most receive routine evaluations at their own job. This is where you do well. This is where you need to tweak things a little bit. Stuff like that. So, let's have a look.

We begin this morning with the Sun in trine to Saturn Rx in Sagittarius (8:44 AM). This is where our inner “boss” begins to oversee general operations. Our initiating and forward moving Sun is prone to be self-accountable under this trine which means there really isn't someone standing over our shoulders monitoring/evaluating. This is a personal assessment. It calls for proper and unbiased perspective that aims to be mature enough to kind of take a step outside of ourselves and evaluate how “things” (which could translate to a myriad of different efforts/goals) are going.
These efforts are backed emotionally by our Capricorn Moon. Though, she is a little more relaxed in this process in the beginning as she waxes toward a sextile with Neptune at 9:56 PM.
Most of the day, though, is colored by this Sun/Saturn trine which has us doing these sober assessments but while also remaining compassionate/empathic and understanding in regard to areas in which we might find ourselves lax. This softening type of understanding is due the waxing Moon/Neptune sextile. The Moon in this position will help us be kind with ourselves today instead of overly judgmental or harsh.

It's really not a particularly active day. We can get stuff done. As a matter of fact, even a small sense of accomplishment within this day can do wonders for the emotional body. There is call for that but it is not a rush-rush-do-do type of thing. It's slower and more thorough as we make self-assessments at the same time. It is also wonderfully grounded moreso than overheated while being gentle at the same time. It looks very stable for the most part. Which is kinda nice! Just don't get too used to it because the Moon is prone to be more harsh as tomorrow progresses. Get your feet nicely underneath you today and brace for that.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

We come from yesterday well grounded and hopefully well rested as the Moon sextiled Neptune last night. This morning, we find the Moon square Jupiter in Libra (5:04 AM). Now, even though this is a harsh aspect, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It does kind of put a push and pull energy between what we may have planned and our outside relationships. It can also cause us to over-blow emotions meaning we need to take a step back to regain perspective. There is a balancing that needs to occur here in which we can deal with whatever needs to be dealt with in regard to what's grabbing our attention from the realm of the “other” while not losing focus on our own long or short term goals.

Next comes the part that is likely to trip folks up, though. If...IF... you end up over-accommodating in the realm of the “other” or saying “yes” to something you really don't want to do while forsaking your own agenda in the process, the incoming Moon/Pluto conjunction is going to drag you down fairly deep. There could be resentment, brooding, impatience...even feelings of being used or manipulated. In truth, some MAY HAVE met with manipulation. However, if that is the case, we also unwittingly allowed that. The conjunction from Moon to Pluto can help us more deeply assess the “why's” behind why we allow our powers to be usurped or distracted. It can help us introspect in regard to matters of why we feel we can't say “no” and continually put ourselves and our plans on the back burner in an effort to appease others. But, with proper negotiation, you can use Moon/Jupiter to reach out while offering whatever you have as barter to the person helping you thus increasing both potential powers in the process. On the lowest end, we do have these feelings of potential resentment, anger...even seething if the exchange between self and other feels lopsided or unfair. We can purge this stuff and reform how we interact within this dynamic. Plus, there is opportunity to refocus upon our plans. Yet this aspect is NOTORIOUS for power plays and grappling of resources while also giving some folks an opportunity to further manipulate and exploit. So, be wary of those potentials and keep in mind under these retrogrades much of what is happening has more to do with self than with other or external events.

The evening is going to depend on how you handle the morning. After the Moon leaves Pluto she begins waxing into square with Uranus in Aries at 8:33 PM. This is very restless and quite prone to break free from perceived restrictions especially if those restrictions keep us from staying involved in our own plan of action. So, right here is where that final straw hits the camel's back who has been trying to manage both his stuff AND the luggage of others. At this point, the camel is done being the pack animal and starts bucking stuff off his back.
If we managed this morning by way of negotiation and assessing the ability to exchange and share power instead of completely forsaking ourselves for the “other” then this could lead to a big push collaborative effort that helps everyone get further in the way of progress through team work. Yet, if we've continually placed ourselves and our business last by saying “yes” to things we didn't want to or by being overly accommodating...well...someone is likely to get the sharp end of our tongue. Instead of blowing your top over it, realize you DID have some control and some dealings in how this played out. Stop putting yourself last. Yes, interacting/helping others is essential. But, we do not have to be superheroes. Who is going to mind YOUR business? Doesn't that bear importance? Of course it does. So, like I said, instead of blowing your top or running yourself over with anxiety that comes forth due the fact you are not getting on with what YOU want to get on with...change. Make the balance more even. Make the dynamic between self and other more of an exchange than a one-sided affair. Nip potential at blossoming resentment in the bud and say “no” when you mean “no” instead of consistently putting your own plans on the back burner. Now, some will read that and see it as selfish. It is not selfish. It is essential. Just ask Venus square Saturn.

As the night moves forward the Moon is going to sextile Chiron and Venus between about midnight and 1:30 AM. This is where we can peer into those places where we keep pouring resource into unfillable holes. It's quiet. It's personal. It can bring up stuff that hurts in a hollow sort of way but it's here to let us know where those leaks in the boat exist. Where we've allowed sympathy to overrun our good sense or where we have left ourselves out in an effort to accommodate other or enable while also allowing us to gently self-assess the deeper reasons behind that.

The Moon continues on with a gritty Earth trine to Mars in Taurus (4:02 AM) in the morning just before meeting the Sun by square to form our Last Quarter Moon prior to sunrise (5:58 AM). Following the Last Quarter, the Moon reaches Void status for about an hour until entering Aquarius at 6:53 AM.
I want to point out this Last Quarter particularly because it occurs at the 29th degree of both Capricorn and Aries. It's kind of a critical mass type thing. For one thing, Aries season is coming to a close. The Sun enters Taurus just a little past 5 PM on Wednesday (Hell. Yes.). But, as the Moon passes out of Capricorn and the Sun passes out of Aries, we are given the opportunity to embark on a final release of these things that we have been beholden to but continually may cause us to meet with hindrance in our own affairs. As the Moon wanes, the call will continue to be that of “let go and release.” Then, when we reach the New Moon in Taurus, we can set declarations that allow for our own permissions to chase after OUR Venetian desires more than we try to accommodate the wishes/desires/wants of everyone else. Doesn't mean we shut everyone out and refuse to help. It means we can create intentions that cause that exchange to be more even and fair without leaving our own needs and security by the wayside.

The Sabian Symbols for these last degrees of Capricorn and Aries read as follows (with Dane Rudhyar's delineations included):

For the Moon at 30 Capricorn: The directors of a large firm meet in secret conference. Activity of inner formative elements of real personality. Massing of soul-energies in an emergency. Spiritual leadership.

For the Sun at 30 Aries: Young ducklings disport themselves merrily upon a pond. Essential social cooperativeness AND appreciation of selfhood. Also a sense of inner restriction. Contentedness.

See? The Moon is SUPER serious about “her” business as she continues to watch over general operations. Now. We can either find happy ducks or mad ducks depending. The underlined words in the delineation of the Aries symbol is the sweet spot we are trying to strike. Social cooperativeness WITH appreciation of self. Not, you doing all for everyone else all the time while leaving yourself out and, of course, not expecting someone or everyone else to take care your business either. If the latter is where you find yourself, that's where the massing of soul-energies in response come into play. It's going to feel like something you can (and shouldn't) tolerate any longer while also putting the reins in YOUR OWN hands to change that. The “sense of inner restriction” can be either a good thing or a more malefic thing. If the exchange between self and other is lopsided that's when we are going to feel harshly restricted. However, on the high end, this equates to solid/proper boundary and an effort to deal with the outside world while not losing our sense of self in the process. The Last Quarter Moon offers us opportunity to release attachment to these feelings of total obligation to the outside world that may cause us to forsake ourselves and our own plans. We can let go of what drags the scales down on either side. These ARE Venus lessons. Valuable stuff for Venus to learn in an effort to help her feel more at ease and satisfied...which in turn helps US to feel more at ease and satisfied once the scales of interaction and exchange are more evenly balanced. Remember this as the unspoken and not so obvious agenda of this lunation while also remembering you do have control by way of your choices throughout.