Morning Star: Astrology for April 15 to April 16, 2017

Saturday, April 15, 2017

I've a couple of pieces of good news for this weekend. First, Venus turned direct in Pisces today at 6:16 AM. Next, as the Sun moves away from his conjunction with Uranus, he stabilizes (and likely meets with consequence for impulsiveness and thoughtless re-activeness) by way of a trine with Saturn in Sagittarius (8:44 AM on Monday). Also, Venus is on her way toward a sextile with Mars in Taurus on Sunday night. That's nice smooth energy that gently moves forward but not in a forceful or brutish way.
But, let's start with today. As mentioned, Venus turns direct first thing this morning under the Moon in Sagittarius. Meanwhile, the Moon herself meets Neptune by square at 9:16 AM. This is a sluggish and emotive type of energy that may have us moving more slowly than usual. Many will sleep in and attempt to rest up after the uptick in erratic physical energy that came from Sun/Uranus. Others will prefer alone time or will be at least prone to turn the volume down in regard to happenings in the outside world. Some will be suffering from emotional hangovers, allergies/illnesses that effect sinuses and we feel rather lethargic overall. Moon/Neptune is also notorious for producing self-made martyrs. So before you go hanging on a cross in regard to all that is wrong in your life, why not look to ways you can change that instead. Or hang on your cross if that makes you feel justified but don't be surprised when the world moves on without you.

As the day moves forward, the watery/foggy feel of the morning begins to dissipate and we are prone to feel a little better as the Moon sextiles Jupiter in Libra at 5:16 PM. From here, the mood does begin to lift a bit and we may feel more like getting out and about.
Mars is waxing toward a sextile with Chiron which could bring a bit more hesitation to initiation efforts. However, this aspect can show us where we are prone to shoot ourselves in the foot. We can learn to walk in spite of our limp or continue to deny these issues and keep losing toes due our unconscious behavior. On the low end this energy is likened to a wounded animal. On the high end, it allows us to walk with more compassion, empathy and astute sense of self-awareness. It perfects in our early morning hours tomorrow (8:23 AM).
For today, the suggestion is to proactively explore emotionality sussing out the root of the more swamping feelings. We should take things slow and easy while attempting to catch up on rest. As Venus turns direct and retraces her shadow degrees, we will be called to employ the lessons she has taught us during the retrograde particularly when she re-enters Aries. Mercury continues to unravel how we think about things of value and worth which feeds into this as well.

Tonight fits well with light socialization and opting for humor moreso than seriousness or acts of machismo. Most will be looking for distractions from heavier emotions. If you are ok with being amongst a crowd this evening, sporting events, music venues or small gatherings with friends/folks who are known for their good humor fit well. With the Moon in Sagittarius we may be prone to wander away from our regular surroundings in search for that place where NOBODY knows our name.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Today is touch and go. There are assured highs but there are also some pretty deep and cumbersome lows. The day begins bright enough with a trine from the Moon in Sagittarius to Uranus in Aries at 8:10 AM. However, Mars waxes toward a sextile with Chiron at about the same time (8:23 PM). Those that have become aware/accepting of their Chironic issues will stride gently forward with their limp. Others will become reactive and protective of the painful spot acting like wild wounded animals. Yet, those that fair best are willing to get in line with the changes they need to make in their mode of operations and no longer deny or try to escape their Chironic pain but choose to move forward in spite of it by way of employing solid and supportive coping mechanisms.
The Moon squares Chiron and punctuates these painful spots at about noon. Just a half-hour later, though, the Moon meets the Sun in Aries by trine.

This day is beginning to sound a lot like an exercise in Temperance. The proper and careful mixing of water and fire which makes sense as the Temperance card does relate to Sagittarian energy. The need for positive of expression of this becomes even more apparent as the Moon squares Venus in Pisces at 12:47 PM. This can birth feelings of dissatisfaction and is reminiscent of being cut off from Venus' pleasures. Temperance calls us toward patience, follow through and an active hand in mixing together more volatile elements of ourselves in an effort to convert them into controllable power. That theme of conscious self direction and grasping back our power in an effort to have more firm control over the steerage is going to be a permeating theme for the next few days. In that, though, we are also given a permission slip to write our own rules to a degree. The Saturn Rx/Uranus trine is waxing in the background blaring the siren to start calling our own shots. But, we can't monopolize upon that if we are too busy casting blame on everyone else for the situations we are currently in. Self-accountability is the key that we can use to unlock the door that leads us to more personal freedom and independence.
Even though we are looking at these lunar aspects in isolation, it's important to realize they all fit together. Moon/Uranus can be likened to rocket fuel but our rocket (Mars in Taurus) needs maintenance (Chiron in Pisces). The ways in which we engage and go about getting what we want needs to be modernized and done more consciously. The Moon/Venus and dissatisfaction in regard to getting what we want is going to bring what we these elusive entities into stronger awareness as the Sun/Moon trine propels us to chase after them. So...we do, only to find it still out of our grasp. It aches throughout with the continual aspects to Chiron and that's the trick here. Saturn is calling us to break free from our shackles and some of those shackles are due over-attachment while others link to our legs by way of unmet or hollow desires. At the same time, Saturn's square to Chiron/Venus is also begging us to develop better and more routine coping mechanisms. That's your way out but many are adverse to dealing with discomfort and heart pains. Plus, because Mars resides in Taurus, many will be prone to fall into ruts of routine/habit at a time when the old ways of engaging in these adventures have met their expiration date. It's time to change and modernize this with new methods that fit into our currently ever changing world.

What most folks are missing is the fact that control really is their hands. It's likely going to involve taking initiative toward positive change. It's also likely to involve re-scripting how we think about matters of value and realigning our perspective on what is really important. Unfortunately we often miss the things that matter most until they are taken away. We become complacent in that way. We take things for granted sinking into false feelings of comfort that tells us these blessings will sustain themselves. We focus in on what we don't have and totally miss the blessing right in front of our faces...until it's taken away. Then, we spend a lot of time lamenting, railing and screaming WHYYYY! However, merely taking time to notice and appreciate these small and often forsaken blessings, changes the way we look at our lives. If you find yourself in good health, for example, you are certainly blessed. If you find yourself supported by a even a cherished few, you are blessed. If you can eat when you are hungry, breathe freely and have a soft pillow to lay your head on at night...see what I'm saying? We don't pay attention to these little things until they are gone. So the secret to today is to notice what we have instead of focusing on what we do not have. To humble ourselves. To become grateful and more honest while realizing we all have struggles. We all limp. But, with awareness, humility and gratitude we can find ways to become more satisfied with our lives. It is a rather tough row to hoe, though. It's much easier to look outward at others and critique the way they live their lives. It's rather uncomfortable to inspect ourselves in this way. All the retrogrades in sky right now are calling us to do just inward, not outward because the answer to most of your personal problems lie “in here” not “out there.”

Once we become more self-accountable we start to realize how much control we really do have. That's not going to come if we are hanging on a cross or giving all our power to others by blaming them for the circumstances in our lives. It comes by way of seeing/accepting the current roles we play within our lives. Accepting/embracing/nurturing our weaker spots and playing up our stronger qualities while reforming how we engage so that it's less of a fight/competition and more of a pursuit of what makes us individually more happy, more stable and overall more deeply satisfied.
The Moon meets Saturn by conjunction at 2:27 PM prior to flickering over into Void status. This is likely to feel either very cumbersome and restrictive or birth feelings of determination and sobriety. The Sun still waxes into trine with Saturn which is due to perfect tomorrow. Between now and then we are really being called toward maturity and accountability. Trying to escape that is not going to cut it. It's time to pull up our grown up britches and deal with whatever presents itself in a forthright manner.
The Moon remains Void until crossing over into Capricorn at 7:06 PM. This is just in time for the Venus/Mars sextile that perfects at 9:27 PM. Overall, it says to me that we can continue being victims of circumstance and keep hanging on our crosses. Or, we could realize that the controls are in our hands and it's time we grasped them back.

The Moon's first aspect from Capricorn is a trine to Mercury Rx in Taurus just before midnight. Re-assess what it is you think is of true importance while keeping the need to include simple often overlooked blessings as well. Be willing to change your mind and re-stack your priorities in light of these re-assessments. Find your heart song. Match your footsteps to the tempo and start taking back the reins of control slowly and deliberately within your life in an effort to steer yourself where you truly want to go instead of letting the priorities, actions or judgments of someone else to distract or dissuade you.