Morning Star: Astrology for April 10 to April 11, 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Libra. Early in the day she remains largely unaspected allowing us to go about our typical Monday routine. It is later tonight when she begins receiving pressure. However, emotions still high as the Moon continues to build toward crescendo.
We are looking at the me/we axis of Aries and Libra getting a workout. However, the Libra Moon has Jupiter on one side of her and Spica on the other. She may have an upper hand here. At 6:58 PM, the Moon is officially conjunct Jupiter. This can equate to an uptick in a desire to socialize or spend time with trusted friends. Emotions expand for better or worse. But, for the most part, this feels good and can be quite optimistic.

The Moon's door is darkened by way of a square to Pluto at 9:44 PM. The buoyant emotions of Moon/Jupiter are under threat. The shadow of our relationship life creep forth from the closet and make their presence undeniable. We could become fearful here. Or paranoid. Jealousy and envy could be at issue or the laughing, warm friendship vibe could take a more sexy turn.
The Full Moon blossoms at 2:09 AM. Dubbed the “Egg Moon” I'm inclined to call it the “Break up Moon.” That's just a simple manifestation of a Full Moon in Libra. We may release relationships for various reason. Some of this will be expected. Others result in a “straw that broke the camel's back” scenario. Moreover, this “break up” mentality is not reserved solely for romantic relationships. We could decide to break up with our job, a family member, our debt, a bad habit, a friend, our bank even subservient mentalities are at risk of getting ditched. As the chick divorces the egg, we too break free of what we perceive as a prison, counter-productive to personal growth or what we feel may trap us or hold us in place.

The Sabian Symbols involved in this lunation read as follows:
For the Sun at 22 Aries: Gateway opening to the garden of all desired things. Bounty awaits. The garden of our hearts can be over-flowing with blooms at this time. We are encouraged to tickle all our senses with the promises of pleasure and abundance.

For the Moon at 22 Libra: Chanticleer salutes the rising Sun with exuberant tones. Celebrate the fact you woke up this morning and make a joyful noise. This Symbol often reminds me of the movie, “City of Angels.” In that movie, the angels all gather together each morning and watch the sunrise. With the rise of the Sun, in comes this wonderful harmony that can only be heard in the heavens. But, we too, here on Earth can celebrate the fact that our warm Sun keeps rising to bring us life and vitality daily. Each day offers us a new opportunity and a clean slate. Embark upon this day with joy in your heart and a song on your lips. It's also interesting to note that roosters are interchangeable with the term chanticleer. The Rooster heralds a new day is dawning as the Sun rises. Tonight, we may crow at the Moon instead making the fact we are in the Year of the Fire Rooster apparent.

For the Moon's Ruler, Venus Rx at 27 Pisces: The harvest moon rises in translucent Autumnal skies. (gosh doesn't that sound familiar?...see Full Moon in Virgo's ruler) Here we are, back at the harvest degree of Pisces. Yes, there are culminations and resolutions drawn here. We have potential to manifest from the seat of creativity and dream. We reap what we have sown. Venus on this degree encourages us to greet the day gently and with wonder realizing the beauty that is all around us in the most simple of things. Those everyday types of miracles that we often overlook.

Even though I've dubbed this lunation as the “break up Moon,” that does not mean that all your relationships are at threat. This applies to those you have out grown, have become overly cumbersome with no chance of rejuvenation...something about them was not supportive, fair or just doesn't fit the bill. Other relationships, however, are at risk of deepening and growing stronger. Chances are, by today you know which side of the fence you are on. Yet, there will be a few surprises, I'm sure. The end result (deepening or break up) is exhilarating and freeing. Something to celebrate and announce. Whether it's declaring, “I'm back on the market!” “I'm free of that anchor!” or “I've found THE one!” The culmination of the Moon whose lead up was nothing short of tenuous brings release and in some cases, relief.

Another little piece of good news is due the fact that our Venus retrograde is also ending. Venus turns direct on April 15th. From now until then, she remains in proximity of a conjunction with Chiron and square to Saturn. Whatever clean up work we have in the realm of Venus matters fits nicely here. We benefit from gentle self care and becoming aware of the need to be responsible care takers of our hearts and what we find of value. Boundaries are drawn in places where we may have been overly empathic, enabled/enabling or may have misplaced sympathy. Expenses and fat are trimmed in an effort to ensure future resource. We divorce our wasteful mentality and theories about relationships from our more naïve days in favor of a more well weathered and matured perspective that values the same. This can also be a time of healing and repairing broken hearts.
The Full Moon continues shining brilliantly through the night appearing in the sky like a new pearl between two diamond stars (Spica and Jupiter). Notorious for restlessness and sleepless nights, many will be awake to see her in all her glory.

Full Moons are often revealing. This one comes under the spotlight of Jupiter who has been in harsh cahoots with Pluto in Capricorn by square. Jupiter's spotlight shined brightly into the darkest corners and chased out the deepest shadows in an effort to draw our attention into these spaces. To show us where we may be overly self-righteous, underhanded, dependent, self-destructive or what have you. Skeletons on stage in some cases. Meanwhile, Venus has been traveling backward playing tug of war with our hearts and as ruler of this lunation we find her stalled out and humbled by Saturn/Chiron if not exalted (or kissed) as a result of effectively addressing our elusive pains, addictions, biases. In some instances, she is fractured. Forlorn. Lonely. In others, she gently and slowly blossoms as a result of conscious effort. This leads us to re-frame our perspective in relation to matters of Venus (value, worth, love). A journey led by our backpedaling winged messenger, Mercury in Taurus. Jupiter continues to show us the shadow as he snuggles right up to the Full Moon offering us a chance to see exactly how ALL of our recent past history has affected our relationships. That's right. The thing that is revealed to you... as reflected back to you through your relationships.
If you are feeling heavily over-weighted and rejected at this Full Moon, know that you are being given an opportunity to build better relationships and directed toward making better choices in your life in regard to appeasing Venus.
There is a song that always reminds me of the shadow of Jupiter in Libra. The title is, “It ain't my fault.” The shadow of Libra, or the lower vibration, will project blame on others for her current circumstances. Nothing is ever this Libra's fault. Yet, when Libra becomes self-accountable she begins to realize that blaming others only gives her power to others. Accountability, however, gives her control. But, low-end Libra sheds accountability like last fall's trends, missing the opportunity to step out of the low-power/high-blame cycle. Remember that. If it comes to light under this Full Moon that yesterday's consequences are becoming continually heavier, it may be time to ask yourself, “Was it worth it? Why do I keep doing this to myself?” These are very worthy questions to ask instead of trying to assuage your suffering by continuing to place blame on everyone and every thing else. If you want positive change in your life, that is. If you don't (want change) or if you are good (gently blooming) where you are, then by all means keep doing what you are doing and keep getting what you are getting.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

This morning the Libra Moon remains active. She's prone to wake early due an opposition with Uranus at 7:32 AM. The day moves forward productively as she waxes toward a sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius at 2:19 PM prior to reaching Void status. I imagine most are feeling fairly spry except for those suffering the residual fall out of Venus/Chiron and Saturn. There is valuable insight to be found in most heart pains. Broke? Grow up how you manage your money. Find inventive ways to increase income. Heartbroken? Grow up your relationship efforts and make better choices of action or partner. As you proactively work to heal your Venus issues, these life lessons become more and more apparent. It's not fun but it is worthy to build upon. Also, well noted advice that I received from a Sun/Pluto person is highly applicable here, "If you have hit rock bottom, quit digging."

After a Full Moon culminates, the sky gears toward release and tying up loose ends. Between now and the New Moon in Taurus, we've got plenty of time to clear out and clean up as our perspective in regard to matters of value shifts with Mercury retrograde. Venus stalls in conjunction to Chiron and square Saturn bringing much emphasis to the holes in our boat (love, empathy and matters of finance) that may need boundary, healing or maturity. Jupiter continues his retrograde allowing us to assess our relationship history and challenging our perspective on relationships in general. Saturn rewinds us through our personal journey giving us opportunity to see how our previous actions have led us to where we are today for better or worse. We are given opportunity to inscribe what we've learned (and are learning) from the re-do everything energy coming from the sky into our future steps. At times, it may feel like taking a step backward in an effort to get a better idea of where we want to go or to simply think things over. In some cases, it may just be a call for a do-over which could include pleas for second chances.

The Moon remains Void until entering the deep waters of Scorpio at 6:42 PM. This will call us to face off with ourselves to some degree. The first aspect is an opposition to Mercury Rx in Taurus at 3:41 AM. Maybe, just maybe, it's time to change our mind in regard to what is important and to rethink what we want.
Overall, the day passes with a bit of relief due merely the fact the pressure from the Moon has popped. Some may be left with their hearts in their hands and mourning loss. Others feel free after finally ditching the albatross around their necks. The Scorpio Moon allows us to mourn and assess our deeper fears. If jealousy and envy are issues you struggle with, the darkening Moon gives opportunity to release and reform these emotional issues. Either way, we are called to closely inspect emotional issues which is a more comfortable exercise for some than others. However, letting go and releasing in an effort to rebuild something more sturdy in the empty spaces left in the wake of our “break up” Full Moon is greatly emphasized. Even if you are only divorcing winter, you can finish clearing out that stagnant energy with astute Spring Cleaning acts in an effort to make room for fresh, clean and new. The Scorpio Moon encourages us to purge in this way even if it is merely an emotional purge through our tears. One tip I can give for the forlorn is if you are sorry and have been given a clear visual of how you may have messed things up in the relationship realm, don't say it...walk it. Act out your apology instead of verbalizing it. Your actions are much louder than words.