Morning Star: Astrology for April 1 to April 4, 2017

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Welcome to a new month and don't forget the potential for pranksters today. We begin today with the Sun and Moon in an amicable sextile. The energy between our Aries Sun and Gemini Moon (8:21 AM) is nice but it becomes fogged rather quickly. By 9:47 AM our Gemini Moon is confused and sensitized by a square to Neptune in Pisces. This can simply equate to a desire to sleep in, rainy/gray weather or just a leisurely start to the day.

What doesn't help while this energy overlays the emotional body is trying to rush. If you do attempt to rush out the door to get somewhere or do something, you are at a high potential of forgetting something. Pretty typical for me and my Moon/Neptune. I usually have to enter and exit my home about 3 times before I have everything I need and even with that I usually forget something. To help that, slow down. Jot a list of what you plan to do, plus, what you'll need. Stop with the rushing. Employing Virgo-like energy does help offset the more negative potentials of this square. That does involve a step by step plan along with lists to keep us on track. That type of activity also fits with our Mercury newly in Taurus. Take it slow just as fast as you can.

As the day moves forward, the skies begin to clear (metaphorically or literally). By 8:03 PM the Moon dances in trine with Jupiter in Libra. This makes it a good night to spend leisurely with friends or in light conversations. Laughing is a great way to use this energy as well as taking time to get re-acquainted with folks whose company you enjoy. We've all been fairly busy lately. Tonight, offers a chance at light socialization and simply taking a break from all the rush to productivity and initiation. As a result, the Moon/Jupiter trine brings lighter and more enjoyable emotional atmosphere.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Very early this morning (4:01 AM), the Moon crosses lightly over Uranus in Aries. This could cause some early morning wake ups. But, it's not particularly harsh. It's more inspirational with a gentle forward moving initiative.

By the time the Sun rises, though, the Moon is in square with Chiron (7:23 AM) and working toward an opposition with Saturn (10:44 AM) who is stationed to turn retrograde any minute now. This can bring a hollow and potentially painful feeling along with pressure to perform to our emotional systems. However it also brings awareness to the things which may hamper us on our path forward while also bringing the ability to ground and build supportive boundary around some of these more elusive things. It is harsh. So, we are given little choice but to become aware of these hidden obstacles and distractions. We can perceive them as blocks or barriers. Or we can tack our path in such a way that it deals with these issues maturely and with accountability. It is heavy and not particularly fun but the awareness that is provided becomes valuable tool as we move forward.

Following the opposition with Saturn, the Moon is Void until entering Cancer at 2:28 PM. Her first aspect occurs nearly immediately afterward at 2:40 PM, a square to Venus Rx in Aries. Venus sits at the genesis of Aries preparing to melt back down with her re-entrance into Pisces tonight at 8:26 PM. Our desires may be on fire and feel out of reach right now. We may see others who are rude and overly assertive. This grazes our lunar body like sandpaper. How can they be so selfish? This type of rudeness/over assertion is due in part to the frustration of folks who are panicking because they are not achieving their heart's desire at their expected pace. It's not coming quickly enough. In a way, it feels demotivating. Almost likened to self-doubt causing some folks to push harder as a result. The best way to use this aspect, though, is to re-foster self-assurance in our ability to nurture ourselves by providing what yourself with what we need while being patient in obtaining what we want.

Our perspective on matters of Venus continues to be morphed as well as do the ways in which we go about getting those cherished matters. Mercury is currently in retrograde shadow. His retrograde motion will re-emphasis the re-alignment of values and how we think of those Venetian issues. Venus' retrograde back into Pisces reminds us of those intangible valuables that reside in the heart. These become solidified and gain priority as Venus turns direct in square to Saturn Rx. That merely reinforces the re-alignment of values and priority that occurs under Mercury Rx. But, today, the check-in from the Moon/Venus square may actually reflect things that we need to consider on an internal level by reflecting that in an exaggerated way through the the actions of others. We should check ourselves for purely one sided views and for placing more importance on the tangible/material than the internal/immaterial. Also, bear in mind the need to build self-assurance within the realm of being able to take good care of ourselves by doing so. Yes, gentle self-care efforts that amount to nothing more than just feeling better is a good way to go with this.
At 5:53 PM, the information from the Moon's last aspect is incorporated into the emotional system by way of a lunar sextile to Mercury in Taurus. What's important again? What is the plan? What are we trying to do...and, why is that, again?
After that gentle assessment, Venus does melt into Pisces...and the journey of finding and following our hearts continues.
Overall, it is a quiet and quite internal day. We were inspired early this morning but found lack and hindrance shortly after. While last night brought us out to be social. Today may bring us back into our homes for introspection rather than more extroverted affairs. It's a good day for gentle self care and contemplation while really listening to what it is our hearts have to say.

Monday, April 3, 2017

This morning starts softly. The Moon resides in Cancer, still. Venus has moved back into Pisces. Saturn vibrates in station. The first aspect from the Moon is a gentle and imaginative trine to Neptune at 12:27 PM. Good set up for a nap. But, if you are at work and can't sneak away for such, your imagination can reshape the whole set up. Overall, it's leisurely, empathic and lightly water-colored...which is going to feed directly into the pressure of our incoming First Quarter.

At 2:41 our First Quarter Moon perfects pitting the Aries Sun against our Cancer Moon. “Rush, rush, do, do and go, go,” says the Aries Sun. But, the Cancer Moon (our intuitive systems) were just fed information about that over the weekend. This is the time to allow things to slowly evolve while doing what we can to assist. Aries Sun's ambitions to make it all happen right now needs the advice from the emotional body that asks, “Do you want it done quickly? Or do you want it done well?” That is the “hump” that is presented in regard to our New Moon intentions/plans...the challenge of the First Quarter, so to speak...that is meant to remind us (once again) it is not pace but the quality that matters. This Quarter occurs at 14 Aries/Cancer 12. The Sabian Symbols in relation read as follows:

For the Sun at 15 Aries: Indian weaving a basket in the golden light of sunset.
For the moon at 15 Cancer: Merry and sluggish people resting after a huge feast.

By 9:00 PM, the Moon confers with Mars in Taurus by sextile. If the belly is not full and satiated, it is felt under this aspect. So, eat well. Overall, though, this helps us to stabilize after the pressure of the first quarter and resume our step by step pace without feeling rushed or hurried. But, yeah. You need to eat.
By 10:32 PM, the Moon squares Jupiter in Libra and the idea of idle chatter and socialization just doesn't sound appealing. We are still more inclined to introversion at this point. This aspect, in turn, could expand those internal spaces and even encourage us to add decoration to them. We feel more from wherever we were. Satisfaction and feelings of joy compound. Whereas more remorseful, lonely or clinging emotions also have room to expand. Take careful direction of that and reap the reward of purposeful steerage in that realm. If negative emotions are exacerbated, know the catalyst of such is probably something we need to bring stronger boundary around. Yet, enriched and gentled inner spaces become wonderful sanctuaries here.

By 11:33 PM, the feelings that were exacerbated under Moon/Jupiter for better or worse are deepened under a Moon/Pluto opposition. Again, this emphasizes the need for deliberate and purposeful steerage of the emotional body. This aspect can pull the demons of those issues out and into our awareness showing us where we may, in fact, be torturing ourselves with our emotional systems instead of practicing their use within the production of our daily functions. On the low end, this is emotional manipulation and control efforts trying to creep in on us. It can tempt us with these methods in our relations with others. On the high end, though, this is integrity and fortitude while employing the emotional body in the physical world. It can be scary and intimidating or sexy and alluring all depending on how comfortable you are working directly with the truth of the emotional body.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

This morning we are somewhat startled awake as the Cancer Moon squares off with Uranus in Aries at 7:32 AM. This scattered and anxious feel doesn't sound like the best way to start the day. Know that when Uranus hangs around by harsh aspect that we need to remember to breathe through the adrenaline and choose the best course of action instead of merely reacting. So, breathe your way through this while aiming to take slow and deliberate action. If you need to respond to something quickly, you will have the power to do that. But, before you do, make sure you take the time to gauge whether this is truly an emergent situation or just fleeting anxiety.

Things do settle and smooth a little as the day goes forward. The Moon trines Chiron in Pisces advising us to flow with our most effective coping mechanisms in tow. The Moon goes on to create another water trine with Venus Rx in Pisces at 4:46 PM. Easy, gentle, flowing energy remains strongly on tap as the Moon goes Void until entering Leo at 6:14 PM.
Now. The Moon's entrance into Leo changes the emotional landscape from focus on inner spaces and pushes it outward into the realm of identity and extroversion. We still have the awareness of the inner space but this Moon will give us opportunity to illustrate how that relates to how we express ourselves. How it influences matters of identity and creativity. There will be conflict between fixed elements of Fire and Earth as the Moon begins answering to our Sun in Aries. The tempo may pick up pace a little and we may feel more motivated to go and do. But, as the Moon's square to Mercury in Taurus (00:32 AM) will remind us...the pace may not be as quick as we would like. This is a just a short-term reminder to be wary of the steps, the priority and look to doing things thoroughly moreso than quickly. This “push” coming from our fire energies is compounded by Mars in Taurus' inconjunct to Jupiter Rx in Libra just prior to the Moon/Mercury square. There is impetus here to over-promise ourselves due to placing too much emphasis on meeting the expectations of others. While we do need to be aware of the impact of our actions upon others, we should not judge our progress based on what we think they may think of it. Humbly maintain your current pace and don't allow ego and perceived expectations cause you to over-promise, over-accommodate or, basically, bite off more than you can chew.

This morning is ripe for getting well settled in the current “flow.” As the Moon switches from Water to Fire we are at threat of forgetting ALL about that. The potential for this will be more due to a malefic push of ego more than anything else. Wanting to be seen, heard or recognized. So, a little humility and realization that we are creating...which takes time...not racing or competing with anyone will help. Leo loves to have fun and play games. It is possible to take a view of “fun of games” in relation to our ambitions instead of taking ourselves waaaay too seriously. While Fire may push us to pick up our pace, it is just a good idea to remain mindful and deliberate in our steps forward. Our endurance toward such currently builds as Mars waxes toward Pluto in Capricorn. This is due to perfect in tomorrow's sky as the Sun and Moon dance in fire by trine. This is a nice mixture of Earth and Fire that can help us make slow and steady progress in the areas of our choosing. But, again, we are not briskly running over the steps. We are taking our time and looking to build a thorough and steady foundation under us as we go.