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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of April 29 to April 30, 2017

Saturday, April 29, 2017

We are getting zero breaks from the Mercury/Uranus interplay in Aries this weekend. Yesterday, Mercury met the God of Lightning by conjunction for a second time. As the two hold in tight orb (as Mercury is moving RIDICULOUSLY slow) the Moon in Gemini will pass by them by sextile just after midday (1:29-2:14 PM EDT). This is good because it is by sextile. However, it can be quite emotionally affective because we are under a Gemini ruled Moon. Many may feel there is too much information coming in too quickly and its hard to keep up. Some may feel frazzled. Others manic or over-stimulated. However, others still could be flourishing in this. I feel this is the most unsettling to folks who have heavy water in their chart. Your mileage may vary on that. But, electric energy such as this has a tendency to scatter in Water whereas Fire can put it to use and Earth can ground it out. With heavy Air, the mental activity uptick is probably a welcomed thing. But, for our more sensitive watery folks, this ordeal of Mercury/Uranus in Aries can be quite unsettling and anxious making. Remember, grounding is your friend. You do have permission to scale back on becoming over stimulated. I can tell you that if you feel today's Moon sextile these two in a harsh manner, then buckle up because it gets a little harrier when the Moon in Cancer squares them on Monday.

How we choose to cope here is actually fairly important. Mercury and Uranus are pretty wild. So, sometimes, even while employing effective coping mechanisms it can be fairly teeth gritting. It's a very impatient and on edge kind of energy on the low end. Impulsive. Sharp tongued. Yet, it gets increasingly worse the more we keep allowing ourselves to become over-stimulated. The number one best way to help offset some of this is to step away from your electronics and get outside to ground. Saturn is accessible here by trine. Go for a walk. Sit on the porch. Satisfy curiosities with a quick day trip. Just be careful and know folks are kind of edgy right now. And, this “edgy” feel has hang time. As in, Mercury does not make his 3rd pass to Uranus until May 10th but he never moves more than a degree away from Uranus as he stations direct. That is constant mental stimulation that can quickly lead to overwhelm so knowing when and how to detach from that and ground it out is going to help. Be very careful while traveling or driving just because this is an unsettled and unpredictable type of energy. Many will feel as if they need to do things quickly and in a rush. But, unless it is an emergency, definitely take your time as rushing could cause a tendency toward being accident prone. Eyes on the road. Hands on the wheel. Definitely watch for others in the way of pedestrians, animals, motorcyclists, bicyclists, other drivers, etc as the roads will likely be a fairly busy place. Use less densely populated routes when possible. Also, don't forget our actions are answering to this energy as Mars is in the Mercury ruled sign of Gemini.

After the Moon passes by Mercury and Uranus by sextile, she moves on to square Chiron and oppose Saturn prior to reaching Void status. The outlet for that mutable t-square falls in Virgo..another Mercury ruled sign. The Gemini Moon is curious and with wide eyes is prone to try to catch all the lightning bolts from Mercury/Uranus flitting from one topic to the next, while employing Virgo helps us ground some of that out. Saturn to Chiron calls for well structured coping mechanisms and says there is absolutely no room for denial of Chironic issues. They must be dealt with and Virgo is the energy that can help with that. But, it will call for Virgo's prowess in the realm of triage and separating the wheat from the chaff. Figure out what it is that is coming in by way of information that bears true importance to you. Gemini will try to drink it all in. While Virgo says, “Nope. Don't need this, or that, or this.” She will focus according to matter of importance instead of trying to spread herself too thin. As we weed through the information putting it into proper priority and perspective then it is much easier to deal with what we need to deal with in a more grounded and forthright manner. The need to ground remains essential at this time. This is not easy energy to sit still with.

The Moon remains Void until entering Cancer at 9:49 PM. Her first aspect is an uncomfortable square to her cohort Venus in Aries at 11:00 PM. There could be a bit of ambiguity between want and need or there could be a small burr under our saddles that makes it hard to settle down to rest tonight. The effects do not last long, though. Besides, under a Mercury/Uranus sky such as this, if you are resting at all consider that a cherished miracle. It is VERY easy to become scattered and unfocused under this sky. Take your time and don't let this energy make you feel as if everything needs to be done all it once...however...know it WILL try. We all have potential for very itchy trigger fingers and sharp tongues right now.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

As the Moon moves forward into Cancer, things do have a chance to settle down a bit as she meets our Taurus Sun by grounding sextile (3:20 PM). Most are more inclined to shut the door on the outside world and attempt to foster a bit of a reprieve from the chaos found there...which is certainly not a bad idea. This does look good for good food and cherished family. Unless, you've got tensions happening there and in that case it might be better to just dine alone until that pot simmers down a bit. But, good food and non-abrasive company are the way to go with this. If you are feeling particularly abrasive then it might be a good time to call a personal time out with no company at all.

Saturn finds Chiron by square for the second time at 4:41 PM calling us in toward employing effective coping mechanisms and ditching denial for complete acceptance and awareness works well here. These coping mechanism are self-employed. As Saturn is Rx the disciplining of such is on our own shoulders and it involves solid boundary and grounding. We deal in the way that works for us best while realizing what works for us may not work for everyone.
The Moon does move on to trine Neptune which can bring some relief to the angst. However, as aspects between the Moon and Neptune can increase empathy, it could also make it easier for us to pick up on the angst from the rest of the world. Detach. Withdraw. Take a break and ground for best results. Drink plenty of water and let the rest of the world deal with their stuff while you deal with your own. By 11:23 PM, the Moon begins to move through the Cardinal Crunch with a square to Jupiter. This is where emotionality can become overblown. We could be skewing perspective and need to step back a bit. However, it can compound GOOD feelings too. So, how this plays out will have a lot to do with how well you handled yourself in the meat of today.

Monday is a May Day that holds true to its name. Except, I don't see it as much as a joyful circling around the May Pole May Day as much as I see it as an emergency call kind of May Day. So, that makes attempts at resting and detaching from outside stimulation today an imperative. This will be edgy and going into that tired on top of that is really bad deal. Keep that in mind and take things slow and easy while veering away from over-stimulation and distraction. Ground and boundary. Ground and boundary. The pique of the “fireworks” with this comes as the Moon squares Mercury and Uranus tomorrow between about 2:35 PM EDT and 4:23 PM prior to the Moon reaching Void status only to usher us into the pressure of the First Quarter Moon which perfects on Tuesday. The banjo strings will be pulled tight and many may feel as if they are walking on eggshells. It is quite edgy and definitely bearing emotional impact. So, again, rest up and steady yourself ahead of that.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Morning Star: New Moon in Taurus

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This morning at 8:17 AM, our New Moon in Taurus blossoms. Ah, the many things I could recount in regard to what I love about this season and the sign of Earth Venus. For one thing, it is time to turn that empty patch of dirt outside into a living, blossoming bounty. Yes. It is certainly time to plant gardens and dip into the many Earthly blessings. I feel the prime time for this is while Venus still resides in Pisces. We only have a short window for that as Venus enters Aries or Friday morning. Other great opportunities lie under the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Cancer which begins on the night of the 29th. I just prefer Venus in a water sign, personally, yet we have to work with what we have, right?
The sign of Taurus relates the Tarot card The Heirophant. Reliable. Stands on a solid set of well formed values. Steadfast. Certain and unwavering. With that, that makes the New Moon good for setting new standards or norms or putting declaration and intention toward the same. One way to think of this is if you have recently changed an old detrimental habit pattern this is chance to declare life without that habit as your new norm...your new standard. To make it concrete and part of a new reality for yourself. Another way to look at it is to stand strong upon your convictions.

There is so much more to Taurus than that, however. This is, again, Earth Venus. So, in that, we are encouraged to think of value and worth while also paying homage to the ways in which Mother Nature supports us everyday. To admire as she paints the hillsides with multiple tones of greens while dotting the fields with a variety of wildflowers. The way she encourages the birds to sing in harmony to greet the sunrise. The way the Sun rises (in and of itself) everyday without fail regardless of whether we thing life will persist after a particularly horrific day. The Sun always breaks the night and the night always envelopes the day. It's the most reliable thing giving some sense of security that there are things which persist despite human circumstance. The ways in which Mother Nature colors in our daily backdrop with simple but unduplicated miracles consistently and reliably is nothing short of miraculous if you think about it. Mother Nature always shows up. Always. That is true everyday without fail. I'm lax to find anything else so predictably unpredictable. In that, she always shows up but she has a tendency to something just a little different about every year as the seasons pass. In her own time. In her own preference. By her own tastes.

Taurus people are generally pretty steady and reliable too. Whether folks have one planet or many in the sign, there is a mark of dependability about them most times. A way about them that helps others feel grounded, rooted and more stable just by being in their presence. Most Taureans do enjoy a steady and predictable place. It is when they are called to change routine or settings or something else in their life that may cause them to become off center. Uranus in Taurus next year is likely to send many laden with Taurean energy on a tilt forcing them to create/accept new standards of normal on the heels of all that changed, was invented, blown apart and evolved during Uranus in Aries. I think this will be overall beneficial in the end. But, the cows are not going to like it as it goes down for the most part.
Taurus also connects to the outside world via the physical senses. The sensations of touch, sound, smell, taste and sight drink in the world around them. If something stinks, they are going to try to get rid of it. If something is uncomfortable, they aren't likely to wear it very long. If it isn't visually appealing, it doesn't grab their interest. And, they veer more toward things of quality than mere flashiness. They leave the flashiness to the Geminis, Leos, Librans and Aquarians. They prefer longevity and quality to glitter. Simple over fancy. Comfortable over irritating and lightly scented over obnoxiously noxious. When they admire something, they can hardly resist touching it, smelling it as if they are trying to bring more of the glorious thing into their systems. They generally love massages, hugs and the tangible palatable pleasures found in Earthly life. They are certainly not great with self-denial, either. Its as if they know their trek in Earthly form is only temporary and merely want to seek Venus in all her manifested glory upon the Earth while they are blessed enough to be here to enjoy it. Why would they deny themselves that?

In our current Astrology, we have experienced some rather unsettling times. The feel of this is lessened now as the Moon has waned. However, the settle is not likely to last as we move forward under this lunar cycle which is not something that appeases Taurus very much. So as the Moon is New and emotional reactiveness is still low, I highly encourage you to pay homage to what Venus brought to your awareness as a matter of true importance during her retrograde period. Was there something you missed? Was there something you panicked a little about at the thought of losing? Was your stability rocked? And, what it is that creates that feeling of stability to you. Call up your loved ones. Let them know of your admiration. Pass out hugs freely. We do not know precisely what the future holds and even though the Sun reliably rises in the East and sets in the West there is no guarantee that we will be here everyday to see it. We aren't promised a chance at loving who we love tomorrow. Today offers a great chance to share our feelings and admiration for those who bless us with love and friendship. To those who show up in our lives. To those that bring quality by way of their presence and companionship. If we each live another 100 years, taking time for this is still not regrettable. But, if by some chance, loved ones are stripped from us through the circumstances of life, we will certainly be glad we took a few moments to let them know they were appreciated and loved.
It's also a great time to pull out the “good” stuff and put it to use instead of socking it away for a special occasion. Make today a special occasion just because you were blessed to wake up and enjoy another day in the Sun. Use the good candles. Eat on the good china. Use the fine crystal wine glasses. Pull out the high thread count sheets. Admire the rose that just bloomed outside your door. Delight with the butterflies that flit briefly across your path. Put your feet in the soft grass. Enjoy the warming breezes. All that. Don't miss a thing. And, don't miss a chance on being gracious for these simple blessings found in your everyday.
At 7:39 PM, the Moon passes over Neptune by softening sextile. Overnight, as she slumbers, she is restored and empowered by a trine with Pluto in Capricorn at 4:51 AM. The cows sleep heavy and sturdily waking well rested and ready to greet the Sun in the morning.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for April 24 to April 25, 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017

Hopefully many took the opportunity to rest and restore this weekend. Now, with the beginning of the work week upon us, we may feel (at least temporarily) that our feet are once again a little more solidly underneath us. We are ready to venture forth and engage in the outside world with Moon in Aries. Plus, this morning, Mercury in Aries was steadied a little bit himself with a trine to Saturn at 4:16 AM. This indicates an inward affair of employing the information we've learned thus far and incorporating into our plans to move forward.
The Moon strongly wanes in her balsamic phase now. So before we start anew under the New Moon in Taurus, this lunar phase offers us a chance to put a few last pieces of information together to wrap up what we were doing in the last cycle. There is a bit of stability and personal rectification that can happen here. Feelings of resolve, assured direction and absolution. It is a day of adulting.

Yet, that boat is about to be rocked a bit as the Moon prepares to pass by harsh aspect by all the other Cardinal planets in the sky. She begins that tonight with a not so harsh opposition to Jupiter in Libra at 11:25 PM. This can denote a nice balance between that found on the axis of self and other. A place of satisfaction. On the lowest end our perspective may be blown out of proportion in regard to personal emotional matters and if you find that to be the case, know that you can adjust perspective and balance those scales pushing on whichever end is lacking. Giving away too much of yourself...push down on the side of the scale that delivers you a little more self-respect and personal attentiveness. Find you are too isolated and feeling like a cast out lone wolf? Reach out and balance that with the other. Either way, it's not a particularly harsh thing but it can call us to readjustment of those scales.
This is a great day for taking the initiative to wrap up unfinished business. The mental body is settled and certain for a minute. But, that's not likely to last. Take advantage of that and get your ducks back in their proper rows.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Today is the day that the Universe takes things to an uptick a little. We begin early this morning with a potential sense of doom or personal darkness looming on our doorsteps with an early morning square from the Aries Moon to Pluto Rx in Capricorn (4:47 AM). There's a bit of a sense of wrestling with personal demons here in which we will need to be self-honest and bravely face them down. There could be some power struggles here as attempts to tell you how you should feel about whatever. Remember, no one has the right to do that. You feel whatever you feel and realize their call to control your emotions is due to lack of ability to deal with their own. Let it go and deal with you.
By 2:05 PM the Moon is scattered and blown apart by a conjunction with Uranus in Aries that is quickly followed by a conjunction to Mercury in Aries at 4:31 PM. This is anxious making and could deliver unsettling news to the public body. Know this is just the beginning of the unfurl. The WHOLE story is yet to be completed and likely will NOT be totally rectified until following the Full Moon in Scorpio when Mercury passes by Uranus a third time and finally rectifies all this by trine to Saturn...also a third time...on the 11 of May. OF MAY! So hold at bay and let all this come in. The good news is again the emotional responsiveness of the Moon is low despite this anxious making set of aspects. So, we can hold steady for the moment as this begins to unravel.

That fact is punctuated by way of a mature and stable trine from the Moon to Saturn at 5:54 PM. The emotive body resettles and takes the mature stance in regard to whatever it is called to deal with. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Taurus at 9:57 PM.
Today is a good day to be flexible while leaving room for the unexpected to occur. There will be little sparks from a fire or two that may burst forth unexpectedly for us to deal with. With emotionality low, we can deal. Then, by late this evening, as she settles in stability with the trine to Saturn and reaches Void status, the previous unexpected we had to deal with seems like a distant memory and we go about our night somewhat unencumbered and unflappable.

Know, though, if the Moon's passages across Uranus/Mercury were particularly unsettling for you there is some recalibration and coping mechanisms you may need to set intention toward because this is going to occur again over the course of the next two weeks. At that time the emotional body won't be as settled and things will have an even sharper edge. So, note what you did right in regard to dealing with today's brief unsettling energy and plan to re-use those efforts as we move forward into this Mercurian fostered storm brewing on the horizon. Note what was ineffective and make vows for reformation of that. Right now, the storm is swirling off in the distance only making it's presence known by way of a few short lightning bolts here and there. But, it will come to shore quickly. Create a nice safe place for you to retreat to when that occurs. Keep clearing the space for such a place in today. Getting rid of what you don't need, stockpiling what you do, tying up loose ends and such. And, you know, real storm or hypothetical may not be a bad idea to stock up on some basic supplies.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for April 22 to April 23, 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017

This morning is fairly relaxed and leisurely as the Moon in Pisces leaves her sextile with her buddy, the Sun in Taurus. The only major aspect, really, that we are looking at in the “meat” of the day is a conjunction from the Moon to Neptune at 3:59 PM.

It doesn't look like an overly productive day. It's more leisurely and relaxed with opportunity to kind of let things settle down a bit and catch up on some rest. It's dreamy and creative. On the low end, it could be swamping emotionally depending on what is going on specifically in your life.
But, the good news is the Moon continues to wane so emotionality continues to get less severe in that regard.
This is a great day for taking in a movie, napping or heading to a music venue. Some may even prefer to just hole up in blessed quiet alone time and escape the louder callings of the productive world.
Taking it easy pays off as the night moves forward the Moon sextiles Pluto at 2:21 AM offering strong restoration and empowerment in the emotional realm. Dreams are likely deep and sleep is likely solid. That makes THIS Pisces Moon happy! Use today for leisure and creative escape. Take it easy if you decide to tip a few back because it will likely affect you much more quickly than usual. Other than that, kick back and relax in the way of your preference.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The leisurely theme of yesterday trickles over into today too. We are likely well rested and restored. Again, not overly productive but if you've got any weekend chores you want to shore away before the work week reboots today offers us the opportunity to deal in that realm. It's just not pushy. Just piddle a little here and there to make progress.

Making progress or being able to feel as if you accomplished even a little bit is going to make the Moon square Saturn aspect coming in at 4:23 PM easier to wrangle. Otherwise that square looks a whole like the “Monday dreads.” You know. That point on Sunday night where you start dreading Monday morning and re-entering rat race? Yeah. It's like that. Hopefully you took some time to indulge yourself gently and rest up under this Moon so it's not a chance to relax wasted.
After the harsh square from Saturn, the Moon relaxes again with a conjunction to Venus at 5:36 PM. Yeah. Tomorrow's Monday. But, enjoy now. Relax when given the opportunity and pay Venus homage. She's had the crap kicked out of her lately and now is finally breaking free from it. Enjoy that.
Following the conjunction with Venus the Moon is Void until entering Aries at 8:34 PM. The Moon moves forward with a sextile to Mars in Taurus at 11:45 PM. Meanwhile, Mercury waxes back into trine with Saturn in the morning at 4:16 AM. Grab on to that grounded mental feel and work to get all your stuff in order/priority on Monday because Mercury has storms on his horizon as he keeps backing up closer and closer to Uranus where he will station direct.

This is a BREAK folks. Take it as one because it's not going to last forever. There is chance to rest and restore here. Time to get the mental body a little settled. Time to get good and comfortable in the moment without putting to much pressure on oneself to perform. It's not going to But, it's here now and we are encouraged to monopolize upon it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for April 19 to April 21, 2017

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

We begin today under the call for a final purge brought forth by the Last Quarter Moon at 5:58 PM. This Quarter is discussed in a little more depth in yesterday's write up. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Aquarius at 6:53 AM.
In looking at the rest of the week unfold, I realized that by the weekend much of our sky will have changed. First, the Sun kicks off the change with his movement into Taurus at 5:28 PM today. Mercury Rx greets the Sun by conjunction but falls back into Aries tomorrow at 1:38 PM. Pluto stations retrograde at 3:41 AM tomorrow. Venus makes her final square from Pisces to Saturn Rx in Sagittarius on Friday morning just after Mars shifts from Taurus to Gemini about an hour earlier. To me, those seem to be fairly astute changes. Mars in Gemini is certainly not Mars in Taurus. Venus leaving the crunch with Saturn and Chiron is a relief. Mercury Rx in Taurus is certainly not Mercury Rx in Aries. A Venus ruled Sun is of course not the same as a Mars ruled Sun. So, yes. Things get jostled around a little bit. I think most will welcome that as the feelings of being stuck and wading through mud dissipates for a little bit. What I find kind of crazy about that is just as all this change occurs our Solar body enters a realm that is not necessarily comfortable with change. So, while parts of us seemingly limber up for a bit, it still may seem a bit unsettling at first just because it's different.
Today, however, is a lot about Mercury. The Aquarius Moon meets with him by square just after day break (8:32 AM). This, along with the Last Quarter, will set the tone for today. There is some mental pressure and there is also emotional pressure both that point toward a need to reform thought and release.

This conflict between the emotional and mental bodies and persists until the Sun passes into Taurus and is brought into this Mercurian mix by way of conjunction to our winged messenger at 1:55 AM. Brains spin. It's likely a restless night especially if we were prone to over-stimulation during the day. Plus, as Pluto stations there may still be a feeling of being stalled to a degree.
The conjunction of the Sun to Mercury occurs at the genesis of Taurus. From here, Mercury will head toward Uranus, turn direct and pass over Uranus again. This conjunction to the Sun is just the beginning of an influx of information to which the physical body will respond while Mars falls under Mercury's rule. The Sabian Symbol for tonight's Sun/Mercury conjunction reads as follows:

Taurus 1: A clear mountain stream flows through a rocky defile. Dane Rudhyar expands with, “Purity, excellence and immediate availability of the strength and power of being. Refreshment. Self-sustainment.”

This does indicate a clear stream of information/communication flowing between and around obstacles (rocks). We could hear more talks of leaks of information, for example. I suspect that any information received will continue to grow in clarity and perhaps be accompanied by lightning bolts (shocking revelation) as Mercury nears Uranus. What is clarified could also have a thing or two to do with Mercury's first pass by Uranus on March 26. That takes us ALL the way back to the day before the New Moon in Aries. It's highly probable that we will hear themes from that time repeat and be given a chance to gain more clarity about them in an effort to incorporate it into the now as Mercury stations direct in Aries on May 4th at 24 Aries while Uranus resides just one degree away at 25. So, I would suspect that information may flip/flop, come in quickly and with echo as that occurs. Today is likened to an introduction of that veritable storm. And, anytime Mercury is activated in such a way it could bear prominence upon our weather throughout by way of literal storms. I'm kind of pondering earthquake potential too with the conjunction of Sun/Mercury occurring in an Earth sign during Pluto's station retrograde.

This is my cat, Mercury. He's mimicking his namesake planet's conjunction to the Sun 
Pluto stations retrograde at 3:41 AM at 19 Capricorn 24. I do get a sense of things breaking apart as I look at this set up. But, it could very well be a break up of stuck information and mental/emotional stagnation while we are under the guidance of an Aquarian Moon.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The speed of the brain hits an uptick following Mercury's conjunction with the Sun yesterday. He officially heads back to Aries at 1:38 PM. The slow and steady common sense of Taurus is brought back to us by way of the Sun. But, the brain and mental body become rather unsettled. The state of Mercury will increase in importance as Mars shifts into Gemini tomorrow morning.

The Moon casually lingers in Aquarius for the most part this morning. Her first aspect is by way of a windy trine to Jupiter in Libra at 2:52 PM. This, along with the re-entrance of Mercury into Aries may have tongues wagging. But, the state of the Moon is inclined toward issues of social justice and collaboration. Aquarius Moon is not typically known to be overly aggressive unless there are other factors in a person's chart that inclines it to such. However, I'm sure there will be much to talk about today and a lot on folks' minds that they are trying to make sense of. Many have been subtly withdrawing to a degree from the areas of being overly mentally engaged. But, there may be impetus to re-engage in collaborative dialogue here.

On a personal level, this is a good day to spend in light socialization. We may whisper in small groups or look for social reprieve from worldly pressures. Any time Mercury is scattered or punctuated as he is now, it's a good time to clean and organize in your physical space. This especially true under a waning Moon. So, spiritually inclined cleaning such as smudging your personal space can become an outward activity that helps to organize thought as well. Just don't let your brain get too carried away just yet. We may have been given hint at the information but the whole story has yet to be revealed. In other words, it is a good day to begin the dialogue in regard to whatever concerns may be brought to the fore for you. However, hold off on making final decisions for a bit as there is likely more relevant information incoming.

Friday, April 21, 2017

This morning the Moon meets her ruler, Uranus, by sextile at 6:17 AM. This is an early upstart energy that likely has us waking spry. Shortly after, Mars leaves Taurus and enters Gemini. This causes us to be prone to react/respond to information. However, with Mars in a Air sign we may talk more about what we think we would do rather than actually do anything. However, physical action will likely correlate with the state of the mental body for the duration of this transit.

At 7:10 AM Venus makes her final official square with Saturn Rx in Sagittarius. There is pressure here but it is soon resolved. We are given another chance to assess leaks in the realm of relationships (enabling, pouring love and heart resource into empty unfillable vessels) and finances prior to Venus retracing her steps back into Aries. Resources could still be tight, but they too are likely to begin to loosen the purse strings following this. Venus is reborn and set free to begin anew with all the experience she has gleaned thus far in tow. Today is the beginning of the end of Venus' drag.

The Moon moves on to sextile her traditional ruler, Saturn, at 11:20 AM offering us stabilization in the emotional realm and tempting us to regain some optimism in regard to dealing with the long journey ahead of us. Then, she winds out the day and her active trek through Aquarius with a sextile to Mercury Rx in Aries at 2:24 PM. From here she is Void for a little over an hour until entering Pisces at 3:44 PM.
Now, the Moon in Aquarius goes out on a logical and semi-stable note. However, her entrance into Pisces changes the set up. Logic gives way to emotion that is anything but rational. There is confusion, sentimentality and a melting of sorts. Her first aspect is a square to Mars in Gemini at 4:15 PM. At this point, we may be unsure of what it is we need to do next. Mars in Gemini is a multi-tasker and with Moon in Pisces that task list could seem endless and we could melt in despair over that or just confusion in regard to information in general. The best bet is to just take a break. Give the information time to congeal and resolve. Dismiss and isolate yourself from potential over-stimulation which is only going to exacerbate confusion and ground. The Pisces Moon meets our grounding Taurus Sun by sextile at 7:26 PM.
I know. It feels like over and over again we are getting the message of “hold at bay” or “not yet” or “don't rush, go slow.” We need our patience but its been taxed to an excruciating degree. Yet, still, we are prompted to wait it out and deal with our inner selves in that process. Pay heed to your physical/emotional needs moreso than letting the demons of the mind run the show here. Address the personal (emotional/physical) NEEDS first and after that the information has more of a chance to clear.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the April 17 to April 18, 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

From what I can see looking at the next few days, it appears like an exercise in which we can assess both how we use our power and how we conduct ourselves in general by harsh and more gentle ways. It's as if the Capricorn Moon comes in with an evaluative agenda. The Moon touches on every other planet in the sky by major aspect and, with her current ruler retrograde, we are called to kind of oversee production and then deliver an assessment to ourselves just like most receive routine evaluations at their own job. This is where you do well. This is where you need to tweak things a little bit. Stuff like that. So, let's have a look.

We begin this morning with the Sun in trine to Saturn Rx in Sagittarius (8:44 AM). This is where our inner “boss” begins to oversee general operations. Our initiating and forward moving Sun is prone to be self-accountable under this trine which means there really isn't someone standing over our shoulders monitoring/evaluating. This is a personal assessment. It calls for proper and unbiased perspective that aims to be mature enough to kind of take a step outside of ourselves and evaluate how “things” (which could translate to a myriad of different efforts/goals) are going.
These efforts are backed emotionally by our Capricorn Moon. Though, she is a little more relaxed in this process in the beginning as she waxes toward a sextile with Neptune at 9:56 PM.
Most of the day, though, is colored by this Sun/Saturn trine which has us doing these sober assessments but while also remaining compassionate/empathic and understanding in regard to areas in which we might find ourselves lax. This softening type of understanding is due the waxing Moon/Neptune sextile. The Moon in this position will help us be kind with ourselves today instead of overly judgmental or harsh.

It's really not a particularly active day. We can get stuff done. As a matter of fact, even a small sense of accomplishment within this day can do wonders for the emotional body. There is call for that but it is not a rush-rush-do-do type of thing. It's slower and more thorough as we make self-assessments at the same time. It is also wonderfully grounded moreso than overheated while being gentle at the same time. It looks very stable for the most part. Which is kinda nice! Just don't get too used to it because the Moon is prone to be more harsh as tomorrow progresses. Get your feet nicely underneath you today and brace for that.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

We come from yesterday well grounded and hopefully well rested as the Moon sextiled Neptune last night. This morning, we find the Moon square Jupiter in Libra (5:04 AM). Now, even though this is a harsh aspect, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It does kind of put a push and pull energy between what we may have planned and our outside relationships. It can also cause us to over-blow emotions meaning we need to take a step back to regain perspective. There is a balancing that needs to occur here in which we can deal with whatever needs to be dealt with in regard to what's grabbing our attention from the realm of the “other” while not losing focus on our own long or short term goals.

Next comes the part that is likely to trip folks up, though. If...IF... you end up over-accommodating in the realm of the “other” or saying “yes” to something you really don't want to do while forsaking your own agenda in the process, the incoming Moon/Pluto conjunction is going to drag you down fairly deep. There could be resentment, brooding, impatience...even feelings of being used or manipulated. In truth, some MAY HAVE met with manipulation. However, if that is the case, we also unwittingly allowed that. The conjunction from Moon to Pluto can help us more deeply assess the “why's” behind why we allow our powers to be usurped or distracted. It can help us introspect in regard to matters of why we feel we can't say “no” and continually put ourselves and our plans on the back burner in an effort to appease others. But, with proper negotiation, you can use Moon/Jupiter to reach out while offering whatever you have as barter to the person helping you thus increasing both potential powers in the process. On the lowest end, we do have these feelings of potential resentment, anger...even seething if the exchange between self and other feels lopsided or unfair. We can purge this stuff and reform how we interact within this dynamic. Plus, there is opportunity to refocus upon our plans. Yet this aspect is NOTORIOUS for power plays and grappling of resources while also giving some folks an opportunity to further manipulate and exploit. So, be wary of those potentials and keep in mind under these retrogrades much of what is happening has more to do with self than with other or external events.

The evening is going to depend on how you handle the morning. After the Moon leaves Pluto she begins waxing into square with Uranus in Aries at 8:33 PM. This is very restless and quite prone to break free from perceived restrictions especially if those restrictions keep us from staying involved in our own plan of action. So, right here is where that final straw hits the camel's back who has been trying to manage both his stuff AND the luggage of others. At this point, the camel is done being the pack animal and starts bucking stuff off his back.
If we managed this morning by way of negotiation and assessing the ability to exchange and share power instead of completely forsaking ourselves for the “other” then this could lead to a big push collaborative effort that helps everyone get further in the way of progress through team work. Yet, if we've continually placed ourselves and our business last by saying “yes” to things we didn't want to or by being overly accommodating...well...someone is likely to get the sharp end of our tongue. Instead of blowing your top over it, realize you DID have some control and some dealings in how this played out. Stop putting yourself last. Yes, interacting/helping others is essential. But, we do not have to be superheroes. Who is going to mind YOUR business? Doesn't that bear importance? Of course it does. So, like I said, instead of blowing your top or running yourself over with anxiety that comes forth due the fact you are not getting on with what YOU want to get on with...change. Make the balance more even. Make the dynamic between self and other more of an exchange than a one-sided affair. Nip potential at blossoming resentment in the bud and say “no” when you mean “no” instead of consistently putting your own plans on the back burner. Now, some will read that and see it as selfish. It is not selfish. It is essential. Just ask Venus square Saturn.

As the night moves forward the Moon is going to sextile Chiron and Venus between about midnight and 1:30 AM. This is where we can peer into those places where we keep pouring resource into unfillable holes. It's quiet. It's personal. It can bring up stuff that hurts in a hollow sort of way but it's here to let us know where those leaks in the boat exist. Where we've allowed sympathy to overrun our good sense or where we have left ourselves out in an effort to accommodate other or enable while also allowing us to gently self-assess the deeper reasons behind that.

The Moon continues on with a gritty Earth trine to Mars in Taurus (4:02 AM) in the morning just before meeting the Sun by square to form our Last Quarter Moon prior to sunrise (5:58 AM). Following the Last Quarter, the Moon reaches Void status for about an hour until entering Aquarius at 6:53 AM.
I want to point out this Last Quarter particularly because it occurs at the 29th degree of both Capricorn and Aries. It's kind of a critical mass type thing. For one thing, Aries season is coming to a close. The Sun enters Taurus just a little past 5 PM on Wednesday (Hell. Yes.). But, as the Moon passes out of Capricorn and the Sun passes out of Aries, we are given the opportunity to embark on a final release of these things that we have been beholden to but continually may cause us to meet with hindrance in our own affairs. As the Moon wanes, the call will continue to be that of “let go and release.” Then, when we reach the New Moon in Taurus, we can set declarations that allow for our own permissions to chase after OUR Venetian desires more than we try to accommodate the wishes/desires/wants of everyone else. Doesn't mean we shut everyone out and refuse to help. It means we can create intentions that cause that exchange to be more even and fair without leaving our own needs and security by the wayside.

The Sabian Symbols for these last degrees of Capricorn and Aries read as follows (with Dane Rudhyar's delineations included):

For the Moon at 30 Capricorn: The directors of a large firm meet in secret conference. Activity of inner formative elements of real personality. Massing of soul-energies in an emergency. Spiritual leadership.

For the Sun at 30 Aries: Young ducklings disport themselves merrily upon a pond. Essential social cooperativeness AND appreciation of selfhood. Also a sense of inner restriction. Contentedness.

See? The Moon is SUPER serious about “her” business as she continues to watch over general operations. Now. We can either find happy ducks or mad ducks depending. The underlined words in the delineation of the Aries symbol is the sweet spot we are trying to strike. Social cooperativeness WITH appreciation of self. Not, you doing all for everyone else all the time while leaving yourself out and, of course, not expecting someone or everyone else to take care your business either. If the latter is where you find yourself, that's where the massing of soul-energies in response come into play. It's going to feel like something you can (and shouldn't) tolerate any longer while also putting the reins in YOUR OWN hands to change that. The “sense of inner restriction” can be either a good thing or a more malefic thing. If the exchange between self and other is lopsided that's when we are going to feel harshly restricted. However, on the high end, this equates to solid/proper boundary and an effort to deal with the outside world while not losing our sense of self in the process. The Last Quarter Moon offers us opportunity to release attachment to these feelings of total obligation to the outside world that may cause us to forsake ourselves and our own plans. We can let go of what drags the scales down on either side. These ARE Venus lessons. Valuable stuff for Venus to learn in an effort to help her feel more at ease and satisfied...which in turn helps US to feel more at ease and satisfied once the scales of interaction and exchange are more evenly balanced. Remember this as the unspoken and not so obvious agenda of this lunation while also remembering you do have control by way of your choices throughout.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for April 15 to April 16, 2017

Saturday, April 15, 2017

I've a couple of pieces of good news for this weekend. First, Venus turned direct in Pisces today at 6:16 AM. Next, as the Sun moves away from his conjunction with Uranus, he stabilizes (and likely meets with consequence for impulsiveness and thoughtless re-activeness) by way of a trine with Saturn in Sagittarius (8:44 AM on Monday). Also, Venus is on her way toward a sextile with Mars in Taurus on Sunday night. That's nice smooth energy that gently moves forward but not in a forceful or brutish way.
But, let's start with today. As mentioned, Venus turns direct first thing this morning under the Moon in Sagittarius. Meanwhile, the Moon herself meets Neptune by square at 9:16 AM. This is a sluggish and emotive type of energy that may have us moving more slowly than usual. Many will sleep in and attempt to rest up after the uptick in erratic physical energy that came from Sun/Uranus. Others will prefer alone time or will be at least prone to turn the volume down in regard to happenings in the outside world. Some will be suffering from emotional hangovers, allergies/illnesses that effect sinuses and we feel rather lethargic overall. Moon/Neptune is also notorious for producing self-made martyrs. So before you go hanging on a cross in regard to all that is wrong in your life, why not look to ways you can change that instead. Or hang on your cross if that makes you feel justified but don't be surprised when the world moves on without you.

As the day moves forward, the watery/foggy feel of the morning begins to dissipate and we are prone to feel a little better as the Moon sextiles Jupiter in Libra at 5:16 PM. From here, the mood does begin to lift a bit and we may feel more like getting out and about.
Mars is waxing toward a sextile with Chiron which could bring a bit more hesitation to initiation efforts. However, this aspect can show us where we are prone to shoot ourselves in the foot. We can learn to walk in spite of our limp or continue to deny these issues and keep losing toes due our unconscious behavior. On the low end this energy is likened to a wounded animal. On the high end, it allows us to walk with more compassion, empathy and astute sense of self-awareness. It perfects in our early morning hours tomorrow (8:23 AM).
For today, the suggestion is to proactively explore emotionality sussing out the root of the more swamping feelings. We should take things slow and easy while attempting to catch up on rest. As Venus turns direct and retraces her shadow degrees, we will be called to employ the lessons she has taught us during the retrograde particularly when she re-enters Aries. Mercury continues to unravel how we think about things of value and worth which feeds into this as well.

Tonight fits well with light socialization and opting for humor moreso than seriousness or acts of machismo. Most will be looking for distractions from heavier emotions. If you are ok with being amongst a crowd this evening, sporting events, music venues or small gatherings with friends/folks who are known for their good humor fit well. With the Moon in Sagittarius we may be prone to wander away from our regular surroundings in search for that place where NOBODY knows our name.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Today is touch and go. There are assured highs but there are also some pretty deep and cumbersome lows. The day begins bright enough with a trine from the Moon in Sagittarius to Uranus in Aries at 8:10 AM. However, Mars waxes toward a sextile with Chiron at about the same time (8:23 PM). Those that have become aware/accepting of their Chironic issues will stride gently forward with their limp. Others will become reactive and protective of the painful spot acting like wild wounded animals. Yet, those that fair best are willing to get in line with the changes they need to make in their mode of operations and no longer deny or try to escape their Chironic pain but choose to move forward in spite of it by way of employing solid and supportive coping mechanisms.
The Moon squares Chiron and punctuates these painful spots at about noon. Just a half-hour later, though, the Moon meets the Sun in Aries by trine.

This day is beginning to sound a lot like an exercise in Temperance. The proper and careful mixing of water and fire which makes sense as the Temperance card does relate to Sagittarian energy. The need for positive of expression of this becomes even more apparent as the Moon squares Venus in Pisces at 12:47 PM. This can birth feelings of dissatisfaction and is reminiscent of being cut off from Venus' pleasures. Temperance calls us toward patience, follow through and an active hand in mixing together more volatile elements of ourselves in an effort to convert them into controllable power. That theme of conscious self direction and grasping back our power in an effort to have more firm control over the steerage is going to be a permeating theme for the next few days. In that, though, we are also given a permission slip to write our own rules to a degree. The Saturn Rx/Uranus trine is waxing in the background blaring the siren to start calling our own shots. But, we can't monopolize upon that if we are too busy casting blame on everyone else for the situations we are currently in. Self-accountability is the key that we can use to unlock the door that leads us to more personal freedom and independence.
Even though we are looking at these lunar aspects in isolation, it's important to realize they all fit together. Moon/Uranus can be likened to rocket fuel but our rocket (Mars in Taurus) needs maintenance (Chiron in Pisces). The ways in which we engage and go about getting what we want needs to be modernized and done more consciously. The Moon/Venus and dissatisfaction in regard to getting what we want is going to bring what we these elusive entities into stronger awareness as the Sun/Moon trine propels us to chase after them. So...we do, only to find it still out of our grasp. It aches throughout with the continual aspects to Chiron and that's the trick here. Saturn is calling us to break free from our shackles and some of those shackles are due over-attachment while others link to our legs by way of unmet or hollow desires. At the same time, Saturn's square to Chiron/Venus is also begging us to develop better and more routine coping mechanisms. That's your way out but many are adverse to dealing with discomfort and heart pains. Plus, because Mars resides in Taurus, many will be prone to fall into ruts of routine/habit at a time when the old ways of engaging in these adventures have met their expiration date. It's time to change and modernize this with new methods that fit into our currently ever changing world.

What most folks are missing is the fact that control really is their hands. It's likely going to involve taking initiative toward positive change. It's also likely to involve re-scripting how we think about matters of value and realigning our perspective on what is really important. Unfortunately we often miss the things that matter most until they are taken away. We become complacent in that way. We take things for granted sinking into false feelings of comfort that tells us these blessings will sustain themselves. We focus in on what we don't have and totally miss the blessing right in front of our faces...until it's taken away. Then, we spend a lot of time lamenting, railing and screaming WHYYYY! However, merely taking time to notice and appreciate these small and often forsaken blessings, changes the way we look at our lives. If you find yourself in good health, for example, you are certainly blessed. If you find yourself supported by a even a cherished few, you are blessed. If you can eat when you are hungry, breathe freely and have a soft pillow to lay your head on at night...see what I'm saying? We don't pay attention to these little things until they are gone. So the secret to today is to notice what we have instead of focusing on what we do not have. To humble ourselves. To become grateful and more honest while realizing we all have struggles. We all limp. But, with awareness, humility and gratitude we can find ways to become more satisfied with our lives. It is a rather tough row to hoe, though. It's much easier to look outward at others and critique the way they live their lives. It's rather uncomfortable to inspect ourselves in this way. All the retrogrades in sky right now are calling us to do just inward, not outward because the answer to most of your personal problems lie “in here” not “out there.”

Once we become more self-accountable we start to realize how much control we really do have. That's not going to come if we are hanging on a cross or giving all our power to others by blaming them for the circumstances in our lives. It comes by way of seeing/accepting the current roles we play within our lives. Accepting/embracing/nurturing our weaker spots and playing up our stronger qualities while reforming how we engage so that it's less of a fight/competition and more of a pursuit of what makes us individually more happy, more stable and overall more deeply satisfied.
The Moon meets Saturn by conjunction at 2:27 PM prior to flickering over into Void status. This is likely to feel either very cumbersome and restrictive or birth feelings of determination and sobriety. The Sun still waxes into trine with Saturn which is due to perfect tomorrow. Between now and then we are really being called toward maturity and accountability. Trying to escape that is not going to cut it. It's time to pull up our grown up britches and deal with whatever presents itself in a forthright manner.
The Moon remains Void until crossing over into Capricorn at 7:06 PM. This is just in time for the Venus/Mars sextile that perfects at 9:27 PM. Overall, it says to me that we can continue being victims of circumstance and keep hanging on our crosses. Or, we could realize that the controls are in our hands and it's time we grasped them back.

The Moon's first aspect from Capricorn is a trine to Mercury Rx in Taurus just before midnight. Re-assess what it is you think is of true importance while keeping the need to include simple often overlooked blessings as well. Be willing to change your mind and re-stack your priorities in light of these re-assessments. Find your heart song. Match your footsteps to the tempo and start taking back the reins of control slowly and deliberately within your life in an effort to steer yourself where you truly want to go instead of letting the priorities, actions or judgments of someone else to distract or dissuade you.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for April 12 to April 15, 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This morning the Moon in Scorpio moves away from her opposition with Mercury Rx in Taurus and uses most of the day to wax into a watery trine with Neptune (8:49 PM). This can feel emotive, lethargic or somewhat lax in regard to engaging in physical activity. It is more dreamy and creative than productive for the most part.
With this, we could have feelings of remorse or regret. However, we are given opportunity to purge and release more negative emotions here. Allowing the clouded waters to run through and out of our systems so that cleaner and gentler waters can replenish us. In other words, don't fight tears if they come. Allow them to flow out of you and cleanse your emotional system.

This is also a day of high intuition/empathy. Given Mercury's current retrograde status, it is a good idea to assess non-verbal communications as much as the spoken words. The indication is to go full lean into the concept of flow. In that, follow the day where it beckons you to go instead of trying to force a time schedule upon it or make it overly inflexible.
Creative efforts blossom nicely under this sky. Music, art or poetry could be a saving grace in so far as instigating motivation, producing calm/ease, setting a personal rhythm in the day or to help us access/release more deeply swirling emotions. Many will be inclined toward quiet and introversion. One possibility, though, as we are super-sensitive and more empathic under Moon/Neptune is that we could become easily irritated, nervous, impatient or edgy as we pick up on the vibes coming from the Sun waxing toward Uranus. If this is the case, I suggest downplaying interactions with others and, if possible, taking some time outdoors to ground or engaging in gentle physical activity to offset some of the potential angst. There is also potential for seething.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

There was a good chance many recaptured some rest as the Moon was trine Neptune last night. Always a nice reprieve following Full Moons that are notorious for robbing folks of sleep. Either way, many likely feel restored this morning as the Moon in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is, of course, preparing to station retrograde. At this aspect we find him one minute from his station point. He will officially retrograde on April 20. What this aspect may bring is a returning feeling of determination and an inclination, once again, toward production. It can be used for tenacity and grit in the realm of clearance efforts. Moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn is a great time to work on moving large obstacles.
Just don't expect those efforts to be fulfilled quickly. This is a slow and sure process of un-layering.

As we move forward into the day, the Moon passes by the Sun and Uranus by inconjunct. This can cause a fleeting feeling of having to rush and do. But, it leads us to the lunar opposition of Mars in Taurus (8:04 PM) which could lead to a feelings of not progressing quickly enough or demotivation. There is a bit of ambiguity as well as the Moon is inclined to bear down and move mountains and Mars in Taurus has a tendency to leisurely graze when unmotivated.
The inclination that comes from the Moon's inconjunct to the Sun and Uranus gives us a hint at the potential impatience we are looking at tomorrow as the Sun officially finds Uranus by conjunction overnight (1:30 AM). Prior to that conjunction, though, the Moon passes over both Chiron (11:20 PM) and Venus (00:19 AM) by watery trine and reaches Void status until entering Sagittarius tomorrow morning at 6:27 AM. Moon in Sagittarius is not likely to help with the impatience factor. But, she will be down with the adventurous energy coming from Sun conjunct Uranus. Both are rather future minded and are ready to move forward.

The water trines with Chiron and Venus are relaxing. And, given that the Moon is Void as Sun/Uranus perfects, we may sleep rather well despite it. But, as the Moon passes into Sagittarius, we will become more inclined toward activity and exploring new territories.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Folks who fair the best today are the one's who are independent, inventive, willing to take a few risks and feel free to try new and inventive ways to do things. Those who lack these qualities or those who are uncomfortable with changes in routine will find this day taxing. Any restrictions placed upon us will feel extraordinarily cumbersome.
The Sun and Uranus met at 25 Aries upon this Sabian Symbol (as per Dane Rudhyar): A double promise reveals its inner and outer meanings. Fortuitous cooperation between inner and outer elements of being. A sense of responsibility to self or to society.

Keanu has Sun/Uranus conjunct in his natal chart.. As Neo in the Matrix he is channeling that into a very Sun/Uranus role

Now. On the lowest end, Sun/Uranus is anti-everything. Anything you can do, it can and likely will do it the opposite way just to be different. It is also wildly inspired, unpredictable, rebellious and absolutely DOES NOT like to be bossed around. Sun/Uranus likes to call its own shots and has not the first inclination toward doing things the way they have always been done. It goes into situations looking for places ripe for an upgrade, modernization, streamlining or change in general. Sun/Uranus also likes the “shock”factor and revels in the unexpected. The conjunction can be quite impulsive and spiteful at times. However, when the energy is well directed and we are able to recognize/avoid the pitfalls, folks have a tendency to become more authentic, more independent and more willing to do things in their own way and in their own time without fear that what they want to do is brand new, unusual or something no one has tried before.
A sense of self-accountability and an inclination toward social issues both accompany this aspect on the high end which is reinforced by the waxing trine between the conjunction and Saturn Rx in Sagittarius. Sun/Uranus has similar qualities of Sun in Aquarius. With the conjunction occurring in Aries we have robot/computer warfare, the hunter who uses modern technology, beheadings, headaches, arrhythmia, explosions, sword fights, clumsy/uncoordinated movements, space exploration, mechanical body parts/prosthetic, wars with aliens and a great tendency toward hot heads, impatience and impulsivity. This is a good time to solidly and consciously birth a more mature, more authentic version of ourselves by way of physical re-inventions (make-overs or just donning a new and unusual look) or just by giving ourselves authority to call our own shots. “Give a damns” will splinter and break apart all over the place.

The low end of this energy though has a quite severe edge. It can be explosive and temperamental. It can be spiteful, cold and cutting. It can become predictable in its anti-everything, reject and rebel nature. And, it is rebellious and non-conformist. Don't for a minute think that it is not. Sun/Uranus is THE rebel. However, with the trine to Saturn, that rebel energy is best used toward solid cause and conscious self direction. The best cause to direct it toward is upholding the rights to freedom and independence of all and efforts that support such.
This can be a lone wolf aspect. The outlier or outcast. But, Sun/Uranus also works well in networks and teams in an effort to achieve collective/social goals. The problems come when folks try to boss Sun/Uranus around. Again, this aspect is rebellious and resistant. Sometimes to the degree that it even rebels against itself! It needs to be able to move freely without overly restricting structures. Some may be inclined to blow up restrictions. Others will may be inclined to burn themselves to the ground (self-implosion) by being overly-reactive or even just to make a statement. The key is to keep a cool head and ground out the harder edge of this energy in an effort to be independent and authentic without jumping over into mania or cutting our noses off just to spite our faces.

Also be mindful of our planetary retrogrades. Sun/Uranus has very little patience and may try to move too far too quickly. The sky is just not geared to accommodate that right now. Our best bet is to take control of the steerage. Make independent decisions. Be unique. Be inventive. Try new things. But, also, keep the pace steady. Avoid over-stimulation and definitely provide yourself with a physical outlet to offset the potential jittery and reactive nature of this aspect. Just getting outside can help ground this energy to a manageable level. Irritability is high.
The Moon moves through Sagittarius largely unaspected today. Her energy adds more fuel to the whipping Sun/Uranus conjunction. It is a great day to get outside or take an impromptu trip/adventure as long as you can remain enticed by the unexpected instead of fearful of it. I do recommend staying out of high-traffic areas as this is only going to increase irritability. Know that there could be a sense of urgency to this day. However, cutting down on stimulants and allowing the body to move to discharge excess energy will help to offset some of that allowing the day to unfold more smoothly. Avoid impulsivity and instead learn to breathe through adrenaline that may come forth as a result of catalytic circumstance in an effort to respond appropriately instead of just being wildly reactive. This is not the day to lose your head literally or figuratively. Be careful about what you stick your neck out for. Mars in Taurus is hanging around Algol, the head of Medusa, and semi-sextile Sun/Uranus. So, for real, this energy has an assured edge. Be careful and alert out there! There is potential for folks to really act out of character.

Medusa smite by Scebiqu from Deviant art