Morning Star: Weekend Astrology for March 4 and 5, 2017

Weekend Overview

This weekend favors the artist, the creative, the dreamer. Those that know the benefit of therapeutic silence, prayer and reflection. It is made for the singer, the lyricist and the poet. It will tempt some to escape by way of denial, alcohol or drugs. Travel could be impacted by weather. Verbal communications could be confused. Facts are potentially veiled or charged with attempts at emotional evocation. Many are likely distracted, forgetful, confused or, perhaps, even ill. On the extreme low end, we have the potential for the deep ache of loneliness and regret along with deliberate attempts to veil or confuse facts. There is also a high potential for self-victimizing or martyring. On the high end, we have a blank canvas waiting for us to find our inner artist or bring the song of our souls to life. It's emotive and dreamy. It is suggested we float more than we try to push. If you can sit silently in comfort and enjoy the discussions found in your own company, you will likely fare better than others who need a constant stream of communication and to be continually surrounded by friends. Can you handle the things that float through your mind when you are alone and all is quiet? Or, would you do everything in your power to distract yourself? Silence and time alone can feel like a prison or become a cherished reprieve. This weekend, the Moon in Gemini asks you to decide which.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

This morning we move from the steadfast and somewhat immobile lunar world of Taurus and enter the Airy realm of Gemini (5:07 AM). This occurs just as the ruler of our Moon, Mercury, meets Neptune by conjunction at 6:11 AM. Venus also turned retrograde at 4:02 AM in Aries.
Today's sky calls for increased flexibility and may create an influx of confusion. This can come deliberately, as in someone veiling or misconstruing the truth, or by way of misunderstanding the information that is delivered. Due this, it is imperative that we listen in an effort to understand instead of respond. If possible, reflect what you have heard back to the speaker in an effort to gain clarification. Plus, there may be an increased need to check the facts. Don't ignore body language or other non-verbal communication techniques in an effort to glean more unspoken information from the conversation.
Also, this can denote emotionally charged conversations. As the Gemini Moon strives to verbally pinpoint her emotions, her ruler stands conjunct Neptune. This is sensitive and emotional. Or it can also denote conversations that do not happen due to increased emotionality and/or confusion. In personal communications, it may be easier to find a song to fit the way you feel more accurately than form sentences about it. The statement “A picture is worth thousand words,” comes into play as efforts at straight verbal communication may fail.

Art, poetry and music are highlighted under this sky as well as channeling emotional energy into a more creative form. On the high end, this energy is wonderful for expressing oneself through art or choosing to stay silent and reflective. Meditation fits wonderfully here. This may be difficult for our Gemini Moon who honors airing her grievances, chatting it up with friends or taking in new information. But, with Mercury underwater it is advisable to seek softer and more subtle ways to communicate.
Have you noticed how sound changes when you are immersed in water? Noises are muffled to a degree. But, when something makes a large impact upon the waters, you not only hear it but also feel the vibrations of it on your body. This denotes an influx of information by way of more than just your ears. There is a intuitive nuance about it that can tell you more about what is going on than what is actually being said.

This Mercury/Neptune mixture sustains throughout the day calling us to be more well balanced in the realm of the emotional body and the mind. Time moves fluidly and we are called to surrender to that flow. This could become mirrored in our sky by way of weather bringing fog, rain or just an overcast gray feeling to the day. In that instance, know that travel can be affected bringing the need for awareness and readiness on that front to the fore. Driving while impaired, distracted or overly sleepy is inadvisable at anytime but one would be particularly astute to pay attention to the possibility today. Overall it is a fairly water colored day out there that favors the artist and the creative. It could feel lonely and hollow to some. Especially among those who are uncomfortable in silence or in keeping their own company. Or, those that are experiencing loss or emotionally affective issues. Remorse, feelings of guilt and tendencies to self-martyr or self-victimize are possibilities. Boundaries are needed as well as an ability to address the emotional body and feelings of discomfort in a forthright and self-nurturing manner.

The Moon squares off with Neptune at 1:03 AM. Then, finds Venus in her newly retrograde position at 3:15 AM by sextile. The square from the Moon to Mercury occurs at 3:52 AM.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

This morning tension between the Moon in Gemini and the Sun in Pisces rises with the dawn. Our First Quarter Moon perfects at 15 degrees mutable.
The Sabian Symbol for the Sun reads as follows: In a quiet museum an art student drinks in inspiration.
The Sabian Symbol for the Moon reads as follows: Woman agitator makes an impassioned plea to a crowd.

Again, we see the potential for emotionally charged conversations or “pleas”...some potentially sounding like wails of grief or sentimentality. Some, perhaps, deliberately aimed at evoking a reaction from the emotional body. Plus, the “picture is worth a thousand words” again comes into play through the symbol for the Sun. Creative expression still speaks much louder than words today. Sitting in silence by way of meditation or prayer may bring clarity to more emotionally charged personal issues. Higher emotions and sensitivities can be effectively channeled into creative ventures. Or, we may just need to dip into these types of expressions from others in an effort to be re-inspired in regard to our own agenda.
Many may also try to escape the trappings of a mind littered with confusing emotions by way of drinking or drugs. There could have been more than one phone call, text or email sent as a result of an intoxicated brain slain by the truth of loneliness, remorse, regret or inebriated sentimentality. There is also danger throughout the weekend of accidentally mixing electronics (phones, computers, etc) with water (the toilet, spilled drink, a puddle). Lost keys are also a high possibility. The emotional body is sensitive and we are likely distracted. Forgetfulness and distraction potential is high. Slow down. Take your time. Be watchful of your steps. Nap if you are tired. And, forgive yourself for not being completely on top of your logical/mental game this weekend. No one else will be either.
Thankfully, the fog and mist do begin to dissipate as we get deeper into this day. Mars in Aries stabilizes and regains direction by way of a trine to Saturn at 3:46 PM. Then, the Moon moves into more amicable position with a trine to Jupiter in Libra allowing her to dry out just a bit. This is followed by a hopeful sextile to Uranus at 6:51 PM inspiring the Moon out of her darkness and bringing even more clarity to the emotional body.

We do feel better here. But, the original instigator of our previous emotional state still exists in the background as the Moon squares off with Chiron at 9:58 PM before finally becoming rectified with the hard truth of reality by way of an opposition to Saturn at 2:50 AM. The Moon finds Mars by sextile at 3:23 AM before reaching Void status. She greets us from Cancer (7:55 AM) as we wake on Monday morning.