Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of March 11 to March 12, 2017


It's a Full Moon weekend. What more do you need to know? Oh, it's not so bad. But, as per typical, those that work in hospitals, health care facilities, police and those that work on the front lines with the public know their shifts this weekend are not likely to be boring. With a Full Moon in Virgo and her ruler, Mercury in Pisces, I would expect belly problems, intoxication stuff (overdose potential) and general confusion. Mental health issues could also become exacerbated. General lunacy at the low end is to be expected. The good news, however, is this isn't a particularly “wild” moon.

On a personal level, it offers us the medicine we need. The challenge is to realize this is medicine and not punishment. Plus, by realizing we don't have to be all Nurse Ratchet about it. The low end of the energy coming forth can be self-depreciating and critical. The high end, however, allows us to release poisons of the mind, get the facts straight, bring forth semblances of order within the chaos and see where we can shore things up...simplify... As Mercury inches toward and perfects in square to Saturn just a few hours prior to this Full Moon on Sunday morning, what was once semi-elusive or confusing information becomes more solid for better or worse. We may feel censored. And, if you find that to be the case, take it as a cue to listen. There may be something helpful that you need to hear.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

This morning the Moon resides in Virgo as Mercury leaves his conjunction with Chiron. Most of the morning is colored with minor lunar aspect. Plus, the Sun meets Jupiter in Libra by inconjunct at 3:09 PM. This is very subtle but does brighten things up a bit. It's a gentle mixture of softness, optimism and identity. If you really pay attention, it could show you a little more about how you relate to others and why. The level of influence your relationships have over you. It can also teach you about how you choose others to be in relationship with and what some of the issues may be there.

By 3:09 PM, the Moon is opposite Neptune in Pisces creating an emotional fog and an uptick in sensitivity. Granted. Moon/Neptune is not an energy everyone is comfortable with. However, what this opposition can show us is where we may be too hard edged. Too self-critical or overly critical of others. Plus, Virgo Moon is exactly the energy one needs in an effort to make sense of the intuitive hits brought forth by Neptune. She allows us to put this information to use. Yet, it's not a really productive energy. It's very soft. Emotive. And, it could...even...may your eyes leak a bit. Wallowing and being overwhelmed by emotion are at the low end here. In that regard, the aspect becomes very personal. It relaxes the emotional body just enough to push things forth into our awareness that we need to take note of. It could lead to a desire to sleep, escape or reach for a glass of wine. It's a great evening for just relaxing, taking in a movie, listening to music or, even, a midday nap. It's not physically active but there is plenty going on inside of us that probably deserves our attention. Plus, it's beautifully creative and compassionate.

However, this is also where the potential for belly issues to come into play. Bellies are important when the Moon is in Virgo. When she is opposing a stellium in Pisces, we could be more sensitive to things we already have sensitivities to. Does that make sense? For example, if you typically have two drinks and are done for the night; tonight, it may only take one. If you have allergies, they may become punctuated. If you are already prone to digestive issues; then, these can become prominent. Plus, communicable or contagious stuff is a factor due the fact that our defenses against such may be low. Remember the importance of personal PHYSICAL boundaries against illness. Hand washing is your best defense against that. With Mars in Taurus, we may be prone to indulge (eat the ice cream when we know we are lactose intolerant as an example). This isn't really the best day for that. Moderation. Gentleness. Boundary. Grounding. Quiet time. Naps. Slowing down. All this fits well under Moon/Neptune.
This, accompanied with the energy of the waxing full moon itself, carries us through the night.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

This morning the Moon stabilizes quite well as she trines Pluto in Capricorn at 4:58 PM. Here is the boundary we were looking for! The emotional body is re-fortified and re-focused to a degree. Then, the mental body is harshly stabilized as Mercury in Pisces meets Saturn by square at 8:11 AM. Yes, this can have a hard edge. It can cause us to feel censored or the weight of words could become heavier. Yet, it also makes the truth accessible even if it may be hard to swallow. The trick here is not to become self-critical over what you discover. Take it for what it is. Information that you need in an effort to move forward more well informed. Lies could be discovered here. Reality knocks harshly on our door. At the same time, though, confusion could dissipate and miscommunication/misunderstanding rectified. Again the caution is negative thinking. Detach from and become observant of your thoughts. A watchful steward over the direction of your brain. If you have a tendency to be self-critical or allow yourself to dwell on negative thoughts instead of redirecting toward more positive self-talk this will be very apparent under this aspect. You CAN redirect.

Our Full Moon bursts open at 10:55 AM complete with an opposition to all the things in Pisces (save Neptune which we did yesterday) which includes Chiron (3:17 PM), Mercury (10:37 PM) and the Sun..of course. She is also square Saturn in Sagittarius (8:26 PM) which creates a mutable t-square. There is also a sneaky little inconjunct to Uranus in Aries (11:44 AM) that leads in this Full Moon.

For the Sun at Pisces 23: A “materializing medium” summons weird ghostly shapes. Manifestation is one way to look at this degree. But, it is less of a material manifestation and more of a deliberate use and movement of energies. The medium summons ghosts. You can see them. But, you cannot actually grab them and pull them into physical life. They just kind of float around, you know? This can also denote a haunting-type feel especially with the Sun in such close proximity to Chiron. There could be some elusive self-doubt floating around in the ethers as well as memories of times when you tried this before and things didn't exactly go as planned. With both Venus and Jupiter retrograde, this can also denote memories of our past interactions with others. Learn from past mistakes but do not let self-doubt and uncertainty unseat you. Remain consciously engaged in what you are doing while employing the wisdom you have garnered thus far. Know that there may also be things like bias, weak boundaries or physical pollutants/addictions that are affecting our mode of operations. Become aware and in control of those by engaging a few good doses of reality by way of Saturn. And, don't just go around summoning up ghosts for fun (this applies to summoning foul memories as well). They generally do not like to be summonsed without good cause. Also, don't discount synchronicities as mere coincidence. There are no coincidences under this sky.

For the Moon at Virgo 23: A lion tamer rushes fearlessly into the circus arena. Moral strength and fortitude is tested here. Whenever I see this degree, I think of the Strength card and maintaining 100% control of your “inner beast” through will power and humility. There could be veritable threats to ego energies...again due Chiron...which is why you need to maintain faith in yourself without pumping your ego up to extremes at the same time. This is surely a mastery degree in which we must pull upon all our faculties and sheer away distractions in an effort to maintain readiness to act when called to do so.

For the Moon's ruler, Mercury, at 27 Pisces: The harvest moon rises in translucent autumnal skies. Ironic, I believe, that this degree is in play during during a Full Moon in Virgo; and, it speaks of harvest and autumn. Even more ironic that the degree falls in Pisces. However, Pisces does bring resolution and harvesting of what we've previously sown to a degree. The latter degrees of Pisces bring a finality prior to a new cycle which begins in Aries. So, yes, some culmination is to be expected.
The Sabian Symbol for the Sun mentions “materializing.” In this symbol, we have the opportunity of manifestation or “materializing of thought” or “bringing to Earth creative (Pisces) vision (Mercury).”

Mercury is actually very important at this Full Moon. He not only rules the lunation itself, but, he is also preparing to be rebirthed from Pisces and into Aries. Apparently, before the mental body is reborn, there are some “mental demons” that may need to be released, exorcised and/or tamed. Plus, the outlet for the mutable t-square created with the Full Moon finds outlet in Gemini also ruled by this same Mercury. Be open to learning and looking at things from a different perspective. There is something “in this” for you if you can elevate yourself so that you are not drowning in the heightened emotion. “Mental medicine” that you may need. The information that comes to us is likely personalized but that doesn't mean we should take it personally. The point is to learn from it in an effort to imbue future actions with the wisdom that is gleaned from it.

This Full Moon is great for forgiving and releasing old memories. Redirecting or releasing self-depreciating speech (inner talk), self-criticisms while noting (as potential memories emerge) where we have grown or where we need to prune in an effort to grow more sturdily. Self-care initiatives are greatly accentuated. Energetically clearing and cleaning your physical space is good exercise under ANY Full Moon but particularly astute under this one. Think about opening new fresh spaces in your living sphere. But, also think about clearing things like worry, doubt and criticism from your brain allowing room for freshness to enter there, too. It's also great for looking at the ways we communicate with others. If you automatically go to the “worst case scenario” now is the time to notice that and release that habit.
Speaking of habits, Full Moons are great for banishing them. However, as we do this under this Full Moon, its important to remember that Mars resides in Taurus. This energy is prone to get stuck in ruts of habit. So, if you are looking to change habits now, know that it is going to be a slow and diligent process of release that needs to be taken on a day to day basis. Any progress you make in this regard needs to be recognized and rewarded by you. Plus, it doesn't hurt to keep your incentive for wanting to change at the fore. Know that with Mars in Taurus, changing your momentum is the hardest part. But, also, treating yourself with gentle reward for work well done helps. Would you like to know how many times I've enticed Mars in Taurus to do something while offering an incentive of food? Hey, if you help me do...whatever...I'll make a cheesecake just for you. Why? Because it works. Mars in Taurus is an energy that will work for food..or massages..or sex..or reward in general. You can entice your own motivation with reward also.

Following the Moon's opposition with Mercury in Pisces (10:37 PM), the Moon is Void until entering Libra at 1:29 AM. This is our last full day with Mercury in Pisces. Tomorrow he shifts into Aries at quitting time (5:08 PM). Use this Moon to lighten your mental load in preparation for that shift. And, clean/organize something. As without so within. Cleaning, purging, organizing in the physical world can absolutely help us to sort things out on the inside, too.