Morning Star: Astrology for March 8 to March 10, 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

For a few hours this morning, the Moon in Cancer is still active. She enters Void status at 10:01 AM by way of a square to Mars. This can pit how we feel against what we are being called to do. It may be hard to get into our work or we may feel ambiguous in regard to engaging in anything particularly active.
The Moon remains Void for until entering Leo at 11:47 AM. The sky brightens and enlivens a little under this energy with no major aspect from the Moon occurring until tomorrow morning. Overnight, the Sun in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. This is quite grounding while also allowing our Sun to dive even more deeply into itself. It's a subtle but stable power delivered onto the ego system and matters of self-expression. Our fish grows a little more powerful while also obtaining the added gift of strengthened boundaries.

This is a good day for creative self-expression. Entertaining playfulness while the Moon is in Leo is a good way to pass the time. The Sun in aspect to Pluto can cause a seriousness to waft over personal affairs. Or, it can bring opportunity for in-depth creative expressions to take form. The Moon does make minor aspect to both the Sun and Mercury, so, some may feel compelled to create, communicate or bring in-depth personal stories to the surface.

In some ways, this mixture brings to mind a group of kids sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories. They enjoy the excitement of both illustrating a good story and being playfully frightened. It may be important, in the end, to remind ourselves it was just a story.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

This morning the Moon in Leo is in an active trine with Venus in Aries at 9:56 AM. This is highly personalized and quite reminiscent of things we adored in the earlier parts of our lives. We could run into old schoolmates or become reacquainted with things we used to enjoy but have somehow forgotten. It's a good day for those types of endeavors at any rate. Coloring books. Childhood movie favorites. Remembering our youthful and playful side.

This little magical cow is my grandson, Christian 

Just a few minutes later, Mercury in Pisces meets Jupiter Rx in Libra. We may just share some of these tales from our youth or sit to reminisce with this long lost childhood friend.
The rest of the day is fairly uneventful with no major aspects from the Moon until a sextile with Jupiter in Libra at 1:59 AM...except for the fact that Mars enters Taurus at 7:34 PM. Now. Mars is said to be ill placed here. However, the sight of this makes me smile. I love the placement even if it is said to operate differently in the sign of the cow. Of course, I also have Mars in Libra...another placement that gets a bad rap.

Yet. I like the gentler mixtures of Mars and Venus. In this sky, we have two such mixes by way of planets who are said to be ill placed. The second is Venus Rx in Aries which brings to mind the fact that Mars and Venus are now in mutual reception. If they were to switch (Venus to Taurus and Mars to Aries) they would be considered well placed. Mixed together in this way, they bring grace and charm to the more severe edges of Marsy energy.
I tease folks with Mars in Taurus all time calling them “Sch'mooo'th operators.” Because, it's true. These types of Venus/Mars mixtures are very charming and quite melting chocolate. There is the common complaint of Mars being overly passive and sometimes, even, inert in the sign of Taurus. But, it does work off momentum and incentive. Whatever the task, it must be worth some type of reward for the effort. This sign can often be persuaded by way of food...or sex...or other enticement. So, keep that in mind if you find it hard to get motivated. Otherwise, relax with this placement. Lay down the battle ax and rest in a field of clover. Move more slowly and bear in mind the concept of momentum.

Mars in Taurus is slow to ire. Once instigated, though, it can be likened to a bull in a china shop. However, after his tirade, he simmers down fairly quickly. He doesn't particularly like discomfort, fighting or drama. To me, the mixture of Venus Rx in Aries and Mars in Taurus begs us to DO VENUS. Actively pursue pleasures, charm, love, comfort...yeah...that sounds absolutely horrible.
The danger, though, is falling into ruts of habit. Breaking habits or routines that bring us comfort can be difficult while Mars is in Taurus. We are much more inclined to pursue matters of personal pleasure than to leave them behind to go off and fight a war. In my personal opinion, I think this is one of the sexiest placements (if not THE sexiest placement) for Mars in the zodiac. And, even though considered ill placed, they ARE NOT all underachievers. Some notable folks include, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba, Mick Jagger, Robert Deniro, Muhammad Ali and Salvador Dali.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Early this morning the Leo Moon was inspired by a trine to Uranus in Aries (3:43 AM). Not great for sleep. But, wonderful if you have to get up early. We can wake up spry and sparkling here. By Noon, our Leo Moon is trine Saturn in Sagittarius providing grounding and purpose. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Virgo at 5:08 PM.

This fierce little Leo firefighter is my oldest grandson, Brayden
It's a good day to get started early with a specific purpose in mind. Begin before noon (EST) and the energy of Moon/Saturn can bring solid progress.
The Moon settles a bit during her Void status and upon entering Virgo. We begin to feel the punctuation of the incoming Full Moon. It makes Virgo Moon feel better to have her affairs prioritized, stable and organized. It's a good evening to clean something or to retire demurely and modestly to our humble abodes.

The Moon meets our new Earthy Mars in Taurus by trine at 6:23 PM. If something needs fixed or tinkered with, this is the energy you need. It's slow but diligent. Practical but reliable. It's a lovely mixture of Earth energy that does allow us to focus on simple and mundane tasks. There just isn't a rushy push to it. No pressure. Just tinkering.
As we are tinkering and plodding in our Earthly mundane tasks or pleasures, it frees the mind to wander. It wanders straight to Chiron by way of a conjunction from Mercury in Pisces (8:35 PM). Again, calling us to fix what is broken, nurse what hurts and call our focus upon our more elusive yet profuse pains. Gentle self-attentiveness and empathy are called for. Reach out to help if your asked and able. Otherwise, work to heal thyself through gentle self care and attention. Easy does it. There's no rush.

The Moon remains active through the night making minor aspect to Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter which works to color in personal nuance. But, it's mostly gentle, slow and offers us a chance at reprieve from the rest of the world as we retreat into more personal inner spaces in an effort to regain sanity and insight.