Morning Star: Astrology for March 6 and March 7, 2017


The beginning of our week comes with the Moon in Cancer. We can instinctively begin to feel life stirring within the thawing Earth. We are offered a chance at renewal and rebirth within the mental body by way of a conjunction to our Pisces Sun from Mercury. Cancer Moon responds well to efforts put forth toward growth and birth. She delights in the cyclical change of the seasons and can feel the promise coming forth, here. Freshen your surroundings. Bring in some fresh bloomed daffodils. Welcome the return of the Sun with bright colors, yellows and pinks and baby blues. Waft out the stale air of winter and allow the promise of spring to dance across your windowsills. Enliven the atmosphere with lemon or citrus scents. Allow yourself to delight in the tender and promising awakenings all around you.

Monday, March 6, 2017

This morning the Moon wakes up in Cancer at 7:55 AM. Water, once again, rises in importance. To top that fact off, Mercury in Pisces catches the Sun by conjunction at 7:29 PM. Intuitive messages are delivered here. The Sabian Symbol for this conjunction reads as follows (and soon leads both Mercury and the Sun into Venus' retrograde shadow): 

Pisces 17: Easter: Rich and poor alike display the best they own.

In essence, the symbol seems equalizing. Everyone steps out in their best Sunday dress. Also, this symbol speaks of the rebirth attached to this time of year and the holiday of Easter. We see the first hints of spring popping forth by way of bright yellow and deep purple spring flowers. Crocus. Daffodils. Tender blooms that persist even through the final snows of winter. It births feelings of hope and renewal in which we are all fairly prone to greet with our own personal flair. Many readily welcome the tender green signs of Spring and are refreshed to a degree in anticipation of it. Persephone returns home. The Earth rejoices and comes back to life. Faith renews and, in turn, we are ready to take a few fledgling steps out into the awakening world perhaps feeling re-awakened ourselves. The energy beneath our feet enlivens with the promise of future growth coming forth from current gestation. Robins return and pull squiggly worms from the moist and thawing ground. We feel the changes occurring around us and respond by sporting fresh colors, crisp fabrics and blooming in our own right. As if we were re-animated. Coming back to life after our own winter's sleep.
With Mercury and the Sun converging here, we have information that is just known. It may be a private type of knowing. A certain renewal of thinking processes...a freshening of sorts. It also reminds us that the life cycle is about the only energy on the planet that does not discriminate. We are all born. We all die. That is something, regardless of how it occurs, that no one on this planet has been able to escape. Again, very equalizing regardless of status or social standing. Yet, we realize this type of cycle (birth/death/rebirth) occurs not only within the passage of seasons on Earth but also within the passage of time over and over within our lives. Cyclical renewal and rebirth of body, spirit and mind as we ride upon the ever turning wheel of life. As within, so without.

It is likely a quiet and contemplative day. One that allows us time and space to speak with our souls in an effort to glean perspective and perhaps learn a thing or two in the process. Plus, the era of the Spring clean and thaw are dawning nigh. The Full Moon in Virgo will drive this point home, surely. But, in my opinion, it's never too early to start allowing fresh air in and inviting the renewal and re-invigoration of Spring. Appease both Sun and Moon by bringing fresh elements into your homescape. In turn, your emotional body may lighten as well. Dare to dream and envision promise and renewal entering your life. Allow the returning Sun to start waking you up just as he is waking up the environment around you.
Sleep is a blissful reprieve tonight. Watch for symbolism in dreams.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

In the wee hours of this morning, the Moon slumbered by trine with Neptune in Pisces. Then, as alarms threaten us from that slumber, the Moon uncomfortably squares Venus in Aries. Yes. It's another day. Yes, it's time to wake up...grumble, grumble...
But, once we drag ourselves from blissful slumber, the day flows by gently for the most part. The Moon next stops to dance with the Sun in Pisces by trine (1:49 PM) and is twirled to her next partner, Mercury at 3:14 PM. Of course, her twirling and floating does catch the attention of dark lord Pluto. She spins from Mercury's watery enchanting dreamscape into the arms of temptation (opposite Pluto at 4:29 PM). Now, it could be that the dance takes a rather sexy turn. But, it can also bring paranoia and a dark thundering across the sky. Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight? From here, the Moon lights up the current crunch in our Cardinal signs between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. She squares Jupiter at 9:26 PM and Uranus at 10:35 PM.

This is emotionally stirring. Ensure you remain as captain and at the helm of your emotional boat. You can choose to be afraid. Or be willing to accept the challenge and thus invigorated by it. It's all in how well practiced you are at handling emotional waters that makes the difference.
At just around midnight, Mercury in Pisces meets Pluto by sextile. This, again, gives us an opportunity to rebirth matters of perspective and how we look at/incorporate information. We can bravely face mental demons and convert their energy into something more supportive as we move forward. Or, we can be slain on the cross by our fears. Bravely facing down the poisons that may emerge from our minds and deliberately choosing to not fear but, instead, accept our darker emotions helps us become more free...wiser...more well integrated...and sometimes, even more compassionate and empathic. Fear not. Dance in the rain. Steer you boat and allow this day to birth a new type of personal resilience within the threat of unstable emotional weather. Drink from the power found within the eye of the storm. The first step is finding that “eye” which wells up from a space of personal peace/calm deliberately fostered from your deepest inner spaces.