Morning Star: Astrology for March 29 to March 31, 2017

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

In our early morning hours, the Aries Moon is still active. At 7:34 AM, she is conjunct Mercury in Aries. Less than a half hour later, the Moon is stabilized by a trine to Saturn (8:08 AM) prior to reaching Void status.
The early aspects of this morning will help us get our feet under us as far as figuring out a plan for the day or maybe one that extends beyond that. The pieces have a chance to clunk together a little here. The potential for that increases as the day goes forward. Mercury officially meets Saturn in Sagittarius by trine at 2:17 PM. This is good forward moving planning energy. Helping us to sturdily delineate the steps we need to take on our paths. Which, to me, is a good thing because I have Neptune trining my Mercury right now and I'm not really sure what my name! In general, this helps solidify information. Answer questions. It could bring some harsh truths but they are reliable. Mostly, it helps Mercury settle a bit after his passage through the Cardinal crunch energy. Our minds settle while still focusing on forward moving ventures. This is a good thing.

The Moon wakes back up in Taurus at 11:49 AM. This is another movement that is going to settle things down for a little bit. The last few days I've been out, I've noticed a lot of folks rushing. On a mission. Do, do, do. But, they have also been seemingly quite distracted. Makes sense with the pile up in Aries that we have, pressure to Mercury and Mars sextile Neptune. It was almost as if folks were feeling the call from Aries but were scattered. Mercury trine Saturn and the Moon's entrance into Taurus should help with that feeling of “rushing and doing.” Plus, as Mars moves away from his sextile with Neptune, that hill we are trying to climb will be less muddy and mushy. All in all, there is opportunity to make steady progress here. Steady. That doesn't mean we get all the things done in one day. The ground does solidify a bit so that we grab traction, though. The support coming from an increase in Earth energy today helps us to ground a little, too.

Overall, this is a good day to stop and really think about what it is we are trying to accomplish and achieve. It's a good time to mark our steps into the future and make a more solid plan for what it is we are trying to accomplish. Breathe and ground while aiming to deal with just one step at a time. If you can, write this stuff down in a frame work you can come back to for reference. It can be hard to slow ourselves long enough to do that. But, you will likely thank yourself for it later. Mercury's entrance into Taurus on Friday will help as well. Plus, it may be a good idea to prepare things for tomorrow morning so they are easy to find or ready to go. We will start Thursday with a Moon/Neptune aspect that could cause us to be a little forgetful.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

This morning we wake up slow under the Taurus Moon sextile Neptune in Pisces at 8:35 AM. This is groggy but gentle. We may forget a few things here and there as we try to scuttle out the door this morning. But, if you took advantage of yesterday's Mercury/Saturn trine you may have made needed preparations for this morning ahead of time which will surely help offset some of the fog/confusion this morning. It's not particularly harsh or swamping. But, it's still Moon/Neptune. Take it slow and easy this morning.

By 11:50 AM the Moon is conjunct Mars in Taurus. This can cause our bull to become a hothead. Or, it can allow us to really get into the work we are doing. What is going to mark the difference here is patience. We are feeling “rush” from Aries but it is hard to get our tempo to match that kind of pace while Mars is in Taurus.
I had written briefly at last New Moon about the story of the Tortoise and the Hare to a few clients. I do believe it can apply through this lunar cycle. One thing I thought to point out was that the Hare during the race had one thing in mind. Besting the Tortoise and winning the race. Aries is like that sometimes. He wants to be first. He wants to win. There is no second place. If you are not first you are last.

Many of us are trying to be hares, I feel. That is the impetus of Aries season. The feeling of rush, quickening and jumping out the gate to get started on new things is typical. But, it is important to remember that Mars is in Taurus. That's not hare energy. That's tortoise energy. Plus, that tortoise energy is the boss of all that Aries. The brain has been scattered and rushed. The emotional body, the ego body. I get it. But, the more you rush and try to push yourself to keep up with this energy, the more frustrated you will become. Set a slow diligent pace. We want to finish but we need to remember this is not a race.
The Tortoise in the story knew this. He knew the path he had to take. The steps he would have to make. But, it didn't really matter to him if he finished first. His journey was more about just finishing and taking it all in as he went. He did win the race in the end because the Hare's ego push eventually usurped him. He ended up defeating himself. But, even the Hare had won...who got more from that journey? The Hare who rushed and worried about nothing but winning? Or the Tortoise that took his time. Walked with patience and enjoyed himself at the same time. Do you want it done fast? Or do you want it done well? Don't bite off more than you can chew.

Take a deep breath. Dial back your pace. Do each step thoroughly. Patience and follow through.
At 2:54 PM, Jupiter Rx and Pluto officially square off. One thing I've noticed about this aspect when in play is that sometimes it correlates with “celebrity” deaths. Of course, we are talking Pluto so death is something that correlates with that energy. But, also we are dealing with Jupiter...who is often a sneaky little factor in matters of death. Jupiter rules travel and he also (by traditional methods) correlates with the sign of Pisces which deals with matters of the soul. So, when you have these two big guys mixed together in harsh aspect, we could hear of soul transitions. For example, Jupiter and Pluto are in exact square in my natal chart and I've been involved in the process of death, rebirth and dying my entire life. So, what we have here is a prominence brought to these (and other) things. That's why I wouldn't be surprised to hear more about it.
With Jupiter's involvement the information is widely distributed. Since he is Rx, we may hear of some crimes or legal rulings that are repealed or revisited as well. In the US, of course, we've already had news of some of this by way of repeal of environmental regulations recently. But, we are also hearing tales of espionage and back door dealings. These are pretty typical for this set up as well. Jupiter shines his spotlight on Pluto. Thus, matters of Pluto in Capricorn (the shadow of existing systems/shady business dealings/abuses of power/structures in need of reformation) is opened for public view. Again, since Jupiter is Rx these may be things that have already happened that are being brought to light.
Another thing about Jupiter and Pluto in harsh mixture is the whole adamant “be right or die” factor.

It's VERY hard for Jupiter/Pluto to admit they are wrong and accept that they don't really know everything. The offset to that is humility and willingness to peer into existing knowledge more deeply or to be open to learning more instead of just stopping to stand on “I know it all” which is an ego issue. Be open to learning more and more deeply while voluntarily taking a little dose of humility. It's always better to voluntarily do that than have it force fed to you. I promise. You are not expected to know it all. We are all learning here. And this offers us an opportunity to study whatever we choose more deeply.
This square occurs at 19 degrees Cardinal falling under the following Sabian Symbols:
For Jupiter Rx headed toward 19 Libra: Robbers are hiding ready to attack heavily armed caravan. Dane Rudhyar further explains (from his book on the Sabian's, Wheel of Significance) “Protest against the perpetuation of unearned social privileges and wealth. Repudiation of bondage. Challenge of custom.”
For Pluto headed toward 20 Capricorn: Through the empty church, the choir is rehearsing. Rudhyar advises, “The unrealized fulness of life even in the emptiest of hours. Preparation for activity. Ray of hope through all difficulty.”
For some reason, I'm reminded of the story of Robin Hood when I read the symbol for Jupiter. The activity is shady but it seems backed by good intention? Steal from the rich to give to the poor? As if that didn't strike a chord in the US. But, the symbol for Pluto suggests this is all practice. A trial run of sorts in which we are just preparing for the real thing. We will likely see possible mistakes or matters we may have overlooked in our initial reasoning. Perhaps we should assess our plans more thoroughly so we don't wind up in jail even if our intentions are well placed. Ahhh...the road to hell. How easily does this metaphor overly Jupiter and Pluto? Paved with good intentions. We don't have to be bandits even if it may be tempting to do so. If it's a worthy effort surely there are legal ways we can go about addressing the issues. Maybe we should look at those before we go robbing a caravan? Yet, I'm all for a better balance of power and completely understand frustration in that regard.

No matter how you look at it, Jupiter square Pluto CAN be an ugly and deeply affecting transit on a personal and a global level. It can increase your own power in regard to being able to heal or transform. But, you can't do that by pushing yourself way beyond your own limits. Again, be humble. Be slow. Be diligent and use this tremendous amount of energy coming from these two powerful Cardinal players to deepen focus and knowledge instead of pushing toward a mission of mass (Jupiter) destruction (Pluto).
The Moon moves into the Jupiter/Pluto square at 7:11 PM beginning with an inconjunct to Jupiter and finishing with a trine to Pluto (7:13 PM). So, the pressure is felt in the emotional body as the day moves forward. But, Moon/Pluto can endure and direct. Plow/push through one step at a time. Jupiter by inconjunct can blow emotional matters out of perspective and proportion. But we've got plenty of Earth energy here to ground that out and bring it back into true focus. Deal head on with emotional issues when/if they come up as a result of this pressure.
Also, know cravings and yearnings will likely be high. The belly growls so feed it well.
Following the trine with Pluto, the Moon moves on to sextile Chiron in Pisces at 5:38 AM tomorrow. From here, she is Void until entering Gemini at 12:42 PM tomorrow.

Friday, March 31, 2017

This morning, the Moon is Void in Taurus. That makes it a less heightened emotional time in which we can work on projects which we have already started. It's not a wonderful idea to start anything new under a Void Moon. It's not impossible. It just doesn't have the emotional “push” behind it that comes with an active Moon. Therefore it's pretty standard to recommend NOT starting anything new and focusing on what you've already got going on instead. Or, to take a little break and allow things to stew a little. I also like to joke and say when the Moon is Void in the morning (especially in Taurus) its a good time to have doughnuts for breakfast because “nothing will come of it.” Ok. In reality, your calories do count and I just like having an excuse to eat doughnuts or chocolate cake for breakfast. If Venus leads you around by the nose too, perhaps we can indulge together.

image credit for a great piece to Drakithu from Deviantart
By 12:42 PM, the Moon wakes up in Gemini and the atmosphere experiences an assured shift. This is coupled with the shift of Mercury into Taurus at 1:31 PM. The brain settles a bit becoming more practical and grounded. This is good for our Gemini Moon. And, the Gemini Moon mixes well with the Aries energy we have on tap while also encouraging a little more flexibility which can help our Taurus Mars.
We have a chance to lighten up and settle down a little here. The Moon's only major aspect within the day is a sextile to Venus who has almost backed all the way out of Aries. This is light and fairly mobile. Pixie and fairy energy is high and I would not be surprised to see a few early April Fool's Day gestures. Mercury's a trickster. However, he may be a little less prone to such while he resides in practical Taurus. Either way, this is a good day to take some pressure off yourself, lighten your load, take time to laugh and chat leisurely with friends and just relax a bit.
The square from Jupiter and Pluto is pretty tight, still. We've continued pressure coming from that aspect . Yet, today, we may get to escape from underneath that a little more easily. Laughter is good medicine. Don't be afraid of it.

Tomorrow offers a mixture of sunshine and rain. Things continue to lighten up especially following the Moon/Neptune square that greets us first thing. It will be a good day for furthering our initiatives for the most part with a little less weight on our shoulders. Still, remember, Mars is in Taurus. Even though the Moon is in multi-tasking Gemini we remained concerned with one step at a time. Follow through while keeping your pace slow and diligent. And, yeah...don't forget about the pranksters tomorrow. If YOU are and April Fool's prankster plan it early. Moon/Neptune is not paying attention. Course, Jupiter is also still square there's the whole potential of your funny business getting you killed. Be funny and enjoy your lighthearted fun but don’t' be stupid. LOL...under Jupiter/Pluto the payback could be HELL.