Morning Star: Astrology for March 22 to March 24, 2017

The Universe plays mind games with us throughout the end of this week. Thankfully, though, most of it happens while the Moon is in Aquarius allowing us to rise above some of the more swirling emotions and become “wise” to what is really going on. Basically what is happening is Mercury/Pluto is going to show you things in the way that you speak, think and communicate that need to be reformed. It may show us thoughts/mentalities that need to be ditched or purged entirely. We will learn more about our fears and be given opportunity to face them bravely with the intention of handling them more effectively. We will also learn how the ways we express ourselves has been hampered by our perceptions of expectation and the folks we surround ourselves. The goal? To help us think more independently. To help us find a more authentic voice while realizing initiating with purely selfish motivations will only get us so far. However, networking with folks with similar agendas can help us further our own. Plus, we become astutely aware of where pockets of outdated mentalities lie and where words are used for mere selfish or manipulative purposes. All in preparation for our opportunity to begin again under the incoming New Moon in Aries. Remember, we are still releasing here. So, as this stuff emerges know that it needs to be released...not grasped. Take the awareness and the wisdom but leave what you don't need anymore to burn up in the fire.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Overnight the Moon in Capricorn endured pressure from our Cardinal planets. This morning, we wake up to her leaving her square with Jupiter in Libra and entering her square with Uranus (9:20 AM). This can kick start feelings of anxiety and a feeling of having to rush. We can alleviate that by purposely grounding and steering ourselves away from things that threaten to exacerbate these conditions. Such as increasing water intake, decreasing stimulant intake physically and mentally (reduce sugar/caffeine and exposure to the constant stream of media which can lead to over-stimulation). We are also called to detach from emotional issues and logically assess how to appropriately deal with these...rise above them in an effort to increase emotional intelligence. We are also reminded of the need of pause so we can properly direct any flight/fight response and instead RESPOND to external stimuli appropriately thus eliminating or defeating the knee jerk or overly reactive/impulsive response. Mindfulness becomes very important especially when you remember the condition of Mercury in Aries who continues to wax into this crunch.

Following the square with Uranus, we've plenty of time to let the dust settle as the Moon reaches Void status until entering a more cooled state with her transition into Aquarius at 10:29 PM. So, we had storms (metaphorical or literal) through the night that extended into the morning. Then, the Moon goes Void allowing us to deal with whatever we need to deal with in the aftermath of that in a way that the emotional system is a little less reactive.
The day, as a whole, is good for addressing projects that need to be wrapped up. Finishing up tasks. Continual efforts at clearing out and letting go in preparation for our New Moon in Aries. Spiritual cleansing and organizing/cleaning physical environments are also good tasks. Otherwise, we move rather mundanely through the day taking care of what we need to take care of one little task at a time.

Also, observe your thoughts during the Void Moon. Mercury is still busy. But, while the Moon is Void we are less emotionally reactive which can help us assess what we may need to deal with in terms of the ways we communicate, think, learn, etc. His first aspect in the passage through this Cardinal crunch is a square to Pluto which perfects tomorrow night. So, this Void Moon is a good time to observe any fears that may come up. Paranoia. Thoughts of not having enough resource. Anything Pluto may pull from your brain can be noted in a rather dispassionate and logical way in preparation for the Moon to click back on later tonight as that Mercury/Pluto square continues to wax in. We can release, purge, reform these mental issues as we become aware of them.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Early this morning, the Sun and Moon met by a lovely fire/air sextile at 3:58 AM. This feels hopeful and forward moving. Plus, it allows the emotional system and the ego body to get on similar paths. They aren't fighting one another here. At 10:07 AM the supportive energy between Aquarius and Aries continues with a lunar sextile to Venus Rx in Aries. This energy is great for assessing the groups/teams we are currently involved in and assessing whether our personal values still align with the initiatives of those groups. It can also bring compliments from friendly entities as well as encouragement. Further, after we do these assessments and decide whether the groups we are in are still supportive we can begin to decide how to monopolize and network within those groups in an effort further both our agenda and theirs. It's an easy and supportive flow of energy we have on tap here.

By 5:21 PM the Moon is square to Mars in Taurus. There is likely a block to be noticed here. There is a routine that likely needs to be updated, changed or altered. Of course, Mars in Taurus isn't going to like that. And, the emotional body may get frustrated due a perceived lack of motivation. In that, remember you are dealing with Mars in Taurus who works on momentum and incentive. You don't have to turn the train around on a dime and start off in a new direction. All you have to do is think about your first step toward change and build from there. You are also going to want to remind yourself of the benefits of the change you need to further entice Mars. Don't worry about the whole staircase in other words. Look at taking the first step toward releasing habits that no longer support you and reward yourself for taking that step. THEN, focus upon the next step and build on the momentum while reaping the rewards.
In a mundane sense, there could be conflict between a need for innovation/change and folks who would like for things to just stay how they are. In that situation, to avoid a deadlock, negotiate with the person wearing concrete shoes by presenting small steps and incentive just as you would address this situation within yourself. Show them how the change may benefit them, in other words and welcome small steps instead of expecting everything to change RIGHT NOW. Chances are the way into that problem wasn't an overnight trip. Therefore, the path out or toward change is going to take longer than one day. Small steps in the right direction matter as long as you keep your eye on that ultimate goal and keep walking toward matter how long it takes.

As you do this, Pluto is going to pull things from your brain into prominence with his square to Mercury. Paranoia and fear that needs to be addressed. Mental traps that need to be released and transformed. Old ways of thinking that need to be ditched and sloughed off. You can't address these things if you don't know what they are. So, Pluto square Mercury's job is to show them to us in an undeniable way. Through pressure. Through crises. Through the sneaky venues that the Universe always has a tendency to poke at. These are to make you aware. Plus, the power of Mercury square Pluto at it's highest also gives us the ability to fearlessly inspect and face down these issues. This aspect perfects at 8:43 PM at 19 degrees Cardinal.

The Sabian symbols for this aspect read as follows:
For Pluto at 20 Capricorn: Through the empty church, the choir is heard rehearsing.
For Mercury at 20 Aries: A young girl feeding swans in a park on a wintry day.
The Capricorn symbol denotes practice in preparation for the choirs performance. The church sits empty right now. Yet the sound of their preparations echoes in the halls. Meanwhile, a lone girl feeds swans. She is nurturing and providing protection to birds (Mercury=air) who will eventually fly off. Nothing is launching yet. But, Mercury and Pluto are preparing for the launch by showing us things in our mental/communication systems that need to be reformed or more well practiced/fed in preparation for that launch.

The day continues under this theme. With the Moon in Aquarius, we are able to address these issues from a detached and cool emotional perspective and an inclination toward change that supports a more free and independent future. Ditching fears or proactively addressing them helps us achieve freedom from those fears.
In the collective, though, we may see others who use words of forcefulness and press issues of manipulative power and subversion. These are collective mentalities that need to be addressed being brought to our attention. So, listen...but, maintain your ability to focus on self and don't allow yourself to be persuaded or tempted by the forceful voices you might hear squalling throughout the day. Note the sources of these forceful, power abusing, manipulative and slimy voices, though. These demons show themselves so we can know where the pockets of infection reside. Note them. But, don't let them scare you into submission. Rise above and circumvent the threats.

Friday, March 24, 2017

This morning, the Moon still resides and is active in Aquarius. Meanwhile, Mercury finds Jupiter in Libra by opposition at 8:46 AM. This brings the elements of fire and air together while also exercising the me/we axis. What we think versus how that fits into the philosophy we hold in the realm of relationships and the expectations perceived there. We may hear echoes from past relationships and be given opportunity to assess how our mental maturity has developed since then (or not). We may meet old school or college friends presenting more opportunity to do so. We may also be given a chance to see how we've allowed these entities to influence our thinking and the ways in which we communicate. We are given opportunity to find a more true and wise voice by assessing all this. We are also pointed toward the fact that none of us are islands. We are networked in relationships and what we say and how we say it affects those. We may be shown how to use negotiation and compromise in an effort to come to common ground while not silencing ourselves (or leaving our independent concerns out of it). Balancing the me/we axis in this way helps us better communicate among groups by engaging in a new way of communication that bears into consideration what has or has not worked in the past. Folks will be called out on forceful and selfish speech and opinions. We may be called out for being brash, impolite or non-inclusive in our speech. A the same time, we are encouraged to continue thinking independently while realizing it's not only OUR thoughts that matter.

Yesterday's Mercury/Pluto square likely brought out poisons into a public format and that will definitely meet with judgment today. As in, if someone makes a wildly paranoid or derogatory statement on social media or in a public forum, they'll be called on it today. Justice is swift. This will be especially true if said person is in some kind of position of authority, leader or other kind of influential position.
By 12:04 PM the wind picks up as our Aquarius Moon meets Jupiter in Libra by trine. Liberty and justice FOR ALL! With the residual effect of bringing prominence to trusted friends and networks while bring a bit of an uplift to our mood as well. Any feelings of oppression aren't going to cut it under this Moon. Folks want to be free and unencumbered. We will be more prone to release restriction than to adhere to it and we've got a gathering of support and like minded folks to help us push those common agendas.

By 12:36 PM the Moon meets Mercury in Aries by sextile giving collective movements a voice and bringing power in numbers (groups, teams, advocating entities). On a personal level, we feel more free to say exactly what we are thinking for better or worse. This is followed by another freedom and independence stirring aspect by way of a lunar sextile to her current ruler, Uranus in Aries at 6:03 PM. Change. Innovation. A desire for new experience and new methods for old problems come strongly en vogue. It's a restless energy so many will be prone to move around today reaching out gently for the new in further preparation for our New Moon.
We end the day and the Moon reaches Void status by way of a stabilizing sextile to her traditional ruler, Saturn in Sagittarius 1:57 AM. As we sleep, these new ideas, new experiences and the fresh new spaces we open as a result of our clearance efforts become integrated into our path forward. Solidified and rectified within our emotional systems showing us how we can incorporate all this change into the future. There's a certainty and satisfaction that comes with this letting us know we are on the right track. The Moon remains Void until entering Pisces at 6:07 AM tomorrow morning. So, get good and settled; but, expect the tides to rise as we greet the last phase of this Moon which will call us to flush our systems as clean as we can get them before embarking on our new Aries adventure.