Morning Star: Astrology for March 20 to March 21, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

This morning we wake up to the Sun newly in Aries as the Sagittarius Moon finds Saturn by conjunction at 6:38 AM EDT. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn around midday. Our Last Quarter Moon perfects at 11:59 AM. What we need to remember here is that Last Quarters are not First Quarters. First Quarter Moons often bring pressure to perform as well as point out obstacles that may be on our path toward our goals. They bring things we need to actively address into our awareness. Last Quarters also feature Moon square the Sun, but the lunar energy is waning. Meaning, things are not necessarily AS pressurized as when the Moon is waxing/building. The main calls of a Last Quarter are to release, to absolve, to complete, to dissolve...a call to make a “final sweep” prior to beginning again with the incoming New Moon We are still shown blocks. Yet, the issues presented at the Last Quarter often need to released moreso than tackled or circumvented.

That being said, I'm not saying this week goes by without pressure. What I am saying is that we are less emotionally reactive than we essentially COULD be. We are resolving and achieving a sense of closure here more so than building.
I think the Sun's entrance into Aries does make a difference in so far that our attitude changes a bit. I'm not saying Aries does not cry or mourn. I am saying that they are not as prone to wallow in grief and mourning as much as Pisces is unless there are other factors in the Moon/Neptune which we will experience later this week as the Moon wanes through Pisces. Any way you look at it, though, the part of your chart that Aries covers is very highly activated right now. It's packed with your own little Viking the ready to go to battle for you in that house.

Our Last Quarter perfects right on the genesis of both the signs of Aries and Capricorn. The Sabian symbol for 1 Aries: A woman has risen from the ocean; a seal embraces her. We emerge from the waters. We are birthed or re-birthed. And, our new emergence is welcomed and embraced.
For the Moon at 1 Capricorn: A chief claims power from the assembled tribe. As our Aries symbol is emerging, our Capricorn symbol is becoming established. We are stepping into a new sense of our own power in the emotional realm. So, it's as if we meet this rebirth while leveling up in maturity at the same time.
In a way, it seems as if this Last Quarter gives us information about unfinished business that needs to be wrapped up before we can begin effectively building in our Aries house. And, to a degree, it does involve snatching some of our own power back from places where we may have wrongly or mistakenly given it away. If you are using your power to worry...snatch it back. If you are giving your power away to folks who only drain you...snatch it back. If you are spending too much time/energy questioning and doubting yourself...snatch it back. Take power away from the potential negative uses and save it for use in conscious and initiating efforts.

Another metaphor? We are packing for a new trip. There are preparatory steps we should take in an effort to make our travels go more smoothly. We plot our path on the map. We do a final check of our reservations. We decide what is worth packing and what is not. We assess our finances and make sure we have the funds to make the trip in the first place. Or, we look at what we do have and budget it out. Chances are, we've saved for this. Plus, we look out into the future in an attempt to assess what it is we may need to take with us. Trust me, you DO NOT have room for paranoia, self-doubt, self-criticism or energy vampires that live in your head or physically in your life in your bag. Travel well prepared and light. Sunscreen? Yes. Your garbage from last week? No.

Know that this sky is geared to show you these things we need to let go of. For example, if you start feeling paranoid, that's the Universal cue telling you something in the mental space needs to be reformed and redirected. It doesn't mean you should go full lean INTO the paranoia. Much of this will involve thought processes that need to be reformed due the fact that Mercury is caught in the Cardinal crunch of Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter for the duration of the week. Plus, we have the waxing energy of another Jupiter/Pluto square building in the background. That does involve yanking your power back but also involves reforming what it is you think you know into something more powerful, more true, more deeply studied then reforming it into something more supportive.
Overnight, the Moon meets Venus Rx in Aries by uncomfortable square (2:33 AM). Then, she moves on to trine Mars in Taurus at 3:43 AM. As discomfort arises we are prone to remove something about it...instead of remain in discomfort. Metaphorically casting the peas out from underneath our mattresses.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

This morning the Moon is still in Capricorn and waxing toward a softening and empathic sextile with Neptune at 12:17 PM. This energy colors in most of our day. There is chance for more gentle release in the realm of our emotional body. The structure and aim toward production eases a bit and becomes more leisurely. More relaxed. Setting your work pace to music works really well here.
Later this evening, the Capricorn Moon squares off with Mercury in Aries (6:20 PM). This is where we are called out for trying to move forward too quickly. The zipping little red corvette gets a speeding ticket. Or an authority figure calls us out on our rocket mouth and lets us know when we are not being considerate of others or jumping to conclusions too quickly. It reminds us to be accountable for what we say to ourselves and to others while also calling us to be responsible for our own thinking and the information we choose to ingest.

Now. None of this seems too horribly taxing. But, as the night moves forward the Moon starts to feel the “squeeze” in the midst of our other Cardinal planets. She meets Pluto by conjunction at 1:32 AM. Then, Jupiter by square at 3:45 AM. Then, the final straw is dropped on the Goat's back as she squares Uranus in the morning. We may not sleep well tonight. Then, when Wednesday dawns we are worn out and much less tolerant. That happens when we don't get enough rest. Thankfully, though, the Moon is Void right after that Moon/Uranus square. Things settle down if we can breathe our way through it. Otherwise we are left with dull resonant echo of whatever it was that we just blew to smithereens. Remember we are releasing and the Universe is showing us exactly where relief and release are needed. Especially remember that if you start feeling paranoid, reactive, fearful or overly critical of self or others. Recognize and release. Deliberately releasing pressure muscle by muscle is a good effort. Perhaps doing this before attempting to retire for the night helps us rest better. Taurus Mars loves massages anyway. It surely isn't going to make it worse. Where it hurts is where we need to release. The dark and scary spots in our psyche need to be cleansed.