Morning Star: Astrology for March 15 to March 17, 2018

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

This morning the Moon is Void until Libra all morning until entering Scorpio at 11:11 AM. The void Moon likely offers a welcomed reprieve after yesterday's Cardinal pressure not to mention Sun conjunction Chiron (as the Moon passed by inconjunct).
As the Moon sinks into Scorpio, feelings become more intense. We may brood or seethe. Or we may sulk. The highest expression has us analyzing our feelings, though, Mercury in Aries is not really prone to lie around on a couch and talk about such things. As a matter of fact, deeply swirling feelings can exacerbate the rocket mouth syndrome of Mercury. Be careful not to lash out just because you may feel like a wounded animal. However, know that assertive communication in the realm of something that may NEED to be addressed, is a good expression of this energy. The problem with that lies in the private nature of the Moon itself. Yet, holding this stuff in is not really the best idea. There is a chance for anger to be directed at self here...internalized...which is a lot like drinking corrosive acid. Be mindful of your approach or retreat to lick your wounds. In one way, it sounds a lot like angry heavy metal music or grunge rock. In another, its just screaming.

The Moon's first major aspect is an opposition to Mars in Taurus (7:38 PM). This is, of course, antagonistic. We are driven to do something but the emotional body detracts from that. Which means, we should start by addressing our softer body needs first and build from there...if we feel like it. The incoming trine from the Moon to Neptune (11:25 AM, tomorrow) may end up defeating our motivations all together. Sweat lodges work well here. As well as hot yoga or anything else that gives a gentle outlet for rage or anger. We want to think along the lines of purification. Removing impurities and poisons from our system. This sky shows us exactly where they are.
We are melting...melting...and folding into ourselves at the same time. Expelling our rage over it as we do. It is likely a day that holds a mixture of emotionality and frustration. The Sun is still within orb of Chiron while also waxing into square with Saturn which is due to perfect on Friday. Ouchy. Pressurized. Brooding. Maybe we all need to just take a break.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

This morning the Moon spends most of the day in trine to Neptune at 11:25 AM. We are still in full melt but today feels more like the part where we nurse an emotional hangover. Do you know the feeling? It's like waking up the day after something horrible happened trying to convince yourself it was all a bad dream. But, your eyes are still swollen from the crying. Your throat still hurts from the screaming. And, it is likened to the feel of a dull gong on the inside of your head.
Today is watery and folks are best left to themselves in an effort to deal with the details of what is unfolding on a personal level. Mercury in Aries still wants to scream or jump in the car and drive away from his problems. Please be careful if you do this. We are emotionally distracted...and...the highway don't care, man. Please, be gentle with yourself.

Overnight, the Moon does ground a bit as she sinks into a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. Boundaries strengthen a little. With rest, we can become somewhat restored. However, the potential for deep and penetrating emotions is high throughout the day. Unfortunately, the barometer for such stays high for the duration of this lunar passage in Scorpio. Drink plenty of water. Get plenty of rest. Seek professional help by way of counseling/emergency assistance, if you feel as if it is too much for you to handle on your own. Yes, there is chance of exacerbation of emotional/mental health issues. There are times when it may feel like walking on eggshells while around others. Folks are raw. Emotional. Wrung out. Be gentle (again) with yourself and give folks plenty of space.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Essentially, what I feel is happening is likened to our emotional systems being put through one of those old timey wringer washers. The New Moon in Pisces eclipse ripped a hole open in the fabric of the subconscious. Mercury's passage by Chiron and Saturn would have given us insight into these personal “demons” if we were brave enough to listen. The Sun's passage through this same aspect pattern works to show us how those “demons” have played a role (and may continue to play a role) in regard to how we express ourselves or how we may shade parts of ourselves from public view. The Full Moon in Virgo put severe punctuation on this and started the wringer running over our hearts. What can I say? Virgo likes clean laundry. But, the process of getting it that way is anything but pleasant.

Though crying and veritably “pressing this stuff out” is not an activity that folks enjoy, it can be very cleansing if you allow it to happen. Yet, in a world that does not give credence to the importance of emotional health...well...all this may go widely unsupported. We may feel guilty for feeling in the first place which can make processing this stuff personally torturous. Not to mention the fact that it does not feel productive as it happens. We are a society built around the value of being able to produce. But, darlings, you are worth so much more than that. Our softer bodies matter. They color in everything that we do. Now, it seems as if the Universe is giving us no choice but to face down this stuff. Yet, many will continue to fight it or try to escape it only to end up exacerbating their problems in the end.
Today, the process of squeezing our emotional systems continues. It's already been a long week.

This morning the Moon still resides in the depths of Scorpio. She did pass by Pluto by sextile overnight that may have offered a little restoration in that realm. Yet, today, she waxes toward a trine with Chiron (12:39 PM)...a sore spot recently exacerbated by Mercury, the Full Moon in Virgo and the Sun. This does allow space for healing; but, it involves delving into those deeper and darker spaces with purposeful intention to cleanse and purify it. It's a vulture-like energy that, in essence, pukes this stuff up with that “purification” effort in mind. Pleasant? No. Worthy? Yes. But, not easy. There is no shame in asking for help or seeking safe refuge.
Meanwhile, the Pisces Sun gets hammered by way of a square to Saturn at 5:48 PM. Now, in some instances, this can actually be a welcomed sense of dry land in an endless floating sea. But, not many take kindly to Saturn's restrictions and regulations. He's a hard dude to make friends with and coming at us by square, this is something forced and not necessarily chosen. It's like being kicked when you are already know? It holds us personally accountable for things negatively Neptunian...denial, lying, projection, bias, misplaced empathy, lack of boundary, lack of acceptance. The higher function of this has us grabbing the wheel at the helm of the ship and steering fearlessly into the storm or tasked with maintaining our space in the eye. Sounds easy enough...but, it cumbersome. None of this is “easy.”

The Moon makes a very watery trine with the Sun in Pisces at 5:57 PM. She enters Void status from here until crossing into Sagittarius at 11:00 PM. Tomorrow, Mercury catches up with Venus Rx by conjunction at 8:27 AM at 10 Aries: A scholar creates new forms of ancient symbols. The rewinding of Venus has information for us in an effort to help us form a different opinion/perspective on past happenings in the realm of love, money and personal value. It reminds me of a run in with a former middle school boyfriend who told me (20 some years later) that the reason he started avoiding me (back then) was because I seemed so self-assured it scared him. Now, I thought this was funny because I've never been self-assured. In middle school, I was particularly self-conscious because I felt like an awkward lumberjack. However, it did help me re-frame perspective since prior to his explanation I just thought my general grossness scared him away. It wouldn't be unusual to receive information likened to this. Either way, keep your ears open for that. We could also run across old love letters. In that instance, if it stirs up old or bad memories...feel free to grab a match. This is an excellent set up for purging old negative energetic attachments from our physical surroundings in our continual efforts to learn what we can but wipe the slate clean.