Morning Star: Astrology for March 1 to March 3, 2017

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March is rolling in like a lion in my next of the woods as thunder booms across the skies and much of my area is under a flood warning. The old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” And while that may be true, it seems as if the seasons, here, have awoken extraordinarily early. Crab apple and tulip trees began blooming in late February under record high temperatures, for example. At any rate, the weather in my world currently matches the planetary set up we have for today.

The Moon in Aries is quite stressed this morning as she wakes up to Pluto darkening her doorstep by square at 7:50 AM. On a mundane end, this can create a strong hunger this morning. A hearty breakfast is indicated to ensure our energy levels and sufficiently supported. On a lower end, this can cause paranoia and fear or greed and attempts at emotional manipulation. Many fear the energy of storms. Such as my red Aries dachshund who is lying next to me under her security blanket shivering so fiercely that she is shaking my keyboard. Others feed from this energy and are in turn fueled themselves. It is all in how you approach fear.

By 1:28 PM the Moon is conjunct Uranus while also opposing Jupiter (1:44 PM). This is energy that can be wildly unstable. Feelings of paranoia can become exacerbated by way of anxiety. However, balancing out the polarity is the best way to go. The Moon conjunct Uranus aims for (at her highest expression) emotional authenticity, awareness and intelligence. It is able to identify appropriately “I feel ___.” Moon opposite Jupiter is wise, humble and fair at the high end. It knows how to self-care and redirect more sharp emotions. On the low end it is selfish and potentially aggrandized. All three of these entities are also within orb of amicable relations with Saturn. So, the energy can be boundaried and stabilized. Grounding is highly beneficial.
Other good uses of this energy include a willingness to try new things and perhaps share our experiences with friends. It's near lunchtime. So, perhaps gather together at a restaurant you've never tried before. It's also wonderful for sporting events and activities. Perhaps a quick protein bar and a stop at the gym for lunch could also fit the bill. Physically moving around can offset some of the potential angst of this energy. It's also a good idea to veer away from over-stimulation by way of media or caffeine/sugar intake to lessen the potential of shaky anxiety. Of course there is also a chance for head aches as well.

The absolute low end of this energy is very reactive, impulsive and may allow emotions to become overblown which could lead to rash actions. The more well grounded you are and the more you deliberately move around to discharge some of this, the more easily it is handled.
By 4:49 PM, the Moon is all heated up with a conjunction to Mars. Again, move. Take your anger to the mat, the gym, the punching bag. Channel it into productivity...which again is possible as Saturn is within reach. Anger can be channeled into motivation which can convert to progress.
Adhering to matters of personal health and well-being, checking off chores on our lists and disallowing this somewhat electric energy to provoke us into upsetting our own apple cart while channeling it toward adventure, new experience, exploration and/or productivity is going to appease our final aspect of the day and lead to rest within a feeling of personal satisfaction. The Moon officially finds Saturn by stable trine at 9:19 PM. From here, she is Void until entering the realm of Taurus at 2:43 AM.
Meanwhile, the Sun waxes toward a conjunction with Neptune throughout the day (9:44 PM). We will need our boundaries as this aspect can cause us to be more sensitive/empathic. However, adventures in creativity by way of music, artistic expression, meditation and fluid movement is a wonderful expression. This can be a calming factor when properly boundaried. On the low end, folks are not as they appear. We entertain both angels and demons unaware. Pay heed to your intuition as it will likely be on point throughout.

One metaphor that comes to mind is a ballerina performing in a thunderstorm. There is chaos around her but she focuses upon her art, dancing and twirling between raindrops. Skilled performers can do this. That is what we are called to be in relation to our emotional body and physical actions. Grace, balance and focus while under stress or distraction is called for.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

This morning, the Moon moves into Taurus. Yet, we still have angst in the background as Jupiter and Uranus officially form opposition at 8:23 PM. The Moon linked this up somewhat early yesterday. As a result, we were prone to engage in one form or another. Today, the emotional body is more settled and steadfast. She begins her journey in Taurus with a sextile to Mercury in Pisces at 5:49 PM.
The Sun remains softened due his proximity to Neptune. He is also waxing toward a sextile with Pluto as the Moon seeks to connect with all three. Mercury is tracing the Sun's steps in an effort to catch up.
The Moon makes this connection with Neptune by sextile at 10:27 PM, then the Sun by the same just after midnight.

This is creative clay. A wonderful opportunity to manifest beautiful visions into tangible form. It is stable but gentle. Plus, the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus can kick start inventiveness and ingenuity. There is still balance to be called for in that regard but the cows are imbued with fluidity. Perhaps, they are more sea cows...or dancing hippos more than the common barn yard cow.

Gently accept the unusual. Use the energy as inspiration. Shape the clay. Open the door to empathic yet stable communications. Work to make dreams a reality. Shield from distraction, potentials at over-stimulation and any doubt that may be brought to you by someone else chiding you with “That's never been done before” or “That's not possible.” Just because it hasn't been done yet doesn't mean we cannot try or that we cannot succeed.

Friday, March 3, 2017

This morning, determination is the theme. We wake up to the Taurus Moon in trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Many have their heels dug into their own agenda and their own sense of what is important. Trying to get folks to budge is a fruitless effort today.

Many stubbornly hold their ground. It's a good day to mind your own business while paying gratitude to the more simple blessings/comforts we may often overlook. Venus, the ruler of our current Moon, is immobile..vibrating in her station preparing to retrograde in the morning officially at 4:02 AM. The values we stand so steadfastly upon today are soon to be up for review.
Venus, value systems, matters of self-worth, stability and what we feel is important will be cast like broken jewelry into the smelting pot and eventually recast into something stronger. The hot castings are thrown underwater as Venus retrogrades back to her exalted position in Pisces while also squaring Saturn. Following this veritable baptism, she is reborn. We stand on the precipice of this now.
Take note of what important to you today. Be prepared to re-visit past relationships in an effort to glean wisdom and new perspective. Note the simplest blessings and pay them homage...since just as the Universe giveth...she can also take away.

Following a gentle gut check with Chiron by sextile at 7:05 PM, our Taurus Moon is Void. She remains Void until entering Gemini tomorrow morning at 5:07 AM. Venus turns retrograde in Aries at 4:02 AM. Tomorrow calls for a less steadfast and set in stone stance. We will need to be flexible. Gentle stretching exercises is a literal way to help prepare you for this.
Mercury is also headed toward his own conjunction with Neptune in the morning. Know that information may be deliberately skewed, veiled or we could be misunderstanding. Ask for clarification before incorporating the message. Watch non-verbal communication for “tells” or more cues about the message trying to be delivered. Fact check. Be careful of the potential at hydroplaning and other weather related issues while traveling.
But, for today, stand strong. Note the simple things. Mind your own business and, if you can, indulge yourself with whatever it is that facilitates comfort and joy.