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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for March 29 to March 31, 2017

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

In our early morning hours, the Aries Moon is still active. At 7:34 AM, she is conjunct Mercury in Aries. Less than a half hour later, the Moon is stabilized by a trine to Saturn (8:08 AM) prior to reaching Void status.
The early aspects of this morning will help us get our feet under us as far as figuring out a plan for the day or maybe one that extends beyond that. The pieces have a chance to clunk together a little here. The potential for that increases as the day goes forward. Mercury officially meets Saturn in Sagittarius by trine at 2:17 PM. This is good forward moving planning energy. Helping us to sturdily delineate the steps we need to take on our paths. Which, to me, is a good thing because I have Neptune trining my Mercury right now and I'm not really sure what my name! In general, this helps solidify information. Answer questions. It could bring some harsh truths but they are reliable. Mostly, it helps Mercury settle a bit after his passage through the Cardinal crunch energy. Our minds settle while still focusing on forward moving ventures. This is a good thing.

The Moon wakes back up in Taurus at 11:49 AM. This is another movement that is going to settle things down for a little bit. The last few days I've been out, I've noticed a lot of folks rushing. On a mission. Do, do, do. But, they have also been seemingly quite distracted. Makes sense with the pile up in Aries that we have, pressure to Mercury and Mars sextile Neptune. It was almost as if folks were feeling the call from Aries but were scattered. Mercury trine Saturn and the Moon's entrance into Taurus should help with that feeling of “rushing and doing.” Plus, as Mars moves away from his sextile with Neptune, that hill we are trying to climb will be less muddy and mushy. All in all, there is opportunity to make steady progress here. Steady. That doesn't mean we get all the things done in one day. The ground does solidify a bit so that we grab traction, though. The support coming from an increase in Earth energy today helps us to ground a little, too.

Overall, this is a good day to stop and really think about what it is we are trying to accomplish and achieve. It's a good time to mark our steps into the future and make a more solid plan for what it is we are trying to accomplish. Breathe and ground while aiming to deal with just one step at a time. If you can, write this stuff down in a frame work you can come back to for reference. It can be hard to slow ourselves long enough to do that. But, you will likely thank yourself for it later. Mercury's entrance into Taurus on Friday will help as well. Plus, it may be a good idea to prepare things for tomorrow morning so they are easy to find or ready to go. We will start Thursday with a Moon/Neptune aspect that could cause us to be a little forgetful.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

This morning we wake up slow under the Taurus Moon sextile Neptune in Pisces at 8:35 AM. This is groggy but gentle. We may forget a few things here and there as we try to scuttle out the door this morning. But, if you took advantage of yesterday's Mercury/Saturn trine you may have made needed preparations for this morning ahead of time which will surely help offset some of the fog/confusion this morning. It's not particularly harsh or swamping. But, it's still Moon/Neptune. Take it slow and easy this morning.

By 11:50 AM the Moon is conjunct Mars in Taurus. This can cause our bull to become a hothead. Or, it can allow us to really get into the work we are doing. What is going to mark the difference here is patience. We are feeling “rush” from Aries but it is hard to get our tempo to match that kind of pace while Mars is in Taurus.
I had written briefly at last New Moon about the story of the Tortoise and the Hare to a few clients. I do believe it can apply through this lunar cycle. One thing I thought to point out was that the Hare during the race had one thing in mind. Besting the Tortoise and winning the race. Aries is like that sometimes. He wants to be first. He wants to win. There is no second place. If you are not first you are last.

Many of us are trying to be hares, I feel. That is the impetus of Aries season. The feeling of rush, quickening and jumping out the gate to get started on new things is typical. But, it is important to remember that Mars is in Taurus. That's not hare energy. That's tortoise energy. Plus, that tortoise energy is the boss of all that Aries. The brain has been scattered and rushed. The emotional body, the ego body. I get it. But, the more you rush and try to push yourself to keep up with this energy, the more frustrated you will become. Set a slow diligent pace. We want to finish but we need to remember this is not a race.
The Tortoise in the story knew this. He knew the path he had to take. The steps he would have to make. But, it didn't really matter to him if he finished first. His journey was more about just finishing and taking it all in as he went. He did win the race in the end because the Hare's ego push eventually usurped him. He ended up defeating himself. But, even the Hare had won...who got more from that journey? The Hare who rushed and worried about nothing but winning? Or the Tortoise that took his time. Walked with patience and enjoyed himself at the same time. Do you want it done fast? Or do you want it done well? Don't bite off more than you can chew.

Take a deep breath. Dial back your pace. Do each step thoroughly. Patience and follow through.
At 2:54 PM, Jupiter Rx and Pluto officially square off. One thing I've noticed about this aspect when in play is that sometimes it correlates with “celebrity” deaths. Of course, we are talking Pluto so death is something that correlates with that energy. But, also we are dealing with Jupiter...who is often a sneaky little factor in matters of death. Jupiter rules travel and he also (by traditional methods) correlates with the sign of Pisces which deals with matters of the soul. So, when you have these two big guys mixed together in harsh aspect, we could hear of soul transitions. For example, Jupiter and Pluto are in exact square in my natal chart and I've been involved in the process of death, rebirth and dying my entire life. So, what we have here is a prominence brought to these (and other) things. That's why I wouldn't be surprised to hear more about it.
With Jupiter's involvement the information is widely distributed. Since he is Rx, we may hear of some crimes or legal rulings that are repealed or revisited as well. In the US, of course, we've already had news of some of this by way of repeal of environmental regulations recently. But, we are also hearing tales of espionage and back door dealings. These are pretty typical for this set up as well. Jupiter shines his spotlight on Pluto. Thus, matters of Pluto in Capricorn (the shadow of existing systems/shady business dealings/abuses of power/structures in need of reformation) is opened for public view. Again, since Jupiter is Rx these may be things that have already happened that are being brought to light.
Another thing about Jupiter and Pluto in harsh mixture is the whole adamant “be right or die” factor.

It's VERY hard for Jupiter/Pluto to admit they are wrong and accept that they don't really know everything. The offset to that is humility and willingness to peer into existing knowledge more deeply or to be open to learning more instead of just stopping to stand on “I know it all” which is an ego issue. Be open to learning more and more deeply while voluntarily taking a little dose of humility. It's always better to voluntarily do that than have it force fed to you. I promise. You are not expected to know it all. We are all learning here. And this offers us an opportunity to study whatever we choose more deeply.
This square occurs at 19 degrees Cardinal falling under the following Sabian Symbols:
For Jupiter Rx headed toward 19 Libra: Robbers are hiding ready to attack heavily armed caravan. Dane Rudhyar further explains (from his book on the Sabian's, Wheel of Significance) “Protest against the perpetuation of unearned social privileges and wealth. Repudiation of bondage. Challenge of custom.”
For Pluto headed toward 20 Capricorn: Through the empty church, the choir is rehearsing. Rudhyar advises, “The unrealized fulness of life even in the emptiest of hours. Preparation for activity. Ray of hope through all difficulty.”
For some reason, I'm reminded of the story of Robin Hood when I read the symbol for Jupiter. The activity is shady but it seems backed by good intention? Steal from the rich to give to the poor? As if that didn't strike a chord in the US. But, the symbol for Pluto suggests this is all practice. A trial run of sorts in which we are just preparing for the real thing. We will likely see possible mistakes or matters we may have overlooked in our initial reasoning. Perhaps we should assess our plans more thoroughly so we don't wind up in jail even if our intentions are well placed. Ahhh...the road to hell. How easily does this metaphor overly Jupiter and Pluto? Paved with good intentions. We don't have to be bandits even if it may be tempting to do so. If it's a worthy effort surely there are legal ways we can go about addressing the issues. Maybe we should look at those before we go robbing a caravan? Yet, I'm all for a better balance of power and completely understand frustration in that regard.

No matter how you look at it, Jupiter square Pluto CAN be an ugly and deeply affecting transit on a personal and a global level. It can increase your own power in regard to being able to heal or transform. But, you can't do that by pushing yourself way beyond your own limits. Again, be humble. Be slow. Be diligent and use this tremendous amount of energy coming from these two powerful Cardinal players to deepen focus and knowledge instead of pushing toward a mission of mass (Jupiter) destruction (Pluto).
The Moon moves into the Jupiter/Pluto square at 7:11 PM beginning with an inconjunct to Jupiter and finishing with a trine to Pluto (7:13 PM). So, the pressure is felt in the emotional body as the day moves forward. But, Moon/Pluto can endure and direct. Plow/push through one step at a time. Jupiter by inconjunct can blow emotional matters out of perspective and proportion. But we've got plenty of Earth energy here to ground that out and bring it back into true focus. Deal head on with emotional issues when/if they come up as a result of this pressure.
Also, know cravings and yearnings will likely be high. The belly growls so feed it well.
Following the trine with Pluto, the Moon moves on to sextile Chiron in Pisces at 5:38 AM tomorrow. From here, she is Void until entering Gemini at 12:42 PM tomorrow.

Friday, March 31, 2017

This morning, the Moon is Void in Taurus. That makes it a less heightened emotional time in which we can work on projects which we have already started. It's not a wonderful idea to start anything new under a Void Moon. It's not impossible. It just doesn't have the emotional “push” behind it that comes with an active Moon. Therefore it's pretty standard to recommend NOT starting anything new and focusing on what you've already got going on instead. Or, to take a little break and allow things to stew a little. I also like to joke and say when the Moon is Void in the morning (especially in Taurus) its a good time to have doughnuts for breakfast because “nothing will come of it.” Ok. In reality, your calories do count and I just like having an excuse to eat doughnuts or chocolate cake for breakfast. If Venus leads you around by the nose too, perhaps we can indulge together.

image credit for a great piece to Drakithu from Deviantart
By 12:42 PM, the Moon wakes up in Gemini and the atmosphere experiences an assured shift. This is coupled with the shift of Mercury into Taurus at 1:31 PM. The brain settles a bit becoming more practical and grounded. This is good for our Gemini Moon. And, the Gemini Moon mixes well with the Aries energy we have on tap while also encouraging a little more flexibility which can help our Taurus Mars.
We have a chance to lighten up and settle down a little here. The Moon's only major aspect within the day is a sextile to Venus who has almost backed all the way out of Aries. This is light and fairly mobile. Pixie and fairy energy is high and I would not be surprised to see a few early April Fool's Day gestures. Mercury's a trickster. However, he may be a little less prone to such while he resides in practical Taurus. Either way, this is a good day to take some pressure off yourself, lighten your load, take time to laugh and chat leisurely with friends and just relax a bit.
The square from Jupiter and Pluto is pretty tight, still. We've continued pressure coming from that aspect . Yet, today, we may get to escape from underneath that a little more easily. Laughter is good medicine. Don't be afraid of it.

Tomorrow offers a mixture of sunshine and rain. Things continue to lighten up especially following the Moon/Neptune square that greets us first thing. It will be a good day for furthering our initiatives for the most part with a little less weight on our shoulders. Still, remember, Mars is in Taurus. Even though the Moon is in multi-tasking Gemini we remained concerned with one step at a time. Follow through while keeping your pace slow and diligent. And, yeah...don't forget about the pranksters tomorrow. If YOU are and April Fool's prankster plan it early. Moon/Neptune is not paying attention. Course, Jupiter is also still square there's the whole potential of your funny business getting you killed. Be funny and enjoy your lighthearted fun but don’t' be stupid. LOL...under Jupiter/Pluto the payback could be HELL.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for March 27 and March 28, 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Pisces lingering in square to Saturn in Sagittarius (6:20 AM). From here, she is Void until entering Aries at 10:12 AM. We start out slow but purposeful this morning. The Moon is heavy in square to Saturn. We can feel the weight of all the responsibilities we hold. All the tasks ahead of us. Yet, as the Moon enters Aries, the feel of that becomes a little less cumbersome as we begin to feel more eager.

Again, though, this is not a “shooting out of the gate” energy at the genesis of this Aries season. It's a slow unfurling. A smooth and diligent step into Spring. Not rushing. Just doing, creating, starting with baby steps and finishing with follow through. This is not a brutish warring Aries season. There will be challenges. But, the answer is not forceful and brash. I'm not saying some folks won't try that. However, it unfolds gently like a flower that holds a sleeping fairy. Not typical. Not what we normally think of as Aries the forceful Ram. The warrior. This is the other side of that. A new side. Give it a try. I think you'll like it. It laughs like a jolly sprite. It's tender like the first stems of spring. Gently unfolding petal by petal.
Following the Moon's entrance into Aries, the smooth flow of the Mars energy on tap is felt. Mars in Taurus meets Neptune in Pisces by sextile at 12:45 PM. See? Flowing steadily. It may not be as fast as some may prefer. But, it is steady, creative, smooth and dependable. Mars rules today's New Moon. So, his position at this Moon sets the tempo for the season. It certainly makes me think of the potential for Spring flooding and mudslides. But, as far as our personal actions and initiatives are concerned slow diligence imbued with grace and compassion is the way to go. This is likened to creative clay from which we can begin to give shape to the wonderful inspirations brought forth by Mercury's conjunction with Uranus in Aries. It's melting the chocolate before we pour it into the mold. Smooth. Persistent. Diligent.

By 4:00 PM, the Moon meets Venus Rx by conjunction. This is easy and relaxing. Occurring in Aries, it calls us to bring appreciation to matters of our body. This is a good time to anoint or just take a few minutes to care for our most important machine. Also, coming prior to our New Moon, it reminds us to allow our hearts to lead us into this new season. Gently. Humbly. Slowly overlaying love, care and attentiveness upon our actions.
At 10:59 PM, the New Moon commences at 7 Aries 37. The Sabian Symbols for this lunation read as follows:

For the Sun and Moon at 8 Aries: A woman's hat, with streamers, blown by the East wind. Inspiration is the first thing I think of when I read this symbol. Also, a breath of fresh air. It's gentle and breezy. Coming from the East, I think of more holistic tendencies that treat not only the body but also the mind, emotions and the soul. Here, we are given a chance to address ourselves as whole. This can bring a fresh outlook. A sense of rejuvenation. Break stagnation and bring a gentle sense of clarity and vision.

For the Moon's Ruler, Mars, at 13 Taurus: A porter cheerfully balancing a mountain of baggage. Obviously this porter takes joy in his work. Otherwise, managing the baggage of someone else who is on a pleasure trip (while you are sweating to cater to them) could be a downer. He or she is a member of the service industry. One of those folks who works behind the scenes to help others. What's more important is he or she fills their job with joy and cheerfulness. The porter chooses to bring delight to more menial tasks and is happy to help. It would be really easy to take a different and more bitter approach. But, why? No matter the task, no matter how menial you may think it is, do it with love and joy and it becomes so much more rewarding.

I love the breezy feel of the symbol for this Moon as well as the message coming from our porter. It sounds simple and maybe a little too fluffy to some to say that consciously and purposefully doing things with love and joy in your heart makes a difference. But, it really does. It changes the quality of your work, plus, as you put that vibration into what you are doing, it attracts more of the feel to you. While I can't make anyone see it that way, I can testify. It works. It matters. Plus, it does wonderful things to your emotional system while lightening what previously may have felt cumbersome and heavy. Changing your perspective in this way, at first, feels as if you are tricking yourself. In a way, you are. Tricking your brain. But, you know what? Your brain plays tricks on YOU all the time. Turn about is fair play, says the Libra. It helps to remember that worrying is like trying to manifest what you don't want. In the end, you realize you are not really “tricking” your are consciously steering it. It's different. It's a little new. But, 'tis the season for new. This will become a more important theme once Mercury begins his retrograde in Taurus. Yet, we can practice right now. Like the porter. No matter what you are doing, fill that activity with love. If you can't, maybe you need a break. Or, maybe you need to change what you are doing. Either way, after we cross over the New Moon, it's a good time to start something...anything. We may just think about it tonight or set our intentions to do so. But, by tomorrow, we will certainly be ready to start. Slowly. Diligently. Tender baby steps toward our goal with joy and hope in our hearts. It's a crisp, green and fertile beginning. Just the beginning.

Tuesday, March 27, 2017

The majority of our morning is spent under the promise and call of the New Moon in Aries. This is where we begin. Yet, as the day goes forward, the emotional body becomes more pressurized. The Moon meets Pluto in Capricorn by square at 6:15 PM and, nearly immediately after, finds Jupiter in Libra by opposition (6:39 PM). Yes, these two Cardinal planets are waxing into another square which will perfect later this week. Today, the Moon links their square early. There is pressure. Perhaps some self-doubt or direction coming from the outside world that shades our hopes with doubt and resistance. “No one has done that before,” they say. “It's impossible,” they say.
“Until you did it,” I say.

There are several low end ways this pressured square can play out. Know the pressure or Jupiter and Pluto will continue. But, the Moon will pass out of this mood more quickly. The outlet for this t-square falls in Cancer which points right back at the Moon. Be willing to try. Be willing to take a few well calculated risks. Be willing to stay open to learn about this thing you want to do or achieve. Don't expect yourself to know it all especially if its not something you've ever tried before. That's one of the downfalls of Jupiter/Pluto in harsh aspect. The “I'll stand on being right and knowing or die.” The better way to handle it is to deliberately dose yourself with a little humility and willingness to learn more deeply. Deep study and focus. And, if you find yourself wrapped up in a power struggle...ask yourself, is this how I want to use my energy? Is it worth it? Because, you can always let go of the rope in that tug of war and re-direct your energy back to whatever it is you really wanted to focus on. If it IS worth it, you will surely have the energy to stand your ground.
By 1:16 AM the Moon is conjunct Uranus and our “give a damn” about the pressure that came forth from the Cardinal t square breaks. We may be inspired by a solution to the problem of Jupiter square Pluto. We may be catalyzed into acting independently without giving one single crap about what “they” say.

The aspect to Uranus is pretty restless, though. It may be hard to get to sleep or stay asleep because the brain is busy. The emotional body may be nervous or excited. Cutting down on the stimulants you take in during the day and being gently physically active can offset that potential.
Overall, our first official day in the Astrological New Year is pressurized. It will call us toward astute and deliberate direction of the emotional body while also calling us to sheer away distractions from our goal or learn more about the path to get there. Remember you don't have to know exactly how you are going to get all the way where you want to go. You just have to worry about setting that intention while drawing your focus to step one. That's it. Set the goal and work on the first step. We'll worry about figuring the other steps when we get there. Do the first one thoroughly and completely follow through. Then, step two. Lay sturdy foundation stones. This is just the beginning. Slow and patient. Savor every step. Everything is brand new. We've all the time in the world to wonder at it and explore. Even during the little storms that may come along. Today may push you to rush. But, you don't have to nor should you give into that pressure. Use the energy as impetus to start, instead. This isn't a race. Pace yourself and realize, we are just blooming. Just getting started. I know you are hungry. Yet, if what you are thinking about doing is really worthy, it is also worthy of taking your dear sweet time.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of March 25 to March 26, 2017

Saturday, March 25, 2017

This morning the Moon drifts into Piscean waters at 6:07 AM. This quenches the thirst brought forth by much of the fire/air energy under the Aquarius Moon and Mercury's recent aspects. The air becomes moist and foggy as we soften a bit ourselves. Shortly after the Moon's entrance here, Venus backs into the Sun in Pisces at 6:18 AM. This occurs at 5 Aries falling under the following Sabian Symbol:
A white triangle with golden wings on its upper sides.
I feel that our warrior Aries Sun is disarmed to a degree under this sky. We have the potential to really assess our hearts discovering that when two people are in relationship a third energy is produced from the mixture. We may assess past or current relationships; how we engage in those; how appreciation and gratitude are exchanged (or not) and make decisions about how we approach or initiate these relationships in the future. It's gentle and it's soft. We are humbled. Gentled. Potentially slain by love and compassion. As we melt, our brain flashes with memories and insight as Mercury continues through his Cardinal crunch.

This energy fills in the day. It's gently memorial and offering occasional kisses from the past as well. Overnight, the Moon meets sturdy Mars in Taurus by sextile (2:44 AM) while sinking into Neptune (4:24 AM). This is wonderful for a solid night's rest. It calls for a gentle touch and could conjure blissful dreams. Pisces and Taurus make lovely bedfellows.

It's a great day for being leisurely or wrapping up existing projects. It's also stellar for cleansing in the physical, spiritual or energetic realm. Soaking or hoodoo herbal baths work well. So does a freshening of your physical realm by way of cleaning/organizing or using natural cleaners (vinegar or sage) to freshen the air. If weather permits, opening windows is a great way to let the stale air of winter out of your home.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The atmosphere remains wet this morning. The fog hangs. Yet, lightning pierces through the mist bringing inspiration and insight with it. The Moon remains in Pisces slowly waking up from her deep Neptunian slumber as Mercury is shocked awake by a conjunction with Uranus at 11:06 AM.
At first, the flashes may seem unsettling. But, they likely hold information we have been long looking for but unable to capture. As we soften under the Pisces Moon, our system becomes more open and sensitive to these.

This conjunction occurs at 24 degrees Aries: A window blows inward shaped as a cornucopia. Are you ready? This breath of fresh air aspect could bring the awareness we have been looking for. We are ready to leave this ecliptic cycle behind us and start fresh. This conjunction provides the final impetus in preparation for that. Brain lights start flashing like lightning bugs on a dark summer night. Like POPROCKS have been embedded in our brains. This is hopeful and welcomes fresh perspectives, new ideas and a feeling of waking up within one's life. That wake up call preps us for action and a new cycle that comes forth tomorrow under our New Moon in Aries. Are you ready? I'm ready. I'm chomping at the bit ready but willing to walk through these final washing away steps and wait for the potentially inspiring insights to occur before I take off. The day is full of “Eureka!” and “AHA!” moments that rush into the psyche like divine intervention by way of new wisdom.

There is a chance for cutting words and harsh sword-like tongues. Those that are wounded are prone to lash out. Yet, some of those words can cut malefic ties freeing us from their bondage and catapulting us into a new future. Time speeds up as the Pisces Moon tries to keep up. Anxiety can come forth here. Realize that intuition enters the body through the emotional system. Often, the body can interpret this as a feeling of impending doom and react anxiously because IT FEELS anxious. But, whether the intuitive hit forebodes forthcoming good or negative potential IT FEELS the same way. So, don't automatically jump to doomsday conclusions. Work to settle anxieties and be not afraid of the “other shoe” may be the one you've been looking for. Either way, we need to know what is given to us through this aspect. Observe. Listen. Let the messages come. Just don't use your tongue as a weapon unless you are aware of the impact. It is likened to rocket fuel. That doesn't mean you want to let that rocket go off all on its own without the control of your conscious steerage. Hold tight the steering wheel and don't preemptively bolt out of the gate before the signal of the starting pistol. Hold steady.

Awareness and emotional fortitude deepens as the day progresses and the Moon is graced by a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn at 3:53 PM. We awake in the morning to the dread of Monday by way of a square from our Pisces Moon to Saturn in Sagittarius. At this point, we know what we need to do. We cannot deny the truth we have just discovered. And, we can assess that there is a long path ahead to fix what has been perceived as broken, abused or offended. But, with heads bowed and hands raised, we say our final prayers for support and guidance before we rise to conscious engagement. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Aries at 10:12 AM.

We are ready to go. But, we are not blood thirsty warriors coming out of the gate at the New Moon in Aries this year. We are gentled and compassionate warriors. Peaceful Warriors. Spiritual, empathic and wise, ready to fight old battles in new ways. We are certainly ready to stand strong, lock arms and defend our rights to acceptance, love, security and inclusion. Nothing else will do. It's all of us or none of us. Just you wait and see. Are you ready?
Use today to continue to lighten your load. Say a little prayer for the journey yet to come. Use love as your shield and compassion as your battle ax. If you don't think there is true power in love and empathy, then you've never witnessed the pull of an ocean riptide. Never been taken to your knees by grief. Never felt empowered by love. Never seen how the persistent caress of water wears away the rough edges of a rock. Know this is not your typical beefed up warrior energy. This year, we truly learn the art of fighting like an intelligent, compassionate, confident and wise WOMAN. AHA! BRING IT. It's time to further develop our tactics that do not involve violent aggression and oppression, in other words. The ability to charm and negotiate are strong. Plus, we start becoming more prone to try to bring folks together instead of continually push and splinter apart. We are also prompted to learn more about deescalation, conflict resolution and prevention rather than hand to hand combat or fighting fire with fire...eye for an eye and all that. "Fighting" becomes more about a slow water running over a rock...more so that brute force. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for March 22 to March 24, 2017

The Universe plays mind games with us throughout the end of this week. Thankfully, though, most of it happens while the Moon is in Aquarius allowing us to rise above some of the more swirling emotions and become “wise” to what is really going on. Basically what is happening is Mercury/Pluto is going to show you things in the way that you speak, think and communicate that need to be reformed. It may show us thoughts/mentalities that need to be ditched or purged entirely. We will learn more about our fears and be given opportunity to face them bravely with the intention of handling them more effectively. We will also learn how the ways we express ourselves has been hampered by our perceptions of expectation and the folks we surround ourselves. The goal? To help us think more independently. To help us find a more authentic voice while realizing initiating with purely selfish motivations will only get us so far. However, networking with folks with similar agendas can help us further our own. Plus, we become astutely aware of where pockets of outdated mentalities lie and where words are used for mere selfish or manipulative purposes. All in preparation for our opportunity to begin again under the incoming New Moon in Aries. Remember, we are still releasing here. So, as this stuff emerges know that it needs to be released...not grasped. Take the awareness and the wisdom but leave what you don't need anymore to burn up in the fire.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Overnight the Moon in Capricorn endured pressure from our Cardinal planets. This morning, we wake up to her leaving her square with Jupiter in Libra and entering her square with Uranus (9:20 AM). This can kick start feelings of anxiety and a feeling of having to rush. We can alleviate that by purposely grounding and steering ourselves away from things that threaten to exacerbate these conditions. Such as increasing water intake, decreasing stimulant intake physically and mentally (reduce sugar/caffeine and exposure to the constant stream of media which can lead to over-stimulation). We are also called to detach from emotional issues and logically assess how to appropriately deal with these...rise above them in an effort to increase emotional intelligence. We are also reminded of the need of pause so we can properly direct any flight/fight response and instead RESPOND to external stimuli appropriately thus eliminating or defeating the knee jerk or overly reactive/impulsive response. Mindfulness becomes very important especially when you remember the condition of Mercury in Aries who continues to wax into this crunch.

Following the square with Uranus, we've plenty of time to let the dust settle as the Moon reaches Void status until entering a more cooled state with her transition into Aquarius at 10:29 PM. So, we had storms (metaphorical or literal) through the night that extended into the morning. Then, the Moon goes Void allowing us to deal with whatever we need to deal with in the aftermath of that in a way that the emotional system is a little less reactive.
The day, as a whole, is good for addressing projects that need to be wrapped up. Finishing up tasks. Continual efforts at clearing out and letting go in preparation for our New Moon in Aries. Spiritual cleansing and organizing/cleaning physical environments are also good tasks. Otherwise, we move rather mundanely through the day taking care of what we need to take care of one little task at a time.

Also, observe your thoughts during the Void Moon. Mercury is still busy. But, while the Moon is Void we are less emotionally reactive which can help us assess what we may need to deal with in terms of the ways we communicate, think, learn, etc. His first aspect in the passage through this Cardinal crunch is a square to Pluto which perfects tomorrow night. So, this Void Moon is a good time to observe any fears that may come up. Paranoia. Thoughts of not having enough resource. Anything Pluto may pull from your brain can be noted in a rather dispassionate and logical way in preparation for the Moon to click back on later tonight as that Mercury/Pluto square continues to wax in. We can release, purge, reform these mental issues as we become aware of them.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Early this morning, the Sun and Moon met by a lovely fire/air sextile at 3:58 AM. This feels hopeful and forward moving. Plus, it allows the emotional system and the ego body to get on similar paths. They aren't fighting one another here. At 10:07 AM the supportive energy between Aquarius and Aries continues with a lunar sextile to Venus Rx in Aries. This energy is great for assessing the groups/teams we are currently involved in and assessing whether our personal values still align with the initiatives of those groups. It can also bring compliments from friendly entities as well as encouragement. Further, after we do these assessments and decide whether the groups we are in are still supportive we can begin to decide how to monopolize and network within those groups in an effort further both our agenda and theirs. It's an easy and supportive flow of energy we have on tap here.

By 5:21 PM the Moon is square to Mars in Taurus. There is likely a block to be noticed here. There is a routine that likely needs to be updated, changed or altered. Of course, Mars in Taurus isn't going to like that. And, the emotional body may get frustrated due a perceived lack of motivation. In that, remember you are dealing with Mars in Taurus who works on momentum and incentive. You don't have to turn the train around on a dime and start off in a new direction. All you have to do is think about your first step toward change and build from there. You are also going to want to remind yourself of the benefits of the change you need to further entice Mars. Don't worry about the whole staircase in other words. Look at taking the first step toward releasing habits that no longer support you and reward yourself for taking that step. THEN, focus upon the next step and build on the momentum while reaping the rewards.
In a mundane sense, there could be conflict between a need for innovation/change and folks who would like for things to just stay how they are. In that situation, to avoid a deadlock, negotiate with the person wearing concrete shoes by presenting small steps and incentive just as you would address this situation within yourself. Show them how the change may benefit them, in other words and welcome small steps instead of expecting everything to change RIGHT NOW. Chances are the way into that problem wasn't an overnight trip. Therefore, the path out or toward change is going to take longer than one day. Small steps in the right direction matter as long as you keep your eye on that ultimate goal and keep walking toward matter how long it takes.

As you do this, Pluto is going to pull things from your brain into prominence with his square to Mercury. Paranoia and fear that needs to be addressed. Mental traps that need to be released and transformed. Old ways of thinking that need to be ditched and sloughed off. You can't address these things if you don't know what they are. So, Pluto square Mercury's job is to show them to us in an undeniable way. Through pressure. Through crises. Through the sneaky venues that the Universe always has a tendency to poke at. These are to make you aware. Plus, the power of Mercury square Pluto at it's highest also gives us the ability to fearlessly inspect and face down these issues. This aspect perfects at 8:43 PM at 19 degrees Cardinal.

The Sabian symbols for this aspect read as follows:
For Pluto at 20 Capricorn: Through the empty church, the choir is heard rehearsing.
For Mercury at 20 Aries: A young girl feeding swans in a park on a wintry day.
The Capricorn symbol denotes practice in preparation for the choirs performance. The church sits empty right now. Yet the sound of their preparations echoes in the halls. Meanwhile, a lone girl feeds swans. She is nurturing and providing protection to birds (Mercury=air) who will eventually fly off. Nothing is launching yet. But, Mercury and Pluto are preparing for the launch by showing us things in our mental/communication systems that need to be reformed or more well practiced/fed in preparation for that launch.

The day continues under this theme. With the Moon in Aquarius, we are able to address these issues from a detached and cool emotional perspective and an inclination toward change that supports a more free and independent future. Ditching fears or proactively addressing them helps us achieve freedom from those fears.
In the collective, though, we may see others who use words of forcefulness and press issues of manipulative power and subversion. These are collective mentalities that need to be addressed being brought to our attention. So, listen...but, maintain your ability to focus on self and don't allow yourself to be persuaded or tempted by the forceful voices you might hear squalling throughout the day. Note the sources of these forceful, power abusing, manipulative and slimy voices, though. These demons show themselves so we can know where the pockets of infection reside. Note them. But, don't let them scare you into submission. Rise above and circumvent the threats.

Friday, March 24, 2017

This morning, the Moon still resides and is active in Aquarius. Meanwhile, Mercury finds Jupiter in Libra by opposition at 8:46 AM. This brings the elements of fire and air together while also exercising the me/we axis. What we think versus how that fits into the philosophy we hold in the realm of relationships and the expectations perceived there. We may hear echoes from past relationships and be given opportunity to assess how our mental maturity has developed since then (or not). We may meet old school or college friends presenting more opportunity to do so. We may also be given a chance to see how we've allowed these entities to influence our thinking and the ways in which we communicate. We are given opportunity to find a more true and wise voice by assessing all this. We are also pointed toward the fact that none of us are islands. We are networked in relationships and what we say and how we say it affects those. We may be shown how to use negotiation and compromise in an effort to come to common ground while not silencing ourselves (or leaving our independent concerns out of it). Balancing the me/we axis in this way helps us better communicate among groups by engaging in a new way of communication that bears into consideration what has or has not worked in the past. Folks will be called out on forceful and selfish speech and opinions. We may be called out for being brash, impolite or non-inclusive in our speech. A the same time, we are encouraged to continue thinking independently while realizing it's not only OUR thoughts that matter.

Yesterday's Mercury/Pluto square likely brought out poisons into a public format and that will definitely meet with judgment today. As in, if someone makes a wildly paranoid or derogatory statement on social media or in a public forum, they'll be called on it today. Justice is swift. This will be especially true if said person is in some kind of position of authority, leader or other kind of influential position.
By 12:04 PM the wind picks up as our Aquarius Moon meets Jupiter in Libra by trine. Liberty and justice FOR ALL! With the residual effect of bringing prominence to trusted friends and networks while bring a bit of an uplift to our mood as well. Any feelings of oppression aren't going to cut it under this Moon. Folks want to be free and unencumbered. We will be more prone to release restriction than to adhere to it and we've got a gathering of support and like minded folks to help us push those common agendas.

By 12:36 PM the Moon meets Mercury in Aries by sextile giving collective movements a voice and bringing power in numbers (groups, teams, advocating entities). On a personal level, we feel more free to say exactly what we are thinking for better or worse. This is followed by another freedom and independence stirring aspect by way of a lunar sextile to her current ruler, Uranus in Aries at 6:03 PM. Change. Innovation. A desire for new experience and new methods for old problems come strongly en vogue. It's a restless energy so many will be prone to move around today reaching out gently for the new in further preparation for our New Moon.
We end the day and the Moon reaches Void status by way of a stabilizing sextile to her traditional ruler, Saturn in Sagittarius 1:57 AM. As we sleep, these new ideas, new experiences and the fresh new spaces we open as a result of our clearance efforts become integrated into our path forward. Solidified and rectified within our emotional systems showing us how we can incorporate all this change into the future. There's a certainty and satisfaction that comes with this letting us know we are on the right track. The Moon remains Void until entering Pisces at 6:07 AM tomorrow morning. So, get good and settled; but, expect the tides to rise as we greet the last phase of this Moon which will call us to flush our systems as clean as we can get them before embarking on our new Aries adventure.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for March 20 to March 21, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

This morning we wake up to the Sun newly in Aries as the Sagittarius Moon finds Saturn by conjunction at 6:38 AM EDT. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn around midday. Our Last Quarter Moon perfects at 11:59 AM. What we need to remember here is that Last Quarters are not First Quarters. First Quarter Moons often bring pressure to perform as well as point out obstacles that may be on our path toward our goals. They bring things we need to actively address into our awareness. Last Quarters also feature Moon square the Sun, but the lunar energy is waning. Meaning, things are not necessarily AS pressurized as when the Moon is waxing/building. The main calls of a Last Quarter are to release, to absolve, to complete, to dissolve...a call to make a “final sweep” prior to beginning again with the incoming New Moon We are still shown blocks. Yet, the issues presented at the Last Quarter often need to released moreso than tackled or circumvented.

That being said, I'm not saying this week goes by without pressure. What I am saying is that we are less emotionally reactive than we essentially COULD be. We are resolving and achieving a sense of closure here more so than building.
I think the Sun's entrance into Aries does make a difference in so far that our attitude changes a bit. I'm not saying Aries does not cry or mourn. I am saying that they are not as prone to wallow in grief and mourning as much as Pisces is unless there are other factors in the Moon/Neptune which we will experience later this week as the Moon wanes through Pisces. Any way you look at it, though, the part of your chart that Aries covers is very highly activated right now. It's packed with your own little Viking the ready to go to battle for you in that house.

Our Last Quarter perfects right on the genesis of both the signs of Aries and Capricorn. The Sabian symbol for 1 Aries: A woman has risen from the ocean; a seal embraces her. We emerge from the waters. We are birthed or re-birthed. And, our new emergence is welcomed and embraced.
For the Moon at 1 Capricorn: A chief claims power from the assembled tribe. As our Aries symbol is emerging, our Capricorn symbol is becoming established. We are stepping into a new sense of our own power in the emotional realm. So, it's as if we meet this rebirth while leveling up in maturity at the same time.
In a way, it seems as if this Last Quarter gives us information about unfinished business that needs to be wrapped up before we can begin effectively building in our Aries house. And, to a degree, it does involve snatching some of our own power back from places where we may have wrongly or mistakenly given it away. If you are using your power to worry...snatch it back. If you are giving your power away to folks who only drain you...snatch it back. If you are spending too much time/energy questioning and doubting yourself...snatch it back. Take power away from the potential negative uses and save it for use in conscious and initiating efforts.

Another metaphor? We are packing for a new trip. There are preparatory steps we should take in an effort to make our travels go more smoothly. We plot our path on the map. We do a final check of our reservations. We decide what is worth packing and what is not. We assess our finances and make sure we have the funds to make the trip in the first place. Or, we look at what we do have and budget it out. Chances are, we've saved for this. Plus, we look out into the future in an attempt to assess what it is we may need to take with us. Trust me, you DO NOT have room for paranoia, self-doubt, self-criticism or energy vampires that live in your head or physically in your life in your bag. Travel well prepared and light. Sunscreen? Yes. Your garbage from last week? No.

Know that this sky is geared to show you these things we need to let go of. For example, if you start feeling paranoid, that's the Universal cue telling you something in the mental space needs to be reformed and redirected. It doesn't mean you should go full lean INTO the paranoia. Much of this will involve thought processes that need to be reformed due the fact that Mercury is caught in the Cardinal crunch of Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter for the duration of the week. Plus, we have the waxing energy of another Jupiter/Pluto square building in the background. That does involve yanking your power back but also involves reforming what it is you think you know into something more powerful, more true, more deeply studied then reforming it into something more supportive.
Overnight, the Moon meets Venus Rx in Aries by uncomfortable square (2:33 AM). Then, she moves on to trine Mars in Taurus at 3:43 AM. As discomfort arises we are prone to remove something about it...instead of remain in discomfort. Metaphorically casting the peas out from underneath our mattresses.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

This morning the Moon is still in Capricorn and waxing toward a softening and empathic sextile with Neptune at 12:17 PM. This energy colors in most of our day. There is chance for more gentle release in the realm of our emotional body. The structure and aim toward production eases a bit and becomes more leisurely. More relaxed. Setting your work pace to music works really well here.
Later this evening, the Capricorn Moon squares off with Mercury in Aries (6:20 PM). This is where we are called out for trying to move forward too quickly. The zipping little red corvette gets a speeding ticket. Or an authority figure calls us out on our rocket mouth and lets us know when we are not being considerate of others or jumping to conclusions too quickly. It reminds us to be accountable for what we say to ourselves and to others while also calling us to be responsible for our own thinking and the information we choose to ingest.

Now. None of this seems too horribly taxing. But, as the night moves forward the Moon starts to feel the “squeeze” in the midst of our other Cardinal planets. She meets Pluto by conjunction at 1:32 AM. Then, Jupiter by square at 3:45 AM. Then, the final straw is dropped on the Goat's back as she squares Uranus in the morning. We may not sleep well tonight. Then, when Wednesday dawns we are worn out and much less tolerant. That happens when we don't get enough rest. Thankfully, though, the Moon is Void right after that Moon/Uranus square. Things settle down if we can breathe our way through it. Otherwise we are left with dull resonant echo of whatever it was that we just blew to smithereens. Remember we are releasing and the Universe is showing us exactly where relief and release are needed. Especially remember that if you start feeling paranoid, reactive, fearful or overly critical of self or others. Recognize and release. Deliberately releasing pressure muscle by muscle is a good effort. Perhaps doing this before attempting to retire for the night helps us rest better. Taurus Mars loves massages anyway. It surely isn't going to make it worse. Where it hurts is where we need to release. The dark and scary spots in our psyche need to be cleansed.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of March 18 to March 19, 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The weekend does offer some relief as a result of the constant purging and cleansing emotional rains we have experienced lately. The pressure between the Sun and Saturn starts to ease and our emotional systems begin to glean wisdom from these rather astute emotional issues. Yes. The Sun peeks out a bit. We feel a little better overall and, for a little bit, we even dry out to a degree.

We begin this morning with the Moon in Sagittarius as Mercury in Aries meets Venus Rx in Aries by conjunction. This occurs at 10 degrees Aries: A scholar creates new forms for ancient symbols. It could bring a new perspective in regard to past relationships or financial dealings. It could bring information from these same places, as well. Running into old schoolmates and peers would not be a stretch. These meetings could give you new and reflective insight about yourself. Meaning, you could meet an old friend who says, “I always think of you when...” or “I always considered you the X type of person.” This works to show us, in part, how we were perceived at different times in our lives and allows us to decide if we agree with it or not. It may be positive or negative. That purely depends on our perspective of the thing. We could also receive messages regarding love or finances as well as trip over past momentoes that directly correlate to past loves or financial dealings. Maybe you run across an old checkbook register and compare your finances of today to those of yesterday. You could just as easily trip across old love letters that were stashed away somewhere prompting you to compare who you were in past relationships to who you are now. It does seem rather reflective. But, it is reflective in a way that gives us information that we can use on our journey forward.

At 4:59 PM, the Moon dances with Venus Rx by trine then grabs Mercury to join in the twirl at 7:06 PM. This allows us to further integrate information from our past travels into our future journeys. This is light, mobile and free-thinking. Offering fresh perspective and...maybe even some laughter! How great is that? This is great for casting off more cumbersome burdens in favor of spending time with friends, dancing...just getting out and basically shaking some dust off however you choose. Leaving yourself open to adventures and tempting your palette with exotic or foreign flavors is a good way to go with this. Take a break from the suffering.
As the night moves forward, the Moon does square Neptune at 11:57 PM. This is where the chance for tears comes in to play especially if you reached for an import beer as you were out dancing. Remorse/regret can take place here. But, on the higher end it increases our empathy for those who also suffer as we do and could produce a deep and sound night's sleep. Of course, this all depends on how we choose to handle the messages we may receive today. If we maintain a willingness to learn from past experience, a sense of being able to laugh at yourself, humility and optimism it goes much more easily. If you are consistently clinging to and past relationships or mourning them, could lay your head down on a tear soaked pillow. I personally think we've had enough of that already. Go out and have some fun. We all need a break. This is a wonderful opportunity to take one.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

This morning the Moon is still active in Sagittarius. We may be slow to wake up due to last night's square to Neptune.'s Sunday. A perfect day to sleep, why not!
By 4:37 PM the Moon is elevated by a sextile to her current ruler, Jupiter Rx in Libra. This is another boost to our mood that shouldn't be overlooked. We are feeling better and that certainly counts for something.

This is our last day of Pisces season, as well. Tomorrow we wake up in the realm of the Ram as the Sun enters Aries at 6:29 AM. This night goes out with a lunar trine to Uranus at 9:33 PM. It suggests we approach situations with joy, optimism and a flare of individuality. It also says that creating happiness is an inside job and encourages us, again, to be willing to try new and unusual things.
The Moon does square Chiron overnight (1:30 AM) and remains active through the Sun's passage into Aries tomorrow. Our emotional maturity increases along with our ability to maintain proper emotional boundary as the Moon meets Saturn by conjunction early tomorrow morning before reaching Void status. Sure, we are not going to be thrilled it's Monday since it lingers on our doorstep dressed like doom. But, we have surely dealt with more difficult situations.
Use today to continue building on your good mood from yesterday. Use the last bit of the Pisces Sun to enhance creative efforts. The Moon is still waning so releasing your grip on more depressive or restrictive feelings is still en vogue. There are echoes from the past still coming forth with our retrograde planets. Know these come with an agenda to teach us not to torture us.
The Moon remains Void after 6:38 AM tomorrow morning and re-activates in Capricorn at 11:31 AM.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for March 15 to March 17, 2018

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

This morning the Moon is Void until Libra all morning until entering Scorpio at 11:11 AM. The void Moon likely offers a welcomed reprieve after yesterday's Cardinal pressure not to mention Sun conjunction Chiron (as the Moon passed by inconjunct).
As the Moon sinks into Scorpio, feelings become more intense. We may brood or seethe. Or we may sulk. The highest expression has us analyzing our feelings, though, Mercury in Aries is not really prone to lie around on a couch and talk about such things. As a matter of fact, deeply swirling feelings can exacerbate the rocket mouth syndrome of Mercury. Be careful not to lash out just because you may feel like a wounded animal. However, know that assertive communication in the realm of something that may NEED to be addressed, is a good expression of this energy. The problem with that lies in the private nature of the Moon itself. Yet, holding this stuff in is not really the best idea. There is a chance for anger to be directed at self here...internalized...which is a lot like drinking corrosive acid. Be mindful of your approach or retreat to lick your wounds. In one way, it sounds a lot like angry heavy metal music or grunge rock. In another, its just screaming.

The Moon's first major aspect is an opposition to Mars in Taurus (7:38 PM). This is, of course, antagonistic. We are driven to do something but the emotional body detracts from that. Which means, we should start by addressing our softer body needs first and build from there...if we feel like it. The incoming trine from the Moon to Neptune (11:25 AM, tomorrow) may end up defeating our motivations all together. Sweat lodges work well here. As well as hot yoga or anything else that gives a gentle outlet for rage or anger. We want to think along the lines of purification. Removing impurities and poisons from our system. This sky shows us exactly where they are.
We are melting...melting...and folding into ourselves at the same time. Expelling our rage over it as we do. It is likely a day that holds a mixture of emotionality and frustration. The Sun is still within orb of Chiron while also waxing into square with Saturn which is due to perfect on Friday. Ouchy. Pressurized. Brooding. Maybe we all need to just take a break.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

This morning the Moon spends most of the day in trine to Neptune at 11:25 AM. We are still in full melt but today feels more like the part where we nurse an emotional hangover. Do you know the feeling? It's like waking up the day after something horrible happened trying to convince yourself it was all a bad dream. But, your eyes are still swollen from the crying. Your throat still hurts from the screaming. And, it is likened to the feel of a dull gong on the inside of your head.
Today is watery and folks are best left to themselves in an effort to deal with the details of what is unfolding on a personal level. Mercury in Aries still wants to scream or jump in the car and drive away from his problems. Please be careful if you do this. We are emotionally distracted...and...the highway don't care, man. Please, be gentle with yourself.

Overnight, the Moon does ground a bit as she sinks into a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. Boundaries strengthen a little. With rest, we can become somewhat restored. However, the potential for deep and penetrating emotions is high throughout the day. Unfortunately, the barometer for such stays high for the duration of this lunar passage in Scorpio. Drink plenty of water. Get plenty of rest. Seek professional help by way of counseling/emergency assistance, if you feel as if it is too much for you to handle on your own. Yes, there is chance of exacerbation of emotional/mental health issues. There are times when it may feel like walking on eggshells while around others. Folks are raw. Emotional. Wrung out. Be gentle (again) with yourself and give folks plenty of space.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Essentially, what I feel is happening is likened to our emotional systems being put through one of those old timey wringer washers. The New Moon in Pisces eclipse ripped a hole open in the fabric of the subconscious. Mercury's passage by Chiron and Saturn would have given us insight into these personal “demons” if we were brave enough to listen. The Sun's passage through this same aspect pattern works to show us how those “demons” have played a role (and may continue to play a role) in regard to how we express ourselves or how we may shade parts of ourselves from public view. The Full Moon in Virgo put severe punctuation on this and started the wringer running over our hearts. What can I say? Virgo likes clean laundry. But, the process of getting it that way is anything but pleasant.

Though crying and veritably “pressing this stuff out” is not an activity that folks enjoy, it can be very cleansing if you allow it to happen. Yet, in a world that does not give credence to the importance of emotional health...well...all this may go widely unsupported. We may feel guilty for feeling in the first place which can make processing this stuff personally torturous. Not to mention the fact that it does not feel productive as it happens. We are a society built around the value of being able to produce. But, darlings, you are worth so much more than that. Our softer bodies matter. They color in everything that we do. Now, it seems as if the Universe is giving us no choice but to face down this stuff. Yet, many will continue to fight it or try to escape it only to end up exacerbating their problems in the end.
Today, the process of squeezing our emotional systems continues. It's already been a long week.

This morning the Moon still resides in the depths of Scorpio. She did pass by Pluto by sextile overnight that may have offered a little restoration in that realm. Yet, today, she waxes toward a trine with Chiron (12:39 PM)...a sore spot recently exacerbated by Mercury, the Full Moon in Virgo and the Sun. This does allow space for healing; but, it involves delving into those deeper and darker spaces with purposeful intention to cleanse and purify it. It's a vulture-like energy that, in essence, pukes this stuff up with that “purification” effort in mind. Pleasant? No. Worthy? Yes. But, not easy. There is no shame in asking for help or seeking safe refuge.
Meanwhile, the Pisces Sun gets hammered by way of a square to Saturn at 5:48 PM. Now, in some instances, this can actually be a welcomed sense of dry land in an endless floating sea. But, not many take kindly to Saturn's restrictions and regulations. He's a hard dude to make friends with and coming at us by square, this is something forced and not necessarily chosen. It's like being kicked when you are already know? It holds us personally accountable for things negatively Neptunian...denial, lying, projection, bias, misplaced empathy, lack of boundary, lack of acceptance. The higher function of this has us grabbing the wheel at the helm of the ship and steering fearlessly into the storm or tasked with maintaining our space in the eye. Sounds easy enough...but, it cumbersome. None of this is “easy.”

The Moon makes a very watery trine with the Sun in Pisces at 5:57 PM. She enters Void status from here until crossing into Sagittarius at 11:00 PM. Tomorrow, Mercury catches up with Venus Rx by conjunction at 8:27 AM at 10 Aries: A scholar creates new forms of ancient symbols. The rewinding of Venus has information for us in an effort to help us form a different opinion/perspective on past happenings in the realm of love, money and personal value. It reminds me of a run in with a former middle school boyfriend who told me (20 some years later) that the reason he started avoiding me (back then) was because I seemed so self-assured it scared him. Now, I thought this was funny because I've never been self-assured. In middle school, I was particularly self-conscious because I felt like an awkward lumberjack. However, it did help me re-frame perspective since prior to his explanation I just thought my general grossness scared him away. It wouldn't be unusual to receive information likened to this. Either way, keep your ears open for that. We could also run across old love letters. In that instance, if it stirs up old or bad memories...feel free to grab a match. This is an excellent set up for purging old negative energetic attachments from our physical surroundings in our continual efforts to learn what we can but wipe the slate clean.