Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 27 and February 28, 2017


Welcome to the post-ecliptic! This is a very busy week in the skies. Quite a bit of the ecliptic keeps revealing itself. Mars is tasked with balancing himself against Jupiter Rx in Libra; then, stabilizes with a trine to Saturn at the end of the week. Both the Sun and Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces leading up to a conjunction of their own next week. The Last Quarter Moon comes in at the end of the week too pitting Gemini energy against Pisces demanding flexibility under very mutable sky. The big news, I'm thinking, is that Venus turns retrograde tasking us to review and re-assess our relationship with our self, matters of self-worth and personal value.

Monday, February 27, 2017

This morning the Moon is still active in Pisces and leaving a sextile with Pluto at 4:26 AM. This brings potential restorative power to the emotional body along with a bit of grounding, which I'm sure we all could use. The Moon is fairly quiet through the biggest part of the morning. Her first major aspect comes through a conjunction with Chiron in Pisces at 1:10 PM. This is followed by a square to Saturn at 6:09 PM which ushers our fishy Moon into Void status.

While the Moon is active, though, Mars opposes Jupiter Rx in Libra taxing us to bring balance to the me/we axis via the two. Mars is active, mobile, initiating and found in Aries is quite a warrior. In opposition to Jupiter, he could veer toward over-reach, over-promising oneself or over-estimating what it is we are capable of doing. We may also be called to assess how much of what we engage in is based upon the expectations of others. Or, it could even reflect past actions we have taken in relationships giving us a chance to see how we may have acted out of selfishness or how we acted appropriately. While Jupiter is retrograde in Libra, it is common for to be shown a reflection of ourselves in relation to others be that returned acts of kindness or something less than savory.
Actions are potentially aggrandized here and at the low end could indicate a need to be more graceful and generous in relation to how we engage with others. As a matter of fact, walking with grace, joy, generosity and humility are wonderful expressions of this energy. Of course, the tendency to over-promise one's self or to become overly accommodating causes the pendulum of this axis to swing off center just as much as being overly selfish and brutish. Balance what you are motivated to do against the potential impact it may have upon your relationships.
The Sabian Symbols for this opposition read as follows:
Mars headed toward 23 Aries: Woman in summer dress carries a precious veiled burden. According to Dane Rudhyar, this translates to “first maturity of conscious life in any experience. Sense of value and delicacy or wastefulness. Innocence.
Jupiter headed toward 22 Libra: A child laughs as birds perch on an old fountain and drink. Rudhyar delineates, “Intuitive understanding of simple souls in spiritual matters. Youthful life enjoyment. Fresh grasp of the soul's need.”

Keeping it simple and imbuing actions with joy and generosity are certainly good ways to go. Noticing simple magics and allowing yourself to be uplifted by ways of simple entertainment fit well. Team sporting activities work well here too since it does show us the benefit of working together toward a common cause or goal. Just be wary of the pitfalls I mentioned before. Be gently assertive but instill grace into action while also walking your truth.
As the Moon meets Chiron we could see exactly where we have bias, fear or pain that may have prevented us from relating to others authentically. It's an elusive ache though. It could also show us how over-extending, over-promising or being over-accommodating with others has caused us to shoot ourselves in the foot. If that is the case, again, work to balance out the scales.

The square from the Moon to Saturn can be depressing and cumbersome. However, it could also bring much needed boundary and grounding as we deal with a heavily Neptune laden sky. We wash up on shore a bit. We can wash ashore and get our feet underneath us.
The Moon enters Aries just before midnight tonight. That shift will lead us into busyness over the next few days. Pace yourself.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Today the only major aspect from our Lunar Goddess is a conjunction to Venus in Aries at 9:55 PM. Sounds easy enough, right? An opportunity to feel a little more lively and inclined to focus upon personal desires and pleasures.
But, here's the thing. Venus is only minutes from her retrograde station. She is vibrating at a standstill causing her powers to be particularly astute. The caution here is being too focused on what we want and feel we need. Overly selfish and too focused on self. Now being selfish in the realm of self-care is never a bad idea. Treating yourself is not necessarily a bad thing either. Yet the biggest call of this conjunction is to bring our awareness to Venus' incoming retrograde.

The Peaceable Kingdom by Edward Hicks

Venus will station retrograde at 13 Aries 09 on March 4. She travels all the way back to 26 Pisces 55 where she will turn direct on April 15. She will exit her shadow on May 19.
Her retrograde begins on the Sabian Symbol for Aries 13: A bomb that failed to explode: There was danger. We may not have even known about the threat until we found the bomb that did not explode. At that time, our mind races with what “could” have happened but fortunately did not. This gives us a renewed sense of what is important and also reminds us that tomorrow is not necessarily promised. Of course, we also start to wonder about how the bomb got there. Who put it in place? What we can do to shore up security and keep something like this from ever happening again? The failed threat causes us to think and may catalyze a feeling of both fear (what if there are more) and relief (thank goodness it didn't go off). In that process of thinking, we contemplate ourselves thus learning more and perhaps fostering a change in perspective. This was likely a very stirring wake up call in which we should understand that things could have been much worse.
This degree is relevant on an off throughout the year. Since Venus was here on Sunday's eclipse and Taurus was rising in the US eclipse chart, it denoted the symbol for the chart ruler. It gains relevance again during the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7 as the ruler for the Moon, Uranus Rx, falls here. Then, it comes round again during the Full Moon in Aries in October as the Moon itself falls on this degree. So we may have more than one close call or narrow escape to deal with as we get further into the year.

Venus turns direct on the symbol for 27 Pisces: The harvest moon rises in translucent Autumnal skies.
Pisces does bring resolution and harvesting of what we've previously sown to a degree. The latter degrees of Pisces bring a finality prior to a new cycle which begins in Aries. So, yes, some culmination is to be expected. We have potential to manifest from the seat of creativity and dream. We reap what we have sown. Venus on this degree encourages us to greet the day gently and with wonder realizing the beauty that is all around us in the most simple of things. Those everyday types of miracles that we often overlook. This is especially true since Venus will also turn direct in square to Saturn.
This degree is highlighted during our Full Moon in Virgo in mid-March as the ruler of that Moon, Mercury, falls on this degree. Information regarding the retrograde may reveal itself at that time. It comes into play again at the Full Moon in Libra on April 11th with Venus herself sitting upon it just prior to turning direct.
Needless to say, the Venus retrograde will be a subtle influence that will bear affect in other planetary movements as well as during our next set of eclipses. I typically find Venus Rx periods almost unnoticeable. Though, I believe this is due the fact I have Venus square Saturn which can mimic what a retrograde period of Venus feels like. It can call us to minimalism by choice or by force. Plus, it may also bring echoes of relationships past to the fore so that we are given opportunity to re-assess the happenings from a more mature perspective and glean lessons from the previous interactions.

Have you ever taken broken pieces or scrap gold and had it melted down and cast into a nugget or new piece of jewelry? That's the metaphor I'm getting for the incoming Venus retrograde. The “gold” can be equivalent to reshaping value systems and matters of self-worth as well as recasting our relationship with ourselves...not to mention redefining what we feel is of personal importance.
There are times when we place more importance on worldly goods and glamours only to discover that the intangible matters of the heart bear much more importance. This will also be part of Venus' retrograde lesson and can be likened to the story of King Midas.

As for today, it is indicated to take things slow and easy. Take note of what you feel is valuable and do indulge in a pleasure or two if you can. Gentle self-care is a good expression here. Just be wary of becoming overly focused on personal desires resulting in selfishness and disregard for others. If you can share your blessings, do so liberally.