Morning Star: Astrology for the week of February 13 to February 19, 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017

This morning we wake up to the cumbersome routine of Monday under the Virgo Moon square Saturn in Sagittarius (7:38 AM). Back into the grind we go. LOL...grumbling the whole way. Following this square the Moon is Void until entering Libra at 3:44 PM. We can lighten up a little (for a bit), then.

There isn't much happening in the sky today. Daily routine and duties are the theme. I'm really not going to complain about a humdrum Monday. I boring day would be nice for a change. However, this is not lighthearted in the morning. Moon/Saturn can be depressing and grouchy. But, toiling in routine and the mundane can be nice switch from constant chaos.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!
This morning we wake up to the Moon in Libra. She's eventually going to meet with pressure when she runs into the more powerful players in our Cardinal signs. But, today, it's not so bad.
We begin with the Sun in Aquarius sextile Saturn in Sagittarius (00:59 AM). This is stable and mature. It's a great opportunity to acknowledge long-standing friendships and show appreciation to the same. That vibe continues through the day.

Here's the thing. Whether you are partnered or single, this day comes with...I don't pressure? Or consumer pressure? Partnered and some folks worry if they are able to please their mates with the gifts. Single and you may feel left out or lonely or even bitter. But, THIS day, regardless if it falls on Valentine's Day or not, is made for two things. 1) appreciation of true friendship and 2) appreciation of self.
In a long-term relationship, romance is nice. I can't say that it is not. But, the friendship you find with your partner is so much more important. This is what is going to pull your romantic relationship through the most severe times. Those types of connections, friendships, is what this day is built for. Honoring those types of relationships whether they include romance or not. What should be number one priority on your list, though, is romancing yourself. I'm kinda fatigued with people putting out hints of “Oh...if he bought me this or this, it would be the perfect Valentine's Day.” Because. No it wouldn't.

Our biggest problem today will be fear of not meeting the expectations of the other (particularly if we are partnered) and/or not measuring up. Feeling unlovable. So, let's address that first. Partnered or not, you are enough and you deserve your own loving attention. If you can treat yourself by buying something nice, great. If not, you can STILL treat yourself, honor yourself, care for yourself and fill that well of self-love and appreciation up until it is overflowing. Then, you can spread those feel goods around to those folks that matter to you. Help them fill up their cups, too. True and heartfelt words of appreciation really make the day. Small acts of kindness, even to random strangers is an act of love. Venus is in Aries, you know? Love is active and begins with you. Expectation on both sides is what breeds bitterness on this day. As well as loneliness and disappointment.
As the Sun rises this morning, the Moon in Libra is opposite Venus in Aries. Plan to walk with love, grace, self-respect and appreciation. By 9:27 AM, Jupiter Rx is back to meet Neptune in Pisces by inconjunct. This is where the hollowness has a chance to creep in. Fear of not meeting expectations. Fear of not being enough. Elusive hollow aches. Within which, there is wisdom to be found. Fill your own cup.

Right after lunchtime (1:11 PM), the Moon finds Mercury by trine. Friendship circles. Calling someone up just to let you know you've appreciated their company and support over the years. Maybe even reaching out to make a new friend. This is light. Airy. Chatty. Why not make it a group venture?
At 4:43 PM, the Moon opposes Mars in Aries and there is a tight tug of war between self and other. Balance this out. A little of you. A little of them. Enough space for each. It is also a wonderful set up for dancing and doing something active with your tribe.
I hope that you make the most of this day. Tomorrow, the Libra Moon is very stressed. Be sure to show love and appreciation where and when you can today, especially to yourself.
Overnight, the Moon will square Pluto in Capricorn (2:58 AM). This, as you know, can be creepy, manipulative and cause some to veer toward emotional manipulation efforts. However, if you begin the day on the right foot, you'll be able to see these “plays” very clearly. Remember, you can always let go of the rope. The highest end of this energy brings feelings of deepened and solidified intimacy. It can also help as you introspect in regard to what type of partner you are and why while rebirthing that dynamic if you need to.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Moon is leaving her dark pressured square with Pluto this morning and moving into opposition with Uranus at Aries (5:32 PM). On the low end, this can create anxiety. On the high end, we can detach from those expectations we perceive from others and the expectations we realized we were putting onto them at the same time. The axis between Libra and Aries seriously gets a work out between today and yesterday. Balance out interactions between self and other. This is also good for activities with friends that break you out of ruts or routine. Something new. Something adventurous. Something fun and active. It is restless and if that restlessness backs up in your system you could become emotionally reactive or impulsive. Easy now. Move around and discharge some of that angst. This is hard to sit still with. So, don't.

At 11:55 AM, the Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Libra. Whatever emotion we have chosen blossoms and expands. Joy becomes ecstatic. Depression becomes worse. Choose carefully. Mind your perspective and be sure you are not blowing emotional situations out of proportion. Laughter is the best medicine here. Ensure you are also maintaining your ability to laugh at yourself. This is not a time to be taking yourself too seriously.
The Moon blips by Chiron by inconjunct at noon; and, then, stabilizes with a nice sextile to Sagittarius at 5:32 PM. Grown up and relationships with appropriate boundaries are the best. We are wise. Relationships are a learning laboratory. We are ready to pack that wisdom and experience with us as we venture further down our paths. We pay homage to the folks who have consistently been there for us and foster a vision of a more mature and supportive way to relate to others.

By 8:55 PM, we are back in our light and airy friendship circles as the Moon finds her buddy, the Sun in Aquarius by trine. The Moon goes out on a light and uplifting note here. She is Void until entering Scorpio at 1:42 AM.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

This morning the mood has shifted from airy to watery as the Moon entered Scorpio overnight. Emotions are intensified. Meanwhile, Mercury in Aquarius is sextile Mars in Aries making this a rather mobile day, indeed. Again, physical activity to offset more cumbersome emotions is indicated. Time with friends or just a willingness to delve into new territory or new experience is highlighted.
It may take some coaxing to get us out of our own funk. But, it's a worthy effort to lighten up a little.
By midnight the Moon in Scorpio is dancing with Neptune in Pisces offering us a chance at a good night's sleep filled with symbolic dreams.

Scorpio Moon can brood and torture itself with emotions. Talking things out with friends can help. It's ok to reach out. Work to strengthen trust and intimacy in existing relationships. Don't be afraid to try something new.

Friday, February 17, 2017

This morning the Moon is square Mercury in Aquarius. Many will be finished talking and seeking a reprieve. Sometimes Aquarius can preach and preach about change while Scorpio would rather just stay where she is. However, if we allow ourselves to be open to fresh ideas of change, this could help ease some of the intensity.
By 2:39 Pm the Moon is sextile her ruler, Pluto in Capricorn. This does offer some emotional restoration and helps us survive the rest of the day. We re-frame our trust with ourselves. Realizing, that's exactly where it all begins. Everything begins on the inside and exudes outward. This is why it's important to pay attention to what is going on inside while being brave and mature enough to deal with what you find.

Following this sextile, the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at 1:53 PM tomorrow. Lean into self-care efforts. Retreat to lick your wounds.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

This morning the Sun leaves the world of Aquarius and dives in to swim with the fishes in Pisces at 6:32 AM. The Moon remains Void until about 2 PM. Once she enters Sagittarius, our Last Quarter Moon perfects at the genesis of both Pisces and Sagittarius at 2:34 PM.
For the Sun during this Last Quarter, the Sabian Symbol reads, Pisces 1: Late Saturday afternoon: crowds fill the public market.
For the Moon at Sagittarius 1: Retired army veterans gather to reawaken old memories.
It's kind of funny, but given the nature of these two signs, I would rather think the symbols would be switched. However, the Moon is in memorial while the Sun is prone to get out and get lost in the busyness and shuffle. Both the Sun and the Moon fall under the traditional rulership of Jupiter. Modern day has given Neptune rulership over Pisces. But, still, there is a Jupiterian element to the sign. They meet by way of spirituality and connection with the soul through humility and joy.

You can go out and lose yourself in a crowd as you deal with somewhat haunting memories. You can reminisce gently mixing past with present. Too much activity will eventually wear upon our sensitive Pisces Sun. Enjoy yourself, but know when you've had enough. Do not be afraid to spend time in only your own company.
This is such a wonderful time for clearing things out. Spiritual cleansing. Prayer. Inspecting where you have been in comparison to where you are while noting your growth along the way. Be easy with yourself. We are gentle, sensitive souls under the Sun in Pisces. Boundaries are needed as well as quiet time. Music offers a nice reprieve here and can support us as we stroll gently down memory lane. Emotions are contagious. Surround yourself with gentle, upbeat folks.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Today is pretty gentle. This morning begins with a trine from the Moon in Sagittarius to Venus in Aries. This is softly mobile allowing us to get out and about if we choose. It is also wonderful for self-care efforts. By midday, we are ready for a nap or perhaps succumbing to more watery states of emotions as the Moon finds Neptune in Pisces by square. Indeed. Self-care. Be gentle with yourselves and others. We are much more sensitive than normal. It's ok to call a personal time out for rest and reprieve. Set your mood with music and indulge in creative or artistic ventures. Or hole up in your bed and binge watch a favorite show. There's nothing wrong with that either. Whatever your entertainment venue you choose, make self-care your number one priority.