Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury wants you to increase your expertise. He has just entered Aquarius. Raising your mental vibration is his job. Uranus is the higher vibration of Mercury. So, while Mercury is in his “house,” Uranus challenges him, inspires him, takes him out of a singular mindset and reminds him of the collective mindset, pointing him toward socially inclined issues. He wants you to make friends. Join groups. Stretch what you know into higher concepts.

How this will play out depends on where your Mercury is and how Mercury in Aquarius will aspect that. In a water sign, such as Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces the challenge will be particularly astute because Mercury in Aquarius encourages you to rise above the swirling emotional waters and become observant and detached from them somewhat. He's not going to understand why you are so adamant about intuition. You are not going to understand why he thinks everything is black and white or cut and dry. However, he can help you blend intuitive knowledge without drowning in emotion and imbue you with calm, cool logic.

In an Earth sign, such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, he's going to push you out of deep grooved thinking ruts. Challenge you to learn new things. Push you out of what you know and shove you into leveling up those skills. Most of the time, the Earth Mercury's are very practical. They like to become set in their ways and stick to routine. If Mercury in Earth needs to update his informational systems (be inspired, receive new information to push them out of the rut) then Aquarius can help.
In Air, Mercury in Aquarius adds to your conversations. He plays naturally and enjoys exchanging ideas with both Libra and Gemini even if he reserves the right to say that he is smarter than them both. Interactions with Air Mercury's will be the easiest providing for inspired conversations, collaborative efforts or just joining in light conversations with circles of friends. He will likely be the antagonist in the group. If Libra and Gemini are discussing things and in agreement, Aquarius will be the instigator that says, “Yeah, but what if..” bringing a very astute amount of high minded logic with him. Gemini and Libra do not mind. They enjoy the fresh new perspective and are entertained by Aquarius.

In Fire, as with Aries, Sagittarius and Leo the conversation becomes active. Aquarius and Leo don't see eye to eye. But, they can balance one another out. Leo reminds Aquarius that personal nuance matters while Aquarius reminds Leo that he is a singular part of a much bigger puzzle. Aquarius encourages Leo Mercury to take his dramatics to the stage in an acting troupe. Leo reminds Aquarius that he's human not a robot and should probably try to remember that. Sagittarius and Aquarius get along just fine. They swap ideas lightly and laugh together. About the only thing that hampers this situation is when Sagittarius waxes into religion and perhaps politics. Aquarius doesn't mind talking about that but he also wants to explore the scientific or social/cultural data that may explain whatever phenomena they are discussing. He wants to talk about the dynamic and influence of politics and religion upon the collective through sociological or anthropological concepts. When they blend their ideas, they may come to a point of understanding. A broader and more complete picture of each concept as a whole emerges. Other than that, Sagittarius warms Aquarius and encourages him to lighten up, come out of his head and have some real fun.

Aries does much the same thing. Aquarius is not a warrior. He's not so much an athlete. But, still these two Mercuries do interact long as Aquarius is willing to think on the go. We will see a little how Aquarius and Aries interact in the coming days as Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Venus in Aries. He will also sextile Uranus in Aries truly adding a higher octave to the mixture of Uranus, Mercury and Mars. These two energies work swiftly, bravely and with a pre-planned agenda. Mercury in Aquarius is the strategist. The legal eagle. The surgeon or specialist. Aries says, let's put this plan in motion, do some trials, do a test! While Aquarius sits back and takes notes of how the experiment goes as Aries is running it through. The sextile incoming from Mercury to Venus in Aries will be likened to the geeks in high school banding together with the girl jocks. Or like the King of Swords joining up with the Queen of Wands. Oh yeah. That's a formidable combination but can most certainly encourage you to employ those wonderfully inspired ideas that Mercury in Aquarius brings into action and application. The geek gets the girl here and she serves as his muse and motivation. It's a very nice, very forward moving (gracefully) and quite collaborative interaction linking groups that normally don't interact together and giving them a common cause to work toward.

My Mercury is in Scorpio in the 11th house. So while I'm a water thinker, I also know how to blend the concepts of Aquarius into that. I rarely meet with too much disagreement from this placement. But, I do laugh at it from time to time when it only takes into consideration facts and doesn't look at things like emotional impact or nuance.
Where is your Mercury? How will this transit of Mercury through Aquarius challenge you to level up your thinking? To expand your knowledge and expertise? Have you been given a chance to see how you interact with this placement in previous relationships with others? What house in your chart will he be bringing your attention to?