By the Light of the Moon e-book. Parts One and Two Available now!

Both Part 1 and Part 2 of my new book, By the Light of the Moon are available for purchase.
Part 1 is available at half price ($5) as we have already traversed several parts of it. Part 2 is ready to go for $10. OR, if you missed out on Part 1 and want a glimpse of how to work with the incoming Eclipse tonight, you still can! Get them both by following the link below to make your choice.

This e-book includes:
* complete delineation of the New and Full Moons for 2017
* Delineation/description of each relevant Sabian Symbol
* Stones, crystals, herbal and diet suggestions for each lunation
* Tarot card guidance with interpretation
* Basic Moon Intention instructions.

By the Light of the Moon 2017 ebook