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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 27 and February 28, 2017


Welcome to the post-ecliptic! This is a very busy week in the skies. Quite a bit of the ecliptic keeps revealing itself. Mars is tasked with balancing himself against Jupiter Rx in Libra; then, stabilizes with a trine to Saturn at the end of the week. Both the Sun and Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces leading up to a conjunction of their own next week. The Last Quarter Moon comes in at the end of the week too pitting Gemini energy against Pisces demanding flexibility under very mutable sky. The big news, I'm thinking, is that Venus turns retrograde tasking us to review and re-assess our relationship with our self, matters of self-worth and personal value.

Monday, February 27, 2017

This morning the Moon is still active in Pisces and leaving a sextile with Pluto at 4:26 AM. This brings potential restorative power to the emotional body along with a bit of grounding, which I'm sure we all could use. The Moon is fairly quiet through the biggest part of the morning. Her first major aspect comes through a conjunction with Chiron in Pisces at 1:10 PM. This is followed by a square to Saturn at 6:09 PM which ushers our fishy Moon into Void status.

While the Moon is active, though, Mars opposes Jupiter Rx in Libra taxing us to bring balance to the me/we axis via the two. Mars is active, mobile, initiating and found in Aries is quite a warrior. In opposition to Jupiter, he could veer toward over-reach, over-promising oneself or over-estimating what it is we are capable of doing. We may also be called to assess how much of what we engage in is based upon the expectations of others. Or, it could even reflect past actions we have taken in relationships giving us a chance to see how we may have acted out of selfishness or how we acted appropriately. While Jupiter is retrograde in Libra, it is common for to be shown a reflection of ourselves in relation to others be that returned acts of kindness or something less than savory.
Actions are potentially aggrandized here and at the low end could indicate a need to be more graceful and generous in relation to how we engage with others. As a matter of fact, walking with grace, joy, generosity and humility are wonderful expressions of this energy. Of course, the tendency to over-promise one's self or to become overly accommodating causes the pendulum of this axis to swing off center just as much as being overly selfish and brutish. Balance what you are motivated to do against the potential impact it may have upon your relationships.
The Sabian Symbols for this opposition read as follows:
Mars headed toward 23 Aries: Woman in summer dress carries a precious veiled burden. According to Dane Rudhyar, this translates to “first maturity of conscious life in any experience. Sense of value and delicacy or wastefulness. Innocence.
Jupiter headed toward 22 Libra: A child laughs as birds perch on an old fountain and drink. Rudhyar delineates, “Intuitive understanding of simple souls in spiritual matters. Youthful life enjoyment. Fresh grasp of the soul's need.”

Keeping it simple and imbuing actions with joy and generosity are certainly good ways to go. Noticing simple magics and allowing yourself to be uplifted by ways of simple entertainment fit well. Team sporting activities work well here too since it does show us the benefit of working together toward a common cause or goal. Just be wary of the pitfalls I mentioned before. Be gently assertive but instill grace into action while also walking your truth.
As the Moon meets Chiron we could see exactly where we have bias, fear or pain that may have prevented us from relating to others authentically. It's an elusive ache though. It could also show us how over-extending, over-promising or being over-accommodating with others has caused us to shoot ourselves in the foot. If that is the case, again, work to balance out the scales.

The square from the Moon to Saturn can be depressing and cumbersome. However, it could also bring much needed boundary and grounding as we deal with a heavily Neptune laden sky. We wash up on shore a bit. We can wash ashore and get our feet underneath us.
The Moon enters Aries just before midnight tonight. That shift will lead us into busyness over the next few days. Pace yourself.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Today the only major aspect from our Lunar Goddess is a conjunction to Venus in Aries at 9:55 PM. Sounds easy enough, right? An opportunity to feel a little more lively and inclined to focus upon personal desires and pleasures.
But, here's the thing. Venus is only minutes from her retrograde station. She is vibrating at a standstill causing her powers to be particularly astute. The caution here is being too focused on what we want and feel we need. Overly selfish and too focused on self. Now being selfish in the realm of self-care is never a bad idea. Treating yourself is not necessarily a bad thing either. Yet the biggest call of this conjunction is to bring our awareness to Venus' incoming retrograde.

The Peaceable Kingdom by Edward Hicks

Venus will station retrograde at 13 Aries 09 on March 4. She travels all the way back to 26 Pisces 55 where she will turn direct on April 15. She will exit her shadow on May 19.
Her retrograde begins on the Sabian Symbol for Aries 13: A bomb that failed to explode: There was danger. We may not have even known about the threat until we found the bomb that did not explode. At that time, our mind races with what “could” have happened but fortunately did not. This gives us a renewed sense of what is important and also reminds us that tomorrow is not necessarily promised. Of course, we also start to wonder about how the bomb got there. Who put it in place? What we can do to shore up security and keep something like this from ever happening again? The failed threat causes us to think and may catalyze a feeling of both fear (what if there are more) and relief (thank goodness it didn't go off). In that process of thinking, we contemplate ourselves thus learning more and perhaps fostering a change in perspective. This was likely a very stirring wake up call in which we should understand that things could have been much worse.
This degree is relevant on an off throughout the year. Since Venus was here on Sunday's eclipse and Taurus was rising in the US eclipse chart, it denoted the symbol for the chart ruler. It gains relevance again during the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7 as the ruler for the Moon, Uranus Rx, falls here. Then, it comes round again during the Full Moon in Aries in October as the Moon itself falls on this degree. So we may have more than one close call or narrow escape to deal with as we get further into the year.

Venus turns direct on the symbol for 27 Pisces: The harvest moon rises in translucent Autumnal skies.
Pisces does bring resolution and harvesting of what we've previously sown to a degree. The latter degrees of Pisces bring a finality prior to a new cycle which begins in Aries. So, yes, some culmination is to be expected. We have potential to manifest from the seat of creativity and dream. We reap what we have sown. Venus on this degree encourages us to greet the day gently and with wonder realizing the beauty that is all around us in the most simple of things. Those everyday types of miracles that we often overlook. This is especially true since Venus will also turn direct in square to Saturn.
This degree is highlighted during our Full Moon in Virgo in mid-March as the ruler of that Moon, Mercury, falls on this degree. Information regarding the retrograde may reveal itself at that time. It comes into play again at the Full Moon in Libra on April 11th with Venus herself sitting upon it just prior to turning direct.
Needless to say, the Venus retrograde will be a subtle influence that will bear affect in other planetary movements as well as during our next set of eclipses. I typically find Venus Rx periods almost unnoticeable. Though, I believe this is due the fact I have Venus square Saturn which can mimic what a retrograde period of Venus feels like. It can call us to minimalism by choice or by force. Plus, it may also bring echoes of relationships past to the fore so that we are given opportunity to re-assess the happenings from a more mature perspective and glean lessons from the previous interactions.

Have you ever taken broken pieces or scrap gold and had it melted down and cast into a nugget or new piece of jewelry? That's the metaphor I'm getting for the incoming Venus retrograde. The “gold” can be equivalent to reshaping value systems and matters of self-worth as well as recasting our relationship with ourselves...not to mention redefining what we feel is of personal importance.
There are times when we place more importance on worldly goods and glamours only to discover that the intangible matters of the heart bear much more importance. This will also be part of Venus' retrograde lesson and can be likened to the story of King Midas.

As for today, it is indicated to take things slow and easy. Take note of what you feel is valuable and do indulge in a pleasure or two if you can. Gentle self-care is a good expression here. Just be wary of becoming overly focused on personal desires resulting in selfishness and disregard for others. If you can share your blessings, do so liberally.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of February 20 to February 26, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

At first glance, this week looks Mars and Mercury are both quite active. Plus, we have an eclipse on Sunday which snuggles right up to Neptune. Whenever I see a mixture of Uranus and Neptune like we have in our week to come, it always reminds me of someone throwing a toaster in a bathtub. We may have some rather “shocking” things which occur in that manner. The main problem, though, is that Mars is volatile. Mercury is firing on all cylinders, so that's a good thing. But, Mars? He's all kinds of irked which wouldn't be bad if that's all we had to deal with. Yet, happening next to an eclipse on Neptune helping to fog things up, disorient and confuse, while also packing increased sensitivity and emotionality? Yeah. Ok. Imagine that you are lazing in a big bathtub filled with lovely warm bubbles. All zen and stuff. Then...ZAP! And, you come up swinging while not even being sure of what you are swinging at. Then, a sink hole opens under the tub and swallows both you and the tub whole jettisoning you both to....I guess we will see when we wake up next Monday. Of course I'm being facetious. But, in my mind, that's what it looks like. So. Let's start with today and work our way through from there. Ok?

This morning, the Moon is still active in Sagittarius. At midnight last night, she met Mars in Aries by trine which could have stirred a bit of restlessness during the night. At 7:32 AM we find her sextile Mercury in Aquarius while in tandem trine to Uranus (9:39 AM) and sextile to Jupiter (11:50 AM). She moves from this active and uplifted position straight into a square with Chiron at 12:57 PM before winding out the day with a conjunction to Saturn (6:38 PM) which sends her into Void status. She will remain Void until entering Capricorn at 2 AM tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, as she rests, Mercury finds Uranus in Aries by sextile at 11:02 PM.
In the early part of the day, we likely feel pretty mobile and active. We are running about checking things off our lists without too many peripheral blips on the radar. Mercury waxes into sextile with Uranus, so we are sharp on a mental level. The Moon is checking in amicably with the associated sky. So, time is zipping and so are we. But, just after midday, there is the hollow echo of Chiron that leads into the Moon/Saturn conjunction which can leave us feeling flat or depressed. Much more encumbered than the early part of the day. The Moon flickers off under this potential dour affect but the brain keeps spinning.
Metaphorically, it's likened to zipping around in your little red sports car in the early part of the day. The weather is nice. You have the top down. Unfortunately, right as you are finishing lunch, it starts raining. The top on the convertible is stuck. You can't raise it. So, you jump in the little speedy car and try to rush home. Except, you are speeding. And, of course, there's a police officer waiting for someone just like you. Your zippy red sports car day ends with a wet interior and a speeding ticket with a court date. Nice.

The best way to handle this is to make your task list ahead of time. Then, ensure that task list lines up with your chosen path ahead. Diligently start checking things off while being mindful of the need for a potential “double check.” Get as much (safely) completed as you can. Then, by early afternoon, take a break. Assess your progress and be satisfied with the pavers (Saturn) that you have successfully laid on your journey (Sagittarius).
Use the evening for gatherings or conversations with friends. Play Jeopardy! Or some other trivia game. The brain will want to be entertained or at least tickled a little. Under Mercury/Uranus we are sharp and quick. It is very good energy for collaborate efforts for those who are concerned with particular social issues or social welfare. Working in teams or groups is highly indicated. Know, though, that the low end of this mixture can manifest in ways that are similar to ADHD or anxiety symptoms. But, just like any other electrical circuit, it operates much more safely and efficiently when well grounded. Jot down illuminating ideas and plans. These lightning bolt inspirations often disappear just as quickly as they came.

Other than being sharp and inspired, Mercury in sextile to Uranus is also very analytical. At it's highest, it operates much like a super computer in its ability to process and analyze data. If you are taking some sort of higher math classes, a lot of things can click together in your brain in regard to that tonight. Outside of that, if you have a complex problem that you need to focus upon without emotional distraction, tonight is a good night to look it over. I mean, the brain is going to be busy anyway. Might as well give it something to play with. For some, sleep may be quite elusive tonight due this. Also, remember, the Moon is Void after 6:00 PM tonight and waning. So, it's not indicated to take action on any plans yet. But, it is a good day to get the mental wheels going in that direction to aid us in mapping it out.
All this, too, is quite indicative of concepts surrounding travel. Therefore, we could hear of or discuss issues of the same. So, yeah, brace yourself for that.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This morning the Moon is active in Capricorn while in sextile to the Sun in Pisces at 8:16 PM. This is industrious, empathic, creative and grounded. It's wonderful creative clay for manifestation of some of the inspirations we may have received yesterday. If you can dream it, you can create so says this luminary mixture.

Meanwhile, Mercury is waning in his sextile to Uranus as he finds Jupiter by trine at 1:28 PM. This reminds me of law and legal eagles. If you need that type of advice, this is a good day to seek it. Otherwise it is rather windy and filled with big ideas and plans. It is also inclined to be concerned with the future, issues of travel and socially geared initiatives. On a mundane end, it brings accentuation to matters of lighthearted friendship as well as team/group initiatives. If you mapped things out last night, this is a good time to begin implementation. Just ensure that you realize that talking about doing something and actually doing it are two separate things. Be mindful of the need to follow through. Mars is in Aries so we are prone to engage. Many won't need the reminder.
All this pretty much sets the tone for the day. We end at midnight with an uncomfortable square form the Moon in Capricorn to Venus in Aries. Yet, a sextile from the Moon to Neptune may relax us just enough to get some rest.

The only other major blip on the radar is due the fact that (also throughout the day) Mars in Aries is waxing into square with Pluto in Capricorn. Alright, so, that's a pretty big blip. This perfects overnight at 3:57 AM. Now. I can argue with you that Aries is just as much a pixie as it is a warrior. However, right now, the energy coming from Mars in Aries is vicious and blood thirsty. In aspect to Pluto, he is no joke. As in, things could become ugly. Overly forceful. Bloody. Dangerous. At the very least, there could be power struggles and subservient efforts at control. The Moon is going to enter this equation tomorrow and the mixture is anything but light and fun. It's actually kind of scary. Not so much a glittery pixie. Mars is going to link up the waning square between Pluto and Uranus while also dragging Jupiter in Libra into the equation. Our emotional bodies are going to be right in that mix. Ironically, the outlet for the Cardinal crunch falls in Cancer. That means astutely handling and directing your own softer emotional body is going to be what balances this out.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

As I've mentioned, today is scary and intense. The Moon in Capricorn is about to join the square between Mars and Pluto at around 2:30 PM. Things are dark and stormy inside and out. Not to mention potentially dangerous. Be careful out there.
This forceful, violent, paranoid, greedy and basically “ugly” energy continues throughout the day. Plus, it's going to get poked at. The Moon squares Uranus at 8:45 PM and opposes Jupiter at 10:24 PM. We are collectively dragged into a veritable Battle of the Gods.
Just as much as this energy can be used for subservient and violent means, it can also be used for matters of survival and self-perseverance. Yet, there is likely so much going on that we will have very little time to think of anything else. With the outlet falling in Cancer it is best to tend to your own emotional state while also ensuring/protecting matters on your immediate home front. Yes. Hiding in your shell until it is less chaotic works here.

If you are out and about in the world today, know that dangers are lurking. People will likely be stressed, reactive and at the very least paranoid. Keep your boundaries astute and know where the safety exits are. We are staring down the barrel of an eclipse. That makes the energy unstable already. Add this volatile mix to it that and it becomes a VERY good idea to stay alert to your surroundings and just aim to be safe. If...IF...all is well, you can use this energy to really push through projects and bring things to completion. Otherwise, shelter in place.
The Moon meets Chiron by sextile at 11:59 PM and then, thankfully, she becomes Void. She'll remain Void until entering Aquarius at 12:18 PM.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Today the dust begins to settle a bit as the happenings of the last few days continue to trickle out and become known. The emotional body remains mostly latent as this occurs. The Moon reawakens in Aquarius at noon. Meanwhile, Mercury is cooling his jets as he finds stabilizing Saturn by sextile at 4:46 PM. The facts are becoming clear and certainly being inscribed into the history pages.
As the Moon reawakens she is cool and wise in Aquarius. We continue through the day in discussions of recent events and trying to put the pieces of all that has occurred together in a detached and logical manner.

The day clicks by swiftly without any other major aspects. At this point, we are merely trying to figure it all out.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Yesterday's cool emotional detachment continues into today. The only major aspect is a lunar sextile to Venus in Aries at 10:41 AM. The energy is still quite scattered due the incoming eclipse. But, we are better able to handle ourselves within that dynamic. The mixture of the Aquarius Moon and Venus in Aries is reminiscent of protests/marches and collaborate forward moving agendas. These seem to have potential to be non-violent and more prone to peaceful demonstrations. Yet, the reaction from the outside world is still pretty angst riddled as Mars now waxes toward the Uranus/Jupiter opposition.
The Moon remains active through the night as she also meets Mars by sextile at 2:47 AM and Uranus at 4:53 AM. Sleep is likely restless if existent at all.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

This morning the Aquarius Moon is trine Jupiter in Libra bringing a bit of buoyancy and optimism to our mood. It's windy, of course. But, it is also prone to bring like minded groups of individuals who are in pursuit of higher freedoms and independence into the public spotlight. On a personal level, it feels a bit better. A small gift of lightness is delivered.
By midday (1:12 PM) the Moon is stabilized by a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius before she reaches Void status. We've left firm footprints across collective history this week. As the Moon goes Void discussions of those events will likely occur and the details solidified.
From here, the Moon remains Void until entering Pisces at 7:25 PM tonight ushering us straight into the eclipse. However, Mercury beats the Moon in his transition to Pisces which occurs at 6:08 PM. The Moon catches him by conjunction at 7:36 PM.

Within this day, we move from the airy logical world of Aquarius into the ethereal seas of Pisces through both the mental and emotional bodies. Clear sharp edges become blurred and hazy. Mindsets shift gears as we begin to incorporate more intuitive and emotional nuance into our thinking processes. We melt. We pray. We go from flying to floating. We could also become much more sensitive and emotional. I encourage you to let loose of the any reigns of control you think you might have. What we are headed towards cannot be controlled nor predicted. Ecliptic related events have been unfurling for several weeks now. They are getting ready to come to a quick head. Now, I'm not saying that the eclipse itself is going to be horrific. The week's earlier movements of Mars are what were so severe. However, it does seem as if we slip into some sort of transient or ethereal state which leads to both endings and new beginnings that begin to take shape as the New Moon perfects tomorrow.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

This morning, our New Moon eclipse dawns at 9:59 AM. The Sabian Symbols for this lunation read as follows:

For the Sun at Pisces 9: The race begins: A Jockey spurs his horse to great speed. There is a feeling of a quickening that happens in this degree. Adrenaline is raised and we hold steady until the starting pistol fires...hopefully. Because, if you or your horse jump prior to that, you are disqualified all together. A well seasoned jockey can connect with the horse and keep it steady until the timing is just right. Then, once everything clicks into place it's “Katie bar the door” because we are off at top speed toward the finish line. Still, we are not bolting off unconsciously (or at least that is what we are trying to avoid). There is a specific target and a specific goal. We are expending our energy toward that. Our blinders (aka: boundaries, grounding) will help us to focus in.

For the Moon's Ruler, Neptune, at 12 Pisces: Candidates are being examined by the lodge of initiates. You might not realize it right now; but, your performance is being observed. Folks are watching what you do and will judge you according to your actions more so than your promises. What this means is this eclipse can open an unexpected door of opportunity based on current or past performance. So, be mindful of what you do when you may think no one is paying attention. Chances are someone is noting everything you do.

By 3:56 PM, we are in full emotional melt as the Moon finds Neptune by conjunction. Just a few hours later, Mars officially finds Uranus by conjunction. Here's the toaster in your bathtub. We are drifting, drifting and BAM! Startled into action. We hit the ground running on that note straight into next week. Mars completes his opposition to Jupiter in the morning as the Moon is refortified to a degree during a lunar sextile to Pluto.
This is a good time for springing forward with well designed plans. Only thing, is you have to do it consciously otherwise we are just going to look like a flurry of hens scattering about with our heads severed. So, keep your head about you as you move forward. Be wary of timing as well. Plus, a standard caution as Mars is all heated up and electrified in conjunction to Uranus, USE YOUR ANGER INTELLIGENTLY. We are very prone to impulsivity and reactiveness here. Ground and purposefully direct your electric circuit. If you need to bust up bad habits or even addictions, now is a wonderful time.

Know that this eclipse opens up veritable worm holes. So we may need to be on our toes to traverse this seemingly new and foreign territory. That means all senses need to be astute and awake (which is kind of hard with a stellium in Pisces huddled around Neptune). But, grounding will help and the influx of Neptune at that point becomes very creative and quite intuitive bringing in even more information from our higher senses. Use the information you receive wisely on your path forward. Don't be afraid of slamming doors. They merely mean one has opened somewhere else which could lead you to a land that you'd barely dared to dream possible. But, under this sky, so much of the impossible can indeed manifest for better or worse.

Calibrate your compass. Wait for the starting pistol and GO! While keeping a very observant eye on your surroundings watching for opportunistic worm holes (doors of opportunity) to open up to you. Also, however, be wary for the potential of the sneak attack. When things become confusing and or blurry there are folks out there that use that to their advantage but to your detriment. Shore up online security matters and batten down the hatches on any back windows you may have left unlocked. Do more than you speak and be mindful of who is listening when you do. That extends from face to face communications all the way to phone and online conversations, as well. This could also denote a well orchestrated “set up” in which we are lured to reactiveness on purpose. We could be instigated or provoked. Again, be mindful of what you are doing. Your natural reflexive reaction to catalyzing stimuli could be anticipated by some and invoked for the purposes of your own undoing. Play smart!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of February 13 to February 19, 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017

This morning we wake up to the cumbersome routine of Monday under the Virgo Moon square Saturn in Sagittarius (7:38 AM). Back into the grind we go. LOL...grumbling the whole way. Following this square the Moon is Void until entering Libra at 3:44 PM. We can lighten up a little (for a bit), then.

There isn't much happening in the sky today. Daily routine and duties are the theme. I'm really not going to complain about a humdrum Monday. I boring day would be nice for a change. However, this is not lighthearted in the morning. Moon/Saturn can be depressing and grouchy. But, toiling in routine and the mundane can be nice switch from constant chaos.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!
This morning we wake up to the Moon in Libra. She's eventually going to meet with pressure when she runs into the more powerful players in our Cardinal signs. But, today, it's not so bad.
We begin with the Sun in Aquarius sextile Saturn in Sagittarius (00:59 AM). This is stable and mature. It's a great opportunity to acknowledge long-standing friendships and show appreciation to the same. That vibe continues through the day.

Here's the thing. Whether you are partnered or single, this day comes with...I don't pressure? Or consumer pressure? Partnered and some folks worry if they are able to please their mates with the gifts. Single and you may feel left out or lonely or even bitter. But, THIS day, regardless if it falls on Valentine's Day or not, is made for two things. 1) appreciation of true friendship and 2) appreciation of self.
In a long-term relationship, romance is nice. I can't say that it is not. But, the friendship you find with your partner is so much more important. This is what is going to pull your romantic relationship through the most severe times. Those types of connections, friendships, is what this day is built for. Honoring those types of relationships whether they include romance or not. What should be number one priority on your list, though, is romancing yourself. I'm kinda fatigued with people putting out hints of “Oh...if he bought me this or this, it would be the perfect Valentine's Day.” Because. No it wouldn't.

Our biggest problem today will be fear of not meeting the expectations of the other (particularly if we are partnered) and/or not measuring up. Feeling unlovable. So, let's address that first. Partnered or not, you are enough and you deserve your own loving attention. If you can treat yourself by buying something nice, great. If not, you can STILL treat yourself, honor yourself, care for yourself and fill that well of self-love and appreciation up until it is overflowing. Then, you can spread those feel goods around to those folks that matter to you. Help them fill up their cups, too. True and heartfelt words of appreciation really make the day. Small acts of kindness, even to random strangers is an act of love. Venus is in Aries, you know? Love is active and begins with you. Expectation on both sides is what breeds bitterness on this day. As well as loneliness and disappointment.
As the Sun rises this morning, the Moon in Libra is opposite Venus in Aries. Plan to walk with love, grace, self-respect and appreciation. By 9:27 AM, Jupiter Rx is back to meet Neptune in Pisces by inconjunct. This is where the hollowness has a chance to creep in. Fear of not meeting expectations. Fear of not being enough. Elusive hollow aches. Within which, there is wisdom to be found. Fill your own cup.

Right after lunchtime (1:11 PM), the Moon finds Mercury by trine. Friendship circles. Calling someone up just to let you know you've appreciated their company and support over the years. Maybe even reaching out to make a new friend. This is light. Airy. Chatty. Why not make it a group venture?
At 4:43 PM, the Moon opposes Mars in Aries and there is a tight tug of war between self and other. Balance this out. A little of you. A little of them. Enough space for each. It is also a wonderful set up for dancing and doing something active with your tribe.
I hope that you make the most of this day. Tomorrow, the Libra Moon is very stressed. Be sure to show love and appreciation where and when you can today, especially to yourself.
Overnight, the Moon will square Pluto in Capricorn (2:58 AM). This, as you know, can be creepy, manipulative and cause some to veer toward emotional manipulation efforts. However, if you begin the day on the right foot, you'll be able to see these “plays” very clearly. Remember, you can always let go of the rope. The highest end of this energy brings feelings of deepened and solidified intimacy. It can also help as you introspect in regard to what type of partner you are and why while rebirthing that dynamic if you need to.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Moon is leaving her dark pressured square with Pluto this morning and moving into opposition with Uranus at Aries (5:32 PM). On the low end, this can create anxiety. On the high end, we can detach from those expectations we perceive from others and the expectations we realized we were putting onto them at the same time. The axis between Libra and Aries seriously gets a work out between today and yesterday. Balance out interactions between self and other. This is also good for activities with friends that break you out of ruts or routine. Something new. Something adventurous. Something fun and active. It is restless and if that restlessness backs up in your system you could become emotionally reactive or impulsive. Easy now. Move around and discharge some of that angst. This is hard to sit still with. So, don't.

At 11:55 AM, the Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Libra. Whatever emotion we have chosen blossoms and expands. Joy becomes ecstatic. Depression becomes worse. Choose carefully. Mind your perspective and be sure you are not blowing emotional situations out of proportion. Laughter is the best medicine here. Ensure you are also maintaining your ability to laugh at yourself. This is not a time to be taking yourself too seriously.
The Moon blips by Chiron by inconjunct at noon; and, then, stabilizes with a nice sextile to Sagittarius at 5:32 PM. Grown up and relationships with appropriate boundaries are the best. We are wise. Relationships are a learning laboratory. We are ready to pack that wisdom and experience with us as we venture further down our paths. We pay homage to the folks who have consistently been there for us and foster a vision of a more mature and supportive way to relate to others.

By 8:55 PM, we are back in our light and airy friendship circles as the Moon finds her buddy, the Sun in Aquarius by trine. The Moon goes out on a light and uplifting note here. She is Void until entering Scorpio at 1:42 AM.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

This morning the mood has shifted from airy to watery as the Moon entered Scorpio overnight. Emotions are intensified. Meanwhile, Mercury in Aquarius is sextile Mars in Aries making this a rather mobile day, indeed. Again, physical activity to offset more cumbersome emotions is indicated. Time with friends or just a willingness to delve into new territory or new experience is highlighted.
It may take some coaxing to get us out of our own funk. But, it's a worthy effort to lighten up a little.
By midnight the Moon in Scorpio is dancing with Neptune in Pisces offering us a chance at a good night's sleep filled with symbolic dreams.

Scorpio Moon can brood and torture itself with emotions. Talking things out with friends can help. It's ok to reach out. Work to strengthen trust and intimacy in existing relationships. Don't be afraid to try something new.

Friday, February 17, 2017

This morning the Moon is square Mercury in Aquarius. Many will be finished talking and seeking a reprieve. Sometimes Aquarius can preach and preach about change while Scorpio would rather just stay where she is. However, if we allow ourselves to be open to fresh ideas of change, this could help ease some of the intensity.
By 2:39 Pm the Moon is sextile her ruler, Pluto in Capricorn. This does offer some emotional restoration and helps us survive the rest of the day. We re-frame our trust with ourselves. Realizing, that's exactly where it all begins. Everything begins on the inside and exudes outward. This is why it's important to pay attention to what is going on inside while being brave and mature enough to deal with what you find.

Following this sextile, the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at 1:53 PM tomorrow. Lean into self-care efforts. Retreat to lick your wounds.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

This morning the Sun leaves the world of Aquarius and dives in to swim with the fishes in Pisces at 6:32 AM. The Moon remains Void until about 2 PM. Once she enters Sagittarius, our Last Quarter Moon perfects at the genesis of both Pisces and Sagittarius at 2:34 PM.
For the Sun during this Last Quarter, the Sabian Symbol reads, Pisces 1: Late Saturday afternoon: crowds fill the public market.
For the Moon at Sagittarius 1: Retired army veterans gather to reawaken old memories.
It's kind of funny, but given the nature of these two signs, I would rather think the symbols would be switched. However, the Moon is in memorial while the Sun is prone to get out and get lost in the busyness and shuffle. Both the Sun and the Moon fall under the traditional rulership of Jupiter. Modern day has given Neptune rulership over Pisces. But, still, there is a Jupiterian element to the sign. They meet by way of spirituality and connection with the soul through humility and joy.

You can go out and lose yourself in a crowd as you deal with somewhat haunting memories. You can reminisce gently mixing past with present. Too much activity will eventually wear upon our sensitive Pisces Sun. Enjoy yourself, but know when you've had enough. Do not be afraid to spend time in only your own company.
This is such a wonderful time for clearing things out. Spiritual cleansing. Prayer. Inspecting where you have been in comparison to where you are while noting your growth along the way. Be easy with yourself. We are gentle, sensitive souls under the Sun in Pisces. Boundaries are needed as well as quiet time. Music offers a nice reprieve here and can support us as we stroll gently down memory lane. Emotions are contagious. Surround yourself with gentle, upbeat folks.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Today is pretty gentle. This morning begins with a trine from the Moon in Sagittarius to Venus in Aries. This is softly mobile allowing us to get out and about if we choose. It is also wonderful for self-care efforts. By midday, we are ready for a nap or perhaps succumbing to more watery states of emotions as the Moon finds Neptune in Pisces by square. Indeed. Self-care. Be gentle with yourselves and others. We are much more sensitive than normal. It's ok to call a personal time out for rest and reprieve. Set your mood with music and indulge in creative or artistic ventures. Or hole up in your bed and binge watch a favorite show. There's nothing wrong with that either. Whatever your entertainment venue you choose, make self-care your number one priority.

Friday, February 10, 2017

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By the Light of the Moon 2017 ebook

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury wants you to increase your expertise. He has just entered Aquarius. Raising your mental vibration is his job. Uranus is the higher vibration of Mercury. So, while Mercury is in his “house,” Uranus challenges him, inspires him, takes him out of a singular mindset and reminds him of the collective mindset, pointing him toward socially inclined issues. He wants you to make friends. Join groups. Stretch what you know into higher concepts.

How this will play out depends on where your Mercury is and how Mercury in Aquarius will aspect that. In a water sign, such as Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces the challenge will be particularly astute because Mercury in Aquarius encourages you to rise above the swirling emotional waters and become observant and detached from them somewhat. He's not going to understand why you are so adamant about intuition. You are not going to understand why he thinks everything is black and white or cut and dry. However, he can help you blend intuitive knowledge without drowning in emotion and imbue you with calm, cool logic.

In an Earth sign, such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, he's going to push you out of deep grooved thinking ruts. Challenge you to learn new things. Push you out of what you know and shove you into leveling up those skills. Most of the time, the Earth Mercury's are very practical. They like to become set in their ways and stick to routine. If Mercury in Earth needs to update his informational systems (be inspired, receive new information to push them out of the rut) then Aquarius can help.
In Air, Mercury in Aquarius adds to your conversations. He plays naturally and enjoys exchanging ideas with both Libra and Gemini even if he reserves the right to say that he is smarter than them both. Interactions with Air Mercury's will be the easiest providing for inspired conversations, collaborative efforts or just joining in light conversations with circles of friends. He will likely be the antagonist in the group. If Libra and Gemini are discussing things and in agreement, Aquarius will be the instigator that says, “Yeah, but what if..” bringing a very astute amount of high minded logic with him. Gemini and Libra do not mind. They enjoy the fresh new perspective and are entertained by Aquarius.

In Fire, as with Aries, Sagittarius and Leo the conversation becomes active. Aquarius and Leo don't see eye to eye. But, they can balance one another out. Leo reminds Aquarius that personal nuance matters while Aquarius reminds Leo that he is a singular part of a much bigger puzzle. Aquarius encourages Leo Mercury to take his dramatics to the stage in an acting troupe. Leo reminds Aquarius that he's human not a robot and should probably try to remember that. Sagittarius and Aquarius get along just fine. They swap ideas lightly and laugh together. About the only thing that hampers this situation is when Sagittarius waxes into religion and perhaps politics. Aquarius doesn't mind talking about that but he also wants to explore the scientific or social/cultural data that may explain whatever phenomena they are discussing. He wants to talk about the dynamic and influence of politics and religion upon the collective through sociological or anthropological concepts. When they blend their ideas, they may come to a point of understanding. A broader and more complete picture of each concept as a whole emerges. Other than that, Sagittarius warms Aquarius and encourages him to lighten up, come out of his head and have some real fun.

Aries does much the same thing. Aquarius is not a warrior. He's not so much an athlete. But, still these two Mercuries do interact long as Aquarius is willing to think on the go. We will see a little how Aquarius and Aries interact in the coming days as Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Venus in Aries. He will also sextile Uranus in Aries truly adding a higher octave to the mixture of Uranus, Mercury and Mars. These two energies work swiftly, bravely and with a pre-planned agenda. Mercury in Aquarius is the strategist. The legal eagle. The surgeon or specialist. Aries says, let's put this plan in motion, do some trials, do a test! While Aquarius sits back and takes notes of how the experiment goes as Aries is running it through. The sextile incoming from Mercury to Venus in Aries will be likened to the geeks in high school banding together with the girl jocks. Or like the King of Swords joining up with the Queen of Wands. Oh yeah. That's a formidable combination but can most certainly encourage you to employ those wonderfully inspired ideas that Mercury in Aquarius brings into action and application. The geek gets the girl here and she serves as his muse and motivation. It's a very nice, very forward moving (gracefully) and quite collaborative interaction linking groups that normally don't interact together and giving them a common cause to work toward.

My Mercury is in Scorpio in the 11th house. So while I'm a water thinker, I also know how to blend the concepts of Aquarius into that. I rarely meet with too much disagreement from this placement. But, I do laugh at it from time to time when it only takes into consideration facts and doesn't look at things like emotional impact or nuance.
Where is your Mercury? How will this transit of Mercury through Aquarius challenge you to level up your thinking? To expand your knowledge and expertise? Have you been given a chance to see how you interact with this placement in previous relationships with others? What house in your chart will he be bringing your attention to?

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the Week of February 6 to February 12, 2017


In the past few weeks, we have been experiencing quite a shake up. Relationships broke up or solidified under our recent Venus/Saturn square. Resources may have been in short supply. Our abilities to be resourceful and grateful tested. We were likely also tasked with testing our ability to tolerate our own company. Then, our First Quarter Moon pushed us further out of our comfort zones. Challenging us to face our fears of change, self-awareness and evolution and stretch our abilities into new territories, methods and venues. This week, we have our first eclipse of 2017 under a Full Moon in Leo.
The pieces fit together when we realize that the agenda of the North Node's entrance into Leo is to teach us about ourselves. To show us something we may be overlooking or denying. To help us to become more aware of who we are individually. To give us a chance to become more whole and integrated. Really. We are not being punished here. We are learning. Though, admittedly, at times the lessons are hard and we can be resistant to seeing our own reflections.
For this week's eclipse, the nodes remain across the axis of Virgo and Pisces. Our South Node haunts us with confusion. While our North Node begs us to begin introspecting and seeking the truth from within. To sort through the confusion. To triage and deliver good care to what we may find to be injured. We blend Virgo and Leo during this “in between time” in an effort to be able to look at ourselves from the perspective of a care giver. No judgment inflicted. Just observation of where it hurts and why with the intention of helping. Most likely, regardless of the catalyzing events that these eclipses may pack with them, you will know yourself a little more intimately by the time they pass. Something about you will be brought to your attention to either face honestly or with denial. That's what is being “shaken” from us during this time.
I've looked over all the eclipses of 2017. Like most folks, these events make me a little nervous. The energy feels wild, unpredictable and scattered. But, I've been paying attention to them long enough to understand that in retrospect the changes and shake ups they bring look a whole heck of a lot like some kind of divinely orchestrated intervention. Chaos, in the moment, though. It's like the Universe pushes us into necessary change through venues we would not ordinarily choose for ourselves. Perhaps in ways we were not even able to fathom. Within that, you are not powerless. You have choices of action and perspective. However, ecliptic events happen swiftly. So quickly and so stirring that “in the moment” we can't see the bigger picture because we are too busy running around or dealing with it. The thing to remember this week is that the goal of this eclipse is to reveal something about you to you (and maybe others...maybe not...point being, YOU are the main audience). Your biggest job is to believe what you are shown and to begin operating within that new awareness. That, my friends, is an ongoing theme throughout the year and is especially punctuated during the eclipses.

It's not going to tell you something obvious. It's not going to say you are this role or that role...mother, father, son, daughter, wife, truck driver, waitress. No. It goes deeper. Not the roles you play. Not the jobs you do in the outside world. But, what lies under the crust of the identity you project into the world. UNDER that. Opens up a window to give you the opportunity to better know your soul...your essence...WHO YOU REALLY ARE. You know that breaking that crust comes through unexpected challenges, already. Right?
I think the upcoming week will probably be eventful. The weeks leading us into eclipses are often eventful too. Have you noticed? The chain of events for this set of eclipses has already been set into motion. The dice has been rolled. Changes are happening to us and from the inside out. But, I look at the rest of the sky this week and see the Sun sextile Uranus and trine Jupiter. I see minds shifting and becoming more inspired as Mercury moves into Aquarius. I see that inspiration taking gentle action forward as Mercury dances with Venus by sextile. I see many being uplifted here. Personally empowered. And, I think even though it might be intense at times we might just end up feeling better. Less stuck. Less dependent. If we choose to learn and become more self-aware. All good things. But, like I said, it may be hard to see that, “in the moment.” Mainly because it is so very personal. I do encourage you to NOT be fearful of the sky opening up to rain rocks on your head. Be brave. This shake up could throw a few valuable gems in your lap too.

Monday, February 6, 2017

The big news coming into today is that Jupiter turned retrograde overnight. This, can be a very subtle thing. Believe it or not. Jupiter is not known for subtlety. There's just a lot going on right now and a Jupiter station can be easily overlooked. But, it also means that our “all planet direct” energy has reached a close. We will now review our philosophies in regard to Libra, realign perspectives and likely have what we project out into the world reflected back to us through others. Hopefully, we will also review our relationship with the media to a degree that we realize how much we are effected by it. And, I'm not talking just about the news. I'm talking all of media..entertainment venues included. Any published information. As in, do you just swallow it whole? Do you allow someone else to spoon feed you their truth? Or are you able to think for yourself? These are very good questions to ask yourself. Take your eyes off what the “crowd” is doing and observe how you respond to the story they are selling. Stop with the “he did this” or “she did that” and note what you are doing and how what “they” say affects that...and you...and the way you conduct your life. Look for ways that you put too much emphasis on the opinions of the “other.” Look to where you may be too accommodating or too inflexible. 

This morning the winds are kicking (metaphorically or literally) under a Gemini Moon trine to our Sun in Aquarius (5:40 AM). I said last week that this week was so windy it kind of felt like March. This is one of the reasons. But, there are plenty more. There's a lot “blowing” around out there.
Good news is, this is by no means a cumbersome aspect. It's light and potentially buoyant and opens the door to talking things out and/or airing of grievances in an intelligent manner. From here, the Moon moves into sextile Uranus at 11:20 AM. More uplifting. Allowing us to foster a bit of emotional independence (instead of continually being slain by rhetoric). Still windy and becoming a little more active.

The winds do not stop here but start to take on an even more personal nuance as the Moon trines Jupiter in Libra at 2:34 PM. Many may feel uplifted here. Relaxed. Joking. More mobile. Inclined to gather in groups over coffee or in conversation. And, then...there's Saturn. The Moon finds him by opposition at 5:54 PM. A hard truth brings our “flying high” feeling to a quick ground. We are left to turn these real and potentially hard to swallow facts over and over in our heads trying to glean some type of understanding.
It's like flying a kite. In the beginning of the day, that kite flies and soars and is magnificently animated. Then, something happens. The wind stops. The kite suddenly plummets straight to the ground. Thud. Yeah. It's like that. We are brought to ground by the truth of something very quickly. There's also a chance that we finally get our ears full and decide we've been manic enough for one day and put up a wall of boundary...shut the door and the windows and let the wind blow around outside on its own as we mull it over. And, mull it over we will.
Following this aspect the Moon is Void until entering Cancer at 2:03 AM tonight. The dust that was kicked up under this windy day floats down and settles in the emotional river. Maybe that kite didn't plummet to the ground but came down to punch us in the gut. Either way, tomorrow this becomes astutely emotionally affective.
In an effort to weather these winds, definitely take time to filter what you expose yourself to. Be choosy what information you feed (Moon) your brain (Gemini). And, by all means, with this much Uranus in play, reserve your right to think for yourself regardless of what some windbag tries to tell you. Otherwise, enjoy the lightness and the “buzz.” Feel free to move around and shake some dust off. Just know the landing comes swiftly and potentially harshly. Strong boundaries are going to help us make that transition more easily.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Not only does our emotional affect change due the Moon moving into Cancer last night; but, our mindset is also due for a shift as Mercury leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius this morning at 4:36 AM. Now, I'll tell you...Mercury in Aquarius is brilliant. Really. It is a very intelligent placement. Sometimes, too intelligent in so far as the placement has been known to play jump rope with that thin line that separates genius and madness. Plus, it has a tendency to over-think and over-rationalize and REALLY does not like to admit that it doesn't know absolutely everything. Sometimes, this very intelligent and very logical placement will choose an alternative perspective just for the sheer fun of being different. Sometimes, it's gets so locked in on “knowing” that it rusts with any sort of influx of emotion or feeling. But, at it's highest most functional level it is wonderfully inspired, collaborative, socially minded (versus singularly minded) and is filled with innovative ideas.
However, anyone that has Mercury in Scorpio or Mercury in Taurus who has dealt with a lower functioning Mercury in Aquarius can tell you that this placement has a tendency to be too “up in it's head” sometimes. “Sometimes the solutions are simple..common sense,” says Mercury in Taurus. “Sometimes your fear of being wrong or your fear of soul searching causes you to miss the forest for the trees,” says Mercury in Scorpio. To truly aim for the highest pole of this energy you must be willing to think for yourself. Independently. Instead of just jumping on the bandwagon or going along to get along or whatever. Group think becomes an issue when we misdirect this energy. Mania and anxiety become factors when we allow too much stuff to invade our heads meaning we also need boundary. When we attach too much weight to the opinions of others without taking the time to think for ourselves our thinking processes and ability to reason becomes handicapped. When we are fearful of or resistant to listening to the non-logical information that our emotional and intuitive systems are trying to deliver to us, we miss out on a huge part of the picture. The answer is in balancing all this without loosing your sense of self in the process. You are in the collective. But, you remain an individual piece of the bigger puzzle. Or should. Because, that's kind of important.

Either way, emotions rise under the Cancer Moon just as the brain is struggling to become more logical, more detached...more cool. Incorporate the information from both systems without trying to squelch out one or the other. Blend them. Together they paint a more detailed picture of who you are.
Just after day break, our Cancer Moon makes an uncomfortable square with Venus in Aries (6:56 AM). There is a clash here between what we want; how we plan to engage in getting it and how we feel. To balance that, remember this is not a race and you have the right to declare your own pace. “I want to go out and conquer the world! But. I feel like crawling in my shell and hiding from the world at the same time.” Did you know you could essentially conquer (change) the world just by conquering (changing) yourself? Just a thought. BONUS! You can totally do that from under your comforter...while eating chicken pot pie.

Balance it out. Adjust your perspective. Quit looking outside and take a minute and look inside. Cut away the distractions that keep you from doing so. Many will seek distraction though; because, sometimes sitting still in introspection is like...the MOST uncomfortable thing. Those that are comfortable with their own company are going to fare the best.
The friction between the signs of Aries and Cancer persists as the Moon also squares off with Mars in Aries. There has to be an easier way. There has to be a better way. There has to be a way that doesn't make me feel horrible. There is. But, you have to find that for yourself. Let intuition and emotion be guides in your initiating efforts. Don't just pass these hits off. Listen to them. They are trying to tell you something.
By nightfall we are melting down and becoming tired under the Cancer Moon trine Neptune in Pisces. Why not a night cap? Or a hot tub? This is where the personal nuance of the day starts to take affect. We are sensitive and have heard enough. Self-care is greatly recommended. Alone time. Meditation. Finding your center. Listening to your intuition and emotional systems (as if this aspect is going to give you much of a choice). Good news is we will likely sleep quite soundly even if we do flop into the bed a little earlier than usual. Monopolize on the opportunity to withdraw and get some rest. We are likely going to need it. Under an incoming Full Moon Eclipse, insomnia is par for the course.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Alrighty. And, then, there was today. Things get a little testy. We begin under a the dark veil created by a lunar opposition to Pluto at 8:42 AM. This can kick start all kinds of ugly potential like paranoia, greed, emotional manipulation and other subservient means meant to control and/or persuade. However, the deeply stirring energy of Pluto is also yours to be had. This can instill a sense of fortitude, bravery and endurance. How that plays out for you is really dependent on how comfortable you are in emotional waters to begin with.
From here, the Moon moves on to square catalyzing and provocative Uranus in Aries (1:53 PM). We are poked. We are prodded. We are pushed, again from our comfort zones. It's noisy and rambunctious and LOUD out there. Our Cancer Moon does not appreciate it one little bit. Over-stimulation and fatigue breeds anxiety and nervousness here. Back up your boundaries. Folks are going to not only be overly-sensitive and grumpy, they are also going to be fearful and reactive. Ground this veritable electricity out. Unplug. Shut the door. Withdraw and detach. Be a good steward of your emotional system by delivering what it is you need at this time. If you need to distance yourself, then do so. You don't have to guilt yourself for that. Thankfully, this square will also break your “give a damn” to a degree. But, yeah, the whole set up is fairly stormy. So, if you find yourself whipped up in an emotional hurricane, it might be a good idea to leash yourself up to a very deeply rooted tree until the storm passes. Of course, I mean this metaphorically (step up boundary and grounding efforts) but if you really want to tie yourself to a tree I'm not one to try and stop you.

Tides begin to rise again as the Moon trines Chiron at 4:20 PM and then quickly finds Jupiter (now Rx) by square at 5:01 PM. Observe carefully. Whatever the “other” did to help you get all whipped up, they could have been just holding up a mirror. I'm not excusing obnoxious and rude behavior. However, I am letting you know that what you see and are prone to react to likely has something in it for you to learn from (particularly about yourself), too. You will encounter reflections of yourself within your interactions with others. Your best bet is to recognize it, believe it and then subsequently deal with it. Relationships are a continual self-learning laboratory.
Following the square to Jupiter, the Moon spins off into Void status and we are left to contend with the swirling waters. None of this is particularly comfortable. Yet, discomfort can lead us to positive change.
The Moon remains Void until entering Leo at 4:42 AM in the morning.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

You have probably noticed that this week swept by fairly quickly. Mercury in Aquarius has a more swift step than Mercury in Capricorn. However, by the time we get to today, the air is crackling with Full Moon Eclipse Lunacy. Eh, periods of temporary insanity really do make you appreciate the brief wafts of sanity, stability and routine when they come. Right?

By 10:27 AM we start to notice that how we personally feel about certain things may not fit with the current collective mentality as the Moon opposes Mercury in Aquarius. Again, you are a piece of this puzzle. You fit somewhere even if it may feel like you are at odds with the world right now. We have energy coming in next that is going to help you find that niche. There can be disagreements here. Sword battles. Debates and conflicts of interest. Mercury in Aquarius is quick, sharp and dry. Smart. There could be some good ideas presented here if we remain willing to listen.
By 12:21 PM, the Leo Moon is trine Venus in Aries as the Sun waxes toward a sextile with Uranus in Aries (4:17 PM). An astute awareness of who we are, what we feel and what we want dawns on us. We walk away from the arguments and refocus on what is personally important or with valuable intel. The Sun in sextile to Uranus encourages us to honor our individual differences while still realizing that we are all in this together. Your personal talents are useful. You fit somewhere. We are very determined to find those personal niches or carve them out under this sky. We will define ourselves to a degree here. Crafting ourselves. We may not realize it in the moment. But, that's what is happening.

The night goes out actively. By 9:06 PM the Moon is busy dancing with Mars in Aries. This Fire Trine along with the fact that the Moon is so fat and full she could pop, might keep us up later than usual.

Friday, February 10, 2017

This morning the Moon is still active as Mercury in Aquarius finds Venus in Aries by sextile. This is nice. Intelligent. Gently motivated. Friendly. A breath of fresh air. This lightness continues to build and we remain active as the Moon finds Uranus in Aries by trine at 5:37 PM. Where oh where have we placed our freak flags? Oh, there they are. Fly, babies, fly.

Our Moon continues growing until she finally blossoms to Full in Leo at 7:34 PM. The Sabian Symbols read as follows:
For the Sun at Aquarius 23 (also the Moon's ruler): A big trained bear performs sitting on a huge chair. This denotes a prepared performance. In other words, a bear doesn't just put on impromptu shows using a chair. There has been preparation and practice to prepare him for this. This is also a symbol of possible unnatural conditions or unfamiliar environments. Even with that, previous experience has likely prepared you. There is also a sideways hint at balance and grounding by mention of the chair. Performance is more than just the talents you were born with but skills that have been honed, weathered and schooled. Here, the wild beast has been tamed for entertainment purposes. You are likened to that beast that needs to adhere to your own “lessons learned.” Be steady and strong while remembering that you are the vehicle for your will.

For the Moon at Leo 23: The bareback rider in a circus thrills excited crowds. Flexibility. Balance. Again, like the symbol for the Sun, plenty of prep-work and practice prior to the actual event. The bareback rider is completely in control of her body even under the uncertain movements of the horse. She also maintains a somewhat psychic connection with the horse itself. She has practiced with him. He trusts her and she trusts him. Both make their jobs look seemingly effortless. The two, at times, seem to operate as one unit rather than occupying separate and completely different bodies. This draws to mind our centaurs..namely Chiron who greets this Full Moon Eclipse via inconjunct. There is no room for self-doubt here. Trust yourself. Become “in tune” with your inner drive/will (the horse) and maintain an air of flexibility and balance (the rider) throughout while keeping all senses astute and clear of distraction. It's just you and the horse. Focus and realize, you've practiced long've got this.

The Moon remains active. She next meets with a rather pleasant sextile with Jupiter (8:41 PM) in Libra and lovely trine with stabilizing Saturn in Sagittarius (00:54 AM). See. You got this. Relax. Enjoy the rest of the show. From here the Moon is Void. The relief is palpable. She remains Void until entering Virgo tomorrow morning at 8:53 AM. There will be very few who go to bed early tonight. Why not stay up late? Enjoy the night. The neon blue electricity in the air. We can sleep in tomorrow. Enjoy this.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

This morning the moves from dramatic and performing Leo...but oh, that was fun. She moves into more demure Virgo at 8:53 AM. We still feel pretty good. Feelings of good cheer and good friends continues as the Sun in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Libra at 10:26 AM.
The day progresses under this humble yet uplifting feel as the Moon makes minor aspects across the sky coloring in personal nuance. It's a likely a good day. Wonderful for jaunts with friends and just hanging out to chat. Feels grounded. But, a little more wise and more self-assured. The low end will be critical and selfish. Perhaps aggrandized. But, the high end won't see that. They'll be too busy self-creating happy.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

It's the perfect morning to sleep in. The Moon in Virgo is just leaving an opposition with Neptune in Pisces (4:43 AM). It's been an eventful span of time. Why not take this opportunity to just laze around and rest a bit?
The day leisurely moves forward. The Moon finds Pluto by trine at 6:04 PM and with our renewed sense of confidence, wise self-awareness and integrity in tow, we roll up our sleeves and get prepared to face another week. This aspect is stable and rich. Focused and practical.
Monday might linger like a dense formidable fog in the distance; but, we are ready for whatever it might decide to bring.
This is a good day for resting or practical purposes such as preparing for the week ahead or catching up on cleaning chores. It's not particularly eventful. Not rushed or pressured. Just relaxed enough that our feet can touch the ground.