Morning Star: Astrology for the week of January 23 to January 29, 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017

This morning we are likely a little groggy as the Moon in Sagittarius met Neptune by square overnight. Mercury in Capricorn is also waxing into aspect (sextile) with Neptune which is due to perfect around 4:30 PM.

During the meat of the day, folks are likely to be a bit subdued. Minds wander and drift. Focus is hard to maintain. Music can definitely set a tempo to work by, though, if you choose. Time will have a tendency toward weirdness either feeling as if it is dragging or slipping right by you. Communication also runs the risk of being confusing, dripping with sentiment or veiled with outright lies or inaccuracies. Definitely fact check and/or ask for clarification when necessary. Otherwise, this aspect is flowy and creative allowing us to bring some ideal visions into tangible creation and causing us to be quite artistically inclined by way of music or poetry.
Also, due today's Mercury/Neptune interaction, it is a good idea to keep your schedule flexible. Write down important things you need to remember. Stuff may not happen in neat little time boxes. Flow and flexibility are needed as well as a solid sense of direction. Master that and you can accomplish quite a bit within this day.
By 11:37 PM the Moon is in an uplifting and inspiring trine with Uranus in Aries. This is quickly followed by a square to Venus in Pisces at 11:57 PM and a square to Chiron at 1:50 AM. While the trine with Uranus is airy, the subsequent squares with Venus and Chiron are uncomfortable. It may not be the best night for a comfortable sleep. Our insides are kind of busy. Our emotions are astute. However, I do suggest attempting to get a good night's sleep if at all possible.

Warm baths and refraining from taking in too much artificial stimulation throughout the day will help. Taking a few minutes to unwind and enact a little self-care at the end of the day (foot soaks and massages also fit well) are highly indicated to help us to rest better.
Before daybreak, the Moon will sextile Jupiter in Libra (3:40 AM) and conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius (5:39 AM). This will wake us up on solid ground with a renewed sense of purpose. On the low end, it can cause depression or a feeling of “so much to do” which is rather cumbersome. A good night's rest will help to offset that so we wake up refreshed and ready to go instead of just dragging ourselves through the day just to get by.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This morning we wake up under the Sagittarius Moon just leaving a sobering conjunction with Saturn (5:39 AM). By Noon, we are dealing with an ambiguous lunar square to Mars in Pisces. Most of the time, I find the discomfort factor between Sagittarius and Pisces has to do with volume and exposure. Loud boisterous noises startle little fishies. Plus, Sagittarius is much more comfortable in the spotlight for the most part than Pisces. What this square says to me is though you have big plans to be such a little fish, there is no need to boast about them. There is no need to go showing off. There could also be a bit of confusion that arises here in regard to motivation or how things should occur in chronological order. Remember, the only part of this you need to worry about is the very next step. One thing at a time.

From here, the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn this afternoon (5:44 PM). All the while, Venus is moving in for a conjunction to Chiron at 1:49 AM. This conjunction can indeed bring forth tears and a haunting heartache. However, it can also show you the benefit of becoming aware of and lovingly addressing the sources of your Chironic pain. Now that you know where and why it hurts, you can care for it. Love it. Accept it as part of you and, even, forgive it if you choose. Gentle acknowledgment of the pain and lovingly addressing and caring for it is the key. It's OK to hurt. It is not OK to disregard your hurt or try to bury it, deny it or escape it.

The Moon meets Neptune by sextile at 2:08 AM. This is a nice aspect to cradle us into sleep. Rest well.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This morning we wake up to the Moon leaving her sweet sextile with Neptune and waxing toward a conjunction with Mercury in Capricorn. This creates a solid format from which we can operate today. The ground takes form under our feet. Our schedule lines out just like it is supposed to and our plans unfold ahead of us in a step by step format. Mind and emotion are aligned.
This feeling carries us through most of our day. Then, overnight the Moon begins to swamp up due a conjunction with Pluto at 4:23 AM. Tomorrow morning may pack a dose of dread and fear. But, for the most part, today clicks right along.

The Moon is still steadily waning as we move toward our New Moon in Aquarius. That makes today excellent for tying up loose ends or bringing existing projects to completion. We are releasing, clearing out and finishing up in preparation for this sparkling new start ahead of us.
Do know, though, that tomorrow's lunar movements begin with Pluto darkening our doorstep and that is followed with increasing tension from the rest of our sky that resides in Cardinal. It is certainly do-able but it is pressurized. Dig deep for integrity and fortitude in an effort to gently push through. Don't allow tomorrow morning's darkness scare you. You have plenty of light within to chase it away.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

As I mentioned in yesterday's write up, today, the Moon is pressurized. We begin before sunrise with a conjunction to Pluto. This can kick start a sense of paranoia and dread. Fear or a feeling of impending doom. But, it can also deliver a certain sense of fortitude and integrity to the emotional body. Fear becomes fearlessness. Dread becomes a willingness to roll your sleeves up and get to work. Impending doom becomes a certain amount of self-empowerment to deal with whatever the day may bring. Senses are astute and intuition is kicking if nothing else.

By 10:19 AM our Capricorn Moon is in square with Uranus in Aries and working on a subsequent square to Jupiter in Libra which perfects at 2:16 PM. The best way to wrangle this is to work together in an effort to foster new and inventive ways to address longer standing problems. The outlet for this t-square falls in Cancer. Meaning, if you can handle your emotions and work WITH them instead of trying to shut them out or damn them up, you will be able to weather this day much more effectively.
However, there is a sense of anxiety that can come from lunar interaction with Uranus. Jupiter in Libra can expand and exacerbate this potential. Use the fortitude from the lunar conjunction to Pluto to help you gently power through. Yes, there are obstacles. But, together, we can find solutions as long as we are not afraid to try and are willing to collaborate.

The day does begin to smooth out as we get a little deeper in. The Moon finds Venus by gentle sextile at 3:06 PM. This is followed by a sweet interaction with Mars overnight (sextile at 2:18 AM). We come in under pressure but leave the day gracefully. Following the sextile with Mars, the Capricorn Moon is Void until entering Aquarius at 3:37 AM.

Friday, January 27, 2017

This morning the Moon dances into lovely Aquarius. She is dark, a mere sliver if not completely blacked out. This is surely the time to be thinking about what types of intentions you would like to set for our New Moon which perfects at 7:08 PM tonight. All planets are direct. The sky is filled with the hopefulness and promise of the sign of Aquarius. This IS the Moon that we should use to set long-term or short-term goals in the interest of creating a better more “together” world.

The only drawback here is Venus in Pisces is also squaring Saturn in Sagittarius (12:51 PM). This is not necessarily joyful. But, it is very sturdy and quite realistic which can actually help us solidify in intention what it is that we yearn for. Venus in square to Saturn by transit (especially if you don't have Venus/Saturn interaction in your natal chart) can feel lonely and restricted. Resources may be low calling us to increase our abilities at being resourceful and respectful (showing gratitude) to the resources we do have. Yes, counting your blessings is much more important here than looking for what you don't have. This is a mature, solid sense of love and comfort. Beauty all grown up. The blessing of wisdom and age and patience. It is also boundary allowing us to wrap current loves up in appreciation and standing on the solid ground that love has created in support. Yes. It can ache. But, it can also ache beautifully allowing us to see exactly where the holes are that love can fill. It can also create ethereal love manifest by the way of maturity and grace. Furthermore, if we are acting or setting intentions using the power of hearts by way of Venus in Pisces, Saturn incorporates that solidly into our path forward.

Our New Moon dawns at 7:08 PM at 8 Aquarius 15. The Sabian Symbol for the degree of this lunation reads as follows: In meditation a flag is seen which changes into an eagle. Here what was previously internalized comes spiraling outward....blossoming from stasis that relies on a breeze for movement to movement that monopolizes upon use of the wind. Internal spirals outward in a blossoming way. Inspiration takes flight. We are given the power of perspective and a clear view of the horizon advises us of any impending blocks or dangers.
The ruler of this New Moon, Uranus, falls on Aries 21: A pugilist flushed with strength enters the ring. This symbol is illuminated on and off throughout the year. It denotes the rush of adrenaline that comes prior to engaging in something big. The secret to working with it this year is to learn to direct that adrenaline purposefully and non-violently in a way that enacts positive change by inclusiveness and collaboration. In other words, this is the year that world understands the power and abilities found in fighting like a girl. And, you know what? It's about damn time.

Last week's global marches showed us exactly what women coming together can do. Anyone there or observing felt the powerful yet graceful strength of that wave. Gently. Nobly. Strongly and lovingly ferocious. Don't you ever forget that day. And, don't let it end with just one day. Let it empower you to go back home and become involved in your community. I don't care if it's politics or merely taking a walk through your town to pick up trash. Create networks. Come together like long time girlfriends do. Use that power to create positive change. The world is in NO better hands than those of a strong women who knows the seat of her power resides in her heart. Her influence through her gentle guiding hand. The power of her unwavering but gently roaring voice. Know your power. Use it to seed positive change in the darkest most desperate corners in the world. It is time. There is plenty that LOVE can do.
Just after midnight, Mars moves into his home territory of Aries. This kick starts motivation and inspires engagement. If you felt a sense of drag before, it is likely going to begin to dissipate now. We are positioned for full steam ahead.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Speaking of “coming together” and “collaboration” the only major aspects the Moon makes today support exactly that notion. The Aquarius Moon sparkles away aspect free for most of the day. Then, by 6:40 PM she is sextile Uranus in Aries while also working toward a beautiful light and airy trine with Jupiter in Libra. This is a lovely set of aspects for a gathering of friends or meetings in regard to collaborative projects. At midnight, the Moon sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius and brings formation and grit to these plans and collaborations. We see exactly how the world can be affected when individuals come together with a common, loving, open-minded and hopeful agenda.
This is great for gatherings of friends. Getting out and enjoying entertainment. Collaboration efforts as I've mentioned. It feels really good and with Mars now in Aries we are sooo ready to move forward. Why not do that hand in hand?
Following the sextile with Saturn, our Aquarius Moon reaches Void status. She remains Void until entering the watery world of Pisces tomorrow at 11:11 AM.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

This morning, the Moon rests quietly in Aquarius. But, just beyond the horizon there is a storm brewing. Mercury is inching toward his official conjunction with Pluto (3:18 PM) which will also usher him out of his retrograde shadow. Plus, the tides are due to rise once the Moon enters Pisces.
Now, may hear words of forcefulness, words meant to scare you into submission, words meant to control you. But, the power of Mercury/Pluto here is also yours instilling you with a sense of fearlessness, tenacity and fortitude. Solidify your intention for a better more inclusive world within yourself. Don't let anyone talk you out of being loving by way of threats. Love is so much stronger than fear.

As the Moon enters the soft world of Pisces, hearts may melt, eyes may leak and we all become a bit more sensitive as well as empathic. Any darkness that comes forth from the Mercury/Pluto conjunction can be offset with an adherence to an agenda of love and creation. That is going to leak forth from our gentle emotional systems today. We can cry. We can grieve. But, we cannot quit.
The Moon continues to drift and become more and more permeable as the day moves forward and she waxes toward a conjunction with Neptune in the early morning hours of our Monday.

That makes today great for gentle but powerful acts of kindness. If you need to take some alone time to regain your footing, it's good for that too. It's wonderful for prayers and for dealing forthright with any fears you may have. Speak with power, resolve and gentleness. Bear in mind, that in this kind of movement (the gentle loving push of forward motion), there is no need for competition. All that is needed is a common sense of direction backed by purity of heart and intention.
It is also, on the most mundane level, a good idea to take a few minutes at the end of this day and prepare for the morning. Things will certainly be watery. We will be prone to forgetfulness and distraction. Having things all lined up and pre-readied to go is going to help a great deal.