Morning Star: Astrology for the week of January 2, 2017 to January 8, 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017

Early this morning the Moon met with Venus at the very last degrees of Aquarius prior to reaching Void status for a little less than 2 hours. She enters the watery world of Pisces at 4:58 AM. Pisces is a pretty crowded place right now with the Moon, Mars, Neptune, Pallas, Nessus and Chiron all residing there. Before the week is out, the Moon will have moved on but Venus will have joined Poseidon in his watery home place, which is actually a pretty sweet place for her to be. Here, Venus is said to be exalted whereas Mars is in detriment.

Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is the higher vibration of Venus. She and the Sea God relate amicably for the most part. But, at times, the profuse nature of Neptune keeps Venus love drunk or the combination simply produces a feeling of “too much Venus” or “too much enchantment from Neptune.” Yes, even though we find Venus in exaltation, she does have a negative pole of energy in Pisces, too.
Regardless of how you look at this set up, there is a lot of energy coming forth from the watery world of Pisces. Have we all been drugged? Or, does it just feel like that?
Right now, though, Venus still lingers at the end of Aquarius as the Moon dives in to swim with the fishes.
Her first aspect brings a gentle sextile to Mercury Rx in Capricorn at 7:59 AM. This can denote wafting memories or reflections. Remembering (or being reminded) that you've forgotten a deadline or just reminiscing about work life's past. Perhaps our thoughts drift to parental memories. Either way, we look back for a brief moment.

The rest of the day, the Moon leisurely floats through Pisces until meeting up with the Sea God, Neptune, himself by conjunction at 10:57 PM. Lights out. It's time to enter the dreamscape.
This is so not an ambitious day. Many may feel groggy. Disoriented. Not fully engaged. Emotional and greatly subdued. It's hard to get traction. So, we float instead.
Overnight the Moon will conjunct Mars (1:37 AM) and Venus will officially join the party in Pisces (2:47 AM). We may encounter some rocky unsettled waves in the dreamscape under the Mars conjunction but Venus waxes in just in time to bring a bit of ease to the waters.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

This morning, we are still in the watery Pisces world but the Moon does find some grounding by way of a sextile to the Sun in Capricorn at 5:14 AM. There is also a sextile to Pluto that can enhance focus and traction at 12:07 PM. This is creative clay. Just the right mixture of imagination and production to manifest. Traction is provided but this is still not exactly straight line production. It is relaxed and creative not merely pounding away to complete something. But, more of a flow that can lead to a bit of achievement by days end.

Meanwhile, more traction and grounding is accessible as Venus, newly in Pisces, meets Mercury Rx at the very early degrees of Capricorn by charming sextile. Sweet words of appreciation are exchanged and any memories of days gone by have a blissful veil across them. These are welcomed memories. Sweetness tinged thoughts. Touching sentiments are exchanged.
By 7:37 PM the Moon is poked by way of conjunction to Chiron in Pisces at 7:37 PM. This can be bittersweet and potentially bring forth ache from the emotional body. It calls for effective coping mechanisms that can only be engaged if we acknowledge what hurts instead of merely trying to numb, deny or escape the hollow ache. The Moon moves swiftly from Chiron to an inconjunct with Jupiter in Libra. The inconjunct potentially exacerbates the hollow ache, showing us how that ache may affect the ways in which we partner or don't partner. Or, it could reveal to us how it is these elusive pollutants in our emotional system affect the type of friend or partner we become. Again, awareness and acceptance of these Chironic issues can birth more effective coping mechanisms leading us into wisdom just as easily as they may bring us toward feelings of remorse, loneliness, bitterness or grief.
The need for awareness is compounded by a potentially depressing and deflating square to Saturn at 8:34 PM. Boundaries are a requirement here. We may need to take some alone time to recharge or find center. Sleep may be hard to achieve. But, sticking to nighttime ritual, remaining grounded and taking just a few minutes to quiet and still your brain before retiring for the night will help. There could be disappointment to deal with, as well.

Overall, there is room to make gentle progress within this day. The muddy mixture of Earth and Water provides grounding and traction mixed with creativity and imagination. But, it's through flow and reduction of resistance to such that takes us forward more than force. Then as the hands toil the inner body stirs. It is those inner stirrings that affect us in the latter part of the day. As if our toiling has shaken something loose or brought something to our awareness that we need to deal with. The ability to cope and build boundary are accessible too. But, no one said it was going to be a fun thing. Yet, it is essential if we desire to become more integrated and build more stable relationships.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

This morning, Mercury backs out of Capricorn and re-enters Sagittarius (9:18 AM) just in time to square off with the Moon at the final degrees of Pisces (11:15 AM). This can be loud and unsettling to our Pisces Moon. Information received here may be confused or inflated. The shift from grounded communication to boasting and preaching can be startling. Following this square, the Moon is Void for a mere 5 minutes before shifting into Aries at 11:20 AM.
The noise was annoying. But, we are definitely awake now.

Interestingly, both Sabian Symbols for 30 Pisces and 30 Sagittarius (where the Moon and Mercury will square) mention concrete. Of course, because they are both at the end of their respective signs, some sense of completion is likely. Plus, other than being annoying, this news or information can also be inspiring which is something we will carry with us into the Aries Moon. Completion. Closure. Resolution. All of which potentially lead to a new engagement.

For the most part, the square between the Moon and Mercury is rather swift. It can be, however, likened to a wake up call. But, for your reference, the Sabians for each read as follows:

For the Moon at 30 Pisces: A seer's dream now lives: A face carved into huge rocks. Eventual concrete manifestation of all higher poetic images and enduring truths of the race.

For Mercury at 30 Sagittarius: The Pope is holding audience in a hall of the Vatican. Wealth of spiritual resources which can be tapped for the glorification of every relationship. Concrete form of ideals.

The pureness of the Aries Moon leads us through the rest of the day. With Aries' ruler still swimming with the fishes, forward motion again may be subtle and not linear. We should match action to mood and be mindful of flow as we move forward.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Well, it's a good thing that we woke up from the dreaminess of Pisces somewhat yesterday. Today, under the Aries Moon, the banjo strings of the emotional body are going to be pulled taut. The day begins innocuous enough with the Aries Moon doing her thing. However, by 2:48 PM, she is in square to the Sun in Capricorn thus creating the veritable crunch of our First Quarter Moon.

First Quarter Moons are notorious for presenting challenges particularly to any intentions that may have been set at the New Moon in Capricorn. Blocks to our intentions manifest and we must go through the personal assessments to determine if we still want to engage in what we have intended. If our answer to that question is “yes” then we start looking for ways to conquer or overcome the emerged obstacle. This First Quarter, particularly, brings pressure to perform. What we want may seem elusive as Venus travels through Pisces. Our motivations are subdued and scattered with Mars there too. But, this Lunar movement challenges us to produce and engage in spite of that. In order to do so, we must work within the melted framework we have. Again, this is not straight line production. We must monopolize upon flow and indirect motion. Instead of taking a hammer to the rock blocking our path, we slowly erode and dissolve it. We may not be able to go through it. But, we can flow over and/or around it looking for creative solutions while holding tight to concepts of faith. This First Quarter perfects smack in the middle of our Cardinal degrees. And, the pressure within our Cardinal signs is only going to persist from here.

At 5:16 PM, the Moon's doorstep is darkened by a square to Pluto in Capricorn. This can birth paranoia, obsession as well as bossy emotional control efforts. However, it can also be converted to focus, determination and follow through. There may be temptation to use subservient means to attain our desired goal. But, before you go making deals with the Devil, why not dig deep and find your inner tenacity and integrity to help push you through. The Devil's interest rate for favors is typically outlandish. And, I mention the Devil specifically as the card correlates to Capricorn/Saturn energy.
By 11:15 PM, our trigger fingers are itchy and anxious as the Moon finds Uranus by conjunction. This can just as easily catalyze emotional independence and inspiration when handled appropriately. Uranus aspects echo a sentiment of “I'll show you” and can birth rebellion or acts of impulsivity. The best way to mitigate this energy though is to draw firm boundary and foster a belief in yourself to be able to handle whatever the situation in front of you. It calls for us to convert adrenaline into productive activity rather than allowing it to just spew forth unchecked or prematurely. We must maintain clear circuitry and a center of calm in order to do this. Otherwise, we end up responding off the cuff, become overcome with anxiety and nervousness and completely end up cutting off our noses just to spite our faces. So, ground. Remain well insulated and focused. Remember what you are trying to do and don't allow this conjunction to unseat you. Also, be patient. We still have a stellium in Pisces that includes our ambitions (Mars). Slow progress is still progress even if it is quite hard to convince impatient Uranus of such. Keep climbing.

By 1:07 AM the Moon is opposed to Jupiter in Libra calling us to balance out the me/we axis. Again, you can maintain your sense of identity and independence when in relationship. Balance freedom against justice. Work together more than you set yourself apart. Be willing to bend and negotiate instead of just trying to eradicate everyone that may oppose you in an effort to get “your way or the highway.” It's not all about you, anyway.
At 1:37 AM the Moon finally stabilizes a bit by way of trine to Saturn in Sagittarius. Grounding efforts and an adherence to faith and commitment to the “long haul” pay off here.
Overall, this is a testy day. We are challenged. Irked. Impatient and tempted to take short cuts or make deals we cannot repay in hopes of accentuating
our efforts. It's best to maintain a sense of purpose and fortitude realizing that Rome was not built in a day. Recognize where you have progressed and keep focus on the finish line even if it seems a billion miles away. Pace yourself for the marathon, maintain clear boundary and reach out for help when/where you may need it. Help is out there as long as you are not so full of yourself that you are afraid to look. Face down any fears bravely and hold on to your tenacity. And, definitely don't allow the poking irking energy coming from Uranus to cause you to unseat yourself. Hold steady and keep following the flow forward.

Friday, January 6, 2017

This morning the Moon is still active in Aries. Her only remaining aspect prior to finally reaching Void status is a trine to Mercury Rx in Sagittarius at 1:42 PM. This brings memories of past travels and perhaps packs a lesson or two from those times gone by that we can use in our future ventures. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Taurus at 3:18 PM.
As the Moon saunters into Taurus, we are ready for a bit of a reprieve. We need things to be a little more calm, a little more stable...a little more comfortable. As the Moon finds Venus in Pisces by gentle sextile at 10:08 PM, we find that comfortable and relaxing place.

I encourage you not to be too greedy with the blessings you find. As this Taurus Moon takes shape, we find the Sun in Capricorn waxing strongly into a conjunction with Pluto that perfects at 1:41 AM. Love and cherish it but realize you don't own it. You are blessed to have access while you can and you should be appreciative of such. Desires to smother it, control it, abuse it or consume it do not fit here. Intimacy is based on freedom and acceptance of the other and of yourself. If you aim to control anything, make it your overwhelming desires that you leash up while recognizing the blessings that are firmly in place and your good fortune of having them around you.

Sun conjunct Pluto is the mark of a very strong personality. Occurring in Capricorn and the boss feels unduly powerful and may resort to threatening and controlling efforts to get his way. However, the power of this conjunction is also yours. Reminding you to take a firm grasp over the reigns of your life and letting anything that does not fit the bill of “love and support” fall into the fire to be turned to ash. This may call for facing your fears and rooting yourself firmly in the present moment. There may be trials by fire and battles of will that accompany this. Yet, we can also take root here and rise like the Phoenix himself. It's all in how you handle trials by fire and temptations. It's all in realizing that the only control you truly have is over yourself by way of your choices and in how you exert your power. Common sense and strong set of core values must surely be what we use to guide ourselves through this. Stand your ground and be led not into temptation to compromise what you know is of true value and worth.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

After last night's searing tests of integrity, we awaken this morning softened, humbled and a bit weary. The Taurus Moon finds Neptune by melting sextile at 7:56 AM. The struggle with our inner demons is ongoing; but, for the most part, we just want to find a soft place to land as many will feel fatigued merely by trying to stand their ground.

At 3:57 PM, the Moon meets Mars in Pisces by sextile. This doesn't do much for our ambitions but does encourage us to stop resisting and just surrender to wherever the flow wants to take us. Between, 8:02 PM and 9:23 PM, the Moon in Taurus is in gritty Earth trines with Pluto and the Sun in Capricorn. Resting throughout the day has us washed up on solid ground by tonight. You'll be glad to have resisted the temptations of Sun/Pluto by the time we get to this point. We stood our ground even when the ground seemed to shift beneath our feet. Now, it hardens and solidifies underneath us in support. Or, we end up locked in the consequences that we've created for ourselves. You are the one that gets to decide how this plays out.

Overnight, the Moon meets Chiron by sextile before reaching Void status. And, as the Moon sleeps, Mercury stations direct at 4:40 AM. The Moon remains Void until entering Gemini at 5:06 PM tomorrow evening. We've enough of a Void Moon to let our minds stir a bit before we enter the fickle emotional world of Gemini. Get your mind straight and let your emotional body rest. Those things (peaceful emotional state and settled re-directed brain) kinda work together under this sky. Re-calibrate your compass and get ready to travel forward. All planets in the sky are now officially direct! Get yourself well readied to monopolize upon that!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

This morning the Moon is Void in Taurus. But, Mercury has righted himself just in time to greet a Mercurian ruled Moon in Gemini that activates at 5:06 PM. Minds may vibrate at a standstill for a moment. But once we regain our senses the path ahead opens wide for our movements forward. Slowly at first while minding the fact that Mars is in Pisces demanding that we adhere to the concept of flow moreso than force.
Today, though, the mutable squares and oppositions between the signs of Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces are not yet being lit up. We'll save those for Monday, of course. But, it is suggested that we re-frame our personal truths and work to put how we feel into words and well aligned order. Tomorrow, the ground will again begin to shift under our feet once more. We will need to maintain a sense of flexibility in effort to balance out that uncertainty. So, get your head and heart in line for that by preparing today. If you find that what you've incorporated as truth is not working to help you further yourself, then you can change your mind, change your philosophy and, even, change your direction.