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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of September 23 and 24, 2017

Saturday, September 23, 2017

For the most part, today is fairly easy going. These waters run deep. But, not loudly. While externally, many a visage will appear calm. Most are hyper aware of their surroundings, contemplating vast personal psychological crevices. Willing or not.

The interplay between Scorpio and Virgo is sharp. Analytical. Practical. Not a single detail makes it past these two without inspection and dissection. The penetrative and focused energy of Moon in Scorpio has been given the precision and discernment of a personal planet stellium in Virgo. What better way to spend the first full day of Sun in Libra than with balance practice using the energies of the signs on either side of her. The energy coming from both, Scorpio and Virgo, also fall under the empowering and transformative presence of Pluto in Capricorn.
The pitfall of the day is found in the waters of Neptune. Those unconscious, latent or eschewed from us things. As every energy I have just mentioned, is also affected by this. A lethargy. A dreaminess. Potentially distracted, emotional or confused. Medicated. Ill. Overly sensitive.

The sneaky fog of Neptune could usurp the power to be found within the rest of the sky. If, you feel any of the things I just mentioned, then focus there. Conquer Neptune first. Ground. Self-care. Rest. Convalesce. Do you what you need to feed your beautiful Moon.
Otherwise, much can be accomplished today in any realm you choose. A quiet puttering pace, suits the day over loud and over-showy. Background music. Definitely not a bad idea. Neither is taking time to rest should you become tired. One step at a time. Relaxed. Thorough. Focused. True.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The tempo drags more slowly even within this day. The Moon is still in Scorpio. Mars in Virgo perfects in opposition to Neptune. Fatigue could set in. A desire to spend time alone. Motivation may disappear. Taking focus with it.

This day is best earmarked for downtime if possible. Shelter in place. If you are called to chore, take your time. Try to sheer through distraction. Keep your “head” in what you are doing. Take breaks when you need to and stay well hydrated/fueled.
But. If you can, music, relaxation, art, staying in bed, not even getting out of your pj's, quietly unwinding and floating through this day.
The Moon in Scorpio is Void at 3:34 AM EDT this morning. She remains Void until entering Sagittarius after midnight. Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces at 3:50 PM.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of September 18 to September 22, 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017

This morning, the Moon strongly wanes and disseminates in Virgo. We are in full blown emotional release mode as we prepare to enter the fresh cycle brought forth by the Virgo New Moon on the 20th. Yet, as we wipe the slate clean of Virgo season and the Sun enters Libra on Friday, we will still have a lot of Virgo energy to contend with. Mercury does exit the sign of Virgo on 9/29 leaving Mars and Venus behind in Virgo. Venus enters Libra on Oct 15th. Mars lingers in Virgo until October 23rd. So we are called to think like and exude Libra but acting and caring as if we were Virgo for much of that season. Some of the energy does shift as Pluto stations direct on the 28th and Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 11th. At that time, we shift gears in the collective course agenda. We leave the world of justice, balance, fairness and even handed operations and enter the a classroom where we will learn about power, depth, shadow and all the hints that Jupiter square Pluto gave us as Jupiter transited Libra. We had introduction to the incoming themes at those times.

Today, though, is fairly low key. The Moon, as I said, is small and still shrinking. She does meet both Mars and Mercury in their waning conjunction later in the day. This was something I thought would be more productive than it turned out to be. Saturday, in my world, was fairly energy filled. I accomplished a lot. But, Sunday? I was completely wiped out. Distracted. Tired. Not really motivated. So, I went back and looked at that chart and realized a few things. There was a Yod, of course, with Venus to Jupiter both inconjunct Chiron. The waxing opposition from Sun to Chiron shoots right through the middle of that. It's hard to believe, actually, but its as if this Yod and the accompanying energy from Pisces (Mercury and Mars wax into opposition with Neptune and Sun to Chiron...along with the Venus/Jupiter Yod) overpowered the energy coming forth from Uranus, Saturn and even Pluto (Mercury and Mars wax in trine to him too). Go figure. But that's largely how it played out for me and a few others I've harassed with questions already this morning. Yesterday was very much Venus/Jupiter/Chiron and Neptune.
That being said, the opposition between Mercury/Mars and Neptune is tightening at this point. Not weakening. And, so is that between Sun/Chiron. This means the danger could be an emotional impetus toward matters of production (feeling as if we need to do something or a desire to do something) but we are distracted, tired, sick or our head is just “not in the game.” Plus, Sun/Chiron ALWAYS reminds me of that scene from Snow White where the Queen turns herself into a witch and preys upon Snow White's naivete in order to get her to eat a poison apple.

Be wary with this. Folks offering promises and wishes fulfilled could have ulterior motives they are shading from you. Mercury/Neptune can, indeed, equate to attempts to veil the truths. Mars/Neptune can equate to veiled actions. Sun/Chiron can...literally equate to food poisoning or feeling as you are drugged OR, just like Snow White, having your fantasies, dreams, empathy and naivete preyed upon. Take nothing at face value in that regard. If it feels off, go with your feelings instead of what someone is so desperately trying to convince you is true. And, par for the course with this set up, watch your fingers, toes and the like as it's still prime energy to create injury there.
The Moon meets Mars at 3:48 PM, Mercury by conjunction at 7:20 PM and opposes Neptune at 10:17 PM. Early in the morning, the Sun officially opposes Chiron (3:32 AM).

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The emotional sphere looks a little better for a chance at focus this morning as the Moon trines Pluto at 6:35 PM and then squares with Saturn at 3:11 PM. Plus, the Sun/Chiron opposition now wanes which is a good thing. Hearts make a shift within this day too as Venus leaves fiery Leo for the down-to-earth grounding of Virgo...which, in truth, Venus doesn't exactly love. However, if you need to do some fixing and re-prioritizing in the realm of love or money, this is exactly the placement you need. It's picky, though. Yet, sometimes, being picky and listing out what you want in a partner by order of priority is of huge benefit. Ok, in my opinion it's always of benefit...not just sometimes. This just happens to be a set up that supports such efforts. No kinda Virgo goes shopping without some kind of list. Either physically written or just logged in their head. Why would looking for a mate be any different? Want to find a partner? Make a list of desirable qualities you are looking for and check potential suitors against that. Add to or take away items if you deem necessary. But, consciously thinking about such helps you steer yourself exactly where you want to go. Plus, it can also work to attract the types you are mentally focusing on toward you. So, maybe do that on purpose.

Plus, Venus in Leo is more flamboyant that Venus in Virgo. Venus in Virgo likes clean and simple lines. Muted and softer colors. Earthy colors, too. The boldness of Leo fades for things of more simple tastes and practical beauty. Natural elements. Leaves. Rocks. Trees. Animals. Venus in Virgo relishes at harvest time. She likes simple things. Books. Writing utensils. Little storage boxes and bottles. Things she can use on a daily basis. Not things that sit around and just gather dust. She isn't frilly or fussy...more of a simple plain Jane.
The transition of Venus into Virgo occurs at 9:16 PM. The Moon opposes Chiron a few minutes before midnight just as Mercury opposes Neptune and our new Moon pops overnight at 1:30 AM. Following that, she is Void until entering Libra at 6:06 AM on Wednesday morning.
Many are likely to feel as if they have fallen short in production efforts the first few days of this week. We may guilt ourselves over that. Feel bad because we haven't gotten done as much as we think we should have. Others may be attempting to help only to be taken advantage of. Which is going to catalyze the same kind of self-punitive response once it is discovered. Some folks may get flat out hornswoggled or hoodwinked. Be easy on yourself here. Mars still waxes in opposition to Neptune. Take nothing at face value and if at you are at a loss of focus, declutter something. Even if it is just a sock drawer. Sorting things out in the physical environment helps you untangle brain messes too. New initiatives aren't something you want to pick up and run with at this time. Wind down, clean up and finish ongoing projects before you decide to start anything new at the beginning of the week. Then, under the New Moon in Virgo, we can start working on a new task list and look to begin fresh.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ah, ok. We are officially under a new Lunar Cycle here as the New Moon in Virgo perfected in our wee early morning hours. So, let's have a look at that.

For the Sun and Moon at 28 Virgo: Bald-headed man dominates gathering of national figures. The fact that the man is this symbol is specifically mentioned as being bald does bear significance. Part of that significance denotes transmutation of power. The ability to allow the restlessness of youth to slough off and be fully welcoming of the new identity emerging. It also denotes a clear and unobstructed connection to the divine as well as maturity and wisdom. No fluff. No need for traditional bravado. Just pure, connected, matured, gentled and somewhat humbled power.

For the Moon's Ruler, Mercury, at 13 Virgo: A powerful statesman wins to his cause a hysterical mob. Someone is riling folks up. Apparently, successfully as the crowd is now hysterical. This also denotes a transmutation of power conferred from the speaker and to the audience. Transference may be the better word. Hopefully, they are riled for good reason and have done the proper work to fact check and what have you. Mob mentality without the abilities of individual reason can be dangerous. Mass hysteria over anything rarely, if ever, leads to a positive end.

Remember, the Sun/Moon oppose Chiron at this lunation and find Uranus by inconjunct. Plus, they are also semi-sextile Jupiter in Libra. The ruler of this lunation, Mercury, is opposite Neptune. The card I drew for guidance during this lunation when I was writing the Moon book was none other than the 2 of Swords. This is card that points directly to the sign of Libra (the Moon there, specifically). And, let me tell you something. Libra gets a really bad wrap for waffling on decision making. This occurs with Libra because they can easily see both sides of any argument. We learn to gather and separate all the information in Virgo. By Libra we are busy weighing out the pros and cons and trying to be fair and accommodating...that's why it takes so long to make a decision. No option is left unconsidered. Usually over-consideration is the problem. Yet, the main call from the 2 is to deliberately take time to weigh out all the options. Bandwagon jumping is not recommended. We can say Libra is a follower all we want. But that's simply not true. Libra is a Cardinal sign and it does lead. Just indirectly..unlike her polar opposite of Aries. She is persuasive and leading. She uses strategy rather than means of direct hand to hand combat. Her objective is balance, yes. But, she does take the lead in her own unique way.
From the sounds of the sabians, there is a lot of ruckus in the world. From the bald guy to the statesman different voices scream and plead for our attention. However, with our luminaries positioned as they are an their ruler opposing Neptune some of what is going on out there is NOT what it seems. It behooves us to take time to weigh out the facts. It is highly likely that our empathy, our compassion, our denied psychological crap (sexism, racism, bigotry, addiction...what have you) are being preyed upon. The semi-sextile to Jupiter (who holds his own inconjunct to Chiron) pulls the lunation forward asking us to employ both shadow and light of Libra in a beneficial way. Take your time. Weigh everything out. Who cares if that looks like procrastination. The sideways action of Jupiter to Chiron is sneakily trying to show us where these denied and numbed out things from Chiron in Pisces lie and once you get your heartbroken for falling for stupid crap, I promise, you don't forget those lessons. But, that's precisely the set up we have here. Uranus in Aries wants us to free ourselves from that stuff and move forward in our collective development in light of what we are now able to recognize. But, his call of revolt is very strong and the appeal from the masses is equally as strong (Jupiter opposite Uranus). But, you have to soul search and dig for facts before you are able to make an astute judgment call. And, astute calls in judgment are tough to manage when Mercury is opposed Neptune. Before you jump on some kind of bandwagon that leads you to what you think is a path for advocating for your cause...think about it. Make sure it is what it says it is. Just because someone has a platform and a megaphone does not mean they are telling the truth. Just because a speaker has the ability to rile up a crowd and amass a following doesn't mean the crowd is going in the right direction. As a matter of fact, you may discover begrudgingly later that you've been played for a fool. You will learn as a result. But, you can also learn by not allowing yourself to get whipped up and led to your own demise too. The 2 of Swords can also denote mutual decisions. So, if you have someone you trust who you can talk things over with in an effort to make a more clear decision, that's a good way to go too. Don't think you have to figure out all this on your own. However, the final decision is still up to you should you find the advice of “other” to be unhelpful.

The Moon is officially in Libra today. So we are inclined to grin and bear it, go along to get along or not say “no” just to be nice or accommodating. This can be used against you. Frankly. So, be careful of such. Other than that, there are no major aspects from the Moon today. The Sun meets Uranus by inconjunct early in the morning as the Moon meets Neptune by the same. It's a swirling confusing soup out there most likely. And, the opportunity for potential manipulation and abuse of power grows as the Moon waxes into square with Pluto tomorrow. All the brain screwery and any attempts at malefic persuasion and what have you come to light VERY quickly as we move further into this week though. Again, I'd delay decision making and risk being called a procrastinator because at this point, the picture needs more time to develop. That's is what is going to pay off...waiting not the end. In the beginning of the week, our Neptune factors are preyed upon. We are at very high risk of being bamboozled and frankly I for one do not enjoy being played for a fool. Ever. But, tomorrow, if those efforts seem to be failing, then, that's when we will experience threats, bullying and temptations used as persuasive tools. If that occurs, know the person is reaching out in desperation and that sounds a whole lot like their problem to me. This just makes it even more apparent that we need to remember who we are and what it is we are really trying to do on a personal level (North Node in Leo) and avoid getting sucked into the potential madness bubbling up in the collective (South Node in Aquarius).

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Today, the major happening is the Libra Moon square Pluto at 1:01 PM that can punctuate power plays and emotional manipulative tactics that I gave warning about yesterday. It can be used for bravery and focus upon debasing fear..which is exactly what the person using Moon/Pluto malefically will ironically be using against you. If a fear is successfully triggered, face it down and don't allow the fear to make the decision for you. If someone is being overly forceful or you catch a whiff of emotional manipulation, steer yourself out and away.

Later tonight, the Moon stabilizes with a sextile to Saturn which gives us a more strong inclination of the truth of the situation...though, admittedly we may not like it much. But, here is where things start to actually clear up. Foster astute boundaries. Look for fact. Sober up. Adhere to your own sense of direction. This will continue to unfurl and become an all out balancing act between self and other in our tomorrow. We may even see some angry squalls that sound a lot like “That's not fair! You lied to us!” Yeah...and maybe you swallowed it hook line and sinker without checking it out, too. Whose fault is that? And, yet, logically I know this is how we find the path to wisdom. A walk no one can take for us or spare us from. None of this occuring would surprise me even one little bit which is WHY I keep advising to wait...wait...wait...something is likely not quite right here.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Early this morning the Moon blips by Jupiter by conjunction and then opposes Uranus. This is between 6:28 AM and 9:05 AM. It can be jarring. It can show us the places in which we were over-accommodating and ended up compromising ourselves. But, we benefit from the positive expressions of Jupiter in Libra too.
Still yet, this set up can upset the apple cart in regard to plans you've made for this day. It's not uncommon for the unexpected to occur when Uranus/Moon is active. So, keep your plans flexible while knowing things may not work out exactly like you though they would.

Following the opposition with Uranus, the Moon is Void until diving into the depths of Scorpio at 1:41 PM. At that time, the brain is astutely focused for better or worse (remember...there's a difference between focus and paranoia or obsession) as Mercury in Virgo meets Pluto by trine. We are likely to probe for details as this waxes in. Do a little detective work and research. None of which is ill advised. Either way, the truth of the situation has either come out and shocked us out of our shoes by now or we are catching a whiff of something seriously afoul.
At 4 PM, the Sun shifts from Virgo to Libra. We move from practical to people pleasing. Either way, we've got 3 big players in signs they are don't operate the best in. Mars is not exactly well suited for Virgo...neither is Venus. And, the Sun is in deteriment in Libra. Meaning, we become at risk of trying to be what we perceive others expect us to be. Trust me. I've been a Libra my entire life. The tendency is there. Find who you are and stick with that even if it means some folks won't like you for it. Let Venus in Virgo cause you to be picky and practical about who you hang around with instead of causing it to prompt you to cut yourself apart.

The power to get down to the nitty gritty of what it is we really want and what it is we need at the same time comes about by way of a sextile from Moon in Scorpio to Venus in Virgo. Do some soul searching to suss that out. Quietly introspect and, from there, make a plan, make a list or something that matches up to what you've found in the depths of your heart and use that during Libra season to direct you in your efforts at finding a mate or partner...sheering away those that don't fit the bill or adapting your list as you trip over more qualities you desire. Note what you are willing to compromise on and what you are not. Then, stick to that. Use it like a compass. If you do end up getting hornswoggled or hoodwinked or bamboozled in this week spend more time figuring out what you can learn from it than you do beating your own self up over it. Gleaning the lessons helps you in application of them moving forward. Beating yourself up is just a waste of time.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of September 16 and 17, 2017

Saturday, September 16, 2017

This morning we wake up under a waning Leo Moon. She is incredibly small right now as we approach the promise of our New Moon in Virgo on the 20th. However, the energy coming from the sign of Leo, itself, is pretty punctuated this weekend as well as the energy coming from Virgo...which could make for an interesting mix.

The main event in Virgo this weekend is the conjunction of Mercury in Mars at 3:02 PM EDT today. Let me issue the warning flares first, ok? Mercury and Mars meet at 7 degrees of the sign. This is within orb of an opposition to Neptune, though, admittedly wide. It IS waxing, though. Given that Mercury and Mars together can cause folks to attempt to take on too many tasks at once, attempt to work too quickly and given that it occurs in the “fix-it-person” sign of Virgo, this could equate to becoming distracted and, thus, getting hurt by way of things like lawn equipment, tools, machinery (including, motorcycles, etc). Mercury/Mars conjunctions are famously around when folks cut or burn their hands and other things. Neptune makes the pair easily distracted to boot. PLUS, the Sun waxes toward an opposition with the wounded healer, Chiron (19th at 3:32 AM). No one need to be lopping off phalanges, alright? It's a great weekend to get stuff done. But, be very careful with all the stuff I just mentioned. Keep your pace manageable and not erratic. Keep your “head” in what you are doing.

That being said, I've watched this aspect wax in and what I've seen in representation has been quite...well...literal. Angry (Mars) trees (Mercury in Virgo) as a result of storms. Sexy (Mars) service men (Virgo) the photos we saw on social media from the cleanup efforts following Irma. Nuns (Virgo) with chainsaws (Mercury/Mars)..also Irma. And, in my personal day to day, I literally had an argument (Mercury/Mars) with someone over tree care (Virgo).

The ugly part contains mostly injury and argument. Folks can also be hyper-critical as these two converge in Virgo. You can ignore those folks. Usually when people get overly nit-picky or critical there is an underlying issue there that is affecting their overall mood and they are just taking it out on everyone and everything. Which is fine. That attitude is their problem. Don't allow it to become yours.
Also, as a result of this conjunction and the aspects we have incoming to Uranus in Aries from both the Moon and Venus, it's likely to feel like the weekend FLIES by. Time clicks by at a rapid pace and the sky is fiery so folks will likely be out and about engaged in various ventures. Meaning, the roads will be busy as Mercury/Mars converge and wax toward Neptune. There will be distracted drivers out there. So heads up if you are traveling.

That being said, there is a lot of energy to be had here. In that, you can accomplish a quite a bit or just have enough “oomph” to get out there and have a good time. But, it can be injury prone, grumpy or even hot headed (sometimes Mercury/Mars stirs headaches as well). Just stay alert and engaged in whatever you are doing especially if driving, cooking, working with machinery or sharp objects.
The Moon in Leo makes no major aspects within this day. She does create a loose Yod with Neptune and Pluto between 6 PM and 2 AM as Venus meets Chiron by inconjunct at 3 AM. This is a subtle nuance that may bring forth personal emotional stuff in dreams or thought. Other than, that, it's likely to blip by largely unnoticed.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

This morning, the Moon still resides in Leo. She stabilizes early with a trine to Saturn at 10:18 AM. This is followed by a sextile to Jupiter in Libra at 4:37 PM. We are mature, grounded and open to surrounding ourselves with folks of the same inclination. It's a great day to work together in team efforts. But, it's also a good day for group recreational activities (bearing in mind the waning influence of Mercury/Mars still being in play). Moon/Saturn is not a big joyous aspect. But, it is solid, reliable, responsible and sober. Moon/Jupiter is buoyant and welcomes in friends and laughter.
At 8:34 PM, the Moon meets up with Venus in Leo and both aspect Uranus by trine. The Moon officially makes this trine at 8:55 PM. Venus perfects just after midnight.

I gotta say, I love this set up. Partially because two of my favorite Virgo's have birthdays this date and it's great energy for a Solar Return. But, also because of other reasons.
Moon/Venus conjunct in Virgo is very comfortable with matters of self. It will prompt folks toward self-appreciation and a feeling of being content in one's own skin. The trines from Uranus gives us opportunity to fall in love with our uniqueness while encouraging us to have those little personal quirks and individual “flares” which in turn enrich the world with vibrance and variety.
Following the trine with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Virgo just a few minutes after Venus/Uranus perfects tonight.
All that being said, I'd like to share with you the common themes I am picking up on in recent Solar Returns. A lot of the writings I have been doing involve finding your personal interests and talents. Discovering what it is that personally creates joy and inspiration in your life. At this time, it is really easy to get sucked into the malefic energies of the South Node. Now, not everything in that nodal point is negative. There is gold in there for us to put to use too. But, the negative potentials do exist and these include lack of empathy because a person is dehumanizing someone, getting too wrapped up in things like electronic stimulation (too much time with electronic devices) and social media, feeling as if you are superior in intelligence to everyone, alienating folks, rebelling with no discernible goal/cause, and being reactive and cold. The beneficial expression of that is finding folks who fit in your “tribe.” Using networks of people to support a common call to socially themed issues (social welfare, equal rights, etc) and the ability to stand back in observance of current events in an effort to collect data or a glean more clear understanding of what is going on. The ability to rise above, also in observance, highly charged emotional situations in an effort to make more conscious decisions is also a high functioning quality of the SN in lieu of becoming reactive or rebelling just for the mere sake of rebelling.
The North node, though, calls us to focus on self. And, that's where the personal interests and talent assessment comes in. This was also of high importance as Jupiter transited Leo. That was also a self-discovery mission in which the things we learned about ourselves were to be employed, put to work in some way or in service as Jupiter then transited Virgo. THEN, as Jupiter transited Libra, we take our discovered talents, put them to work and find partners whose talents accentuate our own. What I saw a lot more of was Jupiter in Leo converting to self-aggrandizement and over inflated egos. Jupiter in Virgo converting to slicing and dicing divisive efforts and folks filled with criticism for just about everything. Then, with Jupiter in Libra, a lot of wailing about “not fair,” “not my fault,” “they started it” and things of that nature. I look at the transit of Jupiter in Scorpio coming in and see all the potential empowerment that could come from that but cringe at the ways I know we could potentially allow that to go wrong. Not that it matters, really. Especially since the focus I keep getting from these recent returns tells me that we need to be paying attention to ourselves and not necessarily what everyone else is doing.
Jupiter in Libra had a superhero...remember? Well, Jupiter in Scorpio has a cheerleader. She says, "Hey-ay! Hey-oh! Let's all be emo!"
The sky is continually shifting and changing. However, right now, we are being collectively prepped for the transit of Jupiter through Scorpio and the transit of Uranus through Taurus which begins in the Spring. We are also winding up lessons of Jupiter in Libra and rectifying within the final days of Saturn in Sagittarius. All three of these movements (Jupiter in Scorpio, Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn) are really different from the energy we've had on tap as of late. I'm not saying it is any better or any worse. It just feels different. And, you use it differently.
In the meantime, we are being called to find inventive and unique solutions for long standing problems or issues that have emerged as “brand new” as a result of (well various things, really) the rapid catalyzation, inventions and discoveries of Uranus in Aries. This transit has brought forth numerous new technologies, discoveries, pioneering of new frontiers (especially in the realm of space exploration and medical technologies) and operated to push us more quickly to an infinitely connected and interactive (across different cultures) world. As a result, we also have new issues. We all know that you cannot solve a recurring problem with the same mindset that created that problem (Einstein). That's where individual and unique solutions come into play. It calls us to a bit of experimentation, trial and error and improvisation. At this time, with a stellium in Virgo, things as I've just mentioned can feel intimidating. Virgo does not like to fail and sometimes has a sincere adherence to the concept of perfection. However, Virgo DOES like to tinker, so looking at things from that perspective may be of benefit to you. Virgo also doesn't mind practice. So, if you bear in mind while you are working on something or attempting a new way to do something that 1) it doesn't have to be (and probably never will be perfect) and 2) it's all just practice for the next thing in an effort to take some unnecessary pressure to perform off your shoulders. We are learning as we go here because this is all brand new. This has been a very common theme in recent returns.

The next is self-respect and self-appreciation. The energy has been calling for decisions that are self-respectful and appreciative. Meaning, we don't over-compromise. We say no when we need to. We follow our individual interests while paying zero attention to our detractors. We don't leave ourselves or our values/interests out of decision making efforts. As we do that, we are then more able to accept others as they are as a residual effect. Plus, it breeds this thing called joy and contentment on a personal level. I've heard lots of people lament feeling guilty lately because they had managed to foster a bit of joy within their lives at a time when parts of the world are experiencing turmoil and despair. You are not incorrect for having empathy for folks who are suffering. You are certainly not incorrect for digging for ways you can help...unique, inventive, pulling upon your personal talents and resources. However, do not guilt yourself for finding a mere sliver of happiness. The world needs your joy. Do you understand? It has to start somewhere. The vibration then spreads. By gently honoring and appreciating yourself and fostering a bit of joy in your heart..seeking out what makes you feel good instead of focusing obsessively and semi-helplessly on everything that is wrong in the world is a disservice to yourself. I'll say it again. The world needs our joy. We don't need more guilt. We don't need more cynicism. We don't need more finger pointing and blaming and lamenting. We need helpers, creative solutions and all the tricks and tips you may have in effort to help others find joy too.
Jupiter in Scorpio is deep. Profound. It reminds me of every horror (Scorpio) movie (Jupiter) I've ever seen. The natal placement does have impetus toward macabre. But, the transit can also bring steely survival skills, a deep wellsprings of contentment and happiness and benefit from facing down ones fears. Unforgettable moments upon your personal timeline are commonly found with transits that involve Jupiter/Pluto together. There will be points in our collective history as Jupiter transits Scorpio that will likely be unforgettable, too.

When Uranus moves into Taurus, among other things, we will be called to create new or “upgrade” our current value systems in an effort to more effectively accommodate an awareness of an ever changing, ever growing and ever diverse atmosphere. The financial market place will likely change as well as the job market. Long standing or fixed habits will break and no longer be effective. We will be called to experiment with new ways to make money, get along, regulate all the new inventions/discoveries brought forth by Uranus in Aries and learn to become comfortable in the midst of upheaval amongst long standing institutions, laws and standards who have outlived their usefulness or need to be improved upon. NEW. INVENTIVE. UNIQUE. Solutions. The energy we have on tap this weekend allows us to get well prepped for that. Uranus in Taurus is Uranus to Venus energy too. This is why it is so very important to really focus on matters of self and be proactive in crafting yourself on purpose. The more unique and creatively fostered solutions we can practice right now then the more options we will have to choose from in the future. But, it starts as an inside job. Right here. Right now. Learning to accept and respect yourself. Learning what talents you have and aiming to expand upon and employ them. And practicing an ability to foster an innate sense of joy, peace and calm in middle of a world that seems to be devolving in chaos. We need your uniqueness. We need your creativity. Use this weekend to help you discover what these things mean to you.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for September 11 to September 15, 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017

This morning, the Moon is considered Void as she works her way through the last bit of Taurus while creating a Yod with Jupiter and Saturn in our early morning hours. Saturn is an assured player in our week to come. Venus in Leo will meet him by trine tomorrow evening. The Sun in Virgo will meet him by square on the 13th. Of course, the Moon will oppose him from Gemini, as well.

At 3:30 PM, the Moon does leave Taurus and re-activate in Gemini. Her first aspect is a harsh square to her current ruler, Mercury in Virgo (5:55 PM). The clutch between these two is finding usefulness in conversation. Gemini can chatter incessantly. Mercury in Virgo wants to know the point. By giving conversations an end point, a problem to solve, then Gemini's curiosity and willingness to learn comes in handy. But, if you've ever tried to fix something with someone standing over your shoulder chattering about nonsense and asking ten million questions, then you know how this combination of energy can be taxing. With the Moon in Gemini, matters of Mercury become emotionally affective. Some folks may chatter because they are nervous. Others may just need to vent or talk their way through something. Mercury in Virgo can help suss out fix-it solutions that ease a nervous moon. Or, a diet of an over-stimulating news cycle can distract us (Gemini Moon) from focusing on our task at hand (Mercury in Virgo). This, can be balanced, again, by bringing a gentle hand of focus to our brain. Sheer away distractions after you've dealt with any calls from the emotional body. Fix what needs to be fixed and steer conversations away from gossip or incessant meaningless chatter and toward solution seeking to help ease some of the tension that may be found in this square.

This is a brief and fleeting aspect, really. But, the friction between the sign of Gemini and Virgo does not stop here. The Moon goes on to square Mars later tonight. The same call to cut distractions and focus intent upon the tasks at hand help ease the ambiguity brought forth. The Moon is in release mode as she wanes. So, from today and through the Last Quarter, we can essentially do the equivalent of a brain dump. Releasing information that is not applicable to us and seeking out the information we need to complete our Virgo tasks.

There's plenty of info being swapped in the world out there. Trying to consume it all can be over-whelming. Virgo calls us to separate the wheat from the chaff in that regard. Sometimes, Virgo can get lost in details and information over-whelm. This is where we stop and sheer away what we no longer need to worry about and focus in on what we need to fix or harvest. We ditch old mentalities or mindsets that no longer serve us and become curiously inclined to seek out more useful and relevant information. We are called to bring focus upon the task at hand and deal with steps one at a time with a intention of diligent follow through. We cease out dated conversations and overly beaten topics. This is good practice throughout the first of the week.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

This morning, the Moon in Gemini persists as she makes her way to square Neptune at 12:53 PM. The most simple way to deal with the potential fatigue brought forth here is to take a nap. However, it could also mark the point where waters of emotionality rise clouding our midday. Resisting the urge to over-consume media and needless information will help offset the potential of being wrung to a frazzle by it as this square waxes in. Neptune denotes a time of quiet and reflection. Make room for a quick recharging break here.

The rest of the day takes a Saturine flavor as Venus stabilizes and grows up in trine to Saturn at 8:50 PM. An attitude of personal accountability and maturity in matters of love, personal relationships and money supports us greatly. It's not a “big party” aspect. It's more of a well weathered comfort and security that offers stability as its own reward.

At 2:26 AM, the Last Quarter Moon perfects between the signs of Gemini and Virgo and we are challenged once again to let go of mentalities and information we no longer need. We keep sheering away the distractions in an effort to focus in on the details that we need instead of the chatter that just creates a lot of hot air. If it isn't useful, truthful or relevant, feel free to let it float right by you.
The collective mood sobers as we get more deeply into the night and the Moon opposes Saturn at 3:48 PM. This is our assured low point under the Gemini Moon. From here, the Mood begins to slightly lift as we rise in the morning. The Moon makes a gentle sextile with Venus in Leo at 4:26 AM. We begin tomorrow with a lighter and more buoyant feel as the Moon trines Jupiter at 8:44 AM. Well. This will help, anyway. We still have the Sun square Saturn waxing in late tomorrow and Moon square Chiron at around lunchtime. So, while we may be able to foster a sense of optimism, it's not wild and unchained. It's more of a warm gentle lift that still recognizes the elusive pain from Chiron and reality plus calls to service from Saturn.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

This morning, the Moon makes two buoyant aspects while also experience a few aches and pains. We wake up under the Moon in trine to Jupiter. She goes on to square Chiron and then sextile Uranus prior to reaching Void status. This sounds a lot like a call to lend a hand in your personal area of expertise in an effort to assist others. We are prone to reach out with empathy and compassion while still dealing with our own feelings at the same time. Helping feels good if you can manage it.

The Moon is officially Void at 2:36 PM following her sextile with Uranus. She re-activates in the sign of Cancer at 6:13 PM. At this point, we are likely ready to pack our tools up and head home. The pressure from the Sun/Saturn square begins to peak and we are prone to assess both progress and our personal abilities to perform and produce. This can be cumbersome. But, if you've spent your efforts wisely and maturely, the harshness of what this aspect can bring is greatly gentled. The square officially perfects at 10:59 PM. Position yourself so that you can truly say that you put forth your best efforts in regard to whatever has arisen.

On the low end of the Sun/Saturn square there will be pressure and heaviness. Some will respond to that pressure by having melt-downs related to perceived lack of production/progress, micro-management headaches or concerns over lack of perfection. It's effort and accountability that matters moreso that achievement here. Nothing is ever perfect. Everything is just practice as we layer on experience that teaches us as we go. Don't cut yourself up over missteps. Decide to learn from perceived mistakes as you continue to try and learn. You cannot know what you don't know yet, right? We are learning here and effort and adherence to your personal direction count.
At midnight, the Moon makes a gentle sextile with Mercury in Virgo. Momma Moon briefly checks over tomorrow's to-do list and makes adjustments. Mind and emotion are on the same page here. This can create a brief sense of worry since both the signs of Cancer and Virgo are prone to such. However, its best steered toward effective scheduling, timing, priority and solution instead. As the Moon moves more deeply into the night, she also sextiles Mars in Virgo which calls for us to prioritize our actions in light of the plans we just checked over. Emotionality aligns with motivation allowing us to shore up our personal trajectory by way of organization and tackling tasks by thing at a time.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Instead of reaching outward to provide service and assistance to others today, we may be more inclined to focus upon matters of our home and family. The Moon lingers in Cancer this morning and makes a gentle trine with Neptune 3:32 PM. This movement softens the waning Sun/Saturn square with tears and empathy. Folks can become hypercritical of self or others under that configuration. This lunar trine softens our criticisms considerably. But, it is not an outgoing social aspect. It's more one of withdraw in which we are encouraged to take a time out to revert to personal matters and deal with our own selves. Creativity, empathy, intuition and fatigue may rise. Take a break and float a bit.

Fear and temptation...along with potential emotional manipulation rides in upon our nighttime hours. The Moon meets with Pluto by opposition at 10:51 PM. Worry serves nothing. Focus in on facing down your fears, drawing attention to what you can do instead of what you cannot and plotting solutions while continuing to sheer away non-applicable or distracting information. Bring worries out into the air and light so that their power is lessened (talk about them, write/list them out or just turn on a light to chase the lingering shadows out of the corners).

Friday, September 15, 2017

This morning all wheels kind of click into some sort of arranged pace. The Moon in Cancer meets our industrious Sun in Virgo. It's time to pull out the home chore checklist. At noon, the Moon makes square to Jupiter in Libra and we may need to manage our desire to be social and helpful with others while also minding our own tasks at hand. However, bartering deals can be made here. Like “I'll help you clean out your garage if you will help me paint my kitchen.” Fair and mutually beneficial deals are the way to go here. There is strength and power in numbers. Just avoid the tendency to over-compromise. Go for the win-win deal instead.

Hearts open and blossom as Venus in Leo dances with Jupiter in Libra by sextile at 3:45 PM and the Moon trines Chiron. Birds of a feather flock together and we are shown appreciation just for being our warm and generous selves.
However, there is angst and anxiety that can creep in as we get deeper into this day. The Moon does make a catalyzing square with Uranus at 5:23 PM. This can shake up apple carts and plans with the unexpected. Keep focusing on priority and deal proactively with whatever occurs. Physical movement can dispel excess energy making this transit more manageable. But, it does work to pull us out of our comfort zones and pokes at us to increase our expertise in light of whatever circumstances it may bring up. It could simply mean the voice of the collective rises in an attempt to bash our efforts at taking care of what we personally need to take care of. That's fine. Simply turn off the electronic devices that channel these spirits and go back to your own business. Reducing intake of dietary stimulants through the mouth and intake of information by way of the brain also helps this square pass by with less anxiety.

Following the square with Uranus, the Moon in Cancer is Void until entering Leo. A quick glance at the weekend shows promise! We enter under the creative and playful mood brought forth by Leo and we are boosted by it throughout. Plus, Venus trips through the ecliptic degrees...perhaps bringing recognition to the silver lining that has hidden behind the clouds that movement rode in on. The air clears. We are rewarded for generosity, creativity and the ability to remain true to ourselves and a sturdy sense of personal values as Venus moves forward. There is room for kindness, romance, fun and maybe even a little relaxation! The main thing though is to drop the facade of pretense and enter everything exactly as you are. Come as your beautiful authentic self and ready yourself for the weekend that the collective has been missing for the last...gosh...forever..
I say let's take full advantage of that!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for September 9 to September 10, 2017

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Today we wake under the dark and ominous cloud that is Pluto. Venus in Leo is inconjunct the Dark Lord early (3:20 AM) and the Sun perfects in trine to Pluto at 6:41 AM EDT. And, as if that weren't enough, we are further jolted by the Moon's conjunction to Uranus 8:55 AM. Then, the Moon trines Mercury in Leo from the 29th degree of both respective signs at 11:53 AM. From here the Moon is Void until entering Taurus a half hour later.

Basically, the chaos of the morning and the previous days, sets the tone...well...exacerbates it, really. Then, as the Moon enters Taurus, stuff starts getting very “real.” Her first aspect is a trine to Mars in Virgo. The high end of that energy has us doing what? Sitting back and blaming people for stuff? Turning everything into a religious or political battle? Slicing and dicing others apart? No. The high end of this says, “Get your shit together and quit being a pedantic ass. Do something helpful or get out of the way of the folks who can.” This does not need to be a big heroic act. It can be as simple as just asking someone if there is something you can do to help. It can be as simple as realizing if you can take some time out for self care you are extraordinarily blessed. If you can do that, then please do. Fill your cup up and then share that which overflows with others. Grab some common sense, drop your rhetoric and go. This is not the time for anyone's ratcheted critiquing jaw to come unhinged. But, we will likely see squalls of that nature. They will be just as helpful and useful as always. Not at all.
At 10:54 PM, Mercury re-enters Virgo after having left a severe punctuation mark in Leo. Whether you realize it or not, your reaction to the chaos and challenges within the world at large has shown exactly who you are. And, to be frank, it's been like a race to the photo finish to see who could be the biggest and loudest ass in response. I'm more than a bit disillusioned if that is not obvious, here. Not that it matters. I often underestimate how insensitive and ugly folks can be.

As I stated last week. The highest vibration of anything in regard to Pluto is focus, endurance, diligence. There is accessible power in these transits. There is also temptation to be the absolute worst version of yourself you can be. Venus in aspect to Pluto is a very strong instigator of temptation, as well. But, it can also work to strengthen and deepen a sense of sturdy values and resolve offering us a platform from which to call the next best move for ourselves. It marks the difference between the types of folks who are willing to lend a hand and their talents in an effort to help or those who take advantage of a disastrous situation. Many will “show” themselves for who they are for better or worse...even more so than they have already. My suggestion is you do that on purpose. It is entirely possible to steer yourself away from the sinking rhetoric of our current South Node and focus in on the tasks that rank in personal priority. Of course, this is due to vary from person to person. But, no person is going to see it if they are distracted by things out of their control. You can wring your hands with worry. You can spend your time sunk in the news cycles and rhetoric. Or, you can deal with what is right in front of you to deal with. Some, will be fighting for mere survival as many have been for a long time now. More will join in those numbers. None of them will be checking to see what political party or religious affiliation or nationality another person may have. Why? Because, when shit goes sideways none of that matters. None of it should matter anyway. It's too bad we cannot get over ourselves long enough to see that until something chaotic goes down. It's even more putrid to watch folks turn the suffering of others into some sort of opportunity to keep driving wedges.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

This morning, emotions soften as our sturdy Taurus Moon meets Neptune by sextile. From here, the Moon trines both the Sun in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn creating a very solid Earth trine. There is room to ground. Focus. And...maybe...just MAYBE open your heart to a little compassion and empathy. There is a loose kite formed here with the focal point or apex of that kite falling on the Lord of the Seas who has this tendency in his own blurry and confusing way of showing us exactly what is of true importance. He is not considered the higher vibration of Venus without good cause. The calls to service will continue and hopefully our brains respond in tow as Mercury is now in humble and serving Virgo (low end being a critical nag).

The rest of the night offers a personal gut check in regard to priority and value. The Moon in Taurus squares Venus in Leo at 8:55 PM. Basic astrology calls the Moon out as Void after this. But, she does go on to form a Yod with Saturn and Jupiter which is begging us to grow up our emotionality (between midnight and 5 AM). Then, she will make an ouchy and hollow sextile with Chiron prior to officially leaving the sign (10:16 AM). She wakes up in Gemini at 3:30 PM tomorrow.
My advice throughout the weekend remains the same. Survive. And, if you aren't busy surviving, do something to help or get out of the way of folks who can.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for September 4 to September September 8, 2017

Monday, September 4, 2017

This morning, we begin on stable footing as the Moon in Aquarius meets Saturn in Sagittarius by sextile at 9:05 AM. The day continually improves as the Moon trines Jupiter and then sextiles Uranus carrying us from 11 AM to 11 PM under an air of buoyancy, accountability, ingenuity and dare I say...even a bit of lightness brought forth by way of communal support.

Later, tonight, the Moon will oppose Mercury and Mars as the Sun in Virgo perfects in opposition to Neptune. This all occurs between 10:34 PM and 1:30 AM tonight. Following the Moon's opposition with Mars at 1:17 AM, she is Void until entering Pisces at 1:30 AM.
When we wake in the morning, Mars will have left Leo and entered Virgo. Calls to duty become focused on clean up, service, harvest and fixing. Plus, at 7:21 AM in the morning, Mercury completes his turn-about and officially stations direct. Decisions and perspective may do an about face and we may notice a few hiccups in the Mercurian realm as he doubles back.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

So, today offers a different kind of sky than what we experienced yesterday. The light airiness of the Aquarius Moon leaves us as emotionality and sensitivity rise under Sun opposite Neptune and a Full Moon blossoming next to the same overnight. Mercury is direct and Mars is now in Virgo.
There are times in which we must respond to emergent or high energy situations. In those times, we often forgo emotion in our efforts to deal with whatever may be at hand. We feed off adrenaline in those situations. That is kind of the point of having adrenaline in the first that we may properly respond to “fight or flight.” However. After the initial emergency is over. We've put out the fire. Saved the baby. Stopped the bleeding. Things have settled down. Adrenaline falls. That is when the emotional impact of the situation creeps in for us to deal with. That emotional impact (of whatever was stirred in your world during the eclipse and beyond) rides in to us on the cresting waves of this Full Moon.
It's time to take your finger out of the leaking dam and allow the emotions to come forth. It's not anything that folks look forward to. However, the purge, the cleansing cry the relaxing of the body and finally being able to unclench our fists and relax thunders in as emotional waters become undeniable. Nor should they be denied. Recognized. Accepted. Purged and cleansed is the focus we need to have. To deal with our softer bodies is the goal.

The most major of planetary movements happens early in our day with Mars and Mercury transitioning. The rest holds plenty of room for contemplation and personal rectification. It's definitely not high energy or marked for mounds of productivity. We must deal with ourselves first. Many will be quiet, sensitive and withdrawn. The Moon meets Neptune by conjunction at 1 AM tonight. The Full Moon perfects at the ghosting hour of 3 AM.

For the Sun at 14 Virgo: A splendid family tree engraved on a sheet of parchment. Pride in one's ancestral background is ok. What is not ok is continuing the negative Karma that may have been perpetrated within those past family lines. It is also not OK to look at one's ancestral heritage with any kind of rose colored or fairy tale nostalgia. Everyone's family lineage contains skeletons. These can serve as lessons for future generations if we choose to learn from them instead of steep ourselves in denial. I have come to the realization that I am not responsible for whatever my past lineage may have done for better or worse. I am however responsible to operate more mindfully to ensure the metaphorical “buck” stops here in regard to continuing their mistakes. This symbol also reminds me of inherited trauma as well as skills. With Mercury retrograde, we may be “digging up bones” of the past in our own personal history and in our ancestral history. You have every reason to take pride in every little piece that comprises you. However, don't allow your pride in that to cause you to discount the fact that there were likely things that all our ancestors could have handled much more effectively than they did. Learn from them. Don't repeat their mistakes.

For the Moon at 14 Pisces: A young lady, wrapped in furs, displays supreme elegance. You can pretty yourself up and go out; but, the veneer will never cover up who you truly are on the inside. Here we see an extreme display of wealth by someone wrapped in furs. Today, this is seen as pretty tasteless and no longer viewed as a positive expression of wealth. I'm more impressed by what you give away to charity than what you keep to build your own castle let alone how someone may brazenly show it off. Wearing fur today is seen as a disregard to how those furs were harvested and is often met with disgust by those who care more about the Earth than greedy status symbols. If you need to display your “worth” in an effort to gain notoriety then there is a deeper issue at hand outside of animal rights. Displays of truly “supreme elegance” have nothing to do with what you decide to wear. It's more about how you conduct yourself.

For the Moon's Ruler, Neptune Rx, at 12 Pisces: Candidates are being examined by the lodge of initiates. Inner ordeal before every true seeker. You might not realize it right now; but, your performance is being observed. Folks are watching what you do and will judge you according to your actions more so than your promises. An unexpected door of opportunity based on current or past performance may emerge or be permanently shut. So, be mindful of what you do when you may think no one is paying attention. Chances are someone is noting everything you do (or don't do). This degree was also in play during the Solar Eclipse in Pisces on 2/26/17.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Do you know what an emotional hangover feels like? I'm sincerely curious. I have a Pisces Moon square Neptune and am quite familiar with how it feels to wake up in the morning after a tearful and emotional night. Often, there is relief and perhaps some residual emotionality the morning after. But, mostly it's a feeling of heaviness in the head much like a hangover produced from alcohol. At any rate, I've a suspicion that if you don't know what that feels like, you have a good chance of figuring it out this morning. Plus, with all the Neptune in play overnight, we could have some literal hangovers this morning as well. Some may even over-indulge or veritably been slain by their addictions or attempts to escape the heavier and more cumbersome emotions of their situations as a result of last night's full moon.

For tips in regard to how to handle emotional hangovers whether from purging or the mere fact that empathy/sensitivity were increased there is a wonderful article in Psychology Today linked here. <psychology today- 9 strategies to cure emotional hangovers>

At any rate, the emotional hangover is part of the purge. And, if you've purged and dealt with what needed to be dealt with in the emotional realm, today you may eventually feel restored as a result.  
The Moon in Pisces sextiles powerful Pluto in Capricorn at 8:02 AM offering us a chance at re-grounding and re-fortification. Then, at 4:30 PM the Moon is tightly square Saturn as a sense of personal accountability and reality smacks us hard.
Following the square to Saturn, the Moon is Void. However, overnight, she does create a Yod as she meets Chiron by conjunction and crosses by both Jupiter in Libra and Mercury in Leo by inconjunct. There's personal wisdom to be found there. Perhaps something you cannot quite put into to words. But, it involves realizing how the ways in which you perceive and interpret information can affect the ways in which you relate to others for better or worse. Mercury in waning trine to both Saturn and Uranus calls for us to don an independent personal perspective (to think for ourselves) from a position of maturity and with the aim of increasing our personal expertise. Yet, Chiron is pokey. We may end up just sinking into the despair of that or numbing out the pain while missing the point of the Yod. The set up could even bring symbolism or messages through dream or by way of other haunting-like forms. This occurs between 7:46 PM and 5:43 AM.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ok. We are still shifting Astrological gears here. Mars has shifted. Mercury has too and is getting ready to shift, yet again as he re-enters Virgo on September 9. Today's shift brings us from the watery Pisces Moon and leaves very little room to linger in emotionality. The Moon is now in “Time to get up and go” Aries. Motivation dawns. And, our current motivation lies in cleaning up the mess as Mars now transits Virgo. Today we are prone to fix, help and do more than linger in our tears.
The urge to do something and lend our hands in service to a cause merely begins to dawn upon us today. The Moon makes no major aspect. We are given time to get our feet under us and begin thinking about how we would like to engage.

Friday, September 8, 2017

At 12:31 PM, the Moon in Aries is in trine to Venus in Leo encouraging us to lend our individual talents to whatever situation we choose. On the high end, this draws warmth, generosity and kindness into the equation. We embark with creative individual solutions toward the work ahead. Low end expressions will leave some laying flat in their whining about “What about meee?” Ain't nobody got the time or patience for that today. How about steering that toward “What can I doooo?” Catch yourself and redirect if you start sounding like a pouting child. True personal concerns are one thing. Selfish pleas, however, are just a pain in the ass at this point.

Yet, by 1:50 PM, we are met with either emphasis upon our personal grit and tenacity or power plays and manipulation put forth by folks who wish to exploit us under a Moon/Pluto square. The best use of this is focus and proactively addressing one's fears. The low end is abusive, controlling and will vampirishly work to exploit, drain or even attempt to block or dissuade motivation. Focus on your tasks. Focus your energy. Use Venus in Leo to help you foster a sense of self-respect and deflect any kind of manipulation and abuse should you catch a whiff of it. There's too much to do. There's no time to slow down for sideways crap.

The Sun also waxes toward a trine with Pluto now. We do have the ability to focus ourselves in service and doing. We are strengthened with resolve here. Plus, we are given a certain astute ability to see through the potential bullshit. This brings nearly a 6th sense about such things even if the reactions to this awareness may vary. You know? Some will respond with anger. Some will respond with paranoia. The highest response is to just knuckle under and focus on the task at hand while discounting the noisy backdrop. It is what it is and we have to do what we have to do. The arm chair critics are welcome to sit back eat chips and be critics. You don't have to care about that. Refocus upon your priority. The trine from Sun to Pluto is waxing now. It's due to perfect 6:41 AM tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Moon does stabilize and may even receive assistance from wise and well meaning friends by way of a lunar trine to Saturn at 9:28 PM and opposition to Jupiter in Libra at 1:16 AM. The Moon's entrance into the Kite and the Sun's waxing trine to Pluto very clearly says it's time to get over ourselves and come together in efforts aimed at cooperation, negotiation and building a stronger world with more encompassing laws and regulations which aim to support all not just a select few as we rebuild what was been damaged in recent days. Time to literally clean up our act and start looking at ways we can help each other instead of nit pick one another apart. It's time to listen to one another instead of scream over one another in efforts to birth SOLUTION instead of continuing to splinter apart. That's the call here. It's up to us as individuals to give it a shot and it's up to humanity as a whole in regard to how its dealt with. Yet, the highest call of the energy at hand supports what I'm telling you here. Efforts made in the direction of service, honoring a diverse and growing group of individuals and coming together in efforts to accommodate and regulate all that effectively are greatly accentuated. Leaders of this type of mentality and these efforts are likely to step forward under this Moon in Aries. But, you can model the behavior from wherever you are. You can be a part of steering the wave in that direction. We all can. And, now is the time.