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Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the Week of July 24 to July 28, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

This morning the Moon is still fresh and new in the sign of Leo. Her first aspect is in sextile to Jupiter in Libra at 7:00 AM. This is light and uplifting allowing us to potentially greet Monday with optimism. However, we also have two major personal planet transits today that bear importance. At 10:55 AM EDT, Venus perfects in opposition to Saturn. Then, at 12:33 PM, Mercury trines Uranus.
Now, the actions of Mercury right now are particularly interesting. He is essentially the leader of the planetary pack right now. Between today and tomorrow he will jet across the Aug 31 ecliptic point, enter his retrograde shadow and exit Leo for Virgo (25th 7:42 PM). There may be information that trickles in on a personal or global level that will relate to ecliptic themes. We may ALSO encounter the introduction of themes due to repeat themselves during Mercury's retrograde. My best guess is (especially since Mercury's retrograde includes a direct station ON the ecliptic) that Mercury's retrograde journey and the ecliptic themes will correlate.
Also, I feel it is relevant to mention that the Dragonfly has been on the uptick in my observations of collective symbolism recently. The message of dragonfly correlates to the energy we have in the sky now. But, it's also fairly natural for the creature to rise importance at this time of year, particularly in the US, since we are in the midst of it's “season.” For more information in regard to how Dragonfly may be relevant to you, click the links here or here to read more.

The Moon will interact with both Mercury and Venus while they are still within orb of these transits to Uranus and Saturn (respectively). As I mentioned, the Mercury/Uranus trine perfects at 12:33 PM. But, the Moon will keep that energy alive past the perfection point. The Moon trines Uranus at 3:59 AM on the 25th and then finds Mercury by conjunction on the 29th degree of Leo at 5:23 AM on the same day. Then, the Moon moves directly into the Mercury ruled sign of Virgo and Mercury, himself, does the same on the evening of the 25th.

As for Venus and Saturn, as mentioned that opposition perfects early today (10:55 AM). But, the Moon holds that energy in force as well. At 4:54 PM, the Moon trines Saturn and then meets Venus by sextile at 5:27 PM. Venus in opposition to Saturn is not fun, folks. Our butterfly Venus doesn't like to be stuck in one place and that's kind of what this feels like. Like the butterfly has been mounted on a display board or something. Yeah, that's not a fun time for the butterfly, right? However, as the Moon passes over this opposition in a supportive manner as it wanes, we may be able to see how we can create from this point of Venetian focus. Bringing inspiration, perhaps catalyzed by Mercury/Uranus, into tangible and physical reality by use of our own personal sense of creativity is entirely possible here. But, the negative influence could bring a feeling of anxiety (Mercury/Uranus), resources in short supply (Venus/Saturn) or even a feeling of being lonely or left out...the latter being a feeling that doesn't sit well with a Leo Moon. Leo doesn't like to be the one left off the invitation list for a party, for example. Venus opposite Saturn can create a feeling of just that.
As the day moves forward, we are encouraged to realize we are enough and our worth is not equivalent to the accolades we may or may not receive from the outside world. This sets us apart from the social sphere and, in a way, forces us toward our own company. Then, as the Moon in Leo passes through here overnight and reignites both these aspects we may just see the reason we needed to slow down and introspect, think independently/with innovation while attempting to become more comfortable and secure in our own skin as we plot our way forward on our individual paths.

The Sabian Symbols for the Venus/Saturn opposition read as follows (21/22 degrees Sagittarius/Gemini):

22 Gemini (per Dane Rudhyar): Dancing couples crowd the barn in a harvest festival. Richness of life in associations based on natural instincts. Warmth of simple living. Normal fulfillment of self.

21 Sagittarius (we assess the degree the planet is headed toward. In this instance, Saturn is Rx and headed toward 21 Sag): Child and dog play gravely with eyeglasses on their noses. Usefulness of make believe. Rising to situations through the imagination. Assuming a part ahead of natural development.

Today there is a possibility that the voice of the collective will rise. Ideas and communications are whip about like whirling dervishes. But, Venus/Saturn suggests we isolate from that while the focus on the sign of Leo implies that we need to assess all this information for personal relevant choosing to “pocket” or “entertain” only that which is personally relevant. It's also a day of inspiration and perhaps a feeling of being left out. That just gives us time to focus in on these inventive ideas in an effort to bring them into our current reality by way of physical manifestation. Resourcefulness will be called for as, for a time, they may feel slim. We are thinking of freedom and independence as the shackles of monetary/consumer driven culture hang tightly on our ankles. I've got news for you though. You are only as shackled as you want to be. Freedom is a mindset that no one can really give to you or take from you regardless of your financial, physical or social status. Besides, Janis says it's just another word for nothing left to use. At any rate, it's time to focus in on your personal priorities then work to build a few steps toward that into our future. This could involve learning new methods or techniques that support us in our individual goals or even joining up in collaborative effort in social groups that share our agenda. There is power in numbers. One is also a number,too, though. Ensure you are the one holding the reigns of power in your life and are able to steer your boat where you want it to go despite the potential distractions.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

This morning the Moon completed the aspects I spoke of in the write up for Monday and now leaves Leo for the sign of Virgo (6:34 AM). Mercury follows the Moon entering Virgo at 7:42 PM.
As Mercury hangs on to the last degree of Leo and the Moon passes through Virgo, we are left to contemplate how it is we can use our personal ideas and inspirations in service to others. Planets/luminaries in the sign of Virgo prompt us to look for usefulness and application. Not to mention relevance and practicality. That is essentially the “theme” for today. How can you use your creativity? Can a change in perspective give you the unique solutions you are looking for? Are you assisting the collective condition with your talents/ideas or are you just being a troll? How can you apply the influx of information to your personal situation? And, better yet, are you able to separate the wheat from the chaff in regard to truth/fiction and distraction/relevance?

Today is great for fixing things. Toiling with your hands. Putting newly found information to work or simply getting your head on straight in regard to where you (specifically YOU) need to go or what you need to do next. Be practical. Be self-honest. Look for usefulness and application of your wild ideas and creative inspirations.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Moon in Virgo finds herself in a bit of flux today. She bounces off Neptune, Pluto and Saturn as the Sun in Leo waxes toward a conjunction with Mars. She begins her day under a haze, lethargy, potential illness or just a general feeling of increased empathy or over-sensitivity as she passes by Neptune in opposition (6:38 AM). It could be hard to wake up or we may be a little forgetful (where's my keys, did I turn the coffee pot off...kinda thing).
As the day moves forward, though, we reach a point of restorative ground as the Moon meets Pluto (1:29 PM) in Capricorn by gritty trine. We refocus and are more geared toward production. Yet, the square between the Moon and Saturn (8:52 PM) can bring doubt or depression which doesn't sit well as the Sun/Mars (8:57 PM) conjunction waxes in. However the mixture of solid boundary and emotional maturity can also help us to manage the hot headed ego push that may come from Sun/Mars.

There may be difficult truths delivered here or a sense of restriction. We may feel self-critical and thus be prone to really act out on low end of this. But, the truth is the truth; and, it's better to know it than be deluded. Here we can align that with our personal motivations as long as we can effectively handle the potential for frustration. It can be grounded out...but, you know, there are folks who love drama and would rather go out in flames than be ignored (good attention/bad attention...some folks don't care as long as its attention). You can go that route if you wish. But, my suggestion is to get off your high horse act your age not your shoe size and do something worthy with all this fire. Something that pays future self favors instead of causes you more of a mess to clean up in the end. Some will opt to go out in a blaze of glory. But, the wise shall opt to fortify themselves, remain patiently aware of timing while keeping their heads in their own agenda.

The Sun and Mars meet while both are headed toward the 5th degree of Leo: Suggesting figures, granite masses overhand a canyon. Permanence of basic elements in nature underneath temporary changes and emphases. Endurance. Steadiness of self-knowledge.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Late last night, the Moon in Virgo met Venus in Gemini by uncomfortable square. Want and need clashed. Then, the Moon opposes Chiron at 9:00 AM which shuttles her into Void status while prompting her to retreat to lick/treat her wounds. The Moon remains Void until entering Libra at 11:38 AM.
The first aspect from our Libra Moon waxes in at 8:33 PM bringing her into a nice sextile with Mars in Leo and, soon after, the Sun. On the most simple and mundane level, this aspect pattern says to share. Share your motivations. Surround yourself with friends. Share yourself and be open to exchange, collaboration and fair unbiased consult, if needed.

Overall, it's a nice day that allows us to bring ourselves to the table of the other. In that, hostess gifts are welcomed as well as warm exchanges of thank you's as we all are invited to “come as we are.” It's gentle and playful...even flirty at times bringing the opportunity to romance both yourself and those that you may find yourself a little enamored with. It actually sounds...hold your!
Enjoy this active and light weather while you can. If there have been recent disputes this is an excellent sky to make amends. If you've been lonely or feel cast out, it's a great day to get out there and make friends or just re-engage. Create your own team...don't have to be worry about not being picked in that situation, do ya?
In the interest of production, this is a great day for that too. We are mobile, light and energetic. Plus, with the cooperative Libra Moon we may find folks willing to assist us in our endeavors or have an opportunity to barter or partner up toward that same end.
It's the flirty feel that tickles me about this day though. There will be dramatic hair flips and plenty of batting eyelashes. Maybe even a giggle or two as we conjure up practical ways to make both ourselves and the folks we care about feel special. In any deal struck today, though, it is highly suggested that you read the fine print and get any agreement of any importance in writing. My suggestion is to ALWAYS read the fine print and get it in writing; but, this is especially true with Mercury in shadow in the sign of Virgo, we need to be mindful of detail since some of this may come up for later review. Don't be charmed out of your good You know? It happens.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Today the Moon still resides in Libra. However, there is a bit of a different feel to her today than yesterday. She passes by the morning without major aspect as Mercury meets Pluto in sesquisquare (7:04 PM). This is a minor aspect but does have the mind churning to a degree at times, perhaps, leaning toward darker, paranoid or self-critical thoughts. It's a very subtle nuance but it bears relevance given the set up for the rest of the day. The “Let's make a deal” mentality is still in force...but, maybe make sure what kind of deal you are signing up for and ensure you know/trust who you are dealing with.

At 6:46 PM, the Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Libra. Now, Jupiter has been the instigator of some squirrelly stuff lately as he hung inconjunct to Neptune during his station direct. Here we find him away from that station point and now moving into square with Pluto in Capricorn. They are currently separated by one measly degree.
Oh, but Jupiter is wonderful! Jupiter is our luck planet! Jupiter is benevolent! Yeah. Sure he is. Let me tell you something, Jupiter is a smart ass is what he is. He operates as spotlight that both “heats up” emotional situation but also blows stuff (expands) way out of proportion. In square to Pluto, he lights up both the shadow of Capricorn as well as light and shadow of Libra. He is non-discretionary in that manner. Plus, when you have Jupiter and Pluto in harsh aspect what you end up with is a lot of self-righteous smart asses, dangerous pranks PLUS very vivid view of the UGLY rotten foundations found in greed, subservient leadership, abusive control efforts can be likened to demons (Pluto) on parade (Jupiter).

The high end of that aspect pattern is looking deeply into the structures of our life (you know, since we are in that basement with a powerful flashlight right now) and square off with some of our more insidious tendencies. Bringing awareness to them strips them of their power and lays it in our conscious hands. And, you know, folks get confused when I talk about employing the power of shadow and our demons but it can 100% be done! For example, a tendency to tell tall tales could be converted to becoming one heck of a fiction author. An ability to pierce the criminal mind can lead to criminal activity or ventures into things like private detective work or inventing strong security measures against more subservient agendas. What we are most likely going to see is that continual stream of headlines that shows us exactly where the ugly is...and, you know what, some folks with cheer for it! Slobber at the chance of watching it run out to infect the world. While others will never once stop to look at themselves but instead project all that they deny on the ever elusive “them” or “other.”
Man. Is that ever a trap waiting for you to fall into. If you catch yourself placing blame on someone or something else for the current circumstances in your life, know that you are willingly giving your power away. Also know that placing blame and saying “he started it” or “she made me” IS the shadow of Libra. Folks only have as much power over you as you give them. Remember that and redirect if you get personally stuck in that mess.

As the square between Jupiter and Pluto tightens ugly will be squeezed from the collective and put on display. The better use of this is introspection and deep self-assessment of matters relating to personal truth while checking into the ways in which we may be unconsciously screwing up our relationships with it. As for today and the Lunar activity, know some will be wearing smiles with fangs underneath. Be wary, still, of the deals you make. Read the terms thoroughly and leave no detail unchecked. Look past the facades you encounter and assess motive...because some will be up to no good. I assure you. All the more reason to keep your nose in your own business in my opinion but under a sky that bears social emphasis, that could prove difficult. Just don't allow yourself to be set up to be the patsy or the fall's not fun getting thrown under the bus in an effort to further someone else on their slimy agenda. Plus, don't get so stuck in the “self-righteous I KNOW IT ALL” mentality because exalting yourself to that position (since NONE of us really hold that title) is just prep for a fall in this time of eclipses.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of July 22 to July 23, 2017

Saturday, July 22, 2017

For just a very few hours this morning, the Sun and Moon both linger in Cancer. At 11:16 AM, the Sun transitions to Leo giving us an official stellium in the sign. Prior to that, however, the Moon in Cancer is a busy lady. She danced with Neptune overnight at 2:35 AM (trine). Then, she butted heads by square with Jupiter in Libra (5:35 AM). Then, at 8:51 AM she opposed Pluto....all of which can operate to cast a nostalgic and swirling emotional haze over our morning.

This could lead us into memories of childhood for better or worse. The Sun's shift into Leo may prompt us to lean into those things we remembered enjoying from our younger more naïve and whimsical days. Or, it could bring hauntings of those times, as well. For me, and most likely the balance struck by others here, it was a little of both...remorseful and joyful. I plucked out the joy and let the remorse slip away. So many years have flowed by since then. Why keep holding on to muddy water?
The rest of the day, plays out with this introduction to the Sun in Leo. A passage that surely has many twists and turns along with opportunities to assess our personality, how it came to be and get in touch with our most pure know, the person we were before we were told we weren't allowed or it wasn't acceptable to be that? Yeah. Like that. This will be no less than an interesting ride, I'm sure. Not just today. But, the entirety of this passage of the Sun through Leo. That section of your chart is lit up and in line of the eclipses. What's going to help the most through that is being able to properly assert yourself in ego matters without allowing that beast to run the show. In other words, some folks may become completely full of themselves, filled with dramatic attention seeking acts or just roaring because they feel like they can.

The better expression? A deliberate return to innocence. An opening of the heart to the inner child as we assess her hurts, joys, pleasures and fears in a humble and curious manner. To remember romance and how much joy it brings to you when you, in turn, bring joy to others. It's a time used best for playfulness and creativity. Yet, as much as the high expression exists, so will the low. We will see the shadow of Leo as well. That's just par for the course. The main thing is to draw your attention to yourself, who you are, who you were, who you would like to become. Not selfishly. Not in a grand standing type of way. But, gently focusing on self with an aim to humbly shape and embrace what we find. Then, using the powers of an inspirational fire set up to employ those things...creation, play, simple joy and sharing without letting it all go to your head.
There is an inconjunct from the Moon to Saturn at 3:41 PM. Subtle, but grounding...allowing us to make comparative assessments of “then vs now.” Then, tonight while all should be sleeping the Moon squares Uranus (2:06 AM) and trines Chiron (2:23 AM) before reaching Void status.
She is only Void for about an hour and half. She enters Leo to join Mercury, Mars and the Sun at 4:35 AM.
Today, on the whole, is rather contemplative. The Moon is dark and we have just a little while longer to detox, absolve and release the passing Moon phase before a new one begins bright and early tomorrow.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

This morning our first New Moon in Leo (of the non-ecliptic kind) dawns at 5:47 AM. This occurs at the genesis of Leo and offers us a chance to take a good initial look at self and matters of the same. Between now and the next New Moon in Leo, there could be a lot that has changed. Mark this time and set our intentions. Do you know who you are? Are you doing that on purpose? Are you good with it? In the weather we are headed toward, it's imperative to have a good sense of self. Things are going to be confusing at times...happen quickly...surprises lie just around the bend. The set up for the ecliptic is already in play. The themes are there and unfurling already.

The Sabian for this lunation read as follows: For the Sun and Moon at 1 Leo: Under emotional stress, blood rushes to a man's head. Adrenaline and anger. Those are the first two things I think of when I see this degree. It's that moment when your face flushes for one reason or another. Embarrassment. Anger. Either way, we are poised to respond. This plays nicely into this Moon as it is in a tight conjunction with Mars. Plus, we have a very astute fire trine happening with Mercury, North Node, Saturn and Uranus. Mercury's involvement just reinforces that potential of “hot head” syndrome. There is a pure expression of self called for here and doing so is likely to be irresistible. The only question is whether you will build regret or behave in a way that your future self can look back on with pride OR are you just going to lean into a negative sense of pride here.
It is relevant that the New Moon is conjunct Mars. It kind of kick starts the day. What's more interesting, though, is the condition of Mercury. He has passed over the nodal axis and now resides half-way between the NN, the entrance of his shadow AND our eclipse point on 8/21. An eclipse in which schools are closing in the interest of observation because it is considered a potentially “once in a lifetime event.” No pressure. HA!

But, listen to me...ok? Eclipses pack this whacky energetic feel. The second New Moon trines Uranus and we are just coming out of a phase in which Uranus has been highly active via transit of planets through Cancer. Most recently, last weeks Sun/Uranus square. What that tells me is that the Universe is giving us “trial” runs of discovering where we may trip (or blow) ourselves up due malefic expression of the South Node. See, the axis works together. It's not that the South Node is this dangerous insidious place. It's only when we have a weak foundation at the South Node that we may be hindered on our journey toward the North. So, if there malefic tendencies that relate to the South've likely been show them by now. These include impulsiveness, apathy, being overly detached, unable to separate yourself from the cluster of others, rejecting out of fear of rejection, reactiveness...lack of mindfulness. However, at it's highest expression, the South Node acts as good support in our ventures to come out of our comfort zones (which is the South Node) and dare to embark on challenges that lead to growth and new experience. Remember, North Node in Leo says, this is a journey into matters of self, ego and identity. There will be things in the world that may operate as a distraction to that. But, the focus needs to be redirected to self. Not selfishly, mind you. But, in a way that lets us explore and understand more fully who we are instead of wondering why everyone else is doing what they are doing. We can't really afford to pay attention to that right now. This is know thyself, time.
And, thus, the journey to that know thyself end begins today. Choose a statement...maybe a few that fill in the blanks following, “I am..” Write them down. Then, at the next New Moon, we may be able to add more detail or realize “Maybe, I am something else.”
Coincidentally the child in this photo is a double favorite Leo as a matter of fact
Either we go. Keep your roars gentle but effective. Your actions mindful and generous. Much of how this goes is going to depend upon the GENTLE bravery of your heart more than your ability to roar over others. If you are afraid to delve into that heart and re-kindle that little sense of innocence and childhood wonder...then, there's your starting point.

In other news, Shock Therapy now has an connected Etsy shop. I'm just now putting up merchandise and learning my way around. But, if you'd like to check it out feel free! Just click the link below the picture.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of July 17 to July 21, 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017

This morning the Moon is in Taurus as her current ruler, Venus, finds Neptune by square at 10:30 AM. This occurs at 14 degrees between the mutable signs of Pisces and Gemini. Values and what we want may be obscured at this time. We may be placing too much emphasis on the ideal while missing the boat that bring practicality. However, our Moon is quite realistic and grounded which may help while her ruler is basically “love drunk.” It does bring emphasis to the higher expression of Venus. Neptune is the higher octave of that planet. So this mixture begs us to soften in areas that may be too rigid. Have empathy where we may be overly judgmental. Remember the dream and the ethereal vision of love and ground yourself in the reality of now while overlaying the two. Beautiful venetian dreams of creation and art can manifest in physical life under this aspect. And, a strong sense of self-worth and practicality can offset any questions or haze that surrounds concepts that relate to love and money. Practicality. Common sense. Grounding while daring to open your heart up a little to the creative and ethereal works well here.
In the background of this day, however, emotional angst and reactiveness grows. Mars in Cancer meets Uranus in Aries by square at 9:37 PM. What's really interesting about that, though, is leaning into the higher function of the Taurus Moon and employing Venus/Neptune appropriately by allowing empathy to soften harder more judgmental places, delving into creative and ethereal realms while remaining grounded and practical helps to manage this catalyzing square. What does Mars in Cancer ask of us anyway but to do (Mars) the Moon (Cancer). Correct?

If that is so, then, the suggestion from this aspect is to do the Moon (Mars) in our own individual way (Uranus). To dare to be inventive and inspired. Using methods that increase your independence and personal freedom instead of risking it on impulsive behavior that know...perhaps land you in lock up with no freedom or independence. To look for ways to be both independent and compassionate from a very firmly rooted position. Don't rebel just for the sake of rebelling. REBEL WITH A POINT!
The lower end has us feeling as if the heart is forlorn. Forgotten. Empty. While Mars in Cancer and the Moon both are hungry. Should the hunger or uncertainty grow in such a way that we feel threatened or insecure, then Mars in Cancer could stir us toward spiteful or self-implosive tendencies. Yeah. We could blow up our own apple cart or shoot ourselves in the foot by way of reactiveness. But, if we start seeking out Venus early and use her energy to feed the Moon, then the wild independent and willful streak that comes in later this evening is more inspiration and motivating instead of rolling over into a “mad bull in a china shop” or severely self-destructive scenario.

The “feel” may be to rush. But, the answer is to plod. Think about what you are doing. Ground. Don't over-complicate things. Lean toward the common sense and practical answers first and, then, work to seek out Venus however she may appeal to you. Remain well centered and keep a side eye on the path ahead of you deliberately aligning everything around that. North node is in Leo. This is more about you than “them.” Remember that as well. Don't let circumstance or the actions of other control what you decide to do. Take your time to assess whether you are responding to the situation or whether you are allowing it to dictate your actions. Act independently...use your anger intelligently should that be a part of this. Breathe through adrenaline and aim for precision and conscious action.
Following the Mars/Uranus square, the Moon gentles and softens by way of a sextile to Neptune just after midnight. So, even though there may be a “heat” in various moments throughout the day, that it does pass and it is quelled by both Earth and Water. My cards for the day literally said, “It's going to be hot outside. Stay well hydrated.” So, both physically and energetically, this is the way to go.
Sometimes, I invite crazy in too...because often, my crazy is at a much higher level...there's a very thin line between genius and madness. The trick is to use it as a jump rope.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

This morning the emotional body meets with restoration and rejuvenation as our Taurus Moon meets with Pluto by gritty grounding trine at 7:31 AM. Things have settled a bit. Hopefully we rested well. And, now we have the power to very closely inspect whether our coping mechanisms in light of our being metaphorically triggered are effective or if they just further exacerbate our own wounding. Mars in Cancer meets Chiron in Pisces by trine at 9:21 AM. By reviewing how yesterday went and honestly looking at how you managed that swirl of energies is going to show you where you need to strengthen your boundaries, may be overly or inappropriately empathic, where you are easily distracted and what events stir you into action and whether or not you are able to keep your wits about you when that happens. It is a very personal type of assessment. Can you maintain focus when the atmosphere may be in flux? Can you make independent and self-respectful choices when stuff gets nuts? Can you separate yourself from the pack in an effort to steer yourself or do you continually find that your initiatives are largely dependent upon the rest of the world's cooperation?

Answer those for yourself and make adjustments as necessary. Don't beat yourself up too much if you were thrown off course yesterday by catalyzing events. We are learning. That was just practice. Now we are wiser because of it and have learned some things that may help us deal with the same type of situations in way that is answers moreso to self-direction than outside circumstances. To put those lessons into deployment immediately, we can start cleaning up the mess (if applicable) and re-calibrate ourselves in an effort to decide consciously what our next steps should be.
At 12:02 PM, the Moon squares Mercury in Leo. We may hear some squawks out there that have missed the boat in regard to what yesterday was all about. You'll hear some say, “Where is mine?” or “What about me?” The answer to any wailing of the sort is to mind your own business. Worry about yours and you while maintaining focus and try not to take yourself too seriously at the same time.

At around 4 PM, Venus shifts gears and meets with Jupiter by trine. There is a call toward socialization here as well as an influx of air that can help lighten us up a bit. Sometimes, Taurus can feel heavy. This helps and brings more Venus to the Moon but it's a different type of Venus than she is used to. Here Venus is expressed verbally. Entertained in the mind. Used in an effort to perhaps enchant or entice others or may give us an idea about how our value systems can be widened in an effort to not only accommodate ourselves on a broader more welcoming path but may also have room to include others. Entertaining trusted friendships and talking things over in that venue is greatly encouraged as well as looking to the opinions of others to get a more broad perspective. Now, I'm not telling you that you should go after Venus based on what others tell you. However, their experience may be relevant one way or another. We are just swapping ideas here and enjoying ourselves here.
As night falls, the Sun in Cancer meets the Moon in Taurus by sextile. This calls us away from the more social airs of the evening and pulls us back home. To rest. To comfort. To take time to let the happenings of the last few days settle in so that we may gain insight and stability. Overnight, the Moon meets with Mars and Chiron in tandem sextile. We learn. We grow. We develop stronger coping mechanisms in light of being triggered...we sleep in the bed that we have essentially made for ourselves by our responses to recent stimuli. If that bed is not comfortable, then you know there is work to be done. If it feels good, well...obviously you are on the right track.

Following the sextile with Mars at 2:12 AM, the Moon is Void until entering the sign of Gemini just a little over an hour later (3:32 AM). We wake under a sky that calls for flexibility and a sense of curiosity. Information seeking in the realm of things you need to learn to further you on your path is where you should allow your compass point to fall.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This morning the Moon flits in Gemini as her ruler, Mercury in Leo, is stabilized by a nice trine to Saturn Rx in Sagittarius. What do you need to know (Mercury in Leo) to ensure your direction upon your path toward the future (Saturn Rx in Sagittarius). This also gleans information from YOUR past experience and begs you to apply that wisdom as you make decisions. It is active and inspired but grounded and matured. It also begs you to place your personal signature upon everything you do. Make it yours. Declare ownership and be proud of your accomplishments while maintaining a willingness to continue growing while keeping focus on your goals.

The mind is active but steadied here and that's nice to have under a Gemini Moon. Be curious. Follow your interests. And, seek to gather information and knowledge that is relevant to you without allowing yourself to be distracted by what the world tells you is important or relevant. You get to decide that. Not anyone else. If you need permission to give yourself that authority (to focus and center yourself in the relevance that is your own life)...consider it delivered here.
This the general theme of the entire day. The Moon squares Neptune at 2:20 AM and hopefully ushers in a night of deep restorative sleep filled with a soft water colored palette that serves to inspire us through dream.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

This morning, the Moon in Gemini flits lightly past Jupiter in Libra bringing..again...a sense of lightness, sociability and amicability. Keep following your interests and let your curiosity inspire you to learn more. At 7:40 AM we are blessed with a Moon/Venus conjunction that shows us the benefit to being open to entertaining new and fresh concepts while also helping us to work with others toward our mutual goals. It's friendly. It's light. It enjoys gentle conversation and receives support from true friendship in its pursuits.

At 8:20 AM, Mars shifts gears and leaves the watery realm of “Do the Moon” Cancer and enters Leo which says...”do you.” The energetic shift into Leo helps us get a better grasp of what stirs our personal creativity, what inspires you, what motivates you and how you engage in those in your own unique way. The lower end is selfishness and an over-emphasis on malefic ego tendencies. You don't have to outshine anyone. All you have to do is find your own light and give it permission to gently lead you forward. This sets the stage for our First New Moon in Leo at the end of the week. Deliberately seeking out the ways in which your personal unique expression can be used in attempt to further you in you in your initiatives is the goal. What lights your fire? What desires or initiatives are important to you? These are important questions to entertain at this time while remembering there is room for everyone to shine should they choose to do so.
At 3:33 PM the Moon is opposed Saturn begging us to take what we've learned and apply it. Some may feel hobbled, depressed or forlorn here. Moon/Saturn is not joyful and Gemini has vast interests rarely declaring favor of one thing other the other. Gemini can also be easily distracted by the next new sparkly thing. But, this aspect wants us to grow that tendency up and use our interests and curiosity toward a certain goal. Grounding your perspective to that end helps offset some of the potential heaviness here.

At 6:05 PM the Moon passes by her ruler, Mercury in Leo, by sextile. Another reminder to assess information and its relevance by gauging how it applies to you and then refocusing on that which is relevant in that way. Sheer away the rest as distraction as if it were gum on your shoe.
Meanwhile, the Sun waxes steadily into square with Uranus. Remember Monday? Remember how you had to declare independence over allowing outside circumstance to distract you from your own agenda? Well, welcome back to it. This calls us to be wiser more conscious (mindful) beings in light of things like catalyzing circumstance, emergent situations, anxiety, reactiveness, self-explosive tendencies and encourages us to reach out for those ways in which we can focus on our own independence and level up our ability to focus in on what is truly priority in our own lives. It is rebellious. It is reactive. However, when you keep reminding yourself that the end goal here is to achieve a state of emotional control/independence and focus upon your own initiatives without allowing others or outside circumstance have control over starts to make more sense. Also bear in mind that folks will likely be edgy and will not respond well to being told what to do. Just another reason to keep your hands on your own steering wheel instead of attempting to push others in any certain direction. Nodes are still in Leo. This is still about how you conduct the business of “you” more than anything else. Excuses of “they made me” or “this made me” fall flat in this day even though the low expression of Jupiter in Libra may have some reaching for those lines. It's not true. In the end, there were choices and we choose what we choose. No one or no thing “made you” and within that realization and acceptance of the same...there is power. The high end of Jupiter in Libra puts the matter of the “other” into proper perspective. If you find yourself blaming others for the circumstances in your life, perhaps you need to adjust yours.

If you do get catalyzed and blown off course,'s all practice. You will learn from the experience and can use those valuable lessons to make more conscious decisions in those “sped up” moments in the future.
At 1:42 AM, the Moon passes by Uranus by sextile. It really, on the whole, doesn't look like a wonderful night for sleep. With Uranus in play, the brain may be a busy place. Who knows, maybe those late night endeavors of the mind lead to wonderful inspiration. But, keeping your intake of stimulants and information in check through the day is going to help. The Moon squares Chiron 20 minutes later and reaches Void status. Meanwhile, the Sun waxes into a trine with Chiron at about the same time. That place where you shot yourself in the foot aches. Maybe don't do that again.

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Moon came home to Cancer at 4:11 AM this morning. She is without aspect for the majority of the day. She meets with Neptune by trine at 2:35 AM tonight. As the Sun and Moon both linger in Cancer today, it's a great time to really get in touch with the health of your emotional body. This is perfect for efforts at nesting and self-care. The lion resides in her den today surrounded by creature comforts and happy to just preen and nap. Rest. Restore. Feed yourself and your nest well.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of July 15 to July 16, 2017

Saturday, July 15, 2017

This weekend, we are under an Aries Moon that answers to Mars. This particular Aries Moon has a certain nuance, though, that in the end may have bearing upon our relationships. Mars in Cancer (which operates on Moon/emotional/intuitive/instinctual juice) is waxing strongly into square with Uranus. The aspect perfects on Monday but is strongest as it is waxing. The Moon aspects both these entities this weekend and her current ruler is Mars. So, that's kind of a big deal.

Ahhh, Liz Taylor. One of my favored poster children for Venus mixed with Uranus
Basically, what happens here is, our ability to navigate and self-direct is tested. The ways in which we respond to emotional stimuli and potentially catalyzing circumstances measured. In the end, there is opportunity to learn more about how to effectively handle our selves during heightened emotional circumstance. However, the “lessons” are forced upon us... not necessarily chosen.
Still yet, Venus is a factor this weekend too. Under this Aries Moon she waxes in square to Neptune which is also due to perfect on Monday. But. Before she gets there and during the last major aspect from our Aries Moon (conjunct Uranus at 10:20 PM Sunday night), she meets the Moon and Uranus by semisquare. We are seeking independence in our relationships. We are looking for freedom of expression in the same. We want to be valued for our uniqueness and we find ways to appreciate others in the same manner. However, the problem with that, is obscured.
As Venus squares Neptune we may have veils fall like a thud regarding relationship or money issues. We may be overly attached to lofty or overly unrealistic ideals of either or both. Either way, there is not much clarity there. By the time this aspect perfects on Monday, the Moon is in Taurus, which helps to bring grounding. However, as both of these very personally themed aspects wax in, there is a sense of impulsiveness, reactiveness and even an impetus toward self-destruction all while our view on our value systems and relationships are...well...a little drunk or uncertain at the very least.

We may see relationships suddenly break apart or form at this time. Sometimes, this can happen all at the same time. I liken it to the 7 year itch which is a Uranian related concept. We can either look at our relationships and attempt to bring them up to speed or up to date. Assess whether folks are “growing together” or “growing apart” and, in the end, take appropriate action.
Or. We can start or end a relationship without really thinking it through. In the realm of finances, this can be indicative of impulse buys (especially if you are prone to such when the emotional realm gets sticky) or being deceived or confused about what it is we are purchasing in the first place. It's an odd set up that can really sneak up on you.
Aries wants to ACT. And, the state of his current ruler is fairly trigger happy and nervous. Venus is restless AND confused. The answer to both these conditions is to deal with situations consciously, wisely and with the long-term future in mind (ground and maintain perspective). However, I do expect some folks to blow stuff up (in their own lives or in their relationships) in response to this energy. High or low end expression...conscious or unconscious action...we will learn from the event either way. Choose your classroom.
This morning the Moon resides in Aries, as I've mentioned. We have shifted from a severe influx of Water and are now in the Fire realm. Our Moon makes mostly light aspects which don't come until later this evening. At 5:41 PM, she meets Venus in Gemini by sextile. This is soft and brings opportunity to engage with friends or maybe may inspire a short day trip. Neither of these two enjoy leisurely sitting around indoors. Aries Moon is needs to be physically active. Venus in Gemini wants to feed her curiosity. So, a day freely flitting about fits the bill.
A little deeper under the surface, though, Mars in Cancer and Venus in Gemini meet by semisquare (1:04 PM). This is a check-in with how we hunt what we need and how we decide what we want. A pretty little “something” catches Mars' attention and stirs a bodily reaction. This kind of sets up the dominoes (so to speak) for the rest of the way this plays out.

The entirety of this set up echoes themes such as those found in the movie, "American Beauty"

At 11:04 PM, the balancing begins. The Moon in Aries opposes Jupiter in Libra. We are prompted to assess and balance the axes between the Self and Other dynamic. Are we over-compromising ourselves? Are we placing too much emphasis on the opinions of others? Are we so worried about others think that we are hindered in our ability to engage or be properly assertive? Are we too selfish? Are we too brash? All this and more is up for weighing, measuring and balancing out.
As the night moves forward the Moon makes a fiery trine with Mercury in Leo..another very personal planet who is getting sideways hits from outer planets right now. The Yod with Mercury and the Neptune/Pluto sextile is still in force. Mercury wanes in sextile to Jupiter now. But, the inconjunct to Pluto doesn't perfect also Sunday (3:48 PM). The trine between Mercury and the Moon allows us to tap into and access our emotions while delivering the ability to communicate these or put them into words. It's a bit feral. Potentially romantic or creative. But, it's very animated and CAN have a narcissistic or purely self-centered tone. We may not be able to see past our own perspective or view here. While it is important to know where you stand and why, the Yod with Mercury, Pluto and Neptune says to go deeper than that. Inspect things more closely. Ensure you are not making judgment calls based on delusion and don't do so without a shred of empathy or compassion for your fellow man. Yes. You are important. You need to get in touch with to speak. However, for the duration of the North Nodes transit in Leo we should attempt to reach for the high expression of the sign of Leo. That comes with a realization that it is not ALL about you. It's a desire to share. A return to innocence, romance and creativity. Healing the inner child. Finding the tribe (SN in Aquarius) that supports our pure expression of self (NN in Leo) and really getting in touch with the original, more pure, essence of self. The syllabus for NN in Leo does not have “learning to be a selfish, attention seeking, narcissistic dickhead” as the last chapter. That's Leo at its lowest. It's about learning to find your “shine” and bravely but gently putting that light into everything you do and feeling secure enough about ourselves that we are not threatened by the “shine” of someone else. You know? So, maybe keep that in mind as this Moon/Mercury fire trine whips in and for the duration of NN in Leo.

Overall, Saturday seems to go by fairly lightly. Many will feel active, social, prone to explore or reach out for new experiences. We want the wind in our hair these days. Yet, under the surface, there are deeper and more personal matters being stirred about. So, go! Have fun! Just be aware there is more going on than what may immediately be aware of.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Overnight, the Aries Moon met Pluto by square (4:06 AM EDT). This could have stirred nightmares, paranoia, greed or punctuated a deep sense of hunger or longing. If you snuck into the fridge overnight...this would probably be why. The Sun chases Pluto's influence away though as the Moon begins waxing into a nice stabilizing, yet forward moving, trine with Saturn. We can access wisdom and grown up emotions here and can easily incorporate our initiating goals into our future plans. Yeah. HOLD ON TO THAT GROUNDED FEEL!
At 3:27 PM our Last Quarter Moon between the Moon in Aries and the Sun in Cancer perfects indicating a time of being proactive about consciously addressing emotional issues while also evoking another “hunter” type of feel. The Moon strongly releases now and we are encouraged to take part in that by letting go as well. Releasing. Walking away. Absolving. Wiping the slate clean in preparation for our First (because there are TWO this season) New Moon in Leo coming in next week.
From there, we the “lesser” aspects begin to come into strong effect. Mercury perfects inconjunct Pluto at 3:48 PM. This is further stirred by the Moon as she squares Mars (who waxes toward Uranus) at 9:13 PM and then finds the lightning God, Uranus, himself by conjunction at 10:20 PM. What happens here occurs very quickly under a feeling of needing to rush or respond to emotional stimuli RIGHT NOW! Plus, our values are skewed. The Moon lights up Venus too by semisquare as she passes by Uranus putting emphasis on the potentially fickle nature of Venus at this time.

Remember that Saturn trine? Well, try REALLY HARD! We need our grounding and we need to focus on the path ahead of us to ensure that our actions and what bounty we decide to allow ourselves to be “swept away” by all align with our goals for the future. Eyes. On. Purpose! But, know....there are going to be plenty of distractions, most likely.
Following the conjunction with Uranus, the Moon reaches Void status. But, the stage has already been set for our incoming Taurus Moon that is under a bit of duress this go around. The Moon officially enters Taurus at 1:05 AM. Try to get some rest and get your feet firmly beneath you in preparation for Monday because that is going to be what helps you the most in dealing with that. Where are you? Who are you? What's important? And, where are you going? Then, shape everything you do around those things without letting the actions of others or circumstances control what you do. Act independently and with the precision of a surgeon while deliberately wiping the haze/smoke from your eyes that is coming from Venus square Neptune.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of July 10 to July 14, 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017

Today looks fairly light particularly compared to the intensity we had this weekend. That Moon has blossomed and now wanes. With Air entering the equation by way of the Moon and her interaction with Venus in Gemini today and Jupiter in Libra in the morning, things could feel considerably lighter.
The Moon trines Venus in Gemini at 2:03 PM. We may feel like socializing and touching base with friends. Benevolent and cheerful messages can be exchanged here. Light sweet nothings and flirtations are possible.
The Sun also wanes in his opposition to Pluto. So, pressure and intensity begins to be released from that, as well.

At 6:38 PM, the Moon opposes Mercury in Leo who will be a factor in our week to come. This windy Monday leads us into two different Mercury Yods prior to his entrance into his shadow on the 25th. Our first Yod occurs between a Mercury and Jupiter in Libra forming sextile while both are inconjunct Neptune. Overlaying that Yod, we have Mercury in Leo at the apex of a Yod between the ongoing sextile with Neptune and Pluto. The latter perfects over the weekend. The first waxes in at the end of this week under our Pisces Moon. This makes Mercury's position in your chart quite a pivotal spot while also pulling in the houses that Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto are transiting. The “trick” to that is looking at the information presented through the week and figure out how it is personally applicable to you. The downfall is going to be taking a singular point of view and not assessing the truth or factual evidence of the information as it comes in. So, you'll ask yourself first, “Is this true?” Then, “Is this relevant?” From there, you can do what you will with the information (discard or apply). There is fog potential, of course. There is potential for information to be over-blown or veiled with Jupiter inconjunct Neptune. So ensure you are keeping things in proper perspective and know that double checking for accuracy and truth before incorporating the information is paramount. Plus, remember, Mercury IS the trickster.  

The opposition between the Moon and Mercury calls us to increase our expertise in the realm of personal expression. It calls us from our singular minded point of view and offers us a chance to see how or if what we know or have to say is applicable on a larger social scale. We may feel socially connected and be emotionally connected (even if in an airy/detached manner) to whatever issues come up in the collective conversations today. We are to rise above the potential at being personally catalyzed by that, however, and instead balance the relevance of the information against both personal impact and social agenda. Is it true? Is it relevant? How does this affect me? How can I use it to benefit social welfare, increase my expertise or in my personal life?
There could be arguments here or differing points of view. While your voice is important, why argue or dispute information that, in the end, really doesn't impact you in the first place? You can agree to disagree and get on with your life. Or, perhaps you can lend your personal creative nature to the collective conversation in a way that helps the situation rather than just stands off against it.
The night goes out on this note...under this assessment that has us balancing personal issues with those of the collective. The Moon makes no major aspect the rest of the day.

In truth, today is palpably lighter than the weekend. We are able to operate under less intensity and offered the chance to talk through our personal concerns with friends and associates in an effort to gain outside input, advice, support or clarity. The Aquarius moon calls us to rise above any residual from the Full Moon and become future minded. Asking ourselves, “Now what?” What is my next step toward the future?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

This morning the Aquarius Moon persists in her attempts to help us lighten up by way of a trine to Jupiter in Libra just at daybreak. This, again, calls forth a chatty nature and sharing of opinions/point of view but on a more wide scale, perhaps, than what we experienced yesterday. And, from a well balanced, fair minded point of view. It feels good, at least. As we are further lifted away from the heaviness of Pluto and begin to feel both Mars and the Sun waxing into square with Uranus (this Moon's ruler).

By 9:47 PM, the Moon is stabilized and able to ground the chattiness and information exchange from the past two days into future plans. We discern the truth and are able to assess how to best apply that on a personal level.
The moon remains active through the night without other major aspect. We do somewhat balance the collective agenda against how it impacts matters of home, family and our defense/motivations toward those agendas as the Moon inconspicuously passes by the Sun and Mars in Cancer both by inconjunct as the sextile with Saturn is in force. It's a day of thinking and discussions. Information exchanged within the collective that may (after our assessments of relevance and truth) add to our awareness of what our next steps need to be.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We are spry this morning under a sextile from the Moon to her current modern ruler, Uranus at 8:41 AM. We are sharp and ready to engage.
Doesn't sound horrible. However, following this sextile, the Moon is rendered Void until entering Pisces at 11:52 AM. At that time, we shift from the airy loftiness of Aquarius and dive into the ethereal watery realm of the fish. We become more sensitive, more empathic...feelings and emotions rise in importance once again.

The rest of the night plays out without major Astrological incident giving us time to adjust. We grow quiet within the collective. We are less socially inclined and more likely to take a time out or rest from social activity. Early morning offers us a chance to kick start efforts toward wrapping up projects, finishing conversations and taking initiative toward our goals. But, by early afternoon, we may lay our toil down early in favor of less mentally taxing affairs.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

We are swimming with the fishes this morning as the Moon in Pisces squares Venus in Gemini. Now. Let me tell you, these two can get along. However, sometimes Gemini can exhaust Pisces and Pisces can be like a wet blanket to Gemini. Yet the bubbly nature of Venus in Gemini can assist the Pisces Moon in lifting up from more dire or depressing emotions...if she will allow it. She may not be in the mood to be lifted or to talk about what she feels. And, that will be the determining factor here. There is opportunity to feel lighter and be supported by friends. But, if you are comfortable in wallowing and don't feel like you are “done” there yet, then Venus' calls to conversation and social fun may be more of annoyance. However, if you wallowed in the swamp long enough, call up a good friend or follow your Venus interests in an effort to lift your mood. We are more empathic. Meaning, good feelings can “rub off” just as well as more swirly ones. This square occurs at 5:28 AM. I don't know of many folks who are ready to be social at that hour. But, there could be a little bird chirping outside our window that breaks our slumber early today or something to that effect.

Later this evening, both Yods I mentioned in Monday's write up become relevant. The Moon passes by Jupiter and Mercury both by inconjunct and then perfects in conjunction to Neptune and sextile to Pluto by night's end.
The conjunction to Neptune, which essentially connects both Yods, occurs at 2:27 PM. That is followed by the sextile to Pluto at 9:50 PM. There may be information delivered here that stirs within the collective. Or, there could be intuitive calls or a sense of “knowing” without factual evidence or logic that occurs. There is a chance that empathy may be played upon or fear used against us. Information may be delivered with an agenda and it will be up to the individual in regard to shuffling through it to suss it out for fact, perspective, relevance, truth and personal impact.

Be careful here. Fear is often used as a manipulative tool and willful ignorance and naivete are fear's favorite playthings. There are messages being delivered into the public realm with the agenda to skew perspective, throw off our attention, confuse and evoke an emotional response. Why? To obtain power in some way.
Don't fall for it sweet pea. Ask questions. Seek evidence. Face off with whatever fear is stirred within you and deal with whatever it may dredge up. But, take nothing...and I do mean face value. There are likely hidden agendas, swirling mistruths and information delivered from skewed perspective. Don't forget who you are or allow yourself to be whipped into a frenzy and distracted from the personal dealings of your life or what is truly relevant to you by someone who is obscuring information with that goal in mind. Ground it out. Remain empathic but combat naivete. Invoke solid boundary and common sense.

Also, know this essentially “creeps up on us” this dawning paranoia, uncertainty and potential feeling of something just being “off.” Don't run from it. Square off with it and suss out the root of your reaction prior to acting on anything.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Mercury officially completed his inconjunct to Neptune overnight while also making a sesquisquare with Chiron. There is something in that Chiron activity that's relevant. Something that is making us sick, fostering denial or subterfuge. Disallow hubris as your guide. Seek wisdom and clarity instead.
The morning begins under a watery sky as the Moon trines the Sun in Cancer at 5:27 AM. That drifty floating feeling is brought to ground quite swiftly, though, as the Moon squares off with the truth we were seeking by way of Saturn in Sagittarius at 6:09 AM. This can hurt. Feel deflating. How we deal with it bears effect upon what we do next...literally.

The Moon trines Mars in Cancer at 1:01 PM. Disinformation and fear could lead to unconscious acts. Or a solid sense of the truth could ensure your motivations toward your purpose. It's all about what you glean from the deliverance of information over the course of the last few days. It all depends on whether you can employ proper coping mechanisms (Saturn) in light of possible denied, ignored or highly emotionally affective issues (Chiron) these two, though waning, remain in square. Step lightly, gently and fluidly while knowing the best path to take is likely not direct but an approach that requires us to stabilize emotional energy and direct it toward a certain goal or cause. We are emotionally motivated here. So how you manage your emotions is going to matter. Plus, it all deals with this Yod and potential attempts to poison or distract the collective mindset. Remain focused and don't allow fear to dictate your next step.
By evening, the voices and opinions found within the collective may reach a veritable roar. Mercury sextiles Jupiter and the Yod with Neptune is in full force at 4:46 PM. The Sun meets Saturn by inconjunct and we continue to reach out for truth, grounding, perspective and wisdom...or are encouraged to lean toward that end. As the Moon reaches Chiron (5:40 PM), there is opportunity to realize how we may have been manipulated or persuaded or opportunity to swallow that fish tale whole due to continued denial, willful ignorance or naivete. Wanna get “hooked” into this drama scenario and swept up in the current that drags you from your goals and from paying attention to what is really relevant in your life? Go for it. I'd rather be a skeptic in regard to what is delivered into the collective than behave like a fool, myself. But, if you are bored and feel like you need a little drama...then go for it. There will likely be plenty out there to be had.
The better use of the sextile with Mercury and Jupiter is to seek higher truths, adjust personal perspective and assess information for personal relevance while ditching that which isn't applicable, true or obscured.
The Moon remains Void until shifting gears into fire territory with her entrance to Aries at 7:53 PM. We start to dry out and are ready to engage at that time. Ensure you have got your facts straight and perspective aligned before that fire is lit under your behind. Otherwise, we are at risk of running off in the wrong direction.