Morning Star: Astrology for the week of December 19 to December 25, 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016

This morning, the Moon resides and is active in Virgo. However, the first major astrological event of the day is Mars' entrance into Pisces at 4:23 AM. This is followed by Mercury's Rx station at 5:49 AM. He starts his back peddling at 15 Capricorn 08. It's as if he reached Pluto's dark doorstep and stalled out in fear. Not that I blame him. But, the two do not officially meet here. Pluto currently resides at 16 Capricorn 32. The two meet by conjunction in January of next year after all of Mercury's retrograde business. Mercury will retrace his steps all the way back to 28 Sagittarius 52 before he starts moving forward again on January 8, 2017. He exits his shadow on January 28 and lingers next to Pluto the next two days.

On January 28th, we also have a New Moon in Aquarius. Due Mercury's current condition, I would suggest waiting to set any New Year intentions, goals or resolutions at that New Moon. Apparently, 2016 has some business to wrap up prior to officially handing over the scepter to 2017. So, be thinking about (and re-thinking, re-scripting) intentions/plans until then. But, don't set them in stone until the Aquarius New Moon. Or, you can draft them at the Capricorn New Moon on December 29 and then offer the revised version at the Aquarius New Moon.
Mars' entrance into Pisces brings a shift in motivation. We move from pushing and warring in regard to issues of social justice and technology in Aquarius (not to mention thinking more than actually doing) and waft into more subdued and less direct movements. Mars here is not a forthright warrior. However, what you observe him doing will allude to his true motivations. Energy is somewhat lax here and will be skewed as Mars sinks into Neptune, eventually meets Saturn by square and Chiron by conjunction. He also sextiles Pluto from here. Basically, Mermen don't kick box. They don't wrestle. They are more lovers than fighters. Mars in Pisces can be the peaceful warrior. The one who martyrs himself. Or, the one who operates with a hidden agenda but his actions eventually give away his true intentions. While Mars is here, it is advised that we move more slowly and gracefully. We are swimming, not jogging and you cannot fist fight Neptune. He will just wear you down to point of exhaustion. So, some subtlety is called for. Fluidity and flow releasing control to the tempo of the Universe rather than trying to physically push our way through as there are strong undercurrents to contend with from time to time. Float more than force, in other words. This is good energy for dancing, sit-ins (as far as protests), prayer vigils and...naps.

These two movements together (Mercury Rx and Mars into Pisces) allude to a period of slow down and potential demotivation. I'd suggest going with that instead of trying to rush about and fight the energy. Mercury retrograde (at least at his station point) is likely to bring hiccups in regard to machinery, communication devices (such as phones), weather, travel and other things forcing us to slow down. Might as well take the Universal cue and don't allow ambition to usurp your safety or sanity. Easy does it. Deliberately slow down and take your time. Today being the best day to start.
Hopefully, last night, you followed the advice from Sunday that encouraged you to do a little prep work for Monday morning. Making sure your keys are where they should be and that you have everything lined out so it is easy to find. Maybe you even prepared yourself this morning by getting up a little earlier than usual; though, it will be VERY tempting to sleep in. Even if you are running a little late this morning, I still encourage you NOT to rush out in a panic. Take your time. Your safety is much more important than your timeliness.

The Moon in Virgo is opposed our Sea God, Neptune at 6:24 AM packing grog and potential at confusion and lethargy. She lingers in this drunken state until meeting her current retrograde ruler (Mercury) by trine at 4:59 PM. While the influx of Earth here can help us grab a bit of traction, I caution you to remember Mercury is still pretty wobbly and wonky. It's still not advisable to just take off running. Make every step mindful, deliberate and purposefully placed. Stick to your plan but slow down and address what needs to be addressed still allowing yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to go.
By 7:41 PM the Moon is trine Pluto. More grounding is accessible. However, this could bring out the worry-wort tendencies of our Virgo Moon. Instead of wringing your hands in fear make a plan to fearlessly address the issue.
At 2:20 AM, the Moon quickly sobers up due a square to Saturn while also meeting Uranus by inconjunct AND opposing Chiron. The truth hurts. But, knowing it makes us wiser.
I see the potential for vehicular accidents this morning. Illness could be a factor (with fever, even as Mars enters Pisces). Perhaps some wicked weather and at the very least schedules overturned due various reasons. It is definitely Monday. And many will pass off today as a more than typical one.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

This morning we wake up to the Moon perfecting in Last Quarter (square the Sun in the last degrees of Sagittarius) at 8:56 PM. This occurs at 29 Mutable 38 calling for flexibility, priority assessment and separating fact from fiction to some degree. The waning Moon calls for sweeping out of the previous Moon phase in preparation for the next. That makes this Lunar Movement excellent for things like detoxing, cleaning, decluttering and smudging/energy clearance efforts. Let go more than you hold on and remain flexible. Sagittarius season comes to a quick close from here.
Following the perfection of the Last Quarter, the Moon is Void until entering Libra at 9:40 AM (so, a very brief “rest” on that front).

The Moon remains without major aspect. Meanwhile, the Sun prepares his grand entrance into Capricorn at 5:45 AM. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALL YOU LOVELY GOATS!
Mostly, today is more settled than yesterday with a little lingering of Mercury Rx aftermath. It's still indicated to take your time and to leave room for unexpected interruptions in your schedule along with communication/technology/machinery hiccups.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

We've a Cardinal sky this morning a far as our luminaries are concerned. The Moon resides in Libra as the Sun has entered Capricorn. Again, we are without major aspect through the day with the first major connection from the Moon coming through a square to Mercury Rx in Capricorn at 2:05 AM tonight.
Mostly we muddle through sharing niceties along the way and cleaning up whatever messes the first of the week may have left behind. The Moon inclines us to grin and bear it. It is mostly a humdrum kind of day in which we are left rolling past events around in our heads as we attempt to prepare for future ventures at the same time. Tomorrow, however, is rather Astrologically eventful as our Moon in Libra starts making connection with other planets also residing in Cardinal signs (Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter). Saturn will be her support through tomorrow as she holds in sextile during the meat of the day. We will need to pull out our highest qualities of both Jupiter and Saturn in order to traverse this effectively.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Late last night, likely while most were sleeping, the Moon in Libra found Mercury newly Rx by square (2:05 AM). This morning, our pretty and smiling Moon meets up with Lord of the Underworld, Pluto by the same at 6:36 AM. This can birth paranoia and fear or at the very least make us a bit negatively inclined as we start our day.

Thankfully, a windy trine from the Moon to Venus in Aquarius occurs less than an hour later (7:24 AM) helping us to blow away our fears and shift our attitude to a less dour position. This aspect favors breezy and enjoyable rather than stuck in the muck of emotionality.
The lightness offered by the Moon/Venus trines overlays the conjunction of the Moon to Jupiter at 1:31 PM which expands and punctuates the emotional body. Whatever emotion we choose grows. Choose the good ones. Joy. Love. This movement is great for lunch gatherings with friends and other amicable groups. Holiday themed jaunts definitely fit the bill as most will be inclined to good cheer. Laughter is extremely contagious here so spread it about liberally.

The Moon/Jupiter conjunction coincides with a lunar sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius (2:00) and an opposition with Uranus in Aries (2:32 PM). Now, the only hiccup about this is that Uranus is stationed preparing to turn direct on the 29th. So, his itchy energies are a bit exacerbated. Other than that, with Saturn in play, this is a very stable and joyful lunar set up. Rudeness, however, does not fit the bill and any inclinations toward that are going to be met with repercussions. Surprise gifts or “no thank you needed” charitable acts fit wonderfully here. Random acts of kindness warm your heart and the hearts of witnesses/recipients starting another sort of contagion that folks would line the block to catch.
There could be some antsy energy that accompanies the Moon/Uranus opposition. To help offset that, sheer down on the holiday treats and avoid pumping too much caffeine into your system. Remain well grounded and humbled with joy and you really cannot go wrong here.
There is definitely opportunity to start this day off on the wrong foot. However, the Universe keeps throwing the opportunity to feel better at us. You can linger in dourness if you want. But, the day plays out much more enjoyably if you dump that dank cloak quickly and get out and about sharing, rejoicing and celebrating with folks whose company you enjoy.

Following the opposition with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Scorpio at 9:33 AM tomorrow. We go out on a bright note. Then, in the morning, we dive into deeper emotional matters.

Friday, December 23, 2016

This morning, the Moon is Void in Libra until crossing over into watery Scorpio at 9:33 AM. We are not as socially inclined as we were yesterday. We are ready for more intimate affairs. Something more quiet. More subdued. More personal.
At 2:26 PM, the Moon meets the fresh Capricorn Sun in a lovely sextile. We can really get down to business here. This is well grounded. Well boundaried. Plus, it packs the punch of endurance. If you have last minute chores to do or wrap-up business to attend to this energy is supportive for such. But, it is a quiet and focused kind of toiling.

At 4:26 PM the Moon is trine Mars in Pisces. A lovely water trine that encourages us to float more than we force. It's great for naps. Leisurely activities. Dancing. Escaping by way of music or entertainment. Making whoopee. Regardless of how you look at it, it is relaxed and flowy. This is where we melt.
This energy feeds into the next water trine we encounter in our early, early hours of tomorrow morning by way of Moon/Neptune (4:58 AM). Loosen your tie. Put on your comfy clothes. Relax. Sink into quiet pleasures. Surround yourself with the alluring and seductive sounds of your choosing. Take it easy and rest. Tomorrow morning is stellar for lingering in dream a little bit longer than usual.
There is a chance for emotional tides to rise here. The best offset of that potential is self care. Lean into those activities without guilt. Drift away from your problems this evening and focus on feeling better if you need that. If you are lucky enough to have access to a hot tub, this energy is begging for such.
Mercury is rewinding, be careful in that hot tub unless you want to land in 1986..

Saturday, December 24, 2016

This morning we are inclined to laze around in bed a little longer than normal due the dawn coinciding with a watery Scorpio Moon trine to Neptune. It's cool. Sleep in. Linger a bit. There is no need to rush.
By 10:59 AM, we may decide to start our day as the Moon sextiles Mercury in Capricorn. This provides a little Earth. Enough to give us a bit of traction. But, can also bring forth memories of past holidays. Do the ghosts of Christmas past bring you joy or despair? Either way, remember they are in the past. You can re-create those memories to a degree. Or, you can choose to create better. Either way, this aspect is quite reflective. How your frame that perspective is entirely up to you.

The rest of the day, we may feel more than a little inclined to break with tradition. Saturn is strongly waxing into trine with Uranus. This fiery and somewhat rambunctious trine officially perfects at 7:15 PM. I have this set up in my natal chart but in air. Let me tell you something. I have a tendency to look at most rules as optional. I'm not all about “the way things have always been done” (as my set up also includes my Mars). I'm definitely not about following the rules just because. I am accountable for what I do. But, I also consider myself as my own authority. I'll make my own rules, thank you very much. I like new making new traditions. I like going against the “common grain” to a degree. I GREATLY enjoy being my own person. Those types of inclinations come along with this trine. So, yes, it's wonderful for creating new traditions. It's wonderful for shaking off the dust of expectation. It's wonderful for finding new solutions to old standing problems or creating new methods of operation in general. However, it is not energy that adheres to being bossed around. So leave folks to their own and worry about where you can make positive and sustainable change in your own life instead.
Santa has an upgraded sleigh and has a brand new bag this year. Maybe...just maybe...instead of flying around the world in one night he sits at home in his comfy chair at the North Pole and sends drones to down your chimney with your presents. Ya never know. Either way, this is mature, responsible, wise and innovative all at the same time. Responsible innovation. Deliberate construction of hope. And much, MUCH more.

The perfection of the Saturn/Uranus trine is overlaid by a lunar sextile to Pluto at 7:25 PM. The stench of past mistakes and deals run amok can surely compel us to try to do things a little differently. This also packs bravery and tenacity allowing us to plow through any unfinished business. At it's worst, it packs paranoia and greed. At it's highest, though, it is quite sexy and alluring. Indulge in intimate relationships. Bravely face new ways and new days.

Sunday, December 24. 2016

Brace yourself. Are you ready? Because today looks wonderful! No, I'm not kidding. No, you didn't read that wrong. Come on! Let's take a look at it!
Overnight the Scorpio Moon met with a bit of discomfort as she squared off with Venus in Aquarius at 2:23 AM. Following that, there was brief water trine with the Moon to Chiron in Pisces at 4:00 AM. From here the Moon is Void. Yup. Lights out.
However, Venus is the planet of the day as, from Aquarius, she will trine Jupiter as we wake up (8:23 AM). Then, she meets her current ruler, Uranus in Aries, by sextile around lunchtime (11:36 AM). Last but certainly not least, she sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius at 1:33 PM.

Now. Emotional bodies are less reactive and quite subdued. However, Venus comes to this day packing many pleasantries making it a stellar type of period for social gatherings, visits with friends/family/tribe, exchanging of gifts (go figure) and just a general laissez faire type of comfort. It's actually a good thing that emotions are turned down. No one is really heated up about much. Sure, it might not be some wild and crazy party. But, it does offer a chance at community, celebration and just a nice relaxing and enjoyable time. I'll take that. Check your worries at the door. This day was made for pleasure however you would like to find it.

The Moon remains Void as Venus takes center stage for most of the day. She likes it there. Allow her to twirl and be enchanted by her as a muse. At 10:20 PM the Moon crosses over into Sagittarius. She remains without aspect until tomorrow morning. So there is a wonderful chance to go to bed all wrapped up in joy and bliss. And you know what? It's about time.
I definitely encourage you to take advantage of the bright spots we have wrapped up and hidden within this week. Share. Love. Hug. Slow down. Remember what is really important. Let the rest slip away.
Happy whatever holiday you want to make it to you and yours. May peace, love and fellowship come directly to you all wrapped up with a pretty bow.