Morning Star: Daily Astrology for the week of November 21 to November 25, 2016


On the whole, the week looks fairly Mercurian to me. Mercury is a busy body as he sextiles Jupiter, then bumps into Saturn and finally trines Uranus. I've a feeling folks are going to become increasingly vocal and more than a little self-righteous. Yes. I know. We've had this for awhile. But, what I'm saying is that the volume is likely to increase (Mercury sextile Jupiter), as well as the policing of what is said (Mercury conjunct Saturn) and the audacity to say it anyway (Mercury trine Uranus). This is compounded by the fact that Jupiter will also square Pluto this week. This aspect packs self-righteousness for sure. Right to the death, it is. It also has the potential to bring forcefulness.
At this point, to me, things feel quite angst riddled. This week the vocal tone raises as do the consequences for the choices one makes in regard to how they express themselves.
There are ways to use this energy effectively. But, anyone who has ever delved into effective communication knows, it is hard to exchange and discuss ideas in an effort to meet resolution in the midst of a shouting match. If, in fact, you have to scream to be heard; then, the bare essentials within the dynamic of effective communication is broken.

Meanwhile, our benefit (Jupiter) lies in Libra. To look at this placement in isolation, it is unbiased, open to discussion, gives everyone their fair turn on the floor and weighs and measures facts against more emotional appeals. It bears in mind the importance of trusted connections and worthy allies. It is honest in relationships and treats others with kindness, generosity while also expressing gratitude liberally. Unfortunately, though, this week our benefit is over-shadowed by Pluto in square. What this means is Jupiter's spotlight is falling upon the shadows within Capricorn. We are likely to not only see the shadow side of Libra but also the dark side of Capricorn.
Our other “benefic” planet, Venus, is with Pluto in Capricorn this week. That placement (Venus in Capricorn) taken in isolation is mature love and grown up values. Venus in Capricorn honors responsibility and integrity. She admires fortitude and is a gentle benevolent leader. As she is conjunct Pluto and square Jupiter this week (soon, I might add, to square Uranus), what she has the opportunity to do is negotiate between the Gods. It won't be something she has chosen to do. It won't be something she will likely enjoy doing. And, we could very well see her patience tried and tested as she is tempted and seduced toward the “darker” natures herself.
So. Instead of the progressive verbal discourse that we need, what we are likely to see is a metaphorical battle between the Gods that can only be assuaged by the more positive powers of Venus in Capricorn and Mercury in Sagittarius. The collective will be talking, regardless if they are making their point or engaging in actual communication---telling it like it is (Mercury sextile Jupiter). Some of us will likely be called on the carpet for what we've said (Mercury conjunct Saturn). While others vehemently and adamantly hold to and demand their right to say it (Mercury trine Uranus).

How to stir the pot (mix the energies)

We could just as easily USE this energy, though, in ways that make positive differences. Instead of just talking, we leave room for listening. Instead of just using our voices to make loud obnoxious noises, we sing. We pray. Instead of fearfully staying in our homes and avoiding others, we reach out and make connections. Bravely walk out your door and spread good cheer and charity. Hey, if Tiny Tim can do it, so can you. We stop arguing over right and wrong and just do right. Right where we are. In our homes. In our schools. In our jobs. With our families. With our neighbors. Wherever you can make the most impact with your warmth, do so. You defeat darkness with light. You defeat hate with love.

It may help to remember the key words of these planets that are being influenced by Pluto (including Pluto himself). For Jupiter, we have benevolence, humility, generosity, gratitude, charity and joy. For Venus, we have love, admiration, adoration, partnership and comfort. For Pluto, we have rebirth, reform, power, survival, intimacy and endurance. Those are the more positive key words. Now, lets mix them together in more beneficial ways in an effort to get cues in regard to how we can positively mete out this energy. For Venus square Jupiter, an abundance of generosity, mature gentle leadership that brings people together, an appreciation for fairness and equality in leadership, charitable acts based in humility and joy stemming from the qualities of personal integrity and fortitude. For Venus conjunct Pluto, the undue power of mature and responsible love. Return on investment potential. Appreciation for the gentle and appropriate use of power by leadership which maintains a genuine concern for its people. Survival through caring. Simply, the true power of enduring and undying love. For Jupiter square Pluto, open discourse between people of power. Fair negotiations in regard to proper uses of power. Meetings between those in leadership positions bent on open discussions that lead to the positive reformation of governing and business factions. Benevolence and honesty. Extreme acts of generosity and benevolence. Self-replenishing joy. Humility and grace in the face of darkness and oppression.
Now, as for what is happening with Mercury. As we know, Mercury in Sagittarius at it's lowest is a preaching know-it-all loud mouth. However, at his highest, he is very wise, quite well-educated and holds himself to standards that are set forth through his philosophical or spiritual belief system. At his highest, he is open to new ideas and doesn't just grab the nearest podium and start demanding that everyone else on the planet has it all wrong. He does not discriminate. He is open, generous and inclusive in his speech. He doesn't need to shout. The truth doesn't need to be shouted; it just needs to be spread. He is mindful of his audience and keeps his teaching on point and with purpose. While Mercury is in Sagittarius messages travel. Sometimes like wildfire. So, it's probably a good idea to make sure you know what you are talking about and mean exactly what you say and/or publish.
You are free to speak your truth. You are also free to bear the consequences of such. There have been plenty of stories in the past week of folks losing their jobs or being run out of their positions for saying/doing unthoughtful and inflammatory things. I suspect we will hear more of that in our week to come. I, also, am by no means, telling you to keep your mouth shut. Definitely not. What I am saying is make it count. Make it worth it. Make it true and make it inclusive not exclusive in an effort to unify and educate instead of deepening the crevice in the divide. Speak with gentleness, humility, grace and kindness. Don't be the madman frothing at the mouth screaming. Once you allow the circumstances of the situation to drive you to that point; then, what you have to say falls on skeptical and deafened ears. Your credibility is shot and your effectiveness unfurls. Don't be the person who tries to reason with a madman either. A conversation cannot be had when folks are merely screaming over top one another. Don't waste your precious time or energy on that. Know where the power of your inclusive and truthful words will make the most impact. If you feel that place is social media, then fine. But, I encourage you also to have these open discussions with your neighbors, your friends...taking all this outside the political arena and bringing it back down to grass roots efforts at kindness, charity, sharing of information and group education. Don't just talk about what we need to do to make this world a more peaceful and gentle place. Get to doing it. Make it real. Remember that you, as an individual, have power. You have power in your choices. Power in your ability to effectively communicate. Power in the use of your money. And, power by way of your access to information.

There is power in grace and humility. There is power in compassion and fortitude. There is power in numbers and inclusiveness. Though, this is not paraded power. This is thoughtful power that cares about the impact of its usage upon others. It will be very tempting at times to be drug down by the weight of this week. By some of the things we read/see. What's going to help you feel better is leaning into that which gives you joy and sharing that self-fostered joy abundantly. Stand your ground and keep gently spreading and disseminating support and encouragement for others. Be the gentle and fair leader. Be the one who doesn't allow the news or other publishing entity to dictate their reality or priority. Dismiss yourself from the rhetoric and use the power of your choices, words and your wisdom liberally. It doesn't have to be loud. It just needs to be effective, generous and truthful.
Now, here we go. Step by step and day by day through the week ahead.

Monday, November 21, 2017

This morning, the Moon is Void in Leo for about an hour following the perfection of the Last Quarter Moon at 29 degrees of Leo and Scorpio at 3:34 AM. The Moon enters Virgo swiftly at 4:35 AM. Then, at 4:23 PM, the Sun shifts into Sagittarius.
The day is quite uneventful for the most part. Folks are trying to lighten up; but, many are tired, emotional and just feel wrung out to dry. The Virgo Moon perfects in opposition to Neptune at 10:08 PM and gently ushers us to bed. We snuggle in deeply as the Moon finds Venus by trine later into the night (3:36 AM).
For the most part, the day toils on as our Sun switches signs bringing a different emphasis upon how we choose to exert ourselves. We move from dark and brooding, quiet and lurking in the corner, Scorpio to something a little brighter and a little more optimistic for a bit in Sagittarius. However, emotions remain a factor quietly within the day itself due the waxing opposition of the Moon in Virgo to Neptune.

The Moon is now waning and releasing. This week is excellent for efforts aimed at decluttering and finishing up outstanding business or projects. It's good for reverting inward and seeking personal solutions while also adhering to practices of energetic clearing and personal detox. The Moon is in the sign of Virgo whose principles can be found in the Hermit card. There is a lot of chaos out there. It may be a good time to retreat and get quiet in an effort to hear your own truth. Shelter yourself and pay attention to what truly matters to you rather than constantly exposing yourself to being told what should matter.
Tonight, the opportunity at sound rest is present. Take advantage of that. We could all use it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

This morning we wake from the graceful trine with the Moon to Venus to a grating square between the Moon and Mercury in Sagittarius (9:32 AM). Yes, we isolated ourselves. Withdrew into solitude. But, now, we can hear the screaming in the streets. It's disruptive and catalyzes angst. It's hard to put how we feel into words. Emotion and thought meet with discord.
From this noisy square the Moon moves toward an empowering trine with Pluto (10:38 AM). Focus is regained as the distractions wane and we bury into the work ahead of us.
By noon, we stare down the path ahead and sigh as we realize how far it is we still have left to go. The Moon squares Saturn in Sagittarius at 12:42 PM. If the ultimate end goal is worth it, it's distance away from us becomes less important. We shoulder the burden and burrow back in realizing every single inch of progress counts and matters. This aspect is cumbersome and potentially depressing. But, it is a fleeting mood that we can push through.

As the square between Saturn and the Moon perfects, Mercury is also waxing toward Jupiter. At it's highest this is deliberately fostering a more optimistic point of view. It is informative, truthful, inclusive and can even be celebratory. At it's's just loud and preachy. Remember, the truth doesn't have to be loud. It doesn't have to be screamed. It just has to be spread. Though, do expect the volume to increase under this aspect. Check yourself. Is it wise? Is it truthful? Is it helpful and informative? Is it inclusive and generous? And, I encourage you to do this assessment since by this time tomorrow, Mercury (the things you say) meets with Saturn's consequences by conjunction. Think about what you are saying and realize the potential blow back that may follow your words. We are looking to be effective here...not just stir the pot or put our ignorance on display. Though, the latter has great potential. Use this aspect to re-align your perspective. Be nice to others for no reason. Be nice to yourself and in the ways in which you speak to yourself. Allow yourself to pinpoint the promise more than you linger on the perceived threats. Expect plenty of impromptu speeches. Use the power of Virgo to separate what is true versus mere rhetoric. You'll be able to tell the difference in your gut.

At 8:22 PM, the Moon opposes Chiron in Pisces and reaches Void status. She remains Void until entering Libra tomorrow at 2:43 PM. There is plenty of time for all of “this” to resonate within the emotional body.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

This morning, the Moon is Void in Virgo. Prior to her movement into Libra, Mercury finds Saturn by conjunction (1:44 PM). This is where consequences are dealt. Truth is discovered. Decisions are made. And, thoughts turn serious and become very goal oriented. Be aware of the power of your words. Be aware of the power of your thoughts. Be responsible for both.

After the Moon clicks into Libra, she begins waxing into sextile with the Sun in Sagittarius (6:56 PM). This, is a bright spot. A light airy but warm spot where we can reach a point of understanding and togetherness if we try. Apologies and thank you's can be exchanged here. The tone is serious. But, the thoughtfulness is likely sincere.
This energy carries us through our evening hours of today. It's good for light celebrations. Gatherings of friends and family. Just know that many will likely be walking on verbal eggshells. Afraid of what they can say to whom and about what. It's a good night to lay down the sword and just enjoy good company.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

This morning the Moon is still rather light as she moves through Libra. By midday, she meets a motivating sextile with Mars in Aquarius. This is very supportive of socially minded gatherings, charitable efforts, circles of friends and acquaintances in an amicable way. Decorum is, of course, called for with the Moon in Libra. But, sometimes, a little decorum can be nice. What's important is both the Moon and Mars in Aquarius at their highest works to bring folks together more than drive them apart.
But, you know, what's an American Holiday without an elephant in the room, right? We get everyone together. We eat a nice meal and then the Gods decide to officially declare war. Jupiter officially squares off with Pluto at 5:31 PM. Of course, this energy has been building all week. But, the fun part of it is, today, it comes home to roost right next to your turkey because the Moon and Venus both decide to get involved.

At 9:23 PM our demure Libra Moon is in square to her current ruler, Venus in Capricorn. Then, the Moon squares off with Pluto (10:17 PM) as she also conjuncts Jupiter (10:21 PM). Within the mix of all these energies coming in at once, decorum dies. Manners go...swoop...out the window and no one is comfortable with it at all. The light is going to be awfully bright to offset the shadows creeping out of the corners. With this mixture in play, there is nothing considered “out of bounds” or “off limits” in regard to how low a person can go with their ugliness. However, the same energy that creates this type of atmosphere can also be used to bring ease to the situation. It's much easier, though, to dive to “ugly's” level and wallow with it. So, meting this energy out positively calls for patience, diligence and a genuine concern toward your fellow person or groups of persons.
At any rate, tonight's mood (while the event was built with good intentions) is trying. Smaller and more private gatherings are probably better than huge obnoxious parties or affairs. Use the energy to share your wealth. Volunteer. Donate excess. Make a solid reprieve for welcomed, trusted and true relationships. Give yourself plenty of space to breathe if you need it. And, don't pressure yourself into thinking everything has to be perfect.
At just around midnight, the mood has a chance to settle a bit as the Moon waxes into sextile with Jupiter in Libra. The meat and later evening of the day can be tedious territory. But, if you can grin and bear it, you'll feel better for it when you lay your head down to sleep. Whereas, if you allow yourself to fall prey to the forcefulness of this energy; then, you may lay down with regret.

Friday, November 25, 2016

I personally think it's rather interesting that Venus is conjunct Pluto (6:47 AM) on this consumer based holiday of Black Friday. There is wonderful opportunity to go into debt here. However, there is also wonderful opportunity to invest in things that really matter. Things that will grow exponentially and return an equal amount of wealth in exchange for the care you put into it. Intimacy has a chance to deepen and grow under this aspect. So does the chance to run into old lovers and past romances as you are out grabbing up holiday deals. This, indeed, is a shopping day for the ghosts of Christmas past.
Yet, there will also be snake charmers. Looking to hypnotize you into giving away your hard earned wealth. Be mindful of where your valuables are. Where your money is and who you are giving it to. Make sure you are getting what you paid for and they are truly selling what they say they are selling. With the Moon sextile Mercury in Sagittarius, the salesman will have a certain amount of verbal charm. So, yeah, there's that.

However, investment power is yours as well as the ability to charm. Moon in Libra sextile Mercury in Jupiter (5:29 AM) is mannerly, joyful, nice and complimentary. Venus in Pluto has spending power and knows how to use it. You can make amends here and strengthen worthy connections. You can deepen intimate relationships and open the door to honest communication within those relationships. You can do that at the mall or in your living room. Location matters very little.