Morning Star: Astrology for the weekend of November 26 and November 27, 2016

Saturday, November 26, 2017

Following an opposition with Uranus on Friday morning (8:53 AM) the Moon crossed over into Void status and stayed there all day. Meanwhile, Venus was quite busy with her conjunction to Pluto (6:47 AM) and square to Jupiter (8:46 AM).
At 3:02 AM this morning, the Moon clicked into Scorpio and now begins darkening very quickly. Our New Moon in Sagittarius commences her fresh cycle on Tuesday morning at 7:19 AM EST at 7 SAGITTARIUS 43.

The Sabian Symbols for this Lunar Event read as follows:

SUN AND MOON AT 8 SAGITTARIUS: In the cauldron of the universe the metals are forming. Irresistible determination to be. Infinite capacity for hard work. Crystallization of purpose and will out of experience.
JUPITER AT 17 LIBRA: Retired sea captain in uniform watches ships sail away. Vicarious or mellow participation in life. Transfer of activity from physical to mental; or self-involvement in the past.

Until then, though, the Moon is purging, releasing, clearing, wrapping up and absolving her current phase. Early this morning, Mercury is inflamed due a fiery trine with Uranus at 8:38 AM. Minds and mouths are busy and without filter. For some, this can equate to symptoms equivalent of those found in ADHD. At it's highest, it's supports straight truthful verbal discourse. Rapid fire swapping and sharing of ideas and inspiration. There is certainly room for brilliance to wax in. I'll tell you, though, in order to mete out this energy effectively, you must remain cool and grounded. Once the adrenaline starts surging or once your body is polluted with chemicals, this becomes harder to manage. Scorpio Moon feels incredibly deeply. And, holds a lot very close to her chest. However, with Mercury in this kind of condition, it's as if you have this big puffed up balloon of thoughts and ideas which we may try to keep to ourselves but Uranus provides the “poke” that sends that puffed up balloon sailing and expelling everything it previous had pent up. Can be good for clearing the air and finally being able to find the words to express how you feel. Or...someone's rapid fire and thoughtless mouth could really send you toward more negative feelings. It all depends. Of course, it doesn't help matters much that just prior to the fire trine, Mercury perfects in square to Chiron (3:22 AM). Triggering. Also, something that can pop that ever building balloon.

For best results, again, grounding and attempts at NOT adding more angst to the situation (lowering intake of caffeine, stimulants and reducing your risk of over stimulation due to media intake and the like) are paramount. IF you can do that, then this aspect plays out much more smoothly.
If nothing else, today is wonderful for detoxification and clearance efforts for more than one reason. First, this is what waning moons are for. Second, Scorpio Moon greatly benefits from it and can be quite stellar at doing so. Either way, there is a chance at pressure release. It's like letting the air out of a fully inflated balloon all at once and watching it sail wildly all around the room until everything is expelled. It can bring relief. But, unchecked it can also bring hurt feelings and spewing off the cuff with things you don't really mean. Those latter possibilities decrease if you can maintain an air of optimism, future mindedness and keep the intention of clearing the air and having truthful and open discussions instead of just mindlessly shooting off your mouth. Yes. Mindfulness is very important here. Thinking independently is also greatly accentuated as well as pulling folks together under the umbrella of a common social and/or philosophical cause. Words, thoughts AND emotions matter today. Make sure you are well tuned into yours. What needs to be avoided is the potential for mindless group think. It would be really easy to be whipped up in a frenzy and it would be really easy for someone else to also do this in a not so great way. But, as the negative exists so does the positive. As much as the potential for a negative mob mentality exists, so does the potential for positive and liberating movements. Does that make sense? We can come together due fears and shadows and loose our collective minds. Or, we can come together over things we are deeply concerned about and make sincere unifying progress while opening the door wide to collaboration and fostering of new solutions. Both potentials exist. The power of your choice as to how to use it is what matters. Most likely the truth of what you've been holding inside you is likely to come out for better or worse. Which, in a sideways manner, makes today wonderful for observation if you are curious about the truth of who you are dealing with.
Remember, the sign of Scorpio is bent on extremes. It can go really, really good. Or really, really bad. Many will forget the middle ground. But, Jupiter in Libra BEGS us to remember.

Either way, the events of today are likely to wear us out. At 9:48 PM the Moon trines Neptune and we are ready for retreat, quenching of dry throats and perhaps a little bit of fantasy by way of escape. We've heard enough. Said enough. Now all that rests and stirs in the emotional/intuitive body.
It's a busy day overall. The chance for unsettled weather is high both in the external world and internal world. We will be ready to shut the door on it all by nightfall.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

This morning we wake up to ambiguity as the Moon in Scorpio squares off with Mars in Aquarius at 6:24 AM. It's like a clash of ice with very hot water. At the right temperatures, that can be explosive. A veritable shock to both systems (ice and heat). Done gently though and eventually the whole mixture reaches a common and more comfortable temperature.

When Scorpio and Aquarius bump heads, it's typically a fight over logic versus the emotional. And, that's a lot how this square plays out. To ease the tension between the two, balance logic against emotional awareness. Know that some things just don't make sense. Realize some “why's” don't have answers. Realize that how you feel DOES directly affect what you do. And, then, look for a commonality that the two can share. Give them a common cause to fight or stand up for. Find the fulcrum, the common ground, instead of dwelling on the impasse.
Around midday the Scorpio Moon gets much more comfortable due to tandem sextiles to Pluto (11:09 AM) and Venus (4:49 PM) in Capricorn. This brings depth and structure to the emotional body which allows it to settle significantly. It helps to know what is true priority in your life. What is really important. What it is that supports you and reliably feeds you back as much energy as you put in. What is WORTH it, in other words. Deeply expressed gratitude fits well here as well as leaning into tried, true and trustworthy connections.

The Sun and Moon both meet up with Uranus by minor aspect throughout the day. So there can be a little twitching. Unusual or awkward social interactions. A lingering anxious feel. But effort given over to finding what is true and stable is well spent and brings a nice sense of grounding and ease to the day.
At 8:56 PM the Moon finds Chiron by trine and reaches Void status. This is very quiet and following the interaction between the Moon, Pluto and Venus can lead us to delving into effective coping mechanisms in an effort to heal our aching souls.

The Moon remains Void for most of Monday. She enters Sagittarius at 3:46 PM tomorrow.