Morning Star: Astrology for the week of October 10 to October 16, 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016

It's a rather chilly, yet breezy October morning this Monday. The Moon entered the sign of Aquarius overnight. This afternoon we feel the wafting but somewhat chilly breeze as the Moon trines Mercury in Libra. Discussions are happening, for sure. And, hopefully they are maintaining an air of decorum and are within the realm of higher minded principles. What's best for all. The community. The collective. This is a wonderful time for collaborations, debates and discussions as long as you keep from getting too emotional with them and instead invoke a sense of reason. Yes. Attempt to keep emotions on a cool level today. Aquarius is the water-bearer. Meaning it holds emotions (water) in a container. He isn't getting drunk on them or drowning in them. He is holding them from a dry position to study them. The point being to achieve emotional clarity and intelligence.

The discussion/debate opportunities continue as the day moves forward and our Aquarian Moon dances with Jupiter in Libra by trine at 3:05 PM. Remember to weigh the facts and address the topic from all angles without taking the defendant's status (social or financial) or ability to charm into your decision making. We are all the same when it comes to the letter of the law and justice. OR AT LEAST WE SHOULD BE? RIGHT?

Overnight, the Moon is further stabilized by a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius. This mixture's highest use bears in mind the long term ramifications of the decision made today upon our collective future. Decisions such as these are worthy of us taking our time to make them. So, keep weighing out factual evidence and discard the rest. And, no, just because you saw a meme or a story shared on social media that doesn't mean it is fact. Remember what Jupiter's transit through Virgo taught you. Separate the wheat from the chaff in regard to fact, lie and mere opinion or rhetoric. Meanwhile, the wind does continue to swirl as Mercury in Libra crawls closer to his conjunction with Jupiter. We are greeted with that as we wake up in the morning.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Again, the breezes of discussion and debate are still swirling in the air as Mercury finds Jupiter by conjunction at 5:46 AM. This occurs at 6 Libra 53 (about 4 degrees past that big black hole in Libra, btw). The Sabian Symbol for the degree of this conjunction reads as follows:
A witch feeds chickens frightened by a hawk she had tamed. Control of natural forces by the higher intelligence. Taming the strong, uplifting the weak. Transmutation through service.

LOL...ok. Let me clue you in on the detriment of Jupiter no matter where he falls. It is that of self-aggrandizement. An overblown ego. Self-righteous belief that one has all the answers and who is unwilling to listen to anything that contradicts that. At his lower vibration in Libra he is loud mouthed blow hard who has overly simplified answers to questions he knows absolutely nothing about. He speaks with a forked tongue appealing to whomever is in his audience at the time never meaning any of it because it's all a social game in which he is the star. With this conjunction we are very likely to hear some very loud and boisterous voices. Opinions. Blow hards. Those that have a counter point to make in regard to everything you say just because “why can't today be opposite day” and someone needs to illustrate the “other's” point of view. Tit for tat and sword battles.

However, those types that grasp the lower vibration of this energy are going to be the tamed hawks in this instance. Tamed. Those that will be lifted up and protected during this transit are those that are willing to search for the truth and evidence that backs that truth up. Those that will soar are those that aim to inform others with truth not just blow smoke up their asses and with promises they have no intention to keep. Those who wear the higher expression of this will be those that can maintain a sense of justice and fairness and wish to use those principles in an effort to create a better world. A more generous world. A more gentle world with things like compassion for our fellow man through a true willingness at and humility toward the service of others. So, when you see those little frightened chickies running around scared, reassure them with the service of truth. Let them know the hawk is just all squawk. Another high expression of this conjunction comes by way of prayer.
In other words, let the blow hard blow while knowing the truth will sustain the test of time.
By 8:16 AM we can astutely feel the pain and subsequent bias/illness of the collective as Venus from Scorpio waxes into trine with Chiron in Pisces. Not many will talk about this stirring in their gut. But, many will be astutely aware of it.
In our early afternoon hours, the socialness and chatter associated with the element of Air continues as the Aquarius Moon trine the Sun in Libra (12:59 PM) just as Mars in Capricorn is softened and imbued with compassion and empathy via a sextile to Neptune (1:04 PM). Hard lines melt as we have these open discussions with our friends, partners, coworkers and neighbors. Many discover they are not having the same conversations that they've had before. Something has changed or revealed itself on many an individual level.

At 7:16 the Moon in Aquarius squares off with the deep desires and yearnings of Venus in Scorpio. Do you own your possessions or do they own you. What is so important? Power? Or the depth of a intimate soul connection with life itself? Greed and accumulation of material wealth? Or having secure loving connections to support you when all the money you have can't buy that? That's the challenge put forth to us via this square. What's important? What do you want? Ok. Now, what's REALLY important? And, chances are the answers to the latter have no price tag.
That point is driven home as the Moon finds her current ruler by sextile at 7:49 PM. Hey, when was the last time you called up your BFF to just say “Hi.” Isn't it time you guys had a date or something? It's a great time for light social ventures and leaning into your tribe and circle of friends.
Following the sextile with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Pisces in the morning.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Moon reactivates in Pisces at 8:43 AM. Many will be tired of the chatter of the previous few days and will be ready for a bit of quiet and withdraw. Mercury will cross by Neptune by way of inconjunct tonight. So, we may have an unexpected bit of confusion or blurriness in our later evening hours. I suggest shutting up and listening to music while soaking in a bathtub with Epsom salts. Yeah, that sounds good.

Overnight, the Pisces Moon will find Neptune by conjunction and even though the Moon is growing so fat as it encroaches upon becoming full...we may have a chance to get a good night's sleep here.
Just don't be afraid to spend time in silence and/or prayer or meditation.
Yes, it could be a watery day. We are a little more emotional and a little more sensitive than we were under all the Air we had at the beginning of the week. Be easy with yourself and be picky with the energy that you surround yourself with at this time because you will be prone to become infected by it for better or worse. Boundary up. Prepare to float.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gosh I hope you took the time to relax and float a little bit yesterday. This morning we wake up to the Moon in Pisces leaving a (rather nice) sextile with Mars (3:11 AM) but headed straight into a spoonful of reality and hard truths as she squares off with Saturn at 6:19 AM. That's an Eeyore like black cloud if I've ever seen one. Grumpy. Depressed. But, also...very, very sober. And, even though that spoonful of truth may be hard to swallow at least now you know and can make better decisions in light of it. It is what it is. All that's left to do is accept and deal with it. Though, no, this is really not much fun at all.
By 10:21 AM though, now that the Moon has accepted the truth Saturn has given her, she is enriched and supported by the integrity, grit and endurance gifted to her by way of a sextile to Pluto. Yeah, it's going to take awhile to fill these fissures. But, the efforts will be worthy in the long run. Roll up your sleeves. NOT go bolting out of the gate!

At 5:00 Mercury meets Mars by accident prone square at 5:00 PM. This is a standoff between work life and social life. Responsibility and relationship. Mars in Capricorn is ambitious. Mercury in Libra has a tendency to procrastinate or waffle in making decisions. To wrangle this square effectively use your motivations and goals as guides for your decision making. Long term, what do you want to accomplish? Ok, does this decision fit with meeting that goal? Then, adjust when/where necessary. Know there may be pushes from the outside to make up your mind. There may be arguments with your boss or authority figures. You may have to work on balancing work life and personal life. But, the main thing is not to try to rush (physically) through any of this though there may, indeed, be push from somewhere to feel if as if you need to rush. Slow down. Pay attention to what you are doing. Take the time you need to weigh everything out and make up your mind. Act with integrity, wisdom and foresight.

By nightfall, the Moon in Pisces finds Chiron by conjunction (9:29 PM) and then moves on to trine Venus in Scorpio before dawn (3:14 AM). There is a very quiet and very personal reckoning that has opportunity to occur here. But, you have to be willing to do the soul searching and personal truth rectifying to get there.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Following the Moon's trine with Venus she is Void until entering Aries at 11:09 AM. Meanwhile, the Sun in Libra meets Chiron in Libra by inconjunct at 10:11 AM. So the healing and rectification on an internal level continue even as the Moon is Void. We see more of our collective bias and learn more about ourselves in the process.


After the Moon turns back on, judgment calls and decisions are made as Mercury in Libra sextiles Saturn at 2:47 PM. You best take your oath to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help you. This is where “liberty and justice for all” becomes the battle cry. Because, hey, wasn't that part of our initial goals to start with? Or was that something we just said because it sounded cool. You did hear the “for all” part? Right? Ok. Then take the witness stand and tell the truth and nothing but the truth. That's the only thing you will be able to stand firm on in the long run.

The emotional reactions to some of these testaments of truth are going to be over the freaking top as the Moon opposes Jupiter in Libra at 11:35. Those potentially overblown emotional reaction are going to lead us into the “next big thing” which is an opposition from the Sun in Libra to Uranus in Aries bright and early in the morning. The facts divulged today leads to the severing of ties and breaking of chains tomorrow. It also leads to call of peace and justice in the face of more violent rebellion. It calls for balance against pure vigilante justice and for reform in the ways in which make judgment calls to begin with. And, again, the call to be inclusive and fair rings through the world with this opposition. LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. Yes, ALL. And, yes, many will break or wriggle free form oppressive and subordinating relationships during this time.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

We wake up in the fire and air mixture between the Sun and Uranus opposition that I mentioned yesterday. Today is, indeed, electrified. Many feel as if they are standing on the edge of a revolution. In fact, we collectively very well may be.

As the Sun and Uranus hang in opposition, the Moon in Aries squares off with Mars in Capricorn. There is ambiguity here and questions of loyalty and integrity to be considered here. As well as elements of over-powering versus using authority properly. Serve and protect.
The emotional volatility does settle a bit by way of a trine from the Moon to Saturn at 7:47 AM. Stabilize and mobilize.

By 9:54 AM, disagreement re-initiates with a standoff between the Moon and Mercury in Libra at 9:54 AM. Mercury reminds us, it's not all about you...there is a bigger world out there to keep in consideration too. But, yes, there could be more than one verbal sparring match to contend with in today's sky.
At 11:20 AM the Aries Moon stands off with the depth of our own deception and stares into the abyss left behind by Pluto in Capricorn. What you see here may be just enough to piss you off. The secret plots. The conspiracy theories. The ways in which we have been fooled or misled. The ways in which we have allowed things like greed and indentured servitude to take over our world. The ways in which we have sold our souls. There is chance for emotional manipulation here and abuses of power. There is plenty of room for friction and general nastiness. Stay strong. Remember there is no courage without fear. And, get a good firm grasp upon your integrity especially if you feel tempted to do otherwise.
After our emotional body traverses this fearful square, Mercury also squares off with Pluto increasing the tendency toward paranoia, fearful hate speech, the loud clearly spoken shadow of the collective and even the potential for severe militant action which in turn leads to a quick revolt as the Moon finds Uranus by conjunction less than an hour before our Full Moon in Aries pops wide the heck open.
Many will hear the swoosh of the sword as it slices through the air. The whistle it makes within that slice sounds a lot like, “ENOUGH!” SWOOSH “ENOUGH”

Again. Ties are severed. Chains are broken. We MUST find a better, more intelligent, more liberating, more encompassing way to deal with modern day issues. Bickering and violence is not going to cut it. But, this Mercury/Pluto square that breeds paranoia and fear is going to be a hard thing to contend with. Make sure you know the facts. Make sure you know what bridges you are burning. And, don't forget this is not all about your singular point of view there is a whole collective out there to consider in this too.

The Sabian for the Full Moon reads as follows:

SUN AT 24 LIBRA: A butterfly spreads its wings showing an extra left one. Potentiality of new forms. Instinctive expansion of self; or submergence in the not-self.

MOON AT 24 ARIES: A window curtain blown inward, shaped like a cornucopia. Good fortune attending upon the putting forth of effort. Rush of spiritual forces into the conscious ego. Protection.

See? There is promise here. But you've got to overcome the demons of your own mind to get there. That's where you should wage battle first. Free yourself from the chains you have put on your own self by way of attempting to please everyone or do what it is everyone thinks you should do instead of following the truth in your own heart. Steer yourself away from users, abusers and those that continually try to hold you down and manipulate you. True vigilante justice these days comes by way of finding love and acceptance for your good neighbors instead of competing with them for power and or resource. It comes from disconnecting from abusive and undermining relationships while recognizing the supportive and inclusive ones at the same time. Be careful where you aim that sword. Be careful which bridge you blow to smithereens. But, when you narrow your target down to those things that keep poisoning you....BOOM. And walk away.

Follow the Full Moon, she is void until entering Taurus midday tomorrow. We'll need that Void Moon. It's going to take awhile for the dust to settle here.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Oh, yes, much nicer here with the Moon waking up in Taurus at 11:05 AM. We centered a little more comfortably...a little less nuts and a little less reactive today. The Moon saunters through Taurus today with her only building aspect coming by way of a sextile with Neptune at 2:09 AM. SHEW. I'm glad all that's over. Aren't you? Where's the cake? And my fluffy blanket? Plus all those wonderful cuddly cuddles? That's where you need to focus today. Whatever it is that brings you comfort and tangible Earthy solid Venus. Indulge. Relax. It's been quite a crazy week. But, we made it. We really did. Now, maybe we can relax for a minute...maybe even a whole day!