Morning Star: Astrology for the week of October 31 to November 6, 2017

Monday, October 31, 2016

Regardless of what the retailers may tell you today is HALLOWEEN! Not pre-Christmas. Sorry, my ass is a little raw over the pushing of holidays for the purpose making them more profitable. Can we not just enjoy things as they come? In their proper season? All in due time? Please?
So, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Happy Samhain! Happy...Monday? I don't know. Let's take a look and see.

This morning we wake up to the Moon still in Scorpio. As it should be appropriately enough. At 4:49 AM she is sextile her ruler, Pluto. There is a depth and darkness to the day that is rather fitting, if you ask me. Spirits rise and witches cackle. As it should be.
This depth and intricacy of emotion hangs with us through most of the day. The next aspect comes by way of a trine from the Moon to Chiron at 4:42 PM. Don't go all overkill on the candy and treats or you will end up with a belly ache. Later tonight, the Moon sextiles Mars in Capricorn prior to reaching Void status. She will remain Void until entering Sagittarius tomorrow at 10:43 AM. Meanwhile, though, the Sun waxes strongly into a trine with Neptune that perfects overnight at 4:17 AM.
The sextile to Mars gives us opportunity to plan out the work we have ahead of us. Step by step. Rung by rung. It's gritty. It has a point. And it has a plan of action. Eventually. We may or may not start it right now or today. But, yeah...there's a plan.
However, as the Sun trines Neptune person ambition has a tendency to wane. So, while we may make a plan we are not so much ready to engage in it just yet. We are more content with entertaining fiction, entertainment and matters of the imagination right now. The only caution I have here is don't let the “season” cause you to get all scared. Yes. The veil is thin. Yes. There are Spirits floating around out there. Yes. Some things are scary but they are only as scary as the amount of attention you allow them to have. Dip into the chance to dress up and be someone else for a day. Sun trine Neptune is stellar for that just don't go falling for the costumes. Realize people are deliberately veiling who they are right now. Most of it will be all in good fun. But, you know, retain a wellspring of common sense to tell you when someone is veiling their identity with an ulterior motive other than fun. Other than that, have fun with it, allow yourself to reasonably indulge in treats without over doing it and then get a good night's rest. Self-fostered nightmares are an option not a requirement.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Moon is Void as we wake up this morning. She reactivates in Sagittarius at 10:43 AM. However, most of the morning clicks on by dispassionately. Meanwhile the Sun lingers in trine to Neptune and some questions of identity may still be up in the air. There may be a “who-done-it” or two to solve left over from last night. Who exactly was that masked person anyway?

The Moon is active throughout the day but it remains largely unaspected. So we are free to indulge in the optimism of the Sagittarius Moon as we please. Roam if you want to. But expect that ambition will likely be lacking quite a bit as the Sun lingers in his trine to the Sea God. It sounds a lot like muddling through the working part of the day in an effort to get to playtime to me. So muddle away.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Early this morning the Moon squares off with Neptune at 5:35 AM. UGH. Is it really necessary for us to drag ourselves out of bed. FIVE MORE MINUTES! That's all we ask for. But, really, some may be sick. Some may be emotionally hung over or literally hung over from being drunk or over-indulging last night. Either way, it is a drag your ass out of bed morning...or not...depending on how you feel and how you want to go with it. If you are sick, stay home. If you are struggling emotionally, take efforts to care for yourself. But, if you lack excuse then get up and get this day started.
Things start to feel better as the day moves forward. The Moon finds Jupiter by sextile right around 10 AM. Alright. We woke up and now we do feel a little better. We chat with friends and listen to their stories. We are a little more social and little more willing to engage with others now.

Yet, later this evening, there are deadlines and restrictions depressing the emotional body. Sagittarius Moon wants to have fun. So what's all this business about work got to do with that? In reality, this can equate to depression and a feeling of over-whelm. Yet, Mercury is waxing into sextile with Pluto. You can prioritize and plan your way out if you try. One deliberate step at a time. It calls for endurance and fortitude which every good Marathon runner knows a lot about. This is the part of the Marathon though where our athletic Moon feels like it may not make it to the end. Believe in yourself and keep going. We catch a second wind very, very soon.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Around 1 AM, Mercury officially met his current ruler, Pluto in Capricorn, by sextile. We are thinking/considering some fairly deep matters. But, the aspect is well stabilized and the answers we get in response to our questions are truthful. So, there's a lot to work with here. The only caution is allowing thoughts to veer toward paranoia. No, no. Don't allow that. We are going to plan our way out of this swamp and that's just how this is going to go ok? We'll survive it.
Shortly after, the Mercury/Pluto sextile the Moon met Venus in Sagittarius by conjunction which may have brought blissful hope into our scrutinizing. If you see a light at the end of the tunnel believe that it is hope coming and not a train chasing in an effort to run over you. However, you assess the situation you will be right so take your time in deciding the best way to look at it.

This morning, after all that takes place overnight, we are ready to go! The Moon trines Uranus at 6:35 AM and there is a fresh new day out there waiting for us to take a bite out of it. Be willing to try new things and shake up and change old routines. Opt for what brings you more freedom not more restriction and definitely lean into increasing your emotional intelligence. All in all this is busy but not cumbersome busy. It's active in a good way.
Following the trine with Uranus the Moon is Void allowing us to keep enjoying the day in the purity of what it is. The Moon remains Void all day long but goes out on a light and free note so enjoy that. She reactivates in Capricorn at 11:05 PM. There will be time for seriousness in the days the to come. Earmark today for light enjoyment more so than productive efforts.

Friday, November 4, 2016

The Moon reactivated in Capricorn last night. But, she isn't really doing much. Meanwhile, Venus finds Chiron by square. Um...ouch. There could be rebound illness here. There could be a trigger tripped in regard to what we care about or value. We may notice a personal bias or two in regard to what we value and how we value it.
The Moon spends most of the day waxing toward a sextile with Neptune which perfects right at quitting time. Oh sure, we'll feel better on an emotional level if we accomplish something today. So, work toward that end but don't put a whole lot of pressure on yourself to perform. Rome wasn't built or destroyed in one day. Anything worthy of completion is worthy of taking your time as well. This isn't a race. Set your own pace and realize life is not all production there is time for dancing too.
By 10:56 PM our productive Moon squares off with socialite extraordinaire Jupiter in Libra. Our friends are calling us away from our responsibilities and begging us to play. Let them. Go have some fun.

Overnight, the Capricorn Moon dances nicely by sextile with the Scorpio Sun. There's room for bow-chica-mow-wow if you get what I mean. There is also room to make finishing touches to our plans for excavation and renovation. Either way its stable and its seductive and you can give yourself permission to enjoy that. It's rather empowering as a matter of fact. All gears seem to be going in the right direction. Allow it.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Venus is free! She is really, really free! Overnight she met Uranus in a whipping fire trine and hearts all over the world were set ablaze. We are encouraged to lean into trying new things. Showing admiration for our tribe and/or group. Letting our individual freak flags fly and taking a big run and go toward that which makes us feel more free, more independent, more flexible and keep letting go of the mundane and routine.

But...Moon in Capricorn likes mundane and routine. She may not understand this flush of fire coming from Venus but if she takes a minute she may be able to monopolize upon it. When you are working toward something that you want...something that matters to you...something that you love and ENJOY investing in it becomes less work and more adventure. So, just because it is not the way it's always been done that doesn't mean it is not the way it CAN be done. Life doesn't have to be all work and no pleasure. It can certainly be a mixture of both and that is the opportunity we are delivered today.
The Moon meets Pluto by conjunction at 5:25 AM. So initially we meet with temptation or feel over-burdened. But, follow what your heart is begging you do and allow Venus to wriggle free as she pleases.
At 1:07 PM the Moon meets Mercury in Scorpio by sextile and strategies and secrets are discussed while Venus spins and whirls and lacks in her give-a-damn. Then, the Cappy Moon squares off with Uranus and this is where the anxiety comes in. “Quit dancing and listen to me because this is important,” says the Cappy Moon. Uranus just glares back and says, “Lighten up you old goat!” LOL. Ok. Yes. If you haven't lightened up, please feel free to do so. We are doing things the new way now and that means change. That is unsettling to some but the Universe doesn't really care. You can either get on board with figuring out new solutions to old problems or not. The world will keep on spinning with or without your input. I'm going to keep dancing because, personally, I think the world could use more of that more than more worry and burden. But, you know, that's just me.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ok, ok. The party has settled down a little by this morning. Early EARLY (4:57 AM), the Moon met Mars by conjunction in Capricorn. Hurry up! Get up! There is work to do you dancing fool!
But, alas, following the conjunction to Mars, the Moon is Void for a few hours before entering Aquarius at 8:56 AM. I suggest letting the “urge” to get up and get moving pass you by. Because, with a Void Moon you can do that and get away with. But, if you must get up with the chickens and get to work the power to do so is there. Though, I always thought that was what Mondays were for. Sundays are meant for resting. And, you can do that here.
By 2:01 PM Mercury finds Chiron by trine. Now, we know the mind has been distracted by heavier matters no matter what Venus has been up to. But, here we have an opportunity to really get to the root of what is wrong in our heads or in our hearts and can find a way to express that. Probably not going to be a fun conversation. But, it will be worthy. Say what you need to say. Clear your heart and head space. You'll feel loads better for it.

The Moon makes mere minor aspects throughout the day. But, the Sun meets Pluto by sextile overnight. We will be ready to buckle down and get things done by Monday morning just in time for the First Quarter Moon that will call us to the ready to take action on our intentions. But this week, on the whole? It's more about remembering what fun and real freedom is than worrying about what you don't have done yet. There will be time for that. Plenty of plenty time for that. Don't shame or guilt yourself for breaking free from the “worry pack” and investing in your own pleasure and freedom while you can. This week offers that to you and I greatly encourage you to pick it up and run as far as you can with it.
You kind of have to create your sense of freedom this week and give yourself permission to go with that. I promise, no one is going to just hand it to you. You've got to take it and realize that you don't need anyone's permission to get it anyway. The opportunity is yours to choose IF ONLY YOU WILL!