Morning Star: Astrology for the week of October 3 through October 9, 2016

Monday, October 3, 2016

The week begins settled enough. This morning, we wake up to the Moon in Scorpio. She is quite sleepy as she is still waxing toward a trine with Neptune that perfects at 11:35 AM. From here, she moves toward a conjunction with Venus (4:59 PM). Of course, with Mars and Pluto (tandem rulers of Scorpio) both in Capricorn, we think of ambition and production. However, this morning, we don't seem to be much in the mood for that. There are deeper concerns swirling in our guts. Venus and the Moon are not alone in Scorpio, of course. Black Moon Lilith and Juno both still reside there and have been there for quite awhile now. So, while ambition and responsibility may be calling, many are entertaining personal affairs behind the veil and under the hood.

On the most basic level, it will be hard to get up and engage in the work week as the firing pistol goes off. We do our dutiful routines if we are able. But, our hearts are elsewhere. And, there is a part of us that may wish we were “elsewhere” too. But, we muddle through for the most part. Doing what we are obligated to do while giving deep consideration to other things we feel as if we need to be doing which bear greater personal importance than doing whatever our boss feels we need to be concerned with.
Overnight the Moon sextiles her current Lord, Pluto in Capricorn at 9:55 PM. Here we are given opportunity to closely inspect the fissures in our foundations that Pluto Rx dutifully uncovered. We most certainly need a plan of repair while realizing that band-aids aren't exactly going to do the trick. The work required will be much more deep and involved than that. At times, the work ahead to repair the damage will feel overwhelming. But, when we look at it...stare into that barren abyss...and break the steps down into manageable bites, we may, indeed be able to foster a pathway out or develop a plan to more effectively rebuild. We want to take our time with this anyway. The repairs are important enough to devote our attention. The work required will be meticulous. And, this is where we have opportunity to assess and plan such repairs. However, we do realize that the poisons within us must be purged prior to any repair work. There is vile in there that must be astutely recognized and subsequently released. As long as we remain in denial of these things, we will inevitably enshrine them in the rebuild only to have them rise to the surface in the future. Face them down. Release and purge them, bravely, instead. Clean and debride the wound. These are quite personal demons fissures and fears we are talking about here. So, it's up to the individual to wrestle with them, if they dare. And, it's those that are willing to face off squarely with these things and purge them that will fare the best.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

This morning, the Moon continues to grow in Scorpio. Her first major aspect is a trine to Chiron during which we can acutely assess the pains of the collective stirring deeply within our guts. Our denied truths. The ugly we've tried to forget. It all is swirling in there this morning. With that, again, we have much on a personal level to consider.

By midday, the Sun locks into sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. The road congeals, once again, under our feet and we are called gently to duty. Put on your best face and deal with the work you have to do. Meanwhile, the Moon collaborates with Mercury in Virgo at 9:05 PM. We go to bed with the pieces of the puzzle swirling in our heads. We are trying to fit these pieces into order of priority. First step. Then, next step according to importance. Emotional and mental triage of the situations we are dealing with on those personal levels occurs. As those thoughts continually swirl, the Moon reaches Void status until entering Sagittarius at 4:27 AM.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Quite an interesting day, indeed. Today we wake up to the Moon in Sagittarius. Her first aspect comes in our evening hours, a sextile to Jupiter in Libra. This is uplifting on the emotional plane. A bright spot. A lighter mood. Which, I'm sure, will be welcomed by most.

However, our hearts are still concerned with deeper matters. Much deeper matters as Venus finds Pluto in Capricorn by sextile. Tis the bane of Libra season to smile and put on a socially acceptable mask even when there are deep things stirring in our guts. But, the call of those deeper things are apparent throughout. What helps here are cherished friends and people we trust. That's where the important conversations occur. Behind closed doors with our most intimate and trusted friends and contacts.
Yet, the tendency to over-react is upon us as Mars squares off with Jupiter in Libra at 5:46 PM. Ambition kicks. Hard. Causing us to feel as if we need to do something RIGHT NOW. And that push is somewhat skewed and passive aggressive. Not exactly what Mars in Capricorn at his highest would choose. The best use of this has us climbing and climbing for that higher perspective. Jupiter in Libra reaches wide and encompasses a wide swath of folks seeking the betterment of society on the whole. Justice seeking. Truth seeking. And, when you are in a swamp of injustices it's hard to tell right from wrong. So, keep diligently climbing one step at a time dragging yourself up that mountain. Gather around your trusted supports and cling to faith. Goats know that mountains create their own weather. One minute it is sunny and warm. However, 100 feet or so up the hill a storm is brewing. The answer to dealing with that is not to declare you will conquer the weather and subdue the fates. The answer is to keep climbing while reaching out in tandem to those climbing next to you in support while accepting their trusted support/advice/guidance in return when you need it.

By midnight, we are clinging to the side of that mountain in the midst of a foggy rainstorm perhaps crying at our chosen Lord and Savior or Gods and Goddesses asking, “Why? Why have you forsaken me?” as the Moon squares off with Neptune. We lay in our puddles of grief and delusion...perhaps crying ourselves to sleep in our collective feeling of abandonment. Yet, as the sparrow's morning song precedes the dawn in the morning, we notice the ground begins to re-solidify under our feet. The sky dries her tears and the Sun breaks through the clouds. We remember our integrity. Our grit. Our faith. We have survived the storm. Perhaps we were not abandoned afterall. We stare at the top of that mountain with hope wrapped in diligence as the Moon meets up with Saturn at 4:45 AM...just prior to sunrise. It is what it is. The truth is the truth. Now, we shall work on dealing with that.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Indeed, it may have been quite a night. But, as I mentioned, things are a little more solid this morning than they were late last night. This morning, after the Moon leaves her conjunction with the “realness” of Saturn, she dances with the Sun in Libra via sextile. This mixture of Air and Fire are a nice warm breeze in comparison to the rainy puddle we slept in last night.
Enjoy the “lightness” gifted to us under this sky while it lasts.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Overnight, the Moon in Sagittarius found a bit more freedom by way of a trine to Uranus in Aries at 2:26 AM. This helped to offset some of the remorse that bubbled up under the Moon/Chiron square that waxed in at midnight. For now, the Moon is void until entering Capricorn at 4:40 PM this afternoon.
However, while our emotional bodies are subdued and lax in reactiveness following the Moon reaching Void status, there is still plenty brewing under the surface.

First, Mercury has now entered Libra as of 3:56 AM this morning. And, about 12 hours later, the Sun in Libra squares off with Pluto at 3:30 PM. This occurs at nearly 15 degrees Cardinal (14 Libra/Capricorn 57) to be precise. And, it's likely to feel a lot like being caught in the crosshairs between what we feel like we need to do and what everyone else thinks we need to do. There is pressure and temptation here. There is also that chance of someone smiling to your face only to be planning to stab you in the back later. Why, yes. Libra has an ugly shadow too. All signs do.
Again, the Moon is not active during this time. Therefore, our powers of observation without the interference of the immediate kick back of the emotional body is astute. As Mercury enters Libra, we are encouraged to gather and subsequently weigh all sides of the personal issues we have on hand in our first attempts to make fair and even judgments. In time, we will learn (as Jupiter in Libra will show us) that fair to me is not always the same as fair to you. But, we are just getting started in all that at this point. Don't make your final decision just yet. Keep allowing the facts and truth to trickle toward you. All you need to do now is gather them up while discarding the stuff that doesn't apply. In that, you get to be the judge of what stays in the mix for consideration and what goes. Allow the personal purge to occur.

The Sun is still locked in square with Pluto as the Moon re-awakens in Capricorn at 4:40 PM. We now, officially with the Moon's passage here, have a stellium in Capricorn (Moon, Mars and Pluto) versus a stellium in Libra (Sun, Mercury and Jupiter). That battle is due to pick up steam any minute now and the poking instigator in Aries (Uranus) will surely have a role in that, too.
So. How is it that you get the goat and the scales to get along? How, exactly, does one negotiate between Jupiter and Pluto? Given that eventual square between these two also happens within orb of Uranus finding outlet for that t-square in Cancer...perhaps hiding in your shell until the battle between the Gods is all over? Call their mothers to tattle? Invite them over for dinner? Appeal to the emotional impact of the situation and the importance of the legacy we leave behind for our children, perhaps. Perhaps. Just perhaps. What if I told you that this square occurs right on the US Sun in Cancer. What if I told you that all kinds of ugly in regard to our systems was going to pour out as it does? Would you be surprised? No? Good. Because that is what we are looking at eventually dealing with here.

Let me tell you a little about Jupiter square Pluto. It is a self-righteous to the death aspect. It is pompous. It is full of a lust for power and at it's lowest is so aggrandized and full of itself that it loses sight of anything that doesn't fit within it's systems of belief. Here we will be called to collectively purge. And, that will happen. Just like vultures do we will puke it all up but in a very public way. So, how can we navigate that to the highest? By activating the highest vibration of the planets involved in our personal affairs. Listen, the purging on a US national level and on a global level NEEDS to occur. Purging on personal levels also needs to occur. So, allow it...I mean, no one is going to be able to stop it anyway. In the meantime, remember the value of humility. Remember the importance of things such as integrity and building a new legacy. Remember that there is untapped ingenuity to be found with Uranus if we can rise above our most basal instinctual and reactive and warring nature to grasp it. Remember that there are going to be MANY who, instead of gathering in cooperation with ideas of helping the situation in mind, will gather with a violent and pissed off and personally justifiable agenda. I'll tell you this though. No matter what someone does in an effort to assail or oppress you that does not give you the justifiable right to do the same in response to them or anyone else. Does not. What that does, in the end, is surrender your power of choice and your power over your actions to dependency upon what someone else may have you do. So regardless of what “they” do make sure you are still thinking and making decisions based on what is best for all involved. It will involve emotional awareness and our culture is not built in such a way that supports or is beholden to that.
Today, my friends, is a practice run for all that which is set to occur soon enough. So hold your rudder gently but aim it true. Keep climbing. Make the next right decision bearing in mind the implications of your actions upon not only your future but our collective future and be sure you are not the lemming following the other unaware lemmings off the cliff.

After the Moon clicks back on, her first battle is with Mercury newly in Libra by square at 6:40 PM. The diligent Moon in Capricorn is not entertained by Mercury's incessant avoidance of the problem. Mercury in Libra is not entertained by the Moon's needling. Say what you need to say...good, bad, ugly or indifferent. Don't try to pretty it up or delay the conversation for a better time. Get it out in the open and deal with it now before it breeds resentment and/or contempt. Have those hard conversations. Only when the facts are revealed can the situation meet resolution.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Moon continues beaming away in Capricorn. This morning she squares off with Jupiter in Libra at 4:56 AM. Be sure you are looking at the situation clearly and are not over-blowing it. Zoom in and out perspective as necessary.
By 7:19 AM, the Moon is inspired toward productivity with a conjunction to Mars. She is then softened and imbued with creativity as she finds Neptune by sextile at 11:46 AM. Work but remain flexible.

Adhere to responsibilities but leave room for enjoyment too. Keeping your hands busy however you choose and fostering a small sense of accomplishment by the end of the day are the best way to go with this. Working things with our hands helps us to work out the tangles on the inside too. And, feeling as if you achieved something will gently help you regain a bit of confidence.
Just don't become overly enchanted by that confidence and don't grapple over who gets to be in control as the Moon finds Pluto by conjunction tonight. Instead, peer deeply into the crevices that are exposed and assess the root of your personal problems bravely and without veil of denial. We aren't there yet. But, we are working on it.

The Moon perfects in her First Quarter with the Libra Sun at 16 Cap/Libra 19 just around midnight. Yes, there is pressure. Yes, there is a push to DO something. So, quit procrastinating and handle it thoroughly. Don't you dare throw a doily over that puke in the floor. Clean it up and clean it up good vowing never again to allow yourself to ingest such poisons again.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

We are getting there. Each pushed to the very, very edge of our sanity almost to the brink of having had enough. Many have already ungracefully crossed that threshold. But, for those of us that remain, attempting to hold on to our last shreds of sanity have just about had enough too. We will hear those declarations loud and clear as our incoming Full Moon in Aries rolls about next week. Now, though, those inklings are still stirring as we continue to try to hang on.

pssst...Dee Snider from Twisted Sister is a Libra

This morning starts rather pleasantly, though as the Moon in Capricorn finds Venus in Scorpio by sextile. The waters quell and settle just a bit. We know on a visceral level that some things that are brewing internally cannot and will not sustain because they are poisoning us. It is NOT denial that leads us to that conclusion. No. Venus is leaving her trine with Neptune. It is the ability to be unafraid of what we find in our shadow and a willingness to purge and reform that into something that supports us instead of continually usurps us that is key. Conversion. Yes. Acceptance. Yes. Dealing responsibility with the demons that we find emerging from underneath our collective and individual skins. There is no room for denial or fear here.
We are reminded of our personal and collective biases as the Moon sextiles Chiron at 11:10 AM. You cannot go back and undo anything. All you can do is operate with what you know now and make better decisions in the future in light of that.

But, oh, are we fed up by this afternoon as the Capricorn Moon squares off with Uranus in Aries. This, for some, will indeed be the straw that breaks the camel's back. However, those that are able to rise above the emotional catalyst of the situation and declare that they will think and act for themselves with the future of the collective in mind are going to be the ones that fare the best. I'm not telling you to discount your emotional reaction. I'm telling you to not allow your initial emotional reaction dictate your next action. I'm telling you to level up in regard to your ability to tap into a higher form of emotional intelligence and to choose differently. More wisely. More aware of the implications of your chosen action or reaction. Won't be easy. But, it will, indeed be necessary.

Following the square with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Aquarius at 2:33 AM. So whatever explodes leaves an echo of resonance and unsettled vibrations behind it. How you deal with the unexpected and an upset in routine is going to tell you a lot about yourself. So, be sure you are in a position to be observant of those facts.