Morning Star: Astrology for the week of September 26 to October 2, 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016

This morning, the Sun in Libra is leaving her overnight conjunction with Jupiter (3:00 AM). The Moon lingers in Leo at an inconjunct to Neptune (4:11 AM) as Pluto stations direct in Capricorn at 14 degrees (5:15 AM). By 6:35 AM, just prior to sunrise, the Moon in Leo finds Saturn in Sagittarius by trine. From here, she makes a slew of minor aspects in the meat of the day which will add personal nuance throughout in regard to emotional/personal matters. Then, early, early tomorrow morning, she will trine Uranus prior to reaching Void status for most of our Tuesday. She enters Virgo tomorrow evening at 5:44 PM. Just prior to the Moon reaching Void status, Mars enters Capricorn in the morning at 4:07 AM.

As for today, folks are inclined to be involved in their personal business for the most part. We likely feel emotionally stable. Healthy relationships are highlighted as we seek justice and balance in our everyday affairs. Folks may also be inclined to be nice and a little more polite as the Sun leaves his conjunction with Jupiter. Some may strive to create an appearance of everything being “fine” even when it isn't. That's just Libra.
With a waning Moon trine Saturn along with the Air from Libra, it doesn't look as if there is much potential for heated emotions. However, the minor aspects between that Saturn trine and the Moon/Uranus trine will indeed bring focus to personal affairs. These include a sesquisquare from Moon to Mars at 12:41 PM; Moon inconjunct Pluto (in station) at 1:19 PM; a semi-square to both Jupiter and the Sun at 8:31 PM and 9:39 PM respectively, and, finally, an inconjunct to Chiron at 3:18 AM. What this means is there are personal situations and emotions attached to those minor aspects which are brewing steadily in our emotional systems. This will vary from person to person, of course. The key being to act with integrity/responsibility in regard to these issues and handle them in a way that bears in mind the impact of our actions upon our individual future and the future of our relationships. Again, we may or may not actually act upon these personal situations today. For the most part, these instances of personal nuance are just rolling around in our heads as we contemplate what we may do...or not do.
Of course, with Jupiter and the Sun in Libra, it is to your benefit (Jupiter) to weigh out all the facts (since Jupiter in Virgo taught us that and Mercury is still there, right) and evidence fully prior to making a decision.

In making that decision, Jupiter in Libra at his highest, does NOT take into consideration matters of social status, financial status or what have you. To the highest vibration of Libra, none of that matters. It doesn't matter who you are. You either did something right or you did something wrong. The facts will prove it or not either way. Your crying face makes no difference. Your remorse. Your opinion. The circumstances that led to your decision. None of that matters. It is or it isn't. We all put our pants on one leg at a time kind of thing. What matters is which side of the scales gets weighted down the most. Yay or nay. You have to present evidence or backup for your story. Otherwise, there is no proof it happened; therefore, it doesn't count as far as Libra is concerned. UNBIASED DECISIONS are what makes Jupiter in Libra operate on the highest level.

Here's funny. Above is Judge Judy. Her sun hangs at the end of Libra and she is OFTEN pictured with her hands up like this as if she is weighing things out. 

Tomorrow morning's Moon/Uranus trine allows us to wake refreshed having had opportunity to just think things over and analyze all the facts. We may have fostered a new perspective. We may have found a new and inventive method of engagement. We may find our personal groove within the tribe. We may have found the ingenious solution to our personal problems. Or, we may just not give a flip anymore. Either way, the Moon ends her stint in Leo on a light and, potentially, more hopeful note.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This morning, the Moon in Leo is Void following the trine with Uranus. She remains Void until entering Virgo at 5:44 PM. This gives us time to contemplate our shifts in motivation that followed Mars' transition into Capricorn at 4:07 AM.

Mars in Capricorn is an ambitious little goat. He snorts. Stomps his foot in the dirt. He is determined. Rock steady, moving neither too fast nor too slow. At his highest, his pace is surefooted and filled with an intent to leave a solid path behind him for others to follow. He moves with responsibility and purpose while being motivated to act credulously. At his lowest, he is abusive and restrictive. Tyrannical. Cruel, aggressive, and oppressive leadership. Overly ambitious and materialistic. High or low this Mars placement is horny. It's how that horny ambition is exerted that matters.
From the sign of Capricorn, Mars will square Jupiter (Oct 5 at 5:46 PM). He will conjunct Pluto (Oct 19 at 7:17 AM) and square Uranus (Oct 29 at 12:05 AM). He will meet both Neptune (Oct 11 at 1:04 PM) and Chiron (Oct 27 at 10:49 PM) by sextile. He will square Mercury (Oct 13 at 5:00 PM) once the Winged Messenger enters Libra. His journey in Capricorn ends just after midnight on November 9th. He will, indeed, need to pace himself; because, he will be quite a busy guy. As he enters Capricorn this morning, many will be using him to help develop some sort of plan to address whatever is catching priority.

After entering Virgo, the Moon's first aspect is a trine to Mars newly in Capricorn at 6:29 PM. This allows us to put the pieces of our plan together. It grounds us and helps us keep things simple. We feel as if we can really get into the work ahead of us. This feeling, too, lingers with us for awhile. There are no major aspects of any kind that occur between this trine and the Moon's next aspect (sextile to Venus) which doesn't occur until tomorrow at 4:48 AM. For the most part, we are brewing, stewing and plotting as we go about our regular day to day routines. With a smile. Always with a smile.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Today is quite a mixed bag. We were so grounded yesterday, it could very well catch us by surprise. We begin easy enough with a sextile from the Moon to Venus in Scorpio at 4:48 AM. Yes, there is still quite a bit brewing under the surface. Together Virgo and Scorpio can work amicably together to sort it all out.

However, just after lunch, the Moon finds Neptune by opposition (12:47 PM) and then squares off with Saturn shortly thereafter (3:43 PM). We hit quicksand and uncertainty. We may become overly fatigued or have veils of disillusionment drop right in front of us with a thud. BAM! The truth emerges and you are left with a shattered sense of what is real in light of it. It is a clash with the real and unreal. The provable and the believable. Truth and fantasy. In a way, that bears emotional impact. But, we are used to this right? Coming from every mutable Moon since Saturn and Neptune started bumping into one another. So...what is that? Four times a month for a year or so? Most of us are at the point that we've just accepted that we know nothing and that the ground is continually shifting like quicksand under our feet in this regard. Still, the hits keep coming, don't they? Again, thank goodness that aspect between Saturn and Neptune is now separating.

After the emotional sands shift and potentially throw us off balance, the Moon moves on to trine Pluto, now direct, in Capricorn at 10:25 PM. Yes. The stewing continues on an even deeper internal emotional level. As we wake in the morning, the Moon and Mercury come to terms with what is truly important and what needs to be addressed first by way of conjunction in Virgo at 6:06 AM. So, yeah, whatever happens in that mutable mess of a t-square with Moon, Neptune and Saturn in the middle of today...make no judgment call and declare no action just yet. Think about it. Feel about it. Take your time before you go rushing to conclusions. Weigh the facts. Consider the evidence. Let it all stew. We will all likely feel much more clear, more grounded and more able to see potential solutions in the morning.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

We are grounded and much more clear this morning. Following the Moon's conjunction with Mercury, she is Void for the rest of the day. She doesn't wake up in Libra until tomorrow morning at 3:54 AM.
This gives us today to toil and plod. Think things over. Turn the emotional reactions down a little and attempt to reason through our personal situations. It is a wonderful day to clean and sort things out on a physical level, too. The Moon is very, very dark and she is in Virgo. Clean, clear and release should be our collective mantra for the day.

Tomorrow brings a new day and a New Moon. There is a lot of room for making fresh starts and setting new intentions at that time. So, finish up what you have going on now and aim for a fresh clean slate. Clean tools. Open space. Clear stagnant energy and rest. Heal thyself...there is an opposition from Moon to Chiron right around midday.

Friday, September 30, 2016

This morning, the Moon opens her pretty little eyes in Libra at 3:54 AM. The first thing on her task list is a confrontation with Mars in Capricorn at 8:00 AM. This is, not so much, a casual Friday. Both Moon in Libra and Mars in Capricorn ARE concerned with appearances...especially their own. So, no. Dressing down will not do for today. The mood is more formal than that. The impression you leave will matter. The Moon in Libra may wish it were more relaxed, though. She is going to have to coax herself out of bed to finish out her work week. She's ready for the weekend but has responsibilities to attend to and bills to pay. Bummer. Might as well dress the part and smile in an effort to get it over with.
Things do lighten considerably as the Moon meets Jupiter at 12:55 PM. We are almost there! We are touching bases with our buddies to discuss our weekend leisure plans. We begin to feel lighter and more social, overall.

Then, after hours, but early enough in the evening for all to enjoy, the New Moon in Libra dawns at 8:13 PM on the following Sabian Symbol:

SUN AND MOON AT 9 LIBRA: Three “old masters” hang alone in an art gallery. Efficient cohesion of the three “souls” of man; of mind, feeling and instinct. Integrated wisdom. Sagacious behavior.

The ruler of this New Moon swims in Scorpio on this Sabian Symbol:

VENUS AT 8 SCORPIO: A high mountain lake is bathed in the full moonlight. Illumination of the soul by transcendent wisdom. Quiet touch with cosmic strength; or wayward moody effort at greatness.

Your intentions are waiting for you to set them. The only caution I have in that regard is to not over-idealize anything. Be wise and even handed. Be responsible and act with integrity. Bear in mind facts not opinions and aim for balance throughout. Venus is waxing into trine with Neptune. So, over-idealization can be a thing. Allow compassion to soften you but don't wear beer goggles. I'm not telling you to give up on the ideal. I'm telling you to be willing to do the work to achieve it because it doesn't exist yet. Know your part and be willing to play it. And, do so while realizing your connection to everything and the subsequent connection and relationship between everything and you.
The New Moon falls within orb of a sextile to Saturn which perfects at 2:57 AM; but, also, within orb of a square to Pluto which perfects tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM. Grounding and truth are accessible. But, some will smile to your face only to aim to stab you in the back later; because, they got greedy and/or power hungry. Know that. Not everyone's plans will be above board. There will be those that set out with intention to deceive and manipulate. It has been that way since the beginning of time; but, Venus trine Neptune may need to be reminded.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

This morning the Moon in Libra is leaving her sextile with Saturn and waxing into a square with Pluto at 9:30 AM. We could begin the morning a little paranoid and deluded. The ruler of our Moon, Venus, is also Pluto influenced (in Scorpio) and perfects in trine to Neptune at 1:14 PM. All in all it sounds dark and stormy on the inside. It also sounds quite alluring and mysteriously enchanting.
One simple manifestation comes through a scenario where you have lost something. You look for it for a bit in the places you commonly find it. But, still, it's gone. So, you automatically accuse someone of stealing it. Or you believe the fairies have hidden it. It's like forgetting to pay your car payment (Venus/Neptune) and waking up to the fact that your car is missing. Not because someone has stolen it; but, because it has been repossessed. Still, you've not realized you forgot to make the payment yet; therefore, in your brain it has obviously been stolen. You call the police to report it only to find out otherwise.

Another way this can play out? Someone entices you with Venus/Neptune. An enchantress. Or a snake charmer with a suitcase full of sparkly baubles. Someone who makes promises of love or gift in an effort to persuade you to do their bidding. Let me tell you something, charmers and temptresses come in a myriad of costumes. They all have fantastical items or promises to lure you in. But, you had better inspect very, very carefully whatever the terms are that they are presenting and watch very closely for the catch. Or, if you can't logically discern where this deal can/will go sideways, trust your gut. It will feel like there are literally snakes twisting in there or even crawling across your skin. If it feels slimy walk away. You don't have to have a good reason. You don't have to justify it to anyone. You may feel like you need to say, “I'm sorry, but” and that's ok...keep walking.
A third option, even? Something or someone we love or care for (or someone) may disappear, get lost, or decide to leave. In our panic over this, we may try to cling to them. Attempt to use emotional manipulation to get them to stay. Play the victim. Or they may play the victim. Perhaps the person we love is an addict and we find them completely engulfed and disappeared into their addiction. However you look at this potential scenario the answer is do the hard but responsible thing. Don't cling. Help if you can. But, if it wants to leave, let it go. There will be plenty of temptation to do otherwise.

A good rule of thumb today is to realize that not everything is as it appears. This will seem scary to some. And, how a person reacts to that fear will be directed by how well they can manage Moon/Pluto. We have a chance to view our shadow here in our reactions. We also have a chance to assess our individual and collective bias and/or pain as Mercury waxes into opposition with Chiron at 11:22 PM.
See? It's a weird, elusive and potentially painful day. Walk gently through it. Keep your eyes open. Watch for the bait and switch. Keep yourself safe and observe both what you see out there and what bubbles up in your brain and emotional system. Watch...I said. Don't burn the house down over fear of a monster spider.
Though, the temptation toward the knee-jerk reaction or the over-reaction is there as the Moon leaves her square with Pluto and waxes into opposition with Uranus at 1:44 AM. It's a very weird day. Move slowly. Whatever happens, accept and allow it without trying to fight it. Let it play out and observe. Unless you are in some sort of physical danger; then, fight like hell! We can figure out WTF after you get to a more safe space.
Following the opposition with Uranus, our Libra Moon is Void until entering Scorpio tomorrow evening.

Children. The veil is very thin right now. Some will feel haunted. Get grounded and use this energy to dip into that feel on purpose. Watch a scary movie. Decorate for Halloween. Read a good mystery novel. Let's keep all that in the light and entertaining field instead of allowing it to manifest in our waking/walking life. Burn some sage. Find your center.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

This morning the Moon in Libra is Void allowing us to dispassionately roll the events of yesterday around in our heads. As the Moon is Void, the Sun meets Neptune by inconjunct (11:11 AM) and Mercury meets Uranus by the same (2:19 AM). We are discovering that folks are not as they appear. It may make us question our entire reality. And then, WAPOW! AHA! A more clear vision of the situation as a whole comes to us as Mercury hits Uranus sideways for a third time.

As the Moon awakens in Scorpio at 3:44 PM we carry this visage and the new realizations with us. They begin to bubble and brew. And, all that bubbling and brewing is due to bubble over or be acted upon as the Moon meets Mars in Capricorn by sextile at 11:29 PM. We are secretly making our plans to address this. But, the bubbling pot will continue to boil and roil. The Moon waxes into the Venus/Neptune trine tomorrow. Work on dealing with the emotions and leaning into effective coping skill before you make a decision to do anything.

Use today to settle yourself down. Relax if you can and don't allow fears to bubble over into paranoia or any emotion to bubble over into overblown. Gather facts. Get yourself settled. Wait for the air to clear and for the water to become less muddy. Only then will you be able to declare the best course of action from here.