Morning Star: Astrology for the week of September 19 to September 25, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

Well. Today looks right lovely. Yes. You read that right. I said LOVELY. Seems weird to read, I'm sure. It definitely seems weird to write. But, yes, it looks really nice.

This morning we wake up to the Moon in calm and settled Taurus. Then, as the Sun rises, Venus in Libra dances with Mars in Sagittarius by sextile. Later tonight, the Moon sextiles Neptune (5:26 PM). Even deeper into our overnight hours she will trine Pluto (1:11 AM).
What we end up with here is a nice gentle mix of different flavors of Venus. Venus in Libra is our air Venus. Diplomatic. Negotiating. Gentle. Moon in Taurus is ruled by Venus but finds more of a grounded Earthy approach by way of this sign. Then, of course, Neptune is the higher vibration of any face of Venus.

We also have diplomatic Venus working with truth and freedom seeking Mars in Sagittarius...who is a little more settled now that he is past his itchy but progressive trine with Uranus. This sounds a lot like “Truth and Justice for All” to me. We can see this play out through more aggressive foreign entities coming to the negotiating table. We can see diplomacy brought to over-reaching executive and legal acts. But, in our personal lives what it means is we are inclined to be fair in our efforts to defend (Mars) our truths (Sagittarius) while making peace with our enemies. Gosh. All that sound nice. It brings grace. It brings room to breathe. It brings opportunity to make peace by way of negotiation and diplomacy. Either way you look at it, Mars is subdued and gentled while Venus is empowered with a bit of ambition. It's literally, also, a good aspect for dancing. Particularly if that dancing is spiritually or religiously inclined. Yes, some folks dance when they pray. Some folks use dance as a way to raise their energetic vibration so that when they pray their words contain more passion. But,if you are just dancing for dancing's sake this energy is ripe for that too. It's smooth and graceful. And, we could use some of that to soften the more harsh edges of the world. Don't you think?

Subsequently, Neptune softens our prone to be stubborn Taurus Moon. Makes dinner time a nice opportunity for a glass of wine. Music soothes the savage beast and dancing is much more fun when surrounded by others who are willing to dance with you. It would be a great evening to go to the opera or watch a live theater show. I'm not sure if Dancing with the Stars is on tonight or not, but if it is, it's also a great night to indulge in something like that. Music. Love. Comfort. Graceful movement and entertainment. However you want to mix it.
Overall, today is graceful, charming, kind, patient and invites you to the dinner table in an effort of inclusion.'s Monday? Since when is Monday nice? Rarely. Enjoy this phenom. It can feel like balm for a weary soul.

Overnight, there is something interesting that occurs. The Moon creates a Grand Earth Trine with Mercury in Virgo (1:32 AM) and Pluto in Capricorn (1:11 AM). This week, Mercury will trine Pluto for a 2nd and 3rd time. The third pass coming, of course, after he turns direct (OH YEAH! Mercury turns direct this week!) on the 22nd. Tonight's lunar passage through this waxing trine brings a great deal of practical and responsible energy with it. The brain heals and regenerates as we sleep. Thoughts that no longer serve us are purged and reformed. Though, admittedly, yes, there is room for nightmares here. But, moreover, we are inclined to use a little common sense as we dig deeply for the facts. Mercury and Pluto officially meet by trine for the second time tomorrow night. The third pass comes in the early morning hours of the 23rd as the Moon hangs in Void status...a few minutes prior to entering Cancer. We are really inclined to get to the bottom of stuff this week. Gathering facts. Having deep conversations. There is chance for memorial and processing of grief. Mercury/Pluto doesn't just look at or discuss the pretty stuff. Plus, a lot of this occurs on a personal level. Mercury/Pluto also doesn't go airing it's laundry for everyone to see. No. These deep conversations come between folks who have developed trust and in the confines of intimacy. So, it's not chattery. But, it is deep...introspective for the most part especially during the 2nd pass while Mercury is still retrograde. Folks do have a lot of questions, too. “Why” being the most common lead in word. Words are used with purpose and contain a beefed up sense of power none of which should be used for over-thinking or making things too complicated. This is EARTH so keep it simple and useful. We could, in fact, come up with better solutions than we had to long standing problems here. I do encourage you, though, to mind your manners and adhere to the rules of decorum as Mercury/Pluto is prone to cursing like a sailor and that isn't going to sit very well with Jupiter or Venus in Libra. Your best bet is to fucking be nice! HA! But, seriously...

We do have a few hiccups in our week to come. However, for the most part, it is a cake walk compared to what we've had.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

This morning the Moon is still in Taurus. She makes only one “major” aspect, a sextile to Chiron at 1:50 PM. Later tonight, Mercury passes by Pluto, officially, for the 2nd time at 9:49 PM EDT.
Thoughts and conversations run deep. But, hearts are gentle. It is largely a subdued day with lots going on in the mental body that folks probably aren't ready to talk about openly just yet. They are still trying to figure it out for themselves first. Enjoy the passiveness and quiet humdrum of the day. Let your mind do what it does but treat the rest of you gently. Feel free to indulge a little and treat yourself however you see fit.

Late tonight (11:33 PM) the Moon trines the Sun in the last degrees of Virgo prior to going Void. Bellies are full. We feel better. If we can keep our thoughts from turning dark and or paranoid under Mercury/Pluto, then, there is a good chance we rest rather well. It's better to purge the negative tendencies of a paranoid/poisoned mind than to entertain them. The Moon remains Void until entering Gemini at 1:54 AM.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This morning we wake up refreshed as we start the day with a trine from the Gemini Moon to Jupiter in Libra. Folks are more inclined to talk about how they feel today moreso than they have earlier in the week. Gemini Moon likes to talk it out. Jupiter in Libra encourages her to give her trusted friends a call. The morning and early afternoon hours are quite light and airy.

Tonight, though, is when we meet with one of those hiccups I discussed earlier. We are struck by empathy, sensitivity and emotional confusion as the Moon squares Neptune at 6:43 PM. Then, at 8:14 PM our butterfly Moon opposes jolly old Saturn (Ha...jolly old Saturn). The power of Saturn square Neptune is, thankfully, fading. However, here, the Moon re-links the energy and we have the potential for a mudslide. A potential avalanche of emotions. Rebound instances of illness. Confusion. Depression, etc. The fix? Virgo. Be your own best nursemaid. Look for the fix not the blame. Be compassionate, humble and responsible while also being willing to weigh all your options. If you feel too much Neptune, shore up your boundaries with Saturn. If you feel pressured to perform, depressed or oppressed, soften yourself with an infusion of Neptune (music, emotional release, naps or going to bed early, compassion and, yes, maybe even a glass of wine). Be generous. Be inclusive. Take time alone, though, if you need it to recharge. And, don't be too disappointed if it feels like you might have to back up and try running back up a the slippery slope you just slid down. Lay your ambitions down for the night, though. We've got time to give that mountain another shot in our future. We don't have to tackle it today. We may have to deal with a bit of disappointment in regard to it though. And, some may be inclined to question who they've lent their trust to in recent past. It's ok. Sleep on it for now.

This is also a good time for Mercury to go haywire for a bit. He is stationing to turn direct at 1:21 AM tonight. So, while he is wobbling around, give your electronics a break for a bit. Know that we could see some severe weather by way of storms with high winds too. Best to just shelter in place for the night, regardless whether you are dealing with internal storms or those that manifest in the skies. Mercury will settle back down soon. Be patient while giving him time to do so. In fact, Mercury trining Pluto twice and stationing direct could bring the potential for severe or unsettled weather off and on throughout this week. But, today, the potential is particularly high. The Moon does square Mercury, too, shortly after he turns direct which can point toward headaches and arthritic pain...especially if you are sensitive to changes in barometric pressure changes (ie: sinus pressure issues). In that regard, a storm could very well bring some relief, here.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

This morning, the Moon is still in Gemini. Her wings are still a little damp and sensitive. It is the first day of Autumn. The equinox. A transitional time and the Sun officially enters Libra at 10:22 AM. For today, we have a stellium in Libra with Sun, Jupiter and Venus. However, Venus isn't going to stick around long. She exits Libra for the deep waters of Scorpio tomorrow. But, for today, we've got plenty of Libra and it's official. Summer is over. This weekend, it's time to pull out the Halloween decorations with Venus in Scorpio. Yes. Let the celebrations begin! Well, I've started already. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday and I've already eaten 3 bags of Halloween candy. So, I encourage you to catch up!
Following her square with Chiron, the Moon (and mood) has a chance to lighten up considerably. She meets Uranus by sextile at 5:12 PM. This allows room or collaboration and discussion. Opens the door for trying new things and certainly helps to dry out our butterfly wings.

The Moon does oppose Mars in Sagittarius (11:54 PM) which can cause some ambiguity but...tis Libra season, now. So, waffling over decision making is kinda in vogue. The best bet here is to err on the side of wisdom. Adhere to following what you know is true and don't try to over-reach. Be mindful of how your actions may or may not impact your future and reach for knowledge. Finally, at 3:58 PM, our Gemini Moon dances with her friend, Venus in Libra. It's light and airy. It's also quite comfortable. The Moon reaches Void status here and Venus holds her trine with the Moon as each dive into water signs. The Moon enters Cancer at 4:34 AM, following Mercury's 3rd and final trine with Pluto at 4:29 AM. Venus enters Scorpio tomorrow at 10:51 AM.

The answer to most of today's questions is to be nice. Be fair. Clear the air. Open the windows.

Friday, September 23, 2016

This morning we wake up to our Last Quarter Moon as the Moon in Cancer squares off with the Sun newly in Libra. You know, of all the friction between Cardinal signs, I think Cancer vs Libra is probably the easiest to manage. It's still friction, though. Watery, emotional and fickle friction at times. A conflict between home and relationship. It can be smoothed over. Your family may not agree with who you have chosen as your lover. They may not like who you hang around with. Or, vice versa. But, you know what? There is common ground to be found. You are the fulcrum on both sides. You can negotiate between family and friends. You can help them to smooth things over and help each realize you have room to love them both. These types of negotiations are highlighted as the Moon subsequently squares Jupiter in Libra at 9:49 AM. Yes, emotions come to the negotiating table and emotions are not always logical the way Jupiter in Libra prefers. But, they bear importance and need to be considered. To you, that may just be a piece of land. But, to someone else it may be sacred. This sky is also ripe for custody battles. If you don't want your child split in exact halves, it might be a good idea to reach a workable compromise here. Take the emotional state and feelings of others into consideration before you start swinging your sword calling out what is fair and/or unfair because it differs from person to person and we should ALL have equal say. It is a bit of a battle between Queens. The Queen of Swords and the Queen of Cups to be precise.

Last Quarter Moon call for a flushing out of emotions. We aired things out under the Gemini Moon. Now it's time to talk about how we feel and let more stagnant emotions flow away. Releasing and purging them. Forgiving and making peace/amends where we can. Moving on, either way.
Cravings deepen and relationships steeped in intimacy rise in importance as Venus moves into Scorpio at 10:51 AM. Why, yes, you can negotiate over a deep dark chocolate pie. Why not? But, there is caution here. Venus can become quite paranoid and obsessive in Scorpio. That would be the lower expression. The higher expression has us pouring our heart all in ventures that feed us back as much, if not more, than what we pour in. If you love it dearly and it loves you back, invest in it. If you love it dearly and it wants you not, cut it loose. Let it go. Invest in something more worthy. Because, you are worth more than nonreciprocating love. Yes, yes, you are.

We are pretty sleepy as night rises. The Moon trines Neptune at 10:07 PM. Tides rise. We are emotional and more sensitive than usual. And, here's a thing for you, we are intuitive as all get out. The main thing is not to allow those intuitive hits to push you into paranoia or being clingy out of fear. Observe the signals the synchronicity, dreams and intuition bring to you. But, make no final judgments just yet. Observe while you allow the emotional waves to wash over you and back again.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

This morning, it is highly likely we wake up to our bellies growling. Yearning and a need to be fulfilled permeates the atmosphere as the Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Yes, there is room for emotional manipulation here. Yes, there is room for power struggles. But, can't we just indulge in donuts instead? Or a nice hearty breakfast however you like it? There is a chance of paranoia here. Appease your churning belly instead of allowing that black pit of pointlessness to eat you. However, if you need to defend the home front, know the energy will be there to do so. Circle the wagons for protection then, once that's in place bake a pie or something. Or, you could sleep late, block out the outside world and indulge in carnal pleasures. That fits nicely here too. The Moon finds Mercury by sextile at 7:16 AM which is good for early morning pillow talk and, also, for planning out the rest of your Saturday.

We have a mostly subdued sky in the meat of the day. Ripe for tying up loose ends or just tidying up in general. Tonight, though, Uranus imbues the gentle Cancer Moon with uncertainty. The two meet by square at 9:43 PM. While this aspect can breed anxiety, it can also give us the power to finally let some things go. Cut ties. Release the need to control or overpower. Open up options that allows us to see things from a different perspective and it gives us permission to do things a differently. It allows us to take a few steps back from the more swamping emotions and bring some logic and concern for social welfare to the table. But, make no mistake, it is not comfortable. But, it may just bring the “push” we need to finally get over or release our grip on some otherwise overly swamping emotional things, if we allow it. Following the square with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Leo at 9:49 AM. Whatever it is, let it go tonight. Get some rest, if you can. And, be ready for playtime tomorrow!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

This morning the Moon enters Leo at 9:49 AM. We are ready for pleasure and entertainment. The only catch? She squares off with Venus in Scorpio at 2:37 PM. Hey, a little romance and snake charming can go a very long way here. Taking time out from fun for secret carnal pleasures fits here. What? Sex in the afternoon? While the Sun is out and stuff? Venus in Scorpio smiles...why not?

Of course there is the matter of negative end of this. Selfish behavior using subservient manipulations to get what it wants. Like? Someone taking advantage of a na├»ve person...maybe even a child. I don't like that potential at all. So, be guarded but definitely lean into those relationships that have proven themselves to be trust worthy. You can also take a light and amicable friendship to “the next level” here. In other words, commitments can be made here and sometimes there is a little anxiety wrapped up in doing so. But, if it's found to be worthy, fear not investing in it.
Meanwhile, at 3:35 PM our playful Leo Moon dances amicably with our Sun in Libra. That horny undertone of Venus in Scorpio could have us acting quite flirty. Nothing wrong with that as long as you really mean it. No need flirting with disaster or using sexual persuasion in a way that nabs you brand new stalker. Make sure you direct your flirty behavior in a safe direction. Devoted relationships soar and deepen under this sky. Where relationships that are fostered on false pretense will have a tendency to crumble.

The Moon gets more Libra action as she sextiles Jupiter in Libra (4:15). Keep walking away from the pits. Keep dancing into the Sun. This is nice, amicable, fair and entertaining. Fits well with a talent show even. Oh yes, Libra adores a talent show and so does Leo especially if she gets to be one of the acts. The “show” could very well last long into the night as the Sun in Libra officially conjuncts Jupiter at 3:00 AM. It's a bright, airy, active and entertaining evening. I suggest you enjoy (Jupiter) the absolute fuck (Venus in Scorpio) out of that. It's about damn time we were able to. Don't you think?