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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of September 26 to October 2, 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016

This morning, the Sun in Libra is leaving her overnight conjunction with Jupiter (3:00 AM). The Moon lingers in Leo at an inconjunct to Neptune (4:11 AM) as Pluto stations direct in Capricorn at 14 degrees (5:15 AM). By 6:35 AM, just prior to sunrise, the Moon in Leo finds Saturn in Sagittarius by trine. From here, she makes a slew of minor aspects in the meat of the day which will add personal nuance throughout in regard to emotional/personal matters. Then, early, early tomorrow morning, she will trine Uranus prior to reaching Void status for most of our Tuesday. She enters Virgo tomorrow evening at 5:44 PM. Just prior to the Moon reaching Void status, Mars enters Capricorn in the morning at 4:07 AM.

As for today, folks are inclined to be involved in their personal business for the most part. We likely feel emotionally stable. Healthy relationships are highlighted as we seek justice and balance in our everyday affairs. Folks may also be inclined to be nice and a little more polite as the Sun leaves his conjunction with Jupiter. Some may strive to create an appearance of everything being “fine” even when it isn't. That's just Libra.
With a waning Moon trine Saturn along with the Air from Libra, it doesn't look as if there is much potential for heated emotions. However, the minor aspects between that Saturn trine and the Moon/Uranus trine will indeed bring focus to personal affairs. These include a sesquisquare from Moon to Mars at 12:41 PM; Moon inconjunct Pluto (in station) at 1:19 PM; a semi-square to both Jupiter and the Sun at 8:31 PM and 9:39 PM respectively, and, finally, an inconjunct to Chiron at 3:18 AM. What this means is there are personal situations and emotions attached to those minor aspects which are brewing steadily in our emotional systems. This will vary from person to person, of course. The key being to act with integrity/responsibility in regard to these issues and handle them in a way that bears in mind the impact of our actions upon our individual future and the future of our relationships. Again, we may or may not actually act upon these personal situations today. For the most part, these instances of personal nuance are just rolling around in our heads as we contemplate what we may do...or not do.
Of course, with Jupiter and the Sun in Libra, it is to your benefit (Jupiter) to weigh out all the facts (since Jupiter in Virgo taught us that and Mercury is still there, right) and evidence fully prior to making a decision.

In making that decision, Jupiter in Libra at his highest, does NOT take into consideration matters of social status, financial status or what have you. To the highest vibration of Libra, none of that matters. It doesn't matter who you are. You either did something right or you did something wrong. The facts will prove it or not either way. Your crying face makes no difference. Your remorse. Your opinion. The circumstances that led to your decision. None of that matters. It is or it isn't. We all put our pants on one leg at a time kind of thing. What matters is which side of the scales gets weighted down the most. Yay or nay. You have to present evidence or backup for your story. Otherwise, there is no proof it happened; therefore, it doesn't count as far as Libra is concerned. UNBIASED DECISIONS are what makes Jupiter in Libra operate on the highest level.

Here's funny. Above is Judge Judy. Her sun hangs at the end of Libra and she is OFTEN pictured with her hands up like this as if she is weighing things out. 

Tomorrow morning's Moon/Uranus trine allows us to wake refreshed having had opportunity to just think things over and analyze all the facts. We may have fostered a new perspective. We may have found a new and inventive method of engagement. We may find our personal groove within the tribe. We may have found the ingenious solution to our personal problems. Or, we may just not give a flip anymore. Either way, the Moon ends her stint in Leo on a light and, potentially, more hopeful note.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This morning, the Moon in Leo is Void following the trine with Uranus. She remains Void until entering Virgo at 5:44 PM. This gives us time to contemplate our shifts in motivation that followed Mars' transition into Capricorn at 4:07 AM.

Mars in Capricorn is an ambitious little goat. He snorts. Stomps his foot in the dirt. He is determined. Rock steady, moving neither too fast nor too slow. At his highest, his pace is surefooted and filled with an intent to leave a solid path behind him for others to follow. He moves with responsibility and purpose while being motivated to act credulously. At his lowest, he is abusive and restrictive. Tyrannical. Cruel, aggressive, and oppressive leadership. Overly ambitious and materialistic. High or low this Mars placement is horny. It's how that horny ambition is exerted that matters.
From the sign of Capricorn, Mars will square Jupiter (Oct 5 at 5:46 PM). He will conjunct Pluto (Oct 19 at 7:17 AM) and square Uranus (Oct 29 at 12:05 AM). He will meet both Neptune (Oct 11 at 1:04 PM) and Chiron (Oct 27 at 10:49 PM) by sextile. He will square Mercury (Oct 13 at 5:00 PM) once the Winged Messenger enters Libra. His journey in Capricorn ends just after midnight on November 9th. He will, indeed, need to pace himself; because, he will be quite a busy guy. As he enters Capricorn this morning, many will be using him to help develop some sort of plan to address whatever is catching priority.

After entering Virgo, the Moon's first aspect is a trine to Mars newly in Capricorn at 6:29 PM. This allows us to put the pieces of our plan together. It grounds us and helps us keep things simple. We feel as if we can really get into the work ahead of us. This feeling, too, lingers with us for awhile. There are no major aspects of any kind that occur between this trine and the Moon's next aspect (sextile to Venus) which doesn't occur until tomorrow at 4:48 AM. For the most part, we are brewing, stewing and plotting as we go about our regular day to day routines. With a smile. Always with a smile.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Today is quite a mixed bag. We were so grounded yesterday, it could very well catch us by surprise. We begin easy enough with a sextile from the Moon to Venus in Scorpio at 4:48 AM. Yes, there is still quite a bit brewing under the surface. Together Virgo and Scorpio can work amicably together to sort it all out.

However, just after lunch, the Moon finds Neptune by opposition (12:47 PM) and then squares off with Saturn shortly thereafter (3:43 PM). We hit quicksand and uncertainty. We may become overly fatigued or have veils of disillusionment drop right in front of us with a thud. BAM! The truth emerges and you are left with a shattered sense of what is real in light of it. It is a clash with the real and unreal. The provable and the believable. Truth and fantasy. In a way, that bears emotional impact. But, we are used to this right? Coming from every mutable Moon since Saturn and Neptune started bumping into one another. So...what is that? Four times a month for a year or so? Most of us are at the point that we've just accepted that we know nothing and that the ground is continually shifting like quicksand under our feet in this regard. Still, the hits keep coming, don't they? Again, thank goodness that aspect between Saturn and Neptune is now separating.

After the emotional sands shift and potentially throw us off balance, the Moon moves on to trine Pluto, now direct, in Capricorn at 10:25 PM. Yes. The stewing continues on an even deeper internal emotional level. As we wake in the morning, the Moon and Mercury come to terms with what is truly important and what needs to be addressed first by way of conjunction in Virgo at 6:06 AM. So, yeah, whatever happens in that mutable mess of a t-square with Moon, Neptune and Saturn in the middle of today...make no judgment call and declare no action just yet. Think about it. Feel about it. Take your time before you go rushing to conclusions. Weigh the facts. Consider the evidence. Let it all stew. We will all likely feel much more clear, more grounded and more able to see potential solutions in the morning.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

We are grounded and much more clear this morning. Following the Moon's conjunction with Mercury, she is Void for the rest of the day. She doesn't wake up in Libra until tomorrow morning at 3:54 AM.
This gives us today to toil and plod. Think things over. Turn the emotional reactions down a little and attempt to reason through our personal situations. It is a wonderful day to clean and sort things out on a physical level, too. The Moon is very, very dark and she is in Virgo. Clean, clear and release should be our collective mantra for the day.

Tomorrow brings a new day and a New Moon. There is a lot of room for making fresh starts and setting new intentions at that time. So, finish up what you have going on now and aim for a fresh clean slate. Clean tools. Open space. Clear stagnant energy and rest. Heal thyself...there is an opposition from Moon to Chiron right around midday.

Friday, September 30, 2016

This morning, the Moon opens her pretty little eyes in Libra at 3:54 AM. The first thing on her task list is a confrontation with Mars in Capricorn at 8:00 AM. This is, not so much, a casual Friday. Both Moon in Libra and Mars in Capricorn ARE concerned with appearances...especially their own. So, no. Dressing down will not do for today. The mood is more formal than that. The impression you leave will matter. The Moon in Libra may wish it were more relaxed, though. She is going to have to coax herself out of bed to finish out her work week. She's ready for the weekend but has responsibilities to attend to and bills to pay. Bummer. Might as well dress the part and smile in an effort to get it over with.
Things do lighten considerably as the Moon meets Jupiter at 12:55 PM. We are almost there! We are touching bases with our buddies to discuss our weekend leisure plans. We begin to feel lighter and more social, overall.

Then, after hours, but early enough in the evening for all to enjoy, the New Moon in Libra dawns at 8:13 PM on the following Sabian Symbol:

SUN AND MOON AT 9 LIBRA: Three “old masters” hang alone in an art gallery. Efficient cohesion of the three “souls” of man; of mind, feeling and instinct. Integrated wisdom. Sagacious behavior.

The ruler of this New Moon swims in Scorpio on this Sabian Symbol:

VENUS AT 8 SCORPIO: A high mountain lake is bathed in the full moonlight. Illumination of the soul by transcendent wisdom. Quiet touch with cosmic strength; or wayward moody effort at greatness.

Your intentions are waiting for you to set them. The only caution I have in that regard is to not over-idealize anything. Be wise and even handed. Be responsible and act with integrity. Bear in mind facts not opinions and aim for balance throughout. Venus is waxing into trine with Neptune. So, over-idealization can be a thing. Allow compassion to soften you but don't wear beer goggles. I'm not telling you to give up on the ideal. I'm telling you to be willing to do the work to achieve it because it doesn't exist yet. Know your part and be willing to play it. And, do so while realizing your connection to everything and the subsequent connection and relationship between everything and you.
The New Moon falls within orb of a sextile to Saturn which perfects at 2:57 AM; but, also, within orb of a square to Pluto which perfects tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM. Grounding and truth are accessible. But, some will smile to your face only to aim to stab you in the back later; because, they got greedy and/or power hungry. Know that. Not everyone's plans will be above board. There will be those that set out with intention to deceive and manipulate. It has been that way since the beginning of time; but, Venus trine Neptune may need to be reminded.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

This morning the Moon in Libra is leaving her sextile with Saturn and waxing into a square with Pluto at 9:30 AM. We could begin the morning a little paranoid and deluded. The ruler of our Moon, Venus, is also Pluto influenced (in Scorpio) and perfects in trine to Neptune at 1:14 PM. All in all it sounds dark and stormy on the inside. It also sounds quite alluring and mysteriously enchanting.
One simple manifestation comes through a scenario where you have lost something. You look for it for a bit in the places you commonly find it. But, still, it's gone. So, you automatically accuse someone of stealing it. Or you believe the fairies have hidden it. It's like forgetting to pay your car payment (Venus/Neptune) and waking up to the fact that your car is missing. Not because someone has stolen it; but, because it has been repossessed. Still, you've not realized you forgot to make the payment yet; therefore, in your brain it has obviously been stolen. You call the police to report it only to find out otherwise.

Another way this can play out? Someone entices you with Venus/Neptune. An enchantress. Or a snake charmer with a suitcase full of sparkly baubles. Someone who makes promises of love or gift in an effort to persuade you to do their bidding. Let me tell you something, charmers and temptresses come in a myriad of costumes. They all have fantastical items or promises to lure you in. But, you had better inspect very, very carefully whatever the terms are that they are presenting and watch very closely for the catch. Or, if you can't logically discern where this deal can/will go sideways, trust your gut. It will feel like there are literally snakes twisting in there or even crawling across your skin. If it feels slimy walk away. You don't have to have a good reason. You don't have to justify it to anyone. You may feel like you need to say, “I'm sorry, but” and that's ok...keep walking.
A third option, even? Something or someone we love or care for (or someone) may disappear, get lost, or decide to leave. In our panic over this, we may try to cling to them. Attempt to use emotional manipulation to get them to stay. Play the victim. Or they may play the victim. Perhaps the person we love is an addict and we find them completely engulfed and disappeared into their addiction. However you look at this potential scenario the answer is do the hard but responsible thing. Don't cling. Help if you can. But, if it wants to leave, let it go. There will be plenty of temptation to do otherwise.

A good rule of thumb today is to realize that not everything is as it appears. This will seem scary to some. And, how a person reacts to that fear will be directed by how well they can manage Moon/Pluto. We have a chance to view our shadow here in our reactions. We also have a chance to assess our individual and collective bias and/or pain as Mercury waxes into opposition with Chiron at 11:22 PM.
See? It's a weird, elusive and potentially painful day. Walk gently through it. Keep your eyes open. Watch for the bait and switch. Keep yourself safe and observe both what you see out there and what bubbles up in your brain and emotional system. Watch...I said. Don't burn the house down over fear of a monster spider.
Though, the temptation toward the knee-jerk reaction or the over-reaction is there as the Moon leaves her square with Pluto and waxes into opposition with Uranus at 1:44 AM. It's a very weird day. Move slowly. Whatever happens, accept and allow it without trying to fight it. Let it play out and observe. Unless you are in some sort of physical danger; then, fight like hell! We can figure out WTF after you get to a more safe space.
Following the opposition with Uranus, our Libra Moon is Void until entering Scorpio tomorrow evening.

Children. The veil is very thin right now. Some will feel haunted. Get grounded and use this energy to dip into that feel on purpose. Watch a scary movie. Decorate for Halloween. Read a good mystery novel. Let's keep all that in the light and entertaining field instead of allowing it to manifest in our waking/walking life. Burn some sage. Find your center.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

This morning the Moon in Libra is Void allowing us to dispassionately roll the events of yesterday around in our heads. As the Moon is Void, the Sun meets Neptune by inconjunct (11:11 AM) and Mercury meets Uranus by the same (2:19 AM). We are discovering that folks are not as they appear. It may make us question our entire reality. And then, WAPOW! AHA! A more clear vision of the situation as a whole comes to us as Mercury hits Uranus sideways for a third time.

As the Moon awakens in Scorpio at 3:44 PM we carry this visage and the new realizations with us. They begin to bubble and brew. And, all that bubbling and brewing is due to bubble over or be acted upon as the Moon meets Mars in Capricorn by sextile at 11:29 PM. We are secretly making our plans to address this. But, the bubbling pot will continue to boil and roil. The Moon waxes into the Venus/Neptune trine tomorrow. Work on dealing with the emotions and leaning into effective coping skill before you make a decision to do anything.

Use today to settle yourself down. Relax if you can and don't allow fears to bubble over into paranoia or any emotion to bubble over into overblown. Gather facts. Get yourself settled. Wait for the air to clear and for the water to become less muddy. Only then will you be able to declare the best course of action from here.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of September 19 to September 25, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

Well. Today looks right lovely. Yes. You read that right. I said LOVELY. Seems weird to read, I'm sure. It definitely seems weird to write. But, yes, it looks really nice.

This morning we wake up to the Moon in calm and settled Taurus. Then, as the Sun rises, Venus in Libra dances with Mars in Sagittarius by sextile. Later tonight, the Moon sextiles Neptune (5:26 PM). Even deeper into our overnight hours she will trine Pluto (1:11 AM).
What we end up with here is a nice gentle mix of different flavors of Venus. Venus in Libra is our air Venus. Diplomatic. Negotiating. Gentle. Moon in Taurus is ruled by Venus but finds more of a grounded Earthy approach by way of this sign. Then, of course, Neptune is the higher vibration of any face of Venus.

We also have diplomatic Venus working with truth and freedom seeking Mars in Sagittarius...who is a little more settled now that he is past his itchy but progressive trine with Uranus. This sounds a lot like “Truth and Justice for All” to me. We can see this play out through more aggressive foreign entities coming to the negotiating table. We can see diplomacy brought to over-reaching executive and legal acts. But, in our personal lives what it means is we are inclined to be fair in our efforts to defend (Mars) our truths (Sagittarius) while making peace with our enemies. Gosh. All that sound nice. It brings grace. It brings room to breathe. It brings opportunity to make peace by way of negotiation and diplomacy. Either way you look at it, Mars is subdued and gentled while Venus is empowered with a bit of ambition. It's literally, also, a good aspect for dancing. Particularly if that dancing is spiritually or religiously inclined. Yes, some folks dance when they pray. Some folks use dance as a way to raise their energetic vibration so that when they pray their words contain more passion. But,if you are just dancing for dancing's sake this energy is ripe for that too. It's smooth and graceful. And, we could use some of that to soften the more harsh edges of the world. Don't you think?

Subsequently, Neptune softens our prone to be stubborn Taurus Moon. Makes dinner time a nice opportunity for a glass of wine. Music soothes the savage beast and dancing is much more fun when surrounded by others who are willing to dance with you. It would be a great evening to go to the opera or watch a live theater show. I'm not sure if Dancing with the Stars is on tonight or not, but if it is, it's also a great night to indulge in something like that. Music. Love. Comfort. Graceful movement and entertainment. However you want to mix it.
Overall, today is graceful, charming, kind, patient and invites you to the dinner table in an effort of inclusion.'s Monday? Since when is Monday nice? Rarely. Enjoy this phenom. It can feel like balm for a weary soul.

Overnight, there is something interesting that occurs. The Moon creates a Grand Earth Trine with Mercury in Virgo (1:32 AM) and Pluto in Capricorn (1:11 AM). This week, Mercury will trine Pluto for a 2nd and 3rd time. The third pass coming, of course, after he turns direct (OH YEAH! Mercury turns direct this week!) on the 22nd. Tonight's lunar passage through this waxing trine brings a great deal of practical and responsible energy with it. The brain heals and regenerates as we sleep. Thoughts that no longer serve us are purged and reformed. Though, admittedly, yes, there is room for nightmares here. But, moreover, we are inclined to use a little common sense as we dig deeply for the facts. Mercury and Pluto officially meet by trine for the second time tomorrow night. The third pass comes in the early morning hours of the 23rd as the Moon hangs in Void status...a few minutes prior to entering Cancer. We are really inclined to get to the bottom of stuff this week. Gathering facts. Having deep conversations. There is chance for memorial and processing of grief. Mercury/Pluto doesn't just look at or discuss the pretty stuff. Plus, a lot of this occurs on a personal level. Mercury/Pluto also doesn't go airing it's laundry for everyone to see. No. These deep conversations come between folks who have developed trust and in the confines of intimacy. So, it's not chattery. But, it is deep...introspective for the most part especially during the 2nd pass while Mercury is still retrograde. Folks do have a lot of questions, too. “Why” being the most common lead in word. Words are used with purpose and contain a beefed up sense of power none of which should be used for over-thinking or making things too complicated. This is EARTH so keep it simple and useful. We could, in fact, come up with better solutions than we had to long standing problems here. I do encourage you, though, to mind your manners and adhere to the rules of decorum as Mercury/Pluto is prone to cursing like a sailor and that isn't going to sit very well with Jupiter or Venus in Libra. Your best bet is to fucking be nice! HA! But, seriously...

We do have a few hiccups in our week to come. However, for the most part, it is a cake walk compared to what we've had.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

This morning the Moon is still in Taurus. She makes only one “major” aspect, a sextile to Chiron at 1:50 PM. Later tonight, Mercury passes by Pluto, officially, for the 2nd time at 9:49 PM EDT.
Thoughts and conversations run deep. But, hearts are gentle. It is largely a subdued day with lots going on in the mental body that folks probably aren't ready to talk about openly just yet. They are still trying to figure it out for themselves first. Enjoy the passiveness and quiet humdrum of the day. Let your mind do what it does but treat the rest of you gently. Feel free to indulge a little and treat yourself however you see fit.

Late tonight (11:33 PM) the Moon trines the Sun in the last degrees of Virgo prior to going Void. Bellies are full. We feel better. If we can keep our thoughts from turning dark and or paranoid under Mercury/Pluto, then, there is a good chance we rest rather well. It's better to purge the negative tendencies of a paranoid/poisoned mind than to entertain them. The Moon remains Void until entering Gemini at 1:54 AM.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This morning we wake up refreshed as we start the day with a trine from the Gemini Moon to Jupiter in Libra. Folks are more inclined to talk about how they feel today moreso than they have earlier in the week. Gemini Moon likes to talk it out. Jupiter in Libra encourages her to give her trusted friends a call. The morning and early afternoon hours are quite light and airy.

Tonight, though, is when we meet with one of those hiccups I discussed earlier. We are struck by empathy, sensitivity and emotional confusion as the Moon squares Neptune at 6:43 PM. Then, at 8:14 PM our butterfly Moon opposes jolly old Saturn (Ha...jolly old Saturn). The power of Saturn square Neptune is, thankfully, fading. However, here, the Moon re-links the energy and we have the potential for a mudslide. A potential avalanche of emotions. Rebound instances of illness. Confusion. Depression, etc. The fix? Virgo. Be your own best nursemaid. Look for the fix not the blame. Be compassionate, humble and responsible while also being willing to weigh all your options. If you feel too much Neptune, shore up your boundaries with Saturn. If you feel pressured to perform, depressed or oppressed, soften yourself with an infusion of Neptune (music, emotional release, naps or going to bed early, compassion and, yes, maybe even a glass of wine). Be generous. Be inclusive. Take time alone, though, if you need it to recharge. And, don't be too disappointed if it feels like you might have to back up and try running back up a the slippery slope you just slid down. Lay your ambitions down for the night, though. We've got time to give that mountain another shot in our future. We don't have to tackle it today. We may have to deal with a bit of disappointment in regard to it though. And, some may be inclined to question who they've lent their trust to in recent past. It's ok. Sleep on it for now.

This is also a good time for Mercury to go haywire for a bit. He is stationing to turn direct at 1:21 AM tonight. So, while he is wobbling around, give your electronics a break for a bit. Know that we could see some severe weather by way of storms with high winds too. Best to just shelter in place for the night, regardless whether you are dealing with internal storms or those that manifest in the skies. Mercury will settle back down soon. Be patient while giving him time to do so. In fact, Mercury trining Pluto twice and stationing direct could bring the potential for severe or unsettled weather off and on throughout this week. But, today, the potential is particularly high. The Moon does square Mercury, too, shortly after he turns direct which can point toward headaches and arthritic pain...especially if you are sensitive to changes in barometric pressure changes (ie: sinus pressure issues). In that regard, a storm could very well bring some relief, here.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

This morning, the Moon is still in Gemini. Her wings are still a little damp and sensitive. It is the first day of Autumn. The equinox. A transitional time and the Sun officially enters Libra at 10:22 AM. For today, we have a stellium in Libra with Sun, Jupiter and Venus. However, Venus isn't going to stick around long. She exits Libra for the deep waters of Scorpio tomorrow. But, for today, we've got plenty of Libra and it's official. Summer is over. This weekend, it's time to pull out the Halloween decorations with Venus in Scorpio. Yes. Let the celebrations begin! Well, I've started already. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday and I've already eaten 3 bags of Halloween candy. So, I encourage you to catch up!
Following her square with Chiron, the Moon (and mood) has a chance to lighten up considerably. She meets Uranus by sextile at 5:12 PM. This allows room or collaboration and discussion. Opens the door for trying new things and certainly helps to dry out our butterfly wings.

The Moon does oppose Mars in Sagittarius (11:54 PM) which can cause some ambiguity but...tis Libra season, now. So, waffling over decision making is kinda in vogue. The best bet here is to err on the side of wisdom. Adhere to following what you know is true and don't try to over-reach. Be mindful of how your actions may or may not impact your future and reach for knowledge. Finally, at 3:58 PM, our Gemini Moon dances with her friend, Venus in Libra. It's light and airy. It's also quite comfortable. The Moon reaches Void status here and Venus holds her trine with the Moon as each dive into water signs. The Moon enters Cancer at 4:34 AM, following Mercury's 3rd and final trine with Pluto at 4:29 AM. Venus enters Scorpio tomorrow at 10:51 AM.

The answer to most of today's questions is to be nice. Be fair. Clear the air. Open the windows.

Friday, September 23, 2016

This morning we wake up to our Last Quarter Moon as the Moon in Cancer squares off with the Sun newly in Libra. You know, of all the friction between Cardinal signs, I think Cancer vs Libra is probably the easiest to manage. It's still friction, though. Watery, emotional and fickle friction at times. A conflict between home and relationship. It can be smoothed over. Your family may not agree with who you have chosen as your lover. They may not like who you hang around with. Or, vice versa. But, you know what? There is common ground to be found. You are the fulcrum on both sides. You can negotiate between family and friends. You can help them to smooth things over and help each realize you have room to love them both. These types of negotiations are highlighted as the Moon subsequently squares Jupiter in Libra at 9:49 AM. Yes, emotions come to the negotiating table and emotions are not always logical the way Jupiter in Libra prefers. But, they bear importance and need to be considered. To you, that may just be a piece of land. But, to someone else it may be sacred. This sky is also ripe for custody battles. If you don't want your child split in exact halves, it might be a good idea to reach a workable compromise here. Take the emotional state and feelings of others into consideration before you start swinging your sword calling out what is fair and/or unfair because it differs from person to person and we should ALL have equal say. It is a bit of a battle between Queens. The Queen of Swords and the Queen of Cups to be precise.

Last Quarter Moon call for a flushing out of emotions. We aired things out under the Gemini Moon. Now it's time to talk about how we feel and let more stagnant emotions flow away. Releasing and purging them. Forgiving and making peace/amends where we can. Moving on, either way.
Cravings deepen and relationships steeped in intimacy rise in importance as Venus moves into Scorpio at 10:51 AM. Why, yes, you can negotiate over a deep dark chocolate pie. Why not? But, there is caution here. Venus can become quite paranoid and obsessive in Scorpio. That would be the lower expression. The higher expression has us pouring our heart all in ventures that feed us back as much, if not more, than what we pour in. If you love it dearly and it loves you back, invest in it. If you love it dearly and it wants you not, cut it loose. Let it go. Invest in something more worthy. Because, you are worth more than nonreciprocating love. Yes, yes, you are.

We are pretty sleepy as night rises. The Moon trines Neptune at 10:07 PM. Tides rise. We are emotional and more sensitive than usual. And, here's a thing for you, we are intuitive as all get out. The main thing is not to allow those intuitive hits to push you into paranoia or being clingy out of fear. Observe the signals the synchronicity, dreams and intuition bring to you. But, make no final judgments just yet. Observe while you allow the emotional waves to wash over you and back again.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

This morning, it is highly likely we wake up to our bellies growling. Yearning and a need to be fulfilled permeates the atmosphere as the Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Yes, there is room for emotional manipulation here. Yes, there is room for power struggles. But, can't we just indulge in donuts instead? Or a nice hearty breakfast however you like it? There is a chance of paranoia here. Appease your churning belly instead of allowing that black pit of pointlessness to eat you. However, if you need to defend the home front, know the energy will be there to do so. Circle the wagons for protection then, once that's in place bake a pie or something. Or, you could sleep late, block out the outside world and indulge in carnal pleasures. That fits nicely here too. The Moon finds Mercury by sextile at 7:16 AM which is good for early morning pillow talk and, also, for planning out the rest of your Saturday.

We have a mostly subdued sky in the meat of the day. Ripe for tying up loose ends or just tidying up in general. Tonight, though, Uranus imbues the gentle Cancer Moon with uncertainty. The two meet by square at 9:43 PM. While this aspect can breed anxiety, it can also give us the power to finally let some things go. Cut ties. Release the need to control or overpower. Open up options that allows us to see things from a different perspective and it gives us permission to do things a differently. It allows us to take a few steps back from the more swamping emotions and bring some logic and concern for social welfare to the table. But, make no mistake, it is not comfortable. But, it may just bring the “push” we need to finally get over or release our grip on some otherwise overly swamping emotional things, if we allow it. Following the square with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Leo at 9:49 AM. Whatever it is, let it go tonight. Get some rest, if you can. And, be ready for playtime tomorrow!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

This morning the Moon enters Leo at 9:49 AM. We are ready for pleasure and entertainment. The only catch? She squares off with Venus in Scorpio at 2:37 PM. Hey, a little romance and snake charming can go a very long way here. Taking time out from fun for secret carnal pleasures fits here. What? Sex in the afternoon? While the Sun is out and stuff? Venus in Scorpio smiles...why not?

Of course there is the matter of negative end of this. Selfish behavior using subservient manipulations to get what it wants. Like? Someone taking advantage of a na├»ve person...maybe even a child. I don't like that potential at all. So, be guarded but definitely lean into those relationships that have proven themselves to be trust worthy. You can also take a light and amicable friendship to “the next level” here. In other words, commitments can be made here and sometimes there is a little anxiety wrapped up in doing so. But, if it's found to be worthy, fear not investing in it.
Meanwhile, at 3:35 PM our playful Leo Moon dances amicably with our Sun in Libra. That horny undertone of Venus in Scorpio could have us acting quite flirty. Nothing wrong with that as long as you really mean it. No need flirting with disaster or using sexual persuasion in a way that nabs you brand new stalker. Make sure you direct your flirty behavior in a safe direction. Devoted relationships soar and deepen under this sky. Where relationships that are fostered on false pretense will have a tendency to crumble.

The Moon gets more Libra action as she sextiles Jupiter in Libra (4:15). Keep walking away from the pits. Keep dancing into the Sun. This is nice, amicable, fair and entertaining. Fits well with a talent show even. Oh yes, Libra adores a talent show and so does Leo especially if she gets to be one of the acts. The “show” could very well last long into the night as the Sun in Libra officially conjuncts Jupiter at 3:00 AM. It's a bright, airy, active and entertaining evening. I suggest you enjoy (Jupiter) the absolute fuck (Venus in Scorpio) out of that. It's about damn time we were able to. Don't you think?

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for September 12 to September 18, 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016

Ok. Before we ever even get started here, let me advise you up front that this is a highly emotional week. We are building toward a Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces. The lead in to this and the previous eclipse has been obvious. These are LUNAR the yes, the impact is emotional and watery. Emotions intensify at nearly every Full Moon; because...that's what a Full Moon does, in part. But, there is also more.
Our other personal planets are also quite busy. Mercury will square Mars and conjunct the Sun. Mars will square Chiron and trine Uranus. Venus will meet Chiron by inconjunct and oppose Uranus. All while the Full Moon conjuncts Chiron and squares Mars and Pholus who are each centered right in front of a black hole while Jupiter shines his spotlight into another one. So, yes. Emotional and bearing personal impact on many levels. It will be hard at times to maintain your bearings. It is not likely to be what I'd call a “smooth” week. Achieving balance, however, is key. We are new students in the School of important point to remember as we move forward.

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Capricorn leaving a sextile with Chiron (4:44 AM) and bumping into Uranus by square (6:01 AM). By this afternoon (2:59 PM), Mercury Rx in Virgo is square to Mars in Sagittarius. The Moon is Void by then, following her square with Uranus. She reactivates in Aquarius at 5:29 PM and meets Jupiter in a nice trine shortly thereafter.
This morning will likely be unsettled. Allot extra time for whatever you have planned in an effort to accommodate the unexpected. Moon square Uranus may catalyze you into being impulsive, anxious or reactive. The main thing here is not to get excited. Rise above and take the time you need to respond intelligently instead of just letting the knee-jerk reaction take over. Cutting down on stimulants (caffeine/sugar) and veering away from becoming overly mentally stimulated (cutting down on TV, phone, Internet usage in an attempt to maintain a sense of grounding) will greatly help.
Mercury square Mars can be accident prone. Trying to do too much too quickly is the downfall here. We are dealing with the signs of Virgo and Sagittarius. Mars in Sagittarius is ready to move forward. He is revving his engine preparing for his trine with Uranus so he can GO! But, Mercury in Virgo needs to make sure all the plans are in order. The itinerary is reviewed. The bags are checked to make sure all essentials are packed. So, before you take off running, review your checklist and make sure you have crossed off everything. Before you act, check what the required action is on your priority list and take your time in an effort to be mindful of the details. Don't allow yourself to be rushed even when there are circumstances pushing you to feel as if you need to. RELAX AND TAKE YOUR TIME.

Though, admittedly, relaxing into what you need to do will take effort in and of itself because the brain will likely be racing from one thing to the next. So, step one in this day involves aiming to remain grounded and deliberately making yourself slow down while remaining mindful of the follow-through.
When the Moon reactivates in Aquarius in our evening hours, the atmosphere lightens and becomes a bit windy. Social activities and debate/discussion is highlighted. We may not actually DO much; but, there sure is a lot of talking about doing it that occurs here. It's a good night to chat with friends or collaborate over social issues. Everyone has an opinion and those opinions are likely to be aired out tonight. Remember the condition of Mercury, though. He is retrograde so there is room for misunderstanding. Ask for clarification when in doubt. Also, in Virgo, he aims for the discussions to be useful and provide solution eventually. He is also square Mars, so, some of these discussions (particularly those that involve Sagittarius themes...politics, religion, sports, law) could, in fact, become heated. Go figure. But, with this Air Trine mostly what we should be doing is just bringing everything to the table to air it out. We aren't exactly acting just yet...though some may feel as if they need to in an effort to defend their point. I encourage you to take the time to do the essential airing first so you can assess the whole picture before making any decision to act. Yes. Put it off and just talk about it for now...Jupiter is in Libra, yes? So, also be mindful of your manners in discussion and leave room for everyone to make their point. A little sense of decorum within the art of the debate can go a long way.

At 7:41 PM Mercury in Virgo is conjunct the Sun. Yes, there could be headaches and strong attachment to one's opinion or point of view here along with a tendency to be critical. Keep your mind set on being of service to whatever cause you are debating instead of being worried that your point is the best and only point. SHARE THE PODIUM AND TAKE YOUR TURN AT LISTENING. If what you have to say doesn't serve to help the situation, shut up. For the most part, though, many of us will merely be scrambling in an effort to keep up with the day; because, there is an underlying feeling of things being sped up or rushed here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

This morning the Moon is still in analytical mode as she continues her passage through the sign of Aquarius. She is (blessedly) given a chance to be grounded, settled and stabilized a bit through a sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius at 12:31 PM. Meanwhile, the mutable mess continues as the Sun in Virgo squares off with Mars in Sagittarius at 4:39 PM.

The Sun in Virgo may be concerned that Mars in Sagittarius is trying to take off too quickly. Mars here is not exactly patient and, sometimes, has a tendency to bite off more than it can realistically chew. Plus, it can be rather aggrandized and overly aggressive. What you want to aim for is employing your truth, practicing what you preach, taking one step at a time on the journey ahead and acting with a sense of generosity and inclusion rather than acting self-righteously or in an overly pious or critical manner. Doesn't mean others will be mindful of it. But, it doesn't mean you should. Also, we may see conflict between aggressive governing/policing factions and those that are concerned with Virgo matters such as conservation, Earth care and matters of health and public welfare. Compromise and negotiation is needed between these two factions and the ruler of one of the instigators here (Mars in Sagittarius) is in Libra. Use it. Be fair. Hear all sides of the story and don't deliver a ruling until you assess the entirety of the argument. In the end, ensure that you act fairly and justly while aiming for a common ground decision. Brute force is only going to perpetuate the conflict and repeat old patterns of behavior that have outlived their effectiveness. It's more about doing the right thing for all involved rather than veering toward the self-righteous thing. Dig deep for patience and aim for the follow through while pacing yourself for the long haul and keeping the “bigger picture” in mind.

Overnight, the Aquarius Moon snuggles (mmm...does Aquarius Moon snuggle?) up with her buddy Venus in Libra. It's comfortable...and breezy. We may see some early fall leaves blowing across the lawn. It may be a night in which we can turn the AC off and enjoy fresh cool air coming in through the windows as we sleep. Or, it's just good for some light socialization or entertainment. There's a break to be had coming from now and extending through tomorrow. The path clears and opens up for a moment. Take advantage of that if you can.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

This morning, the breeziness continues with a lunar sextiles to both Mars in Sagittarius (8:24 AM) and Uranus in Aries (11:32 AM). In between the increased activity and “buzzy-ness” of this, the Moon passes by the Sun by way of an inconjunct (8:51 AM). The two don't exactly see eye to eye. The Sun in Virgo is concerned with production and task completion while the Moon is inclined to want light and breezy. A “no worries” Moon versus a “bucket full of worries” Sun. Do your work but remember to have fun and leave room/time for physical movement and enjoyment. Don't worry. Just do. The wind really is at your back for this today.

Following the sextile with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Pisces at 10:23 PM tonight. Just in time for bed. So, wear yourself out during the day. It will likely click by rather quickly.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

This morning, we struggle to wake up under a Moon in Pisces as the sun in Virgo locks into opposition with Chiron in Pisces. There could be literal illness linked with this opposition. Upset stomachs. Sore throats. A general feeling of malaise. We are not likely to be as motivated as were yesterday morning for one reason or another. We may also hear quite a bit of environmental matters throughout the meat of this week due the activity coming toward Chiron in Pisces. Virgo Sun remains concerned and sickened by these issues and Jupiter in Libra is encouraging discussion. But, there are large problems in this arena that will not be solved overnight. Today, we may not feel much like dealing with any of them. Some will seek withdraw and isolation. Some will look to escape their worries. Some may seek to numb out or blur out the sickness by way of denial or escape into addictions. It's ecliptic. It's blurry. Dizzying. Perhaps accompanied with a sense of de ja vous or vertigo. And, it does carry the strong stench of sickness and infirmary with it. Be gentle. If you feel like you are slipping into another dimension or feel as if you are being sucked up by a black hole...that's normal. LOL! Enjoy the “trip.”

The day dream and descent into some type of uncertain madness continues as the Moon is engulfed by Neptune in our early afternoon (3:46 PM). Hey, it's five o'clock somewhere, right? And, it's never too late for nap thirty. Yes, the tides rise here. Folks are sensitive. Sick. Tired. And, maybe even drunk. Some relief is incoming...keep floating.
At 4:26 PM we wash ashore or meet head to head with reality and ground as the Moon squares off with Saturn. Then, by 11:35 PM the emotional body is restored and re-empowered with a grounding and supportive sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. The truth is harsh; but, we find the power to deal with it. Quietly. And, likely, alone. Letting tears singe our cheeks.

At 11:54 PM, Mars squares off with Chiron. Triggers are tripped and we are likely to overreact. I mean, we've been a confused emotional wreck most of the day. This represents the straw that could very well break that camels back. Big Fat Full Moon Eclipse coming in? Yes. We are emotional. We are reactive. Some folks will pop loose at the seams here. Don't be one of them.
My advice is to isolate yourself for the day. Listen more than you speak. Rest and take care of any illnesses. Instead of trying to fight your way through the day sick, surrender, give in and sleep it off. You cannot fist fight Neptune. OK? He will just keep pummeling you with waves until he wins. Let go. Heal you. Surrender. Fighting and pushing under this sky is futile.

Overnight the mind stirs as the Moon opposes Mercury Rx in Virgo. The dreamscape is busy. And, tomorrow, we could very well have that “emotional hangover” feel to wake up to.

Friday, September 16, 2016

This morning we wake up to the Moon still in Pisces. Yes. We could still feel blurry, confused, emotional, sick or groggy. Trippy and dreamy, even. By midday, the Moon is conjunct Chiron. Shortly after, she finds Mars in Sagittarius by square (1:17 PM). Ambiguous. Confused. Which way did he go, George? Did anyone get the license plate number of that bus? Topped with aching and sick. Deluded and twisted. The pissed off loud and potentially gregarious drunk. We are poised to over-react, here. Startled to wakefulness and none too happy about it. Easy now. Scale back perspective. Try not to blow things out of proportion. Slow down. All this is coming quickly to a head...your cup isn't running over, it's boiling over. Bad news if you are a lobster.

At 3:06 PM our Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces pops like a cork from a shaken bottle of champagne. Emotions come gushing out. We are forced to surrender by Neptune. We collapse in exhaustion. As the confessionals and tearful recounts of ecliptic events unfolds, many of will likely be asking, “What the hell just happened” as the Moon flickers Void. As she does. Immediately following this until entering Aries at midnight. There is a huge release here. Your best bet is to go with the flow and let it go. Let it wash away. Let the release happen. Don't try to control it. Don't try to fight it. We will begin picking up the scattered pieces on the beach when the storm is over. Shelter in place, for now. Tomorrow is a completely new day.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Today, I believe things will begin to get more clear. We wake up to the Moon in Aries while Mars is officially in trine to Uranus (3:04 AM). We are, at least, beginning to dry out. Physical energy returns. The fog lifts.
The Moon is leaving an opposition with Jupiter in Libra. Yeah. Bet that went well. A warrior (Aries Moon) always wants to get a lecture about how to be polite (Jupiter in Libra) right before he rushes off to war. You want to initiate and be assertive. Jupiter in Libra can cue you into what the opposition may be up to or make you aware of the impact of your actions. Balance this out.
By 5:55 PM we are leaving dust clouds behind us as we grab traction with a lunar trine to Saturn in Sagittarius. Keep going! Keep going!
At midnight, the Moon meets with potential power struggles and temptations wrapped in illusions of power as she squares off with Pluto. You can also use this as a strong sense of forbearance, accountability and emotional fortitude if you give it a shot. Endurance is the best use...not trying to run over folks.
Overnight, Venus is hanging out in opposition to Uranus in Aries. Some relationships may topple over unexpectedly. The potential of that has been compounded by the eclipse. Either way, we are inclined to unusual tastes and definitely do not want to be owned by our possessions. Venus wants to negotiate. Uranus wants to rebel. The higher expression of each says WORK TOGETHER TOWARD A COMMON CAUSE OR AGAINST A COMMON ENEMY. Release your attachment to the material. Raise your standards. Cut your losses. Free yourself from finding your self worth in the opinions of others. Release yourself from trying to be overly accommodating. You cannot please all of the people all of the time.
And these points get driven home Flaming sword battle, anyone? The best way to work this? And, yeah, before Jupiter exits Libra you will be exhausted with hearing this; but, balance it out. Pull out your scales and see where they are lopsided. Are you too aggressive and rude? Throw some Venus on it. Are you too accommodating and don't know how to say "no" throw the flames of Moon/Uranus in Aries in there. You get to be the judge here. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

We are pretty “electrified” this morning as Venus lingers in opposition to Uranus in Aries. The Moon charges into this equation via way of conjunction to Uranus and opposition to Venus in our early afternoon. Relationships experience trials by fire. We yearn for change. We yearn for freedom. We yearn to just be who we are without all the expectations and shit, man. Yes. This can be volatile.
However. It can also be...yes...balanced. Retain your sense of independence but realize we are all in fact connected. Fighting should be a last resort not the first one. Don't assume. Don't mirror. Work together and attempt to get along. Everyone is fighting a battle of some type. Allow room for others to be different. The more self-accepting you become, the more easily you can accept that world's population is made up of a rich and diverse fabric. Opt for peace over conflict. We are more alike than we are unalike.

Our little red sports car speeds along, though. The Moon meets up with Mars in Sagittarius by trine at 4:11 PM. You know, it is a good day for a zippy Sunday drive. Check your cares at the door, gather some friends and take off for some wind therapy. Let the wind tangle your hair and blow away the dried up dust that has become of last weeks flooding.
Following the trine with Mars, the Moon is Void until entering Taurus (Moo!) at midnight. Maybe zip by the grocery store while you are out and about.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of September 5 to September 11, 2016

Monday, September 5, 2016

This morning, we wake up to the Moon entering Scorpio. She makes no major aspect throughout the day. She perfects in trine to Neptune in tomorrow's early morning hours making for a groggy and or magical/mystical start to Tuesday. But, today, she is largely quiet. Introspective regarding deeply personal matters. I would also imagine this to be a wonderful week to become pregnant if you are trying (or if you are not). Use that knowledge as you will.
Scorpio's traditional ruler, in our week to come, will be seeing quite a bit of action toward the end of the week as the Moon finds him by conjunction just a few hours after Venus finds him by square from Libra. We also have the final perfection of Saturn in square to Neptune this week and a second opposition from Mercury to Chiron. Jupiter also leaves Virgo for Libra. We are working toward our second and final eclipse of the season which occurs midday on Sept 16. So. While today is largely subdued, this week ecliptic events churn and bubble in the cauldron. Enjoy the subdued yet deep cool waters of today. Rest. Restore. Listen astutely to what atmospheric nuance may be hinting toward and muddle on through this week that is bound to increase in intensity as we move forward becoming particularly punctuated under our First Quarter Moon on Sept. 9th.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Today, we move from yesterday's aspect free and pure Scorpio Moon to one which is quite busy. This morning we try to wake up under a Moon/Neptune trine perfecting at 5:56 AM. It's definitely watery which means potentially emotional and wet. But, it is also deeply creative and dreamy. Doesn't fit well within the confines of a corporate world. Yet it can be rich and fertile. Intuitive. Sensitive. Sleep was likely deep and comforting making it hard for us to pull ourselves out of the ethers and back into the material world. But, assistance with grounding oneself back into reality comes with a sextile form our Scorpio Moon to the Virgo Sun which waxes in at 2:07 PM.
More Earth energy waxes in through a sextile from the Moon in Scorpio to her modern ruler, Pluto in Capricorn, at 3:03 PM. What this creates is a brief mini-trine connected by the Moon giving hint to the waxing energy of the Sun in Virgo in trine to Pluto in Capricorn coming to our skies overnight (1:16 AM). So the energy is deep. Personalities come forth strongly as do emotions. And, if you have been feeling under the weather lately, there is a chance for energy restoration under this sky.

Black Moon Lilith is also involved in this mini-trine. She sits at about 12 degrees Scorpio in sextile to both Sun and Pluto as the Moon passes through. There is a certain primordial push toward fierceness that can be either used for self-empowerment and that ability to rightfully stand up for yourself OR a strong desire toward vengeance and bloodshed (the lower more visceral call of BML). A mild after affect of this is a very strong hunger. Appetites are growling. There is a desire for transparency, nakedness and, of course, freedom from oppression and a dictum that places restriction upon us in the form of expectation or roles merely due gender, race or what have you. What is begging to emerge here is the raw personification of your highest and most powerful energies. Use that instead of being used by it. Lilith is wild and she is calling you to remember and use the wildness within yourself to be untamed and brave against oppressive forces without allowing their subservient techniques to steer us toward wasting our beautiful anger on acts of vengeance and bloodshed which becomes merely a reflection of the oppressive power to begin with. But, instead, to rise and thrive over and above that making zero excuse for our innate powerfulness and our right to use it.

The highest expression of Sun trine Pluto is a survivalist mentality. Coming from the signs of Virgo and Capricorn, this mixture comes with a deep connection to the element of Earth. We take that survivalist nature and make it responsible and practical. We are can be willing to roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty dealing with the matters of our lives both internally and externally. The negative end of this swings toward paranoia and being severely cutting or critical. Also, Pluto's nature on the negative end can abuse power. Of course, the higher expression packs endurance and fortitude. A sense of “can do” and personal empowerment. There is also a strong sense of accountability and self-control accessible here. But, do watch for snakes (those wily slithering souls who wish to lure you with temptation or hypnotize you into servitude). There is potential for the power of Pluto to be used as both temptation and subservient persuasion throughout the week...particularly as Venus waxes into square with him on the 11th. There is also a chance for bereavement and memorial under this week's sky and the Universal energy supports healthy exploration of both these concepts as well as preparations made or partaking in harvest. Keep your motivations and intentions above board and true and you can use this energy to push you forward on your path. Resourcefulness. A concern for the world at large and a deep desire to help or do your part when you can will carry you quite far. When a sea of snakes emerges use the energies of this sky to charm them instead of being lured by their hissing false promises.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

This morning, the Sun/Pluto trine is still emitting power but waning as Venus in Libra is grounded by a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius (7:35 AM). This is staring down the long and winding road and being willing to do the work it takes to get what you want within a strong set of personal values that is comfortable with a sense of delayed gratification. What is worthy is earned not merely gifted. Venus in aspect to Saturn realizes this. She is patient. Responsible. Accountable. All grown up and willing to work together in an effort to establish a more sturdy and reliable world structure. Negotiation wins out over argument. Lean into trusted relationships which have proven their loyalty. Blessing is achieved through integrity and honesty. We are strongly nestled in a gentle sense of self-worth and reliability. We are willing to do the work needed to get us where we want to go.
By 7:47 AM, our still active Scorpio Moon trines Chiron in Pisces. We can feel the collective hurt, addiction and mourning astutely. Then, by noon, the Scorpio Moon begins dancing with Mercury Rx in Virgo who is inclined to quietly contemplate how to prevent more hurt, illness and addiction in the future as well as how to address that which is widely obvious now. I'll give you a hint. The most effective cure begins on the inside. Heal thyself, first.

Getting down to the nitty gritty and assessing the most effective cures is again highlighted by a Scorpio Moon sextile to Jupiter in Virgo at 8:44 PM. This, my friends, is the LAST lunar aspect to Jupiter in Virgo that we will have for the next, oh, 12 years or so. Jupiter enters Libra early on the morning of the 9th. So, we are also called to incorporate all the lessons Jupiter has taught us during her trek through Virgo into our emotional/intuitive systems. We should have learned practicality. Where we can best serve. How to appreciate the small and the minute. How to find pleasure in the simple and mundane. How to put ego behind us as week seek collective cures instead of seeking blame. How to fix instead of lament over broken things. How to be resourceful and mindful of the future harvest. Following this, our Universal syllabus changes. We enter the schooling of Libra where the higher lessons of Jupiter in Virgo are built upon. Did you pass Virgo school? If not, there is a still a bit of time for review. But...just a bit.
Following the sextile with Jupiter, the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at 9:21 PM (so...not even an hour in Void status).

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ah, what can be said about a Sagittarius Moon these days? Other than it comes with a mixed bag of pranks. Our Moon's ruler sits at the very end of Virgo preparing to switch signs. If you'll remember, we had a conjunction of Mercury and Venus upon this degree just previous to the New Moon Eclipse in Virgo last week. That called for us to make assess priority quickly and pushed out of routine momentarily. I expect the crossing of Jupiter here to be no different. A challenge wrapped up in a final exam from Virgo...most likely. So, keep the need for effective triage in the back of your mind when/if the unexpected happens (which is likely during eclipse season anyway...with or without Jupiter exiting Virgo). Remember, look to the fix instead of searching for blame.

This morning, the Sagittarius Moon is free from aspect but spends the day waxing into the tight, TIGHT square between Saturn and Neptune. What is real? What is solid? Have we fallen in quick sand? She meets “solid and sober” Saturn by conjunction at 6:08 PM. Then, she is dissolved by a square to Neptune at 6:21 PM. Reality and fantasy mix. We can feel the Earth like shifting sands under our feet which means we should make each step forward consciously while allowing the ways in which we unwittingly usurp or block ourselves melt away. Sure, it is uncertain. But, so is just about everything in it's early stages. There is opportunity for molding and re-shaping here if you can work between and with the elements of the real and unreal. Imaginary and concrete. Yes, the highest expression of this energy comes by way of bringing dreams to fruition. Yet, by square, the energy is harsh and not exactly taken on by choice but forced upon us. Just remember, you maintain the ability to direct your choices and dictate your own perspective. Use that. Your ability to work within the uncertain and maintain a sense of optimism within that uncertainty will be challenged here.

The Moon does find comfort and a bit of reprieve after she emerges from this metaphorically creative clay or quick sand (depending upon your perspective) with a sextile to lovely Venus in Libra at 9:55 PM. There is room for relaxation and socialization here. There is opportunity to make a new friend or lean into valued connections in our evening hours. The atmosphere lightens just enough so that we can relax however we choose.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Early this morning (7:19 AM) Jupiter makes his big shift into Libra. How well do you know Libra? We are about to find out. Blessed be the peacemakers. Yes. Also, blessed be those well schooled in the art of negotiation, decorum and compromise. Blessed by our friendships and trusted connections within the outside world. We will learn through our relationships, benefit from the ability to be fair and just, be blessed for our ability to be polite and operate with a sense of social restraint. We will be given opportunity to procrastinate which is divine timing in disguise. We will learn that putting glitter on a turd is just making a piece of shit shiny and not making it more valuable. We will learn about the different masks we wear and why. We will hear of unfairness and the lamenting of the same. We will learn that the concept of “fairness” and “justice” differs from person to person. We will learn the value of balance and enhance our ability to stand in the shoe of the other for added perspective. We will learn that sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of the fence because it has been fertilized with a lot of bullshit. We will learn the art of debate and benefit more by being accountable for our actions and the impact of those upon others and upon our relationships. We will learn we are not alone in this world and make connections that will serve us wisely in our future. Relationships already on fertile soil are poised to flourish and generosity will certainly come into vogue. Even with all that said, there is much more to learn from the sign of Libra. Both good and not so good. Libra is, after all, a double edged sword. But, this is the Jupiter we know more so than he was in Virgo. In Libra he is a a mixture of Venus, the element of Air and himself...gentler, more accommodating, seeking peace and pleasure more than wallow; but, indeed, there will be challenges. Sometimes the weighing of the scales is a dispassionate and dry affair. Right is right and SLICE goes the sword. You wanted fair and here you it or not...

Just as Jupiter enters Libra we encounter the challenge of our First Quarter Moon (7:50 AM) extending between the mutable signs of Sagittarius (Moon) and Virgo (Sun) at 17 degrees mutable. A sense of balance comes in handy when circumstance brings forth shifting. Realize where your life is lopsided and even it out.
By midday (11:12 AM) the Moon is in a motivational conjunction with Mars in Sagittarius. Keep aiming for the high road and pace yourself. We are in the midst of the marathon now and positioned to soon catch a second wind through a waxing trine with Mars to Uranus. Hold true the course and keep climbing. I know the top of the mountain seems very far away. But, keep the view at the top in mind to help pull you forward. You can do it.

Mercury Rx in Virgo crosses sideways through the path of Uranus in Aries at 2:59 PM. Inspiration or upset of routine are both possible. Meanwhile, the Moon squares off with Chiron at 7:35 PM and Mercury at 8:27 PM creating a very uncertain mutable t-square that finds outlet in the sign of Gemini. You know nothing. Keep studying. Seek answers and solution from deeply within because the medicine needed will vary from individual to individual. Yes. Mercury is waxing into another standoff with Chiron bringing the potential of damaging weather, sickness, exacerbation of mental illness, influence of denial or addiction OR the ability to deeply dig into our ability to cure ourselves and in turn share our newly fostered coping mechanisms with the world. There is no room for denial here. It calls for severe self-honesty and there are many who are afraid of that. Don't be one of them.
Things do brighten significantly following this mush up mutable t-square with a lunar trine to Uranus at 8:52 PM. Yeah, don't be afraid to try something new. Be willing to incorporate change into your life that will broaden your horizons. Experiment with new coping mechanisms and free yourself from being beholden to the box you or someone else normally puts you in. Dare to be unique and proactive while also being astutely aware of your personal triggers and how you deal with the same being tripped.
Following the trine with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn in the morning (8:56 AM). Mercury officially opposes Chiron under the Void Sagittarius Moon at 7:52 AM.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

This morning the Moon wakes up in Capricorn just before her current ruler is tossed into the sea. Saturn squares off with Neptune at 9:01 AM. You had a plan this morning. What happened? Hey? Where'd the road go? It seems to have washed out or disappeared into the fog. Did I really just see that? How is that even possible? Yeah. It's a lot like that. There is also room for dreams (or nightmares) to manifest in reality. In your hands. Solid. As foreboding as this aspect pattern has been it is also malleable. Able to be used toward beneficial means. Create something real. Use the powers of your imagination to build a stronger foundation under your tomorrow. Pack empathy with you on your journeys. Dream for a purpose. Pray for a cause. Dissolve and/or take control of addictions and the ways in which you may unwittingly block yourself. Face and dis-empower your fears. May your compassion and empathy be boundaried by common sense and a sense of generous leadership. Stop enabling. However, support for someone in rough seas and enabling someone to walk out of denial/delusion or grief is largely welcomed. Let your harsh edges be softened, though. Withered by the softness and gentleness that somehow still manages to thrive in a largely unkind world. Be the leader, the journeyman who can guide with gentleness and strength instead of the one who leads others astray or forces them into servitude. Look for veils of transparency to open around matters of business, politics, education, foreign affairs, world travel and events. Realize that disillusionment means now you have the truth. You can use this.

Shortly following the perfection of the Saturn/Neptune square, the Moon finds Jupiter in Libra for the very first time in a long square at 9:23 AM. Industry (Capricorn Moon) meets what appears to be lackadaisical (Jupiter in Libra). Be careful how you judge here. The highest use of this square comes by way of something that looks like a boss who calls in trusted advisors as council. Reaching to balance the scales in a responsible and disciplined manner. Allowing yourself to see things from the perspective of the other person. Not sneering down your nose at others you perceive as not doing their part. Hell. You could gosh...RELAX a little under all this mush if you wanted. Release (Neptune) responsibility (Saturn) and make a job (Capricorn Moon) out of taking it a little easy and enjoying some down time (Jupiter in Libra) if you tried. The soup is there. It's up to you to stir know, in between eclipses and stuff. In your spare time. HA!

And, stir you should as the soup in that pot is due to thicken through tonight and into tomorrow. Pluto will have a thing or two to do with that. Rest assured. Overnight, Venus is lured by Pluto via square at 3:44 AM. Desire runs deep. Romantic skeletons fall out of the closet. Old loves rise from the dead. Or, you know, you sneak into the kitchen and make a secret midnight snack of out of the leftover Devil's Food cake. Giminy Christmas first days of Libra School and already Venus is sneaking out the window in the middle of the night to meet up with slim shady ne'er do well. Tsk...tsk...what types of shameful pleasures do you find yourself yearning for? What compromises to your integrity and values are you willing to make to get them? Maybe we should all be asking ourselves that tonight.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Due the date, alone, today will have memorials and remembrances in the United States. However, through planetary energies, there will also be an inclination toward this that encompasses the world for different reasons. Could be personal reasons. Could be global reasons. But, there is a sense of yearning and a stir of echoes that has permeated this week and met with strong punctuation as Venus perfected in square to Pluto last night. Within that, matters of relationship (beneficial or poor) were highlighted. The people we care about. Our enemies. Those we interact with in all areas. AND, all those who have passed by us by way of relationship in the past be they dead or dismissed...loved or despised. Accentuated in some shape or form. The point being, in all of it, to learn. To learn justice. To learn fairness. To learn...and this is the big one, cause and effect. As well as action and consequence.
Today, we are more inclined to mourn and lament what has been lost and in some cases, this will cause a clinginess toward the things that remain. Almost like a separation anxiety. In some cases, we may run into old lovers. Again. We are learning FROM relationships past, presents and so forth. Keep that in mind in any such encounter. What can you learn from the relationship itself? About yourself?About how you interact with others? About how you differentiate between friend and foe? And, how that subsequently affects your world. It's not always that your soul mate from another life is returning to you. Sometimes, it's something completely different.

Our Capricorn Moon is sensitive and perhaps a little emotional this morning as she wakes up under sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Waking up is slow, most certainly. By midday, our Capricorn Moon is fully awake and empowered through a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn (1:37 PM) while also subsequently squaring Venus in Libra (2:41 PM). Here, there be a pit of slithering snakes. In such instance, be the wise snake charmer.
By 10:37 PM the Moon dances lightly with the Sun in Virgo by trine. The ground under our feet solidifies. A hearty harvest brings forth a bountiful meal. The efforts of true and earnest labor pay off and with clear conscience we lay our heads down for a solid nights rest. And, might I suggest going to bed with the chickens because they will be clucking to wake you up early in the morning as our Capricorn Moon squares off with Uranus at 6:01 AM. Indeed. Lean into the accessible grounding of the Earth energy tonight. You are going to need it in the morning.