Morning Star: Astrology for the week of August 29 to September 4, 2016

Monday, August 29, 2019

This week the ecliptic “feel” is particularly accentuated. This is partially due the actual eclipse. But, also due to quite a bit of shifts in the sky that begin before the eclipse occurs. Some of that shifting is held within today.

Early this morning the Moon is in Cancer. She is just leaving an early morning sextile with Mercury (2:23 AM) and Venus (2:24 AM). While still within orb of that sextile, Venus catches up to Mercury via conjunction and passes him at 2:33 AM. This occurs at 29 Virgo. Following which, the Moon is Void until entering Leo at 4:12 AM.
Mercury meets Venus at the exit door of his home sign. She is ready to go home. So, she does with a grand entrance into Libra at 10:07 PM. Mercury is going to stick around at his house for awhile. Review some stuff. Clean a few more cobwebs. Maybe relax with a book or two. He turns retrograde tomorrow and meets Jupiter by conjunction a second time on Friday (following the eclipse).
The Sabian for the Mercury/Venus conjunction reads as follows: An emergency call frees householder from routine duty. Joy of enlisting in a task which broadens the life-horizon. Willing rising to the occasion or escape from narrow destiny.

This tells me the conjunction is likely to bring a bit of the unexpected which subsequently fosters a break in routine. Again, this occurs early EARLY in the morning. The “unexpected” could rattle us out of bed or be found in the evening hours of yesterday as this energy waxes in. Now, we need to remember this is Venus and Mercury on this Sabian. Not Pluto or Uranus or some other typically explosive combination. It is the Sabian that carries the critical mass. Not so much the planets involved. What I see here is an upset in routine. Mercury is in station after all. Expect that Mercury ruled things will be acting up (phones, cars, machinery, your brain, communication...or miscommunication, rather). The Sabian slates an “emergency call” which denotes a situation that is unexpected and requires your immediate response. Meaning, it becomes an immediate priority. It could very well denote something like the onset of labor. That's an emergent call, right? But, is it a horrific emergency? No. “Willing rising to the occasion or escape from narrow destiny” denotes the typical adrenaline induced fight or flight response regardless of what circumstances catalyze that response. So whether the call is “Hey! Your house is on fire!” or “Hey, you just won a lottery and you have an hour to claim it or you lose it” routine is broken. The way you expect the day to go is disrupted. That doesn't necessary denote that your expectations are dashed or your routine is shattered for horrific reason. It just means you will be inclined to respond in some way and doing the nightly dishes (or other mundane chores) in light of what goes down is just not that big of a deal anymore. The Mercury/Venus conjunction also trines Hecate. So these quick decisions we may be called to make are final...a quick...likely unrealized in the moment passage through the crossroads.

This, my friends, is only one call of the unexpected. With two eclipses coming our way, there is likely to be more. Not all will be as gentle as this one. Suffice to say, we have a very mutable sky right now. So, flexibility will be key. Literal muscle stretching exercises (including Yoga) help to meet this mutable demand as does mediation which creates a solid mental/emotional base from which to operate. When/if the world is in chaos or flux, retreat to your self-created center of peace. Your eye of the storm. Like a cosmic wave surfer, find your Zen surfboard and keep your knees bendable and maintain a sense of balance that exudes from within.
After Venus enters Libra tonight, the Moon meets both Saturn (10:21 PM) and Mars (3:51 AM) by trine. There is assurance of your identity on a personal level. A strong sense of accountability and duty. A call to be mindful of the “long haul,” the goals that have a higher purpose, the road that is long but worthy. A sense of personal truth that lights like a beacon guiding us forward. Stability...even if only for a fleeting moment under a short-lived lunar aspect.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

We wake up to the Moon still in Leo. She passes through minor aspect with Pluto (inconjunct at 7:41 AM) and Mercury (5:48 AM) and Venus by semisquare (45 degrees). This creates personal nuance as we stir ourselves awake. The big news? Mercury officially stations retrograde at 29 Virgo at 8:58 AM. The retrograde will usher in the death of summer. However, it is at his station points that Mercury causes the most trouble. So, for today, and potentially the next few, expect gadgetry to act a little wonky. Allot more time for tasks than usual just to err on the side of caution. Seek clarity in your conversations as there is a higher probability of being misunderstood or not receiving the message someone is trying to send accurately or in a timely manner. Again, this is more punctuated at the station points. Then, as the retrograde progresses, there is time to slow down a bit. Reflect. Introspect. Review both the timeline and story of your life. Conversations had as Mercury traced his shadow (within the last few weeks) are likely to be revisited. Decisions made in recent past may also be tweaked. Renounced. Our minds are prone to change about a few things.

Our last retrograde of Mercury occurred in the sign of Taurus. It called us to inspect our values. Challenged us to not over complicate things. This one calls us to practicality. Finding solutions instead of seeking blame. Rethinking matters of service, healthcare, priority and our task list. Perhaps backing up to pick up a stitch or two. And, readying ourselves like squirrels stashing acorns for the winter that is soon to come. There is a slow down in time that will allow us to make these preparations whether it is putting up the harvest for winter storage, cleaning gutters and windows or sweeping out the heat of summer and opening the windows for the freshness of fall to waft in. Time for clearing the annuals out of our flower beds and spreading fresh mulch. Chrysanthemums will bloom...soon enough to be followed by the glory of the leaves turning. We'll begin to see hints of this. A few dried scattered leaves on the lawn. A few branches that fume in early glory. We have about six weeks before we will see peak color, though, this retrograde will surely entice our anticipation of it. Venus in Libra loves Autumn. So, yeah, you'll hear of things like pumpkin spice and cinnamon and yearn for the crispness in the air that comes with the changing of the seasons. Fall d├ęcor will emerge. And, Autumn will come. All in due time. Later in September as it does every year in the Northern Hemisphere.

As a matter of fact, Mercury stations direct on the very first day of Autumn (September 22) in trine to Pluto Rx and sextile to Lilith in Scorpio...barely...and I do mean just barely short of entering the mutable t-square created by Saturn, our Gemini Moon that day, Neptune...and the nodes. All occurring between 10 (Saturn, Neptune, Moon) and 14 degrees (Mercury/Pluto). The nodal axis wobbles around 12 degrees marking the midpoint of it all. The eclipses will be over by then. And, as Mercury turns direct and retraces his shadow on his way to Libra (entering on October 8), we will have time to figure out “What the heck just happened?” But, what happens occurs under this retrograde. All of it.
For the most part, it is the station of Mercury that gets the most press today. The Moon does have a final flair of activity later into the night with an inconjunct to Chiron at 11:26 PM and a trine to Uranus just after midnight. Following the trine with Uranus, she is void until entering Virgo at 11:23 AM tomorrow. The atmosphere is due to get very, very quiet as the Moon lingers in Void status. It's as if the Universal body is saying “ awake but tread softly. The gateway is opening soon” portending our incoming eclipse on the first day of September. This is not the time to be making a lot of noise. It is the time to be very still and very observant...listening more than you speak and sheltering yourself from the senseless chatter of the outside world while tuning in your inner voice instead. Creating sanctuary so you can hear it, as well.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

This morning, the Moon demurely slips into Virgo around noon. She has no major aspect throughout the meat of the day. Mercurian matters that go sideways are still a possibility. Some may leave emotional impact under a Mercury ruled Moon (frustration, etc). But, other than that, the day clicks by quietly.

The Moon is very, very dark leaving us room to flush out the previous Moon cycle in preparation for the new one that begins early tomorrow.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The first thing we are greeted by this morning is a New Moon Eclipse in Virgo at 5:04 AM. This occurs at 9 Virgo 07 pitting the New Moon within orb of a mutable t-square between Saturn in Sagittarius (Moon @ 6:26 AM/Sun @ 11:23 PM) and Neptune in Pisces (Moon at 7:34 AM/Sun @ 12:38 PM (9/2). The outlet for this t-square falls in Gemini pointing to our newly retrograde Mercury in Virgo who is headed for his second conjunction with Jupiter tomorrow. Meaning to balance this out, we may need to rethink our plan, routine or re-arrange our schedule. Yes, we are within a period where we should anticipate the unexpected.

The main problem that I see with eclipses is that on the whole the energy is unsettled. It's not like they are this hugely rare event. We encounter them twice a year. Right now they are falling in the Spring and Autumn. But, the cycle has always ran in the background whether we are paying attention or not. Much of the time, an eclipse goes by unnoticed until there is direct impact made to a native's chart by the lunation itself or while impact from heavier transits are occurring to the rest of the chart. Yet, whether is a specific “event” that frames the eclipse for you, it is likely that the feeling of being unsettled will permeate in some way whether through anxiety, a feeling of floating, transitioning or just dealing with circumstantial fall out.

The eclipse falls on the following Sabian: SUN/MOON AT 10 VIRGO: A man with two heads is seen looking out to the beyond. Consciousness functioning in inner and outer realms. Competence in understanding. Over-sensitiveness to life currents.

MERCURY (RX) AT 28 VIRGO: Bald-headed man dominates gathering of national figures. Driving power of real personality in moments of crisis. Capacity for hard work. Compelling manifestation of inner self.

I find it interesting that both the Sabian for the New Moon and the Sabian for the planetary ruler (Mercury) both speak of heads. The New Moon Sabian mentions a man with two heads. The Mercury Sabian, a man with a bald head. The New Moon Sabian suggests a dual opinion or outlook that attempts to blend what is within with that which is without. Inner and outer realms. The bald man address authority and representatives from various cultures. Perhaps in a leading way. Perhaps in a plea to join factions together. That much is not given to us. All we know is that bald man will will sincerely need to project himself strongly and accurately in an effort to communicate effectively with the varied audience he has before him. After all, he is NOT just communicating with this group. He is dominating them. This denotes a great deal of power and influence. It doesn't say how that power and influence are used.

So, here, we have a door swinging open. Or given the aspects, it could be more of a wormhole or sinkhole opening. We may question whether this is a mirage or an illusion due the proximity of Saturn and Neptune compounded by the uncertainty and confusion of Mercury newly retrograde. Circumstances shift. New information is received. Opportunities present that we were not anticipating and that changes everything causing us to go back to the drawing board and really think about how to realign the details (which is an action that will be supported under Mercury conjunct Jupiter). One metaphoric way of looking at it, you are on your way to work and the road you normally take is unexpectedly blocked because a sinkhole has opened in the pavement. You have to choose an alternate route. Yes, yes, many will be redirected. And in that redirection we still have choices. Are we choosing to continue to travel to work? Or does the detour inspire us to completely change our destination? Is this going to make us late? Or, have we left ourselves enough time to accommodate the unexpected? How is this shift in direction going to affect the rest of our journey? And, the possibilities continue as if we were living in piece of literature that offers a myriad of alternative endings. Within that, we each maintain the power of our own choices and are free to bear the consequences of those.

Now. That is not to say that all this occurs as the New Moon perfects or that it occurs this morning. New Moon energy comes on like a fume, fog or shadow that slowly drifts across the world affecting those that it touches over an extended period of time. The eclipse event may indeed be punctuated. But, the opportunity for it to occur both precedes and extends beyond the actual event. What I'm saying is don't set your watch for 5:04 AM and wait for your opportunity to pop out in front of you. It doesn't work like that.
There are a few things that I feel are vital to look for and to remember in the weeks to come. First, be aware that not everything is as it appears. Saturn and Neptune are great at skewing things and Mercury retrograde can make for communication hiccups. Next, remember there is duality in everything we do. A higher and lower pole to the expression of energy. A personal outlook on any topic in comparison to the perspective of someone else. Inside face and outside face. As above so below. Everywhere there is duality. Sometimes it is antagonistic; sometimes complimentary. Either way, it exists. Next, bear in mind that (as the second Sabian states) it is in moments of crisis that our true selves have a tendency to burst forth. We fight or fly. We crumble or respond to the call to action. There isn't time to think about what you want to be. Who you are just kind of takes over making this a good time to be know...AFTER you deal with the actual emergency if that is the case. It's also a good time to be observant of others because you will catch a glimpse of their raw nature within those moments of crisis as well. Notice I didn't say judge. Just observe and/or take note.

So, there is a high probability of the New Moon packing uncertainty. We are not certain of truth or priority. Then, the Moon moves on to square Mars at 2:40 PM bringing a sense of ambiguity as well. Either we aren't sure what we should do in response or we are not really a fan of any of the options.
However, by 4:00 PM the Moon waxes into inspirational trine with Uranus in Aries and backing us in achieving emotional clarity and allowing us to address the situation a little more inventively and perhaps a little less swamped out. Perhaps.
The Sun is now inching more and more closely to perfecting in his square to Saturn in Sagittarius. This happens at 11:23 PM tonight. There is responsibility and accountability laid upon our shoulders. We are starkly reminded of the potential consequences that follow our actions. We may feel as if we are being held back or held down...oppressed. But, what this calls for is forbearance and integrity...not to mention follow-through. Follow-through is very important these days. As is striving to do the right thing. The right thing may not be the easy thing or the most desired thing. Yet, that narrows down any ambiguity you may have had earlier in the day. Do I do this, this or this? All you have to do is aim to do the next right thing. Doesn't mean you have to like it. There is also a call for patience and an ability to allow thing to happen all in its own time. You don't want to pick unripe cherries or can rotten tomatoes, do you? No. The harvest is dependent upon the fruit's readiness, not necessarily your own.

Friday, September 2, 2016

This morning the Moon in Virgo is opposed Chiron in Pisces. We may feel a little weak and/or triggered. This is compounded by the fact that the Sun is now also waxing into opposition with Neptune (12:38 PM). Fatigue. Uncertainty. Who am I? Who are you? Confusion and a high tendency for folks to be distracted, subdued or simply washed out tired, emotional and sensitive. Weepy. Sneaky. Profuse.

Thankfully, Mercury waxing toward Jupiter due to perfect in his second conjunction here at 1:18 PM may bring information to practical ground. Helping us to re-align priorities and bring order to the personal chaos. Or, it could have us (as the lower expression of Jupiter in Virgo has a tendency to do) placing blame on everyone else for our problems. Which is something that personally has a tendency to piss me off. LOL! But, seriously, it does absolutely not good to point fingers of blame after the fact. What matters the most is figuring out the fix and that is the highest expression of this conjunction. Work to put the pieces back together using your emotional body to guide you since the Moon enters this conjunction, as well, between 6 and 6:30 PM. Be concise not cutting. Seek solution not blame. Fix what is broken instead of lamenting. Roll up your sleeves and get down to business. It's still a very DIY sky.
Following the Moon's conjunct with Jupiter, she is Void until entering Libra at 8:57 AM tomorrow.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Today feels better. We wake up to the Libra Moon conjunct Venus in Libra at 7:31 AM. There is a sense of decorum and politeness. The air wafts in like a fresh breeze.

By 4:57 PM the Moon is sextile Saturn in Sagittarius allowing us to get our feet back underneath us. It's a nice sense of grounding that follows a whole lot of uncertainty. Yet, with a subsequent inconjunct from the Moon to Neptune shortly following...there is still some haze and fog lingering.
Overnight, the Moon squares off with Pluto (2:41 AM) and there could be some subservient plots fostered under the veil of darkness or we may face off with strong temptations. Pay heed to what you are yearning for but don't forget to assess the why's behind that yearning and keep your efforts to achieve them above board. There will be those who plan to take advantage of others during their time of duress. Times of crisis and uncertainty swing the door wide open for opportunists for better or worse. Plan not to be snookered and be leery of what snakes slither out of the dark corners tonight. Be not led by promises of power or delusions of grandeur. Intuitive hits are strong but so is the possibility of paranoia.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Many rise and shine early this morning. This is supported by an early morning sextile from the Moon in Libra to Mars in Sagittarius at 4:15 AM which is shortly followed by the Libra Moon in opposition to Uranus at 8:32 AM. Yeah. Try to sleep through that. I dare you.
Oh, I'm being largely facetious. But, in fact, dares and adventure seeking could be at thing that entices us from our beds this morning. Or there could be something that literally bolts us from sleep...again, be ready for the unexpected.

Know that Moon/Uranus can be anxiety riddled or it can also pack adrenaline and “get up and go.” It is all dependent upon how you are able to wrangle the energy. Either way, the emotional body feels as if there needs to be a bit of justice in regard to some of this brash and hedonistic rebellion coming from Uranus in Aries. I assure you that placement has NO manners and that does not sit well with our Libra Moon. There is a chance for standoff here. To better balance the equation, seek a sense of personal freedom and move independently. Do not mirror what you may perceive as ugliness in the world. Choose to respond instead of just react.
Following the opposition with Uranus, the Moon is blessedly the emotional body a chance to rectify the entirety of the week and settle a bit...until entering Scorpio at 8:40 AM on Monday.